AMC Update Tuesday 10/25/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/25/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In the morning, after staying up working and serving the drunken JR, Krystal tells her mother she is very upset about the state he is in now.  She can see that JR is devastated to have lost his momma all over again and the thought of him out there driving or existing so drunk has her worried about him and her son.

Right then, JR is upstairs in his bed drinking for his breakfast.  Adam comes to see his son, but JR is too drunk and too upset to know what to do.  Adam then throws water in JR’s face and demands he pull himself together.

Right then, Jack and Erica are looking for Greenlee and they go to her and Ryan’s house.  When nobody answers, Jack busts the door down.  Erica is behind him trying, unsuccessfully to get her husband to calm down.

Right then, Greenlee gets a call from Anita informing her that Ryan is in the hospital after being injured.  Greenlee instinctively responds ready to tear out the door to be with him.  Noticing that, Kendall tells her it’s plain to see that she is still in love with Ryan. 

Ryan awakens in his hospital room to see Zach who him what it would take to make him stay away for good.

A drunken JR tells his father that he doesn’t want water thrown at him.  He knows what he wants.  He staggers to get up.  Adam tells him he is an idiot.  Di Kirby needs to be locked up in prison and they all need to get on with their lives.  JR tells Adam, slurring his speech from intoxication, that Adam must be really proud of himself to want to get his mother in trouble.  Adam tells JR he needs to stop wallowing in self-pity.  He needs to be strong and powerful, like a real Chandler, not a weak, pathetic little mama’s boy.  JR goes to pour himself more booze.  Adam tells him if he refuses to get out of bed, then he’s let her win.  He attempts to encourage JR to know that he is better than this.  He does not let any worthless scum win.  He reminds JR that he successfully let Babe and Jamie know what it’s like to mess with him.  He tells JR he needs to wake up and see that he needs to toughen up and realize that Di deserves the same medicine as they did.  JR tells his father that he wanted to get out of there and have a house with his mother.  He does not want to stay stuck in this house with Adam and Krystal, and he doesn’t know what to do now.

Downstairs, Krystal tells her daughter she needs to pull herself together and stop worrying about JR.  Babe remembers how terribly upset she noticed her ex husband was last night.

At Ryan and Greenlee’s empty house, Jack tells Erica that if that man has hurt his daughter, he will pay.  He goes through some things in their house and discovers a letter of apology from Ryan about all the pain he has caused Greenlee.  He asks what kinds of tricks Ryan has up his sleeve to hurt his daughter again.  Erica urges him to know that Greenlee is stronger than he realizes and he must not assume the worst.  However, Jack is very upset and worried about Greenlee and Ryan.

After noticing Greenlee’s reaction to finding out Ryan has been hurt, Kendall tells Greenlee—just as she’s promised she would not—that she still loves him.  Greenlee rationalizes that she was woken out of her sleep to find out what happened and forgot that he is the man who betrayed her.  Greenlee asks Kendall if she believes that Ryan should know about the baby.  Kendall says yes.  He deserves to know the whole story.

Zach asks Ryan why he suddenly decided to come back when they both agreed he’d be dead and stay away.  Ryan asks Zach why he should explain himself to him.  Zach then tells Ryan that he got him out of town once.  He can do it again, and this time, he will make sure that Ryan stays gone.  He throws Ryan’s clothes to him so he can get dressed and get out of Pine Valley.

Greenlee tells Kendall she better not ever tell Ryan about the baby, but Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows that she is still in love with Ryan.  She tells Greenlee that what’s going on with her is that she cannot deal with the truth.  She tells her she must get up, grab her purse and see if Ryan is ok.  Greenlee tells Kendall she knows Ryan is ok.  He’s alive.  Kendall asks what if Ryan has a blood clot: what if something terrible happened to him, what if he dies.  Greenlee says if Ryan dies, she’d feel no differently than she already does.  Greenlee gets her coat on but tells Kendall she does not want to talk about this further.  She asks her to drink her orange juice and take her prenatal vitamins and stop talking about Ryan.

Babe admits to Krystal that way back when, she loved JR like crazy.  She admits that she would like to attempt to help him but he may blow her off.  She still wants to try, at least.  Krystal offers to go up with her.  She tells her mother she knows JR will not accept her help, but he might listen to Babe.  They can hear JR and Adam all the way in their room.  Adam tells JR he mustn’t let that hillbilly scam artist break his spirit.  Babe enters and Adam asks her what she is doing there.  Adam tells JR when he remembers who he is, they will continue this conversation.  When JR is alone with Babe, he tells her to leave.  She tells him he must realize by now that she does not take orders.  He tells her he may be drunk but she is stupid if she really wants to take him on right now.

Adam goes downstairs and notices Krystal has cooked some southern breakfast, with grits and gravy, biscuits, tons of lard and all.  She tells him he must remember a meal like this.  He asks her if she is trying to kill him.  She tells him that he will probably really appreciate her French toast.

JR tells Babe that she must tell him how he feels.  She tells him she realizes that nobody could imagine how he feels, but she cares about him.  He tells her that he bets she wishes she taped the whole devastating thing that happened to him and that she would probably really enjoy being able to watch him suffer and play it over and over again.  Babe tells him, very seriously, that she knows how it would destroy her if she lost her momma.  She realizes what has happened to him is horrible, but she’d like to help him.  If he wants her to leave him alone, however, she is gone.  Hearing that, he asks her why she would want to help him.  He has not let up on her since the time he saw her and Bianca in bed together.  He admits that if he had the chance to hurt her again, he’d do it all over again.  Hearing that, she tells him that maybe he’s right.  Maybe she is stupid to care about him, but she wishes she knew his secret.

After Jack has read Ryan’s letter to Greenlee, Erica tells him he must realize that there is nothing but good things in that letter.  There is nothing wrong with having hope that Ryan and Greenlee will get back together.  Hearing that, he asks her how she can say that and what it is she knows that he does not know.  She tells him what she knows is that he would do anything for his daughter.  She saw the way he kicked down that door.  He would do anything to protect her, and he must love her enough to let her make her own decision.  Right when she is attempting to explain that to him about how all of their lives are intertwined, Greenlee walks in and tells Erica that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Ryan tells Zach that Zach helped him keep his secret, but he once did the same thing for Zach.  He came back to see if there was a possibility for him and Greenlee. If Greenlee refuses to take him back, he’s gone.  Zach asks Ryan if he wants to hurt Kendall.  Ryan asks what Kendall has to do with any of this.  Right then, Kendall walks in and tells them she’d like to hear all about this.  She asks Zach what reason Ryan might have to hurt her and if she should be worried.  She wants to confirm whether or not Zach has told Ryan about the baby.  Kendall surprises Ryan by hugging him and telling him she’s glad he’s ok.  He tells her he’s glad to see her also.  She admits a part of her hates him for what he’s done.  He tells her he realizes she and all the others have good reason to hate him.  He asks her if there is anything secretive that he should know about Zach.  She tells him that it’s obvious that Zach has many issues.  But she’d like to talk to him alone and it’s Zach’s cue to leave.  Zach asks her why she cares about Ryan.  She tells him that Ryan, at least had the courage to speak up and face the people he left.  Zach leaves.  Alone with Ryan, Kendall tells him she heard about his accident with a tree branch.  She tells him she knows JR has some issues that he is not ready to deal with, and he may know how awful it was losing Ryan and watching Greenlee losing him.  He admits to her that he feels it right in his gut when he thinks about what he did to Greenlee.  Kendall tells him she remembers him telling her that he would throw himself off a cliff before he would hurt Greenlee, and that is exactly what he did.  He tells her that he now realizes it did not save her nor help her.  She admits that she was there for Greenlee when they thought he was dead, but she thinks she might understand why he had to go.  She admits to him that Greenlee will kick and scream and fight him. She asks him if he will fight just as hard for her or will he give up and ride off into the night?

Greenlee tells Jack and Erica that she went to Nova Scotia, told Erin all about what losing Ryan has done to her, and all along, he was in the closet listening to everything she said and he let her grieve.  She tells them that what she had with Ryan is dead.  It’s over.  Hearing that, Jack sounds encouraged and tells her she must get over him and get on with her life.  She tells him that she needs a favor from him; that she needs to talk to Erica alone.

While Adam eats the meal Krystal has prepared for him, she tells him that she’s discussed with Di, many of his wives.  She mentions that she remembers hearing about Gloria.  Hearing that, he chokes on his food and tells her that Gloria tried to poison him.

Babe tells JR that she knows he wishes his momma were still alive.  Hearing that, he tells her he has a new secret for her.  He wants her to guess whether he’s going to strangle her or admit that she is right.

Babe confesses that way back on that pier in San Diego when she and JR first met, it was magic.  She remembers when he first told her about his mother and how much he loved and missed her.  He tells her it was the booze and the heat that caused him to confide in her and believe he had feelings.  He was just a wimp who let alcohol and emotion get the better of him.  She tells him she knows that is not true.  He was a man to have had the courage to admit that he loved and missed his mother, and that is what made her love him.  It is also what makes her believe she knows what he is going through right now.  She wants to put all the meanness aside.  She still cares about him and wants to help him if he will let her.

Zach waits outside of Ryan’s room.  He is able to hear the part of their conversation where Kendall tells Ryan that he cannot give up on Greenlee.  He tells her that he knows he took so much from Greenlee, and he no longer wants to take anything from her; especially her choice about them.  She asks him if he’s going to bail again.  He tells her he wants to give it time.  She asks how much time.  Does he need days, weeks, or months?  He tells her however long it takes, and he tells her he needs her to tell him the truth about something.  She says sure.  He then asks her to tell him about “the baby.”  Zach hears the whole conversation.  He asks her about what has happened in regard to Greenlee losing the baby.  She asks him if Greenlee had not lost the baby, would he still want to come back and have a future with his wife.

Jack leaves Greenlee and Erica alone in the house.  Greenlee tells Erica that she can see that she is so tempted to tell Jack about the baby.  Hearing that, Erica tells Greenlee she is selfish to have no consideration for how upset Jack is.  He knows that a secret is being kept from him, and asks if she can’t see what this has done to Kendall?  She tells Greenlee she is the same selfish, spoiled jerk she’s always been.

Krystal tells Adam that it’s a shame that Gloria did not succeed in killing him.

Babe tells JR that she’d just like to help in any way she ca, and right then, they kiss.

Greenlee tells Erica that Kendall has chosen to carry this baby and Erica needs to keep her mouth shut and never tell Ryan that Kendall is carrying their child.

In response to Kendall’s question of whether he’d have come back if there was a way for Greenlee to have a child, Ryan tells her that he now realizes that he wants whatever is best for Greenlee.  She asks him what if there was a way for her to have a baby.  He asks her why she is asking that, since Greenlee cannot carry a child.  She tells him that miracles happen all the time and she wants to know what he would do if a baby was actually in their future.  Hearing that, Ryan does not know how to answer that question and asks Kendall to please tell him what she knows.

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