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All My Children Update Friday 10/21/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

On the patio at Chandler mansion, a teary-eyed Di is begging JR to forgive her. An emotionally-spent JR has his back to her. Di tells him that he lit up her world. She says what she gave him was real. She asks if she can make it up to him. She says she’ll do anything for him to make it right. Can he please forgive her?

Inside the house, Tad asks Jamie if he’s OK. Never better, Jamie says sarcastically as he walks out of the house. Krystal asks Tad if he got what he wanted. Tad doesn’t answer. In the next room, Adam is on the phone to his lawyer, ordering that a civil suit be started right away. He says he’ll call the police. Tad walks in and tells Adam that once in his miserable life he’s going to back off. He has to let JR call the shots, Tad says.

At Kendall’s apartment, Zach pledges support for her when the baby comes. Kendall tells him he lies and lies then expects her to forgive him.

At Ryan and Greenlee’s, Ryan tells his wife that tonight was real. They can have their lives back again and they can have a future. Or, it can be over if that’s what she wants. He asks if she can forgive him. Greenlee asks how she could ever forgive him. How does she forget crying herself sick over him? Ryan says he knows how she feels but she snaps back that he has no idea how she feels. Ryan says he did what he thought was best for her. Greenlee angrily shoves his chest and talks about the shock and denial she had to deal with. She went to bed wearing his shirt so she could feel closer to him. She says when she lost the baby she lost the one thing that was going to get her through. She suddenly realizes that Lily actually saw Ryan at the casino. He tried to convince Lily he was a ghost. She also realizes that Zach was in on this lie.

Kendall accuses Zach of telling the lie of the century while Greenlee died more each day. He helped her create a child to ease Greenlee’s loss. How can she forgive him for any of that. Zach says he doesn’t give a damn if he forgives her or not. He says they both have priorities and his is protecting her. Kendall asks how what he has done protects her. She continues berating him until he tells her to shut up, open her eyes and see that he cares about her.

Krystal finds Adam pouring two drinks and tells him he either needs another liver or an AA meeting. He tells her one of them is for her. He says Dixie is dead along with the life of her half-sister. He hopes Di spends the next 10 to 20 years behind bars. Krystal throws the drink in Adam’s face. She says he should be halfway human. His son has just been hit with his mother’s death again. Adam says he is all JR needs and this is the night to celebrate.

JR asks Di if she knows who he is talking to. He says he could fill a graveyard with the people who are dead to him. Now here she stands with her hand out. Tad enters the scene and watches from a distance. JR grabs Di by the shoulders and tells her she stole his mother’s life. She brought his mother back to him then killed her all over again. He tells her to get out of here. Di pleads with him not to turn into a man who wears vengeance like a medal. She begs him not to let what she has done destroy all the good. JR tells her she makes him sick. He tells her to pack and says he’s wiping her out of his life. He tells her not to even think about ever going near his son again. Tad approaches and JR tells him he wants her gone before he gets back. JR walks out.

Ryan tells Greenlee that Zach gave him money and a new identity. Greenlee tells Ryan he decided all by himself that she would be better off without him. Ryan admits he was wrong. He says their love is based on trust but he could not trust himself. He says once he heard her at Erin’s house he was shocked. Ryan tells her to take her time to decide whether he wants him in or out of her life. He will respect what she decides.

An emotional Di pleads with Tad to tell her what she can do. There has to be something she can do. Should she crawl on her knees begging for forgiveness? Should she go away, hoping that some day he’ll forgive her? How can she take away the pain that she brought into this house? She says she can’t leave here like this. Tad tells her the truth was her hope and her hope just walked out.

Greenlee tells Ryan there’s no hope for them. She doesn’t want him anymore. She doesn’t know him. Ryan says he deserves that, but he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her if she’ll let him. Greenlee says he has no idea what she and Kendall have gone through. Ryan asks what Kendall has gone through. She says Kendall stuck with her and gave everything to her. She says all he has done is betray her. As far as she’s concerned he’s still dead.

Kendall asks Zach how he cares about her. In a sadistic kind of way? She asks where was his caring when he let her and Greenlee think Ryan was dead. Zach says he was trying to keep her and her friend out of harm’s way. Kendall asks where his caring was when he saw how miserable they were. She says she can do without his caring, so stop and get the hell out of her life. Zach walks silently to the door and leaves. She cries and moments later JR arrives. They embrace. Kendall tells JR it was a big fat ugly lie. She says Ryan played them. He chose to stay dead and ran away. She says he doesn’t have to investigate it anymore. JR tells her not to worry. He’ll take care of it for her.

Krystal tells Adam that JR won’t come out of this OK. Adam says that’s nonsense. JR’s a champ. Krystal says Di seems sorry and she seems to truly care for his son. Adam says Di Kirby endangered everyone in this house with her underworld ties. She should rot in prison. Adam accuses Krystal of being concerned with more than JR and Di, but with Tad as well. Adam says Tad, with his three DNA tests, got what he deserved. He tells Krystal it’s too bad she’s married as Tad could use some help picking up the pieces.

Di asks Tad if she should just leave. Tad says she heard what JR said. He doubts she would want to be here when JR returns. Di asks where should she go. What will she do? Tad says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

Ryan writes a note to Greenlee and leaves it for her to see. He looks at the pictures of him and Greenlee on the wall then walks out.

Zach barges into his office. He is obviously angry. He sits at his desk and sorts through some pens. Julia walks in and says she got a call from the new person in charge of the task force. They have rounded up the rest of Garret’s organization. Zach shows no interest in what she’s saying and asks if she has anything else to say. She wants to thank him for his help. Zach snaps that he doesn’t care. Julia asks him what the problem is. He says he’s a jerk who likes to mess in people’s lives. Julia says she’s glad he messed in hers. He tells her to shut the door on her way out. She instead sits down and says either he’s a jerk or something is eating him.

Greenlee goes to Kendall’s place and tells her that Ryan betrayed her. Kendall says she knows. Greenlee says Ryan asked her for another chance. Kendall asks if she’s going to give it to him. Greenlee says she wishes he would have never come back and instead stayed dead. At least he would have been her Ryan. She asks how he could do this to her. Kendall says she thinks he thought he was saving her. Greenlee tells her not to shove that same story at her.

Krystal tells Adam she’s done with Tad and she’s now a married woman. Adam says their moonshine marriage is one step above a shotgun marriage. He says since the circumstances have changed, he would gladly give her a quick divorce so she can go to Tad. Krystal tells Adam Tad is not in her future and there’s no way she’s leaving him. She says there’s only one man she cares about and that is her grandson. She says she has seen how much he has wrecked his family and she has no intention of leaving this house and letting him mess up little A’s life like he did with his son. She tells him she’ll take him on the ride of his life.

Tad tells Di that he saw the faces of the people she confessed to. He’ll carry those looks the rest of his life. Di says she will as well. Tad says a miracle happened in this house but it was based on a lie. Now all that’s left is pain. Di says she’s sorry. Tad says sorry doesn’t begin to cut it or take away the pain. She says she’ll get her things and go. Tad looks away from her. As she walks away, she turns back and asks if he can save JR from what she has done. Tad says he doesn’t know.

Ryan is in the park sitting with his head in his hands when JR finds him. JR asks him what kind of dirt is he. What kind of filthy piece of human waste does what he has done? JR says he won’t get away with this. Ryan says he’s not getting away with it. JR says he’s not fit to live. “Come on, jackass,” he taunts, “take me on.” Ryan says he’s not going to do this. JR asks who gave him a vote. He tells Ryan he spit on everyone who was dumb enough to care about him. Ryan starts to walk away but JR says he can’t just leave. JR punches him in the stomach. Ryan doubles over in pain, then stands up and informs JR he’s not going to fight him. JR picks up a piece of board and hits Ryan in the back of the legs. Ryan falls down.

Julia tells Zach that she has learned that boys don’t spill their guts so she’ll do the talking. She tells him that she owes him. He angrily says no one owes him anything. He tells her to get the hint and get out of his office. She says fine and walks out.

Kendall angrily slams something into the counter and tells Greenlee that Zach completely played her. She was seeing a glimmer of hope but now sees nothing but a lying bastard. Greenlee tells her to calm down and the two women sit down by each other. Greenlee tells her she didn’t tell Ryan about the baby. She tells Kendall she dragged her into this baby mess and now sees Ryan is another lying double-dealing waste. She says she was selfish but she’s done thinking about herself. Now she’s just going to focus on Kendall. Greenlee tells Kendall to put herself first. She has put her in a horrible position. She asks Kendall if she wants to go through with giving birth to Ryan’s baby.

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