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Written By Jenn
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Greenlee goes to Ryan’s hospital room to see him and Kendall in the room together. She asks them what is going on and why Kendall would choose to visit Ryan. Kendall replies because she’s glad he’s alive. And she tells Greenlee that since she is there, maybe she should talk to her husband.

Right when Amanda is out shopping and on her cell phone telling her mother she is going to be Mrs. Jamie Martin, Babe overhears her and asks to sit down at the table with her.

Tad is in his office banging on drums. Right then Brooke comes by. She asks him, since he was bashing them pretty hard, which one has Di Henry’s face on it?

Di meets with Julia, who might be the only friend she has. Knowing that she might want to split town, Julia asks her where she is going and tells her if she runs now, she does not deserve to have the life she stole. Di then tells her that she has to leave because Julia just said it herself; she stole Dixie’s life. Nobody wants her there. Julia asks her why she is being a coward. She tells Di that she should not care what anybody else thinks. She tells Di that she fought with everything she had to get her life back. Di tells Julia that her situation with “getting her life back” is totally different than Julia’s situation. But Julia tells her she needs to start a new life with the people who care about her and realize that the man she loves is not far away.

Tad keeps banging on his drums. Brooke tries to talk to him but cannot compete with the noise. It’s obvious that it’s a stress reliever for him. And while banging, he breaks one of his drums.

Julia tells Di that she is taking the easy way out to leave. She must realize that all of the others’ lives were better off with her than without her. Now they are all shattered. She informs Julia that the last time she saw JR, he was trying to bash Ryan Lavery’s skull. And she caught him just before he could have gotten charged with murder. She tells Di that she needs to fight for the people who love her and know that they need her in their lives. Di tells Julia she must realize they hate her. Julia tells her that they do not know her. Di tells Julia that they know Dixie. Julia tells Di why doesn’t she stick around and let them know who Di Henry is.

JR goes to see Jamie in his apartment. They both start drinking. Jamie asks JR if he felt good trying to murder Ryan. JR admits that it did feel good. Jamie tells JR that he would like to be violent with somebody. But it’s against the rules because she’s a woman. JR tells Jamie that life is too short to drink the cheap booze that Jamie is drinking. Jamie tells JR that it’s obvious that they are both suffering and the question is; do they keep fighting and hating each other? Or do they try to help each other dig themselves out of their misery?

After hearing Babe asking why she’s telling her mother she is marrying Jamie, Amanda asks Babe why she cannot mind her own business.

Greenlee tells Ryan he will have to pick up all his stuff and leave it in storage or do whatever he wants with it until he can find a permanent place to live. But he tells her he does not plan to leave Pine Valley. Kendall tells Greenlee she must give Ryan a chance and try to work things out. But Greenlee tells them she cannot be around somebody she cannot trust. Right then, Livia enters and asks Ryan if he wants to “go over this” here or in her office. Both Kendall and Greenlee are surprised to see Livia and Greenlee asks him why he needs a lawyer. Livia tells Greenlee that she wants to look into any life insurance policies that might have been affected by Ryan’s supposed death. Right then, Kendall and Greenlee leave Ryan alone with Livia. She asks him what is this secret he has that he doesn’t want anybody to know about. He tells her it’s his dead brother, Jonathan.

Brooke tells Tad that Di Henry has affected the lives of JR, Jamie and him. And she is concerned about their ravaged hearts. He makes sarcastic comments about writing a book and posting a personal ad to find the right woman. She tells him that he’d better get himself together or she will hurt him. He tells her she is supposed to heal him. She tells him she will come back another time when he is more manageable. Right then, David Hayward is at the door. He asks Tad if there are any women in Pine Valley who are not running from him.

JR tells Jamie that Chandler Enterprises is half Krystal’s and Little Adam is half Babe’s. The woman he thought was his mother is her half sister. And the only thing he is certain of now, is that his mother is dead. Right then, Di knocks on the door. Jamie tells her she should not have come there. She tells Jamie she is truly sorry and would like to make it up to him and to JR. JR greets her and welcomes her to hell.

Amanda tells Babe all about her engagement, wedding and honeymoon plans with Jamie and she walks off. Right then, Babe goes up to the jewelry counter and tells the woman that the girl who was just there is marrying her brother and she’d like to get her something “special”. But all the rings are too expensive. Right then, Brooke enters. Babe grabs her and urges her not to let Jamie marry Amanda. Brooke looks at Babe surprised, never having heard that her son has any plans to marry Amanda.

JR tells Di that all along, the “hard sell” with her was to be nicer to Jamie and to Babe. And it was all to get Babe access to his kid. She tells him that she only wanted what was best for him and she knows one thing; alcohol is not the answer to his problems. He tells her that he does not have to answer to “auntie Di”. But she asks him what his mother would want. He tells her if she thinks he knows her so well, she needs to tell him what his next move is. Does she think he will send her to prison or not?

David tells Tad that this situation has turned into a gold mine for him. And he tells Tad that he wants to “give back”. Tad must realize that they breed like minks down in hillbilly land. He could find another Dixie very easily. They all could. Tad tells David that he has a gift for him too.

Julia is alone, remembering being with Noah and hearing him saying grace and thanking God for the food and everything they have and telling her that there is nothing they cannot overcome. She remembers them setting up their new, happy home and exchanging surprise gifts. She remembers Maria and Edmund visiting them, helping them get set up and surprising them with airline tickets. All the positive goals they had in the past. And she says she knows she must get her life back.

Ryan tells Livia if she has reservations about representing Jonathan, he will look elsewhere. She tells him she is not refusing but needs to think. He tells her that he wants her to prove that Jonathan had a tumor and was not responsible for his actions. Livia tells Ryan that it may be easier said than done. She reminds him that many people and their families will never forgive Jonathan for how he has hurt so many people. And she tells him that Jackson and Greenlee are the most obvious examples of that.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she cannot tell Ryan about the baby. Ryan does not want to be a father and even if he did, he cannot be one. But Kendall tells Greenlee she does not know that. And they need to uphold the truth and go inside that hospital room and tell Ryan about the baby. Greenlee tells Kendall she does not plan to speak to Ryan, much less tells him about the baby. But Kendall asks what she plans to do when Ryan notices her belly ballooning out. Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan will be long gone before that happens. Kendall reveals to Greenlee that she asked Ryan what he would have done if Greenlee had not miscarried. And he told her that he wanted whatever was best for Greenlee. Greenlee must realize that Ryan loves her, she tells her. Greenlee asks Kendall why she would believe that Ryan would have changed.

Livia tells Ryan that until they have Jonathan’s medical records, they must keep their mouths shut about Jonathan being alive. He must realize that Jack and Greenlee will have Jonathan’s head on a platter as well as his. He informs her that he already told Kendall about Jonathan. Hearing that, Livia tells Ryan he did a really bad thing telling that to Kendall and expecting her not to blab.

Brooke asks Bbe why, after having Jamie finding her in another guy’s bed, would she believe that she cares about Jamie’s happiness? Babe tells Brooke that she does care about Jamie. But Brooke reminds Babe that Jamie made her the most important thing in his life. She sold out on him. So what Jamie does with his life is none of her business and she must leave him and whomever he chooses to see, alone. But Babe protests that she will not let a slut like Amanda hurt Jamie.

Di tells JR that in time, things might change for him. He tells her that she’s going to be stuck in a cellblock throughout the time she plans to wait for him. Jamie also tells her she better leave them both alone. JR tells her that she better not preach to him about alcohol or anything else. She better stay away from him or she will go to prison. Jamie agrees and tells her she needs to stay out of their lives.

Tad tells David that he’s going to post some emails and maybe fix David up with somebody. He suggests selling David as: “downwardly mobile ex-physician/ slash chemist seeks open minded woman to be sex slave/slash guinea pig. And only the delusional need apply”. David tells Tad that he should post one for himself about being a loser who chases after the wrong women. But before he can finish his thought, Tad bangs the drums and hurts David’s eardrums. David tells Tad that that is not a very effective method. Tad tells David that doing things like this is not as miserable for him than admitting he is alive after what happened. David asks Tad if he and Di used to snuggle up together and read women’s magazines. Tad tells David he is very bored to have nothing better on his mind than Di. He tells David he supposes that all the waxy yellow buildup David mops up is his highest ambition right now. And Tad reminds David that even the fake Di fell in love with him before David. David leaves.

Right when JR and Jamie are telling Di she better leave them alone, Brooke comes by. Di goes out the door. Brooke tells her son she’s worried about him. She asks him if he’s going to do anything crazy. He asks her if making up with JR is considered certifiable. She asks him what his plans are with Amanda. He tells her that he is not serious about Amanda. They have a good time and that is all. She asks him if it is true that he doesn’t plan to marry her. He asks her where she heard that he would consider marrying Amanda. Hearing that, Brooke decides she does not want to answer that. And she laughs and says as long as the “rumor” is not true, that is all that matters.

Julia is alone in the house, realizing that she is still alone. She acknowledges that there is nobody there. Nobody for her.

Kendall and Greenlee are outside Ryan’s room and Kendall asks her why she does not ask Ryan, herself, how he’d feel about having a baby. Greenlee tells Kendall she sounds just like Erica. Kendall tells Greenlee that she grieved the loss of Ryan also. She carried the baby because she loved Greenlee. But she loves Ryan too. And she reminds Greenlee that they decided together to have the baby to keep a part of Ryan alive. And she asks Greenlee what she will tell the baby about its father. Greenlee tells Kendall she will tell it the truth, that daddy is gone.

Anita tells Ryan that he can be discharged from the hospital but realizes he might not have transportation or a place to stay. He tells her he will take care of it. Right then, Greenlee comes by and tells him if he wants, they can talk. Kendall is outside, watching them through the window.

Julia gets dressed up in formalwear.

Brooke calls Babe and tells her that Jamie is not marrying Amanda or anybody else. And the reason she is calling is because she wants Babe to stop stirring up trouble with her drama and leave Brooke’s family alone. Right then, Babe observes Amanda talking to a strange guy who takes money form her and arranges to drug Jamie and get him to do whatever she wants.

Tad opens his door to see Di. He does not know what to say.

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