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Jamie is alone in his apartment pumping iron.  Amanda is at his door and he clearly does not want to see her.  She comes in anyway with some food and tells him she wants to be his friend.  He tells her maybe in some other life.  She asks him to just let her do this.  She wants to be there for him and is really sorry that he’s lost so much.

JR kisses Babe.  She pulls away and asks him what is going on.  He tells her she told him she wanted to help him and take away the pain.

Josh goes to see his father.  He asks him what this “big secret” is about Erica that he does not want him to know.

Erica tells Greenlee that it is a disgrace for her to want to keep the baby a secret from Ryan.  Greenlee tells Erica it’s none of her business.  Erica tells Greenlee it is her business when her daughter, Kendall, is carrying the baby.

Zach is hearing Ryan tell Kendall that he came back to Pine Valley because he loves his wife, and if she knows something, she needs to tell him.  She tells him he needs to answer some questions for her.  She asks how he knows that he’s better now.  What if somebody sets him off or something happens?  How does he know that he is not the person he feared he was that caused him to leave in the first place?  He tells her that he met some people and discovered some things about himself when he was gone.  She then tells him if he tells her his “secrets,” she will tell him what he wants to know about Greenlee. 

While Zach is listening to the intercom, Anita asks him what he wants now.  He tells her he needs her help with his wife.  He needs to find a way to prevent her from telling Ryan about the baby.

Ryan tells Kendall that if he thought for a moment that he would be a danger to anybody, he could not come back.  He tells her she has his word that Greenlee is completely safe around him.  She tells him she believes him.  He then asks her what she knows about Greenlee.  She tells him this is about the baby.  She tells him it’s the baby they lost.

Josh asks his father what his big secret was that he was discussing with Hazel.  What does he have to fear in regard to Erica Kane?  Dr. Madden tells his son he has nothing to fear but he seems to be lying.  Josh asks him again what the deal is with Erica.  He admits to his father that although he works for Erica, he does not worship her.  He believes she is a spoiled selfish diva and he is not beholden to her.

Greenlee tells Erica that she must know that people have reasons to hide a pregnancy.  Bianca did that.  Erica tells Greenlee that that is completely different.  Ryan has the right to know about his baby.  How could he possibly be compared to a rapist?  Greenlee reminds Erica that Ryan went berserk when he found out she was pregnant.  He staged his death and lied to everybody because of it.  Erica tells Greenlee that regardless of that, Ryan did what he did to protect her and has the right to know about this baby which is his.

Amanda talks to Jamie, trying to cheer him up, but he’s not happy.  He tells her it’s not ok that Dixie died again and it’s killing all of them.

JR wants to keep kissing Babe, but she tells him this is not what he needs right now.  He reminds her that just a few minutes ago, they were all about feeling and caring.  She tells him that she just wants to talk.  He reminds her that she was never about talking before.  She tells him he’s been drinking all night and needs his rest.  He then grabs her and tells her that she would make love to somebody else to save Jamie, but she won’t make love to him in order to save him.  He then begs her to save him.  Hearing that, she tells him that she was reaching out to her son’s daddy because he’s hurting and does not want him making it into anything ugly.  He tells her she needs to take off the halo because he does not trust her.  She tells him that she almost thought that he was capable of being human and now knows she was so wrong.

Josh tells his father that he may work for Erica and have a friendship with her, but at the end of the day, his family is more important.  Dr.  Madden tells Josh that he knows he has some sort of loyalty toward Erica and might tell her the secret if he reveals it to Josh.

Erica tells Greenlee that she knows how she feels because she also lost a baby.  Greenlee tells Erica that this is not all about her.  Erica tells Greenlee she knows it is not but she wishes Greenlee would trust her.  Greenlee tells Erica that she does not understand what she went through in regard to Ryan and losing the baby.  Erica tells Greenlee she is in shock and in no condition to make decisions about Ryan or the baby or Kendall.  She urges Greenlee to see that she is about to bring a new life into the world, and Ryan deserves to know the truth because it is his baby.  She urges her not to make a decision that she will regret.  Greenlee tells Erica she needs her not to go blabbing to everybody about the baby.  Erica tells Greenlee she promises not to tell anybody, but she asks Greenlee to listen to that little voice inside her.  She then gets up and walks out.

Right when Kendall and Ryan are talking, Anita and Zach enter and Anita tells them she needs to be alone with Ryan to check him out.  Alone with Kendall, Zach tells her she mustn’t tell Ryan about the baby.  She tells him she’s going to and he’s not going to stop her.  He tells her if Ryan finds out from anybody that he’s going to be a dad, it’s going to be from the mother and that is not her.  He tells her if she goes in and tells Ryan about the baby, she will regret it for the rest of her life, but she tells him he has no business being there in the hospital and interfering in her business with Ryan.  She tells him he either gets out or she will have security throw him out.

Winifred enters holding Little Adam.  JR calls out to his son and reaches out to hold him, but Babe tells him that he is in no condition to be around their son when he is drunk.  He tells her that her job is to pour him shots at the bar and not to tell him what to do with his son.  She tells him that especially now that Di and Tad are out of his life, Little Adam is the only thing he has left.  He should also be the most precious thing in his life.  So JR had better sober up before he touches their son.  JR goes to brush his teeth.  Babe greets her son.  Winifred goes to change him, and when Babe is alone, Krystal comes to see her daughter to ask if she is ok.  Babe tells her mother that she wanted to be close to Little Adam, but she’s not sure she is doing the right thing.

Amanda tells a depressed Jamie that he is a good person with a good heart, honor and integrity, and that he does not deserve what has happened.  She then encourages him to eat something.  She puts her arms around him.  At first he does not touch her, but he puts his arms around her.  She tells him she wishes she could take the pain away.

Greenlee is alone in her house remembering the cocoon that Ryan gave her when they were rejoicing being together and how he told her about a butterfly coming to life.  She then remembers making love to him.  Right then, Zach comes in and tells her that she is torturing herself with the “hows” and “whys” of what has happened.  She tells him she is very angry.  He tells her he can see that, and she is about to ruin everything with the love of her life.

Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee is upset and angry, but she still loves him.  She asks him not to give up on Greenlee.  Ryan thanks her for her words of encouragement but tells her he knows there is something she wants to tell him.  She asks him what happened when he was gone that changed things for him.  He replies that it was Jonathan.  Hearing that, she asks him what he just said.  He tells her that Jonathan is still alive.  He explains that he found out that Jonathan had a tumor and between that and all the medication he was taking, that was what made him psychotic.  Knowing that, he realized that there was not a monster inside, and maybe he could fix his broken life.  Hearing that, Kendall tells him that she is having difficulty in hearing that Jonathan is still alive.  He tells her he knows but were it not for that, he would have never discovered the truth about himself.  She tells him that he could have just trusted Greenlee.

Greenlee asks Zach why he is so concerned about her business.  He tells her that she must have known that Ryan was not dangerous.  He had many opportunities to hurt her but did not.  So where is her faith in her husband now?  She tells him it died when he betrayed her.  He tells her that she’s really made a mistake.  She asks what this is about.  Does he feel guilty to have helped Ryan do this terrible thing? He tells her he does not give a damn about Ryan, but she has no right to get Kendall involved in this sick mess.

Jamie is starting to warm up to Amanda, but she tells him that she does not have money, and if they go on vacation, he has to pay for it.

Babe tells her mother she is afraid that JR is going off the deep end and will not come back this time.  Krystal asks her what happened.  She replies nothing.  She tried and failed to reach out, but it did not work, and she’s worried about the baby.  Krystal assures her daughter that no harm will come to Little Adam under her watch.  Babe leaves and JR enters to ask Krystal what she is doing there.  She replies that she is there to save what is left of his sorry soul.  He tells her she better get out before a house falls on her.  She tells him that he must realize that he became a different person in regard to Jamie and Tad and Babe.  She realizes what that woman did to him was inexcusable, but asks him if it didn’t feel good to be good for a while.  He tells her that the one thing that will make him happy is if she signs over her shares of Chandler Enterprises to him, then he might consider those warm and fuzzy spots.  Until then, forget it, and he walks out.

Josh comes to see Erica and tells her he heard about Ryan Lavery and knows everybody must be in shock.  He tells her he also knows that this is a very intense situation for both Kendall and for Greenlee.  Hearing that, Erica tells Josh he is very perceptive.  She tells him that she is not ok with the fact that they both want her to have no part in what they are doing.  Hearing that, he tells her that maybe he can help.

Kendall asks Ryan how he can know that Jonathan is not a threat.  He tells her he can give her the numbers of the shrinks and confirm anything she wants to know.  She tells him the thought of anybody forgiving or trusting Jonathan is not ok, and she urges him not to tell Greenlee that Jonathan is alive. 

Zach tells Greenlee that she is using both Kendall and Ryan, and he asks her to do a favor for him and stop feeling sorry for herself and think about others besides herself.

While out shopping, Amanda is on her cell phone telling her mother that she has plans to marry Jamie.  Babe is nearby and overhears, and does not look happy.

Erica asks Josh just how he plans to help her with Kendall and Greenlee.  He tells her that maybe he can talk some sense into her daughter in a way that she cannot.  Erica remembers the last time she asked him to “interfere”.  It caused the gay exposé.  They both acknowledge that Kendall was angry at her but not at him, and he concludes that that will make his job easier.  Hearing that, Erica tells Josh that she’s really happy to have him in her corner.

Ryan tells Kendall that he believes he must tell Greenlee about Jonathan, but she tells him that he cannot do that.  It won’t make things any better.  Greenlee cannot take knowing that right now.

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