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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


Tad lets Di into his office without saying a word and walks over to the pinball machine, turns his back to her and plays a game. Di tries to be casual, asking how its going. Then she tells him JR is out there drunk and full of rage. She knows Tad is going to say its all her fault. Tad is still silent. She asks him if he's going to do something to help his son. Tad turns to her, calls her Di Henry and says she is wrong again. The only thing on his mind is why the hell is she still here.

Julia, all dressed up, goes to the casino bar and attracts the attention of a nearby man. She orders a bottle of the finest champagne and toasts to herself and her new life. Zach approaches and says its nice to see her enjoying herself. Zach is called away on business and Julia turns to the handsome stranger, Hank. He kisses her hand and they flirt. Hank tells her he has another bottle of champagne upstairs in his room. Julia asks why they're still standing here. They start to walk out when Zach stops them and says he cant let them leave. Zach asks Hank if he's done playing and he says he is. Julia says his lucky streak just started. Zach takes Hank aside and Hank soon leaves. Julia demands to know where he's going. Zach tells her he has a car waiting for her. When a man approaches her, she punches him and knocks him out.

Erica goes to Kendall's home and finds her walking in the door. She calls after her but Kendall ignores her, goes inside and shuts the door. Erica knocks on the door and says she has a first-class ticket in her name. She asks her to promise her shell leave Pine Valley.

Erin brings Jonathan back to her home. Jonathan, who is still talking slow, says he's happy it will just be him, Erin, Ryan and Greenlee. He wants to call Ryan to see if Greenlee has forgiven him yet. He says Greenlee hates him. Erin says shell feel differently when she sees the new him. Jonathan asks for a glass of water before Erin locks him back into the back room. Erin says she's not going to lock him up again as he is not bad. He deserves the best life imaginable. Jonathan says he wants to go to Pine Valley and see Greenlee.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive home and Ryan says he would never hurt her or even lose his temper with her as he is a changed person. Greenlee says he's turned from a husband who adored her to someone who turned his back on her. She asks what new world he wants to dump at her feet. Ryan says the last thing he wants to do is cause her more pain and she has every right to go off on him. But if there's the slightest chance of them getting back together he wants that. So hell tell her everything. He doesn't want any secrets. He realizes she wanted to tell him something as well so he suggests she go first. Greenlee says she wants to talk about Kendall. She says he has no idea how far she was willing to go for them.

Kendall opens the door to her mother and takes the ticket. She sees it is a ticket to Paris. Erica suggests she go there indefinitely to put distance between her and the Lavery's. Since Kendall is consumed by this fertility fiasco, this will be her chance to break free. Kendall says this is not a fiasco and she expects the Lavery's to be a happy family. She asks Erica if she wants her to leave town or not have Ryan's child.

Greenlee says Kendall believes love conquers all and convinced her to talk to him. She says Kendall told her he would come back if their child had a chance to be born. She asks him if he would be there if she was still going to have their child. She asks him to tell her that then shell decide if she has anything left to say. Ryan says he would come back if she were still pregnant. Greenlee cant understand. He drove off a cliff because she was pregnant. Now he says its no big thing. Ryan says the idea of being a father is still frightening to him but he would do anything to make Greenlee and their baby happy. Ryan says he wants this to between them without Kendall being in the middle.

Erica tells Kendall she knows she wants to have this baby but she doesn't have to stay here while the parents battle it out. She says she has to emotionally detach herself from them. She says Greenlee would agree that she should go to Paris. Erica says she doesn't picture Kendall in this happy family anywhere. Kendall says after the baby is born shell be far away from screaming kids and poopy diapers. Erica asks if she will be able to walk away after she's bonded to this baby. Kendall says she will still be in the baby's life. She will be godmother. Erica doesn't think it will be that easy. Erica says everything has changed now that Ryan is back. The baby is not just Greenlee's and Kendall's. It is belongs to Ryan, a man she adored. Kendall says she's not going to fall in love with Ryan again. Erica thinks she will as she doesn't love her current husband.

Julia barges into Zach's office and orders him to mind his own business. Zach tells her to go home or stay in the office until she calms down. Julia asks if he's trying to get rid of her or wants her to stay.

Di insists she didn't lie about her feelings. She tells Tad she still loves him. Tad says they all hate her. They loved Dixie. She says Dixie is gone and she's still here. She tells Tad he cant make her leave Pine Valley. She wont. Di says this is the first place she's felt like she has belonged and she wont give up this life without a fight. She tells Tad he could have called the police to press charges, but he hasn't. Maybe he doesn't want her gone after all.

Ryan says he didn't realize he changed until he went away. Greenlee realizes he's saying that crushing her spirit made him a better man. She starts crying and says she cant do this anymore. She's wants him to leave and is going to wait in the kitchen until he's gone.

Erin walks into the back room and Jonathan closes the door behind her and locks it. He starts laughing and tells her he's pulling a prank. Isn't it funny? Erin says its super funny, but he needs to let her out. Jonathan says to himself he needs to call and make it right.

Greenlee walks out of the kitchen and Ryan is still there. He tells her about finding Erin and says she was so angry when she first found him. Then things changed. Greenlee says Erin really messed her up when she went to see her and asks how Greenlee would feel if Ryan was still alive. Greenlee says she left there and accused someone at the hospital of being Jonathan. Ryan says he has learned he's not predestined to do evil and he learned that because of Jonathan.

Erica tells Kendall she is in a loveless marriage. Kendall says it doesn't matter because there are no feelings involved. Erica says its entirely possible for her to fall back in love with Ryan, but Ryan has a new life. Kendall says this is her life, opens the door and tells Erica goodbye. As she leaves, Erica says staying will only hurt her. Kendall slams the door.

Tad tells Di that he's through with her. She can be the town pariah if she wants. Di says she's not going anywhere and he isn't going anywhere. Tad grabs her and says that is the same thing Dixie said. How did she know that? Di says Dixie ran away when things got rough but she's here to stay. She will see the boys and will make it right with them.

Julia tells Zach he hates that she might have a better time than he would ever in his miserable life. Zach calls a car for her. Julia starts coming onto him and tells him not to be shy. She says its been ages for her. How long has it been for him. Kendall approaches Zach's office and peers in just in time to see Julia plant a kiss on Zach.

Ryan touches Greenlee's hand and tells her again he is different from his parents. Greenlee asks if he knew that because of a sister he barely knows. He says he knew it because of Jonathan. Greenlee doesn't understand what he means. The phone rings and Ryan asks her not to answer but she doesn't. Surprise, its me Jonathan, Jonathan tells her.

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