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All My Children Update Monday 10/24/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

After Greenlee has asked her if she still wants to go through with having the baby, Kendall admits that she cannot believe that she heard that.

JR meets Ryan in the park and is ready to kill him. He tells Ryan that he may think he can mess with women, but he’s going to be sorry to have every messed with JR. He tells Ryan he’s ruined too many lives and Pine Valley does not need another liar.

Tad goes to find Babe at work, knowing she is upset with him to have spilled the beans about Dixie. She tells him that he could right now, be with the woman he loves, JR would be happy and many thing would be much better if he had not had this need to reveal the “truth’.

Di, right then goes to see Zach and reveals that she is not happy. Things have changed. He asks her the reason why.

Lily is hiding in her favorite tree and is startled to run into Stuart Chandler.

Kendall tells Greenlee that their original plan for her to carry the baby and give it to Greenlee when it’s born still stands. Greenlee reminds her that she must now see that things have changed and as far as she is concerned, Ryan is more dead to her than he has ever been and she wants it to stay that way. But Kendall reminds her that they have always called this baby Ryan’s baby and that may never change.

JR asks Ryan if he does not feel remorse for ruining Greenlee’s life. Ryan replies he feels more remorse than JR could ever know. But that’s between him and Greenlee. JR tells Ryan that it is his business that he’s ruined Kendall’s life. Knowing nothing about what Kendall has done, Ryan tells JR that this has nothing to do with Kendall. Hearing that, JR hits Ryan in the back with a big heavy stick and Ryan falls over.

Di informs Zach that she has just informed all the people who believed she was Dixie and loved her, that she is really Dixie’s half sister, Di Henry. She tells him that she knows there is nothing for her here and she is leaving town. He asks her why.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she realizes that Ryan was messed up about Jonathan and Zach. But she has mistakenly believed that he was a good person. Kendall tells Greenlee that perhaps Ryan had a breakdown. Greenlee says no. Ryan knew exactly what he was doing. And she asks what is wrong with her for why she always chooses the wrong men. Kendall tells Greenlee that what is wrong is timing. She gets a clock and asks Greenlee what time it was when everything was going great, right before Ryan came back. Greenlee says it was about 3 or 3:30. And Kendall turns the clock back. She tells her that before they found out that Ryan was the biggest liar they’ve ever known, and that Zach has helped him lie, everything was great. Greenlee still asks Kendall if she really still wants to have the baby. Kendall replies that she always wanted to have the bay for her because she loves her. Ryan and Zach may be pathetic liars, she tells Greenlee. But that does not mean anything. Not to them and not to the baby. And she tells Greenlee they can still make this miracle happen. They can still have this baby, love it and be a part of the love. Greenlee hugs Kendall.

Babe tells Tad that she realizes that Di messed up but she does not understand why he wants to punish her after all the good she’s done. He tells her she can think whatever she wants but will not convince him. She then asks him what about JR, the guy who was a nasty monster, whom that woman turned around into a decent person. As he knows, JR is right back in training to be the way he always was. He tells her that she is just like her mother to believe she always knows what is right. He tells her that even if bad things happened as a result of revealing the truth, doesn’t she realize that she only wants what is convenient for her. He tells her she cannot preach to him because he knows she does not give a damn about JR.

Right when JR and Ryan are in combat, Julia comes to Ryan’s rescue.

Knowing that Lily probably has him confused with his twin brother, Stuart explains to her that Adam is the mean one who has a house full of red and who intimidates people. But he tells her he’s different. He likes different and more relaxed, peaceful, non-threatening colors. He likes yellows and greens because they are more restful. She tells him he looks just like Adam. He tells her he can prove that he is Stuart and he heard her asking why people cannot be more like numbers. And he knows the reason why. You cannot count upon people as you can count upon numbers. YOU cannot always depend on people. He admits to her that he’s had a lot of experience with that. And he tells her that he comes out there because he likes to come and be with the trees and hear the sound of the waterfall when he is down. It helps. Hearing that, she tells him that the water gives off negative ions. Hearing that, he asks if she is a genius. She tells him she just pays attention to a lot of things. She asks what he is upset about. He tells her that would take forever. She says she does not have forever but she has 47 minutes. She tells him that her life skills coach tells her that it can help when you talk about what is wrong in your life. He explains to her that it’s not like a car or machine that needs fixing. It’s more complicated when you need to fix people because you cannot.

After Julia has found Ryan, Jamie comes and tells JR that he better pray he has not done any permanent damage. Ryan looks like he’s passed out and cannot get up. JR demands that Jamie goes away and leaves him alone. Jamie tells JR no. He’s stuck with him.

Kendall asks Greenlee what will happen if Ryan finds out that she’s carrying his baby. Greenlee tells her they will not ever let him know. But she reminds Greenlee that her mother and Zach both know. And she asks Greenlee what will happen if she falls back in love with Ryan.

Tad tells Babe that sometimes in life, you have to tell the truth. She tells him that sometimes lying makes things better. He asks if she means that about lying to Jamie so he could get into med school. She tells him she knows she did the right thing with that. She also reminds him that he’s lied in order to help people he loves. He tells her if bartending does not work out for her, she might want to try politics. She then tells him she knows she did a bad thing to lie to Bianca and JR. But the lie about Dixie has enabled everybody to have much better lives.

Di asks Zach what his angle is. He tells her he knows she’s assumed another identity and he’s not shocked to know that. He reveals to her that Zach Slater is the identity that has saved his life. Hearing that, she reveals that she does not know his story about whom he really is. He asks her if she wants to have a drink with him. She then tells him that one thing she has in common with Dixie is having only one kidney so she cannot drink. Right then, Zach gets on the phone and asks his room service to bring them dinner. She asks if he is acting out of guilt.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she is done with Ryan. But Kendall tells her that when the shock wears off, she might feel differently. She protests that the reason Ryan went away and played dead was in order to protect her. Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan had no faith or trust in her or in their life. She tells her that she never knew Ryan nor her-her. And she tells her that she now sees that she never meant anything to Ryan if he can do something like this and throw away their life together. She tells Kendall that is what really hurts and she cries.

Julia examines Ryan in the park and asks him what has happened to him. She faces JR and Jamie and asks what has happened to them since she’s been away. JR replies that they are not kids anymore. She replies that that now means that JR can be tried as an adult for attempted murder. She and Jamie then attempt to help Ryan to his feet but he falls over and cannot walk.

Babe asks Tad to do her a favor and look to the next 10 years and tell her what kind of value there will be in her son’s life as he grows up in that love-free zone called the Chandler mansion. What will that do to her sweet boy? Hearing that, Tad tells her that he still has not given up on JR. He still wants to bring out the man he knows JR could be. And he tells her if she sees that good guy, she must let him know that Tad is looking for him.

Jamie asks JR if he remembers the time when it rained for weeks and they were stuck in the house and it felt like house arrest. Adam had them grounded. But Dixie found them and took them in her car and they had the best night they ever had together. He tells JR that it’s terrible that he lost Dixie all over again. But he can always hang onto those memories and nobody can never take them away from him. JR tells Jamie that he does not know how he feels about losing Dixie. She was not Jamie’s mother. Jamie protests that he has suffered a loss also. Right then, Tad comes and tells JR that they all have suffered a loss and he mustn’t make it any worse. JR tells Tad he does not need him or his son to tell him how to feel. Tad tells JR he knows. JR cries and tells JR that he wishes he could have been the son his mother wanted him to be. Tad tells JR that he wants to stand by him and be there for him. JR tells Tad to hell with him and he does not need him and walks away. Alone, Jamie tells his father he knows he tried. Tad informs Jamie that he just spoke to Babe who told him that there is no way to ever get JR to come around again.

Lily tells Stuart that her dad and mom and Reggie and Kendall and Greenlee and Ryan are all upset. He tells her that Adam and JR and Jamie and Di are all upset. She tells him that she wishes that people had protection from unhappiness, like a virus scanner on a computer. She then tells him that she will never mistake him from Adam again. He tells her that he and his brother are really different. She tells him that she is different because she has autism spectrum disorder. He asks her if that is why she is so smart. She tells him that sometimes her mind goes too fast. He tells her that his mind many times goes too slow. She tells him that it gets scary to go too fast. It’s like a roller coaster ride. Hearing that, he tells her maybe he can help her slow down and she can help him speedup.

Julia gets Ryan to the hospital and Anita admits him. He tells them he’s fine and they are overreacting. Anita tells him his sister is a trained nurse and knows what she’s talking about and he’s going to let them take care of him.

Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan is leaving Pine Valley whether he knows it now, or not. He has no ties there. He will soon be out of their lives, out of sight and out of mind. So he need never know about the baby. Kendall tells Greenlee that the people who already know what is going on might blab. Both Erica and Zach could tell him. Greenlee promises to shut them both up but she asks Kendall never to tell Ryan about the pregnancy. She asks her to promise to swear on her life.

In the hospital, Julia hears herself graduating from the nurses training program. She then hears Noah telling her that the place they are going to will not be where they stay forever. And he will come back to her. Right then, Anita startles her. She tells her she cannot “go back”. Anita asks what she is talking about and asks Julia what she knew about Ryan’s injuries. Julia admits that Ryan was very vague in explaining what happened to him.

Right when the bar is going to close and Babe is ready to leave, JR comes in and tells her he wants bourbon straight up. She tells him it’s past last call. He tells her she either pours him an entire bottle or he will buy out this bar, get her fired and prevent her from ever working anywhere again no matter how low she looks.

Di eats with Zach and tells him that she knows what she did was unforgivable. She talks about how one convinces oneself that they are doing the right thing for the people they love, but they are actually ripping their hearts out. He asks her if she is looking for a job. He tells her that he’s looking for an attractive woman to assist him in his dealings. She asks him what he feels so guilty about. He tells her he wishes Kendall would believe in the choices he makes. She tells him she understands what it is like to inadvertently smash the people one loves.

Greenlee tells Kendall she must promise never to speak about Ryan in past, present or future tense. Kendall asks Greenlee what if she changes her mind. Greenlee tells her that will never happen and what she’s asking for is not negotiable. Kendall then promises never to talk about Ryan, tell him about the baby or ask Greenlee to forgive him or speak about any such thing happening.

Stuart holds his hand out to Lily and walks out of the woods with her.

The stick that JR used to injure Ryan is on the ground and Jamie and Tad are alone together not knowing what to do. They, then get up and leave. Right then, Di appears knowing she is all-alone.

JR is sitting in the bar slamming down shots of bourbon while Babe waits for him to leave.

Julia waits for the doctors to bring Ryan out after examining him.

Zach observes the contract that names Kendall his partner and puts it away.

Greenlee decides to stay at Kendall’s house because she cannot face going back to the house that is hers’ and Ryan’s.

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