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All My Children Update Thursday 10/20/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad and Dixie enter the Chandler house to face Adam, JR, Krystal, Babe, Jamie, Brooke, Palmer and Opal.  Nobody has a clue what she’s about to tell them except for Babe and Krystal.  Krystal asks Tad if he really wants Di to go through with this.  She then tells them that all the love they have given her she does not deserve.

Kendall tells Zach that she knows that he’s been aware from the start that Ryan didn’t die.  She tells him that very possibly, Ryan will be spilling the whole ugly truth to Greenlee, so she asks him point blank if he lied to her.

After awakening in bed together, Ryan tells Greenlee that he hates that he hurt her.  He reveals that he has some secrets to tell her, but she keeps putting off discussing what has been going on with him.  He tells her that when he was gone, he wanted to shut himself off from all communication and any way for her to contact him.  She tells him that he’s her husband and she loves him and he came back to her and that’s all that matters.  He tells her he loves her but has not always loved her as he should.

Right then, Dixie admits to all the people at the Chandler house that she lied.

Ryan confesses to Greenlee that he lied.

Greenlee tells Ryan that tonight was amazing.  He is there and that is not a lie.  He tells her that she needs to know everything.  He tells her the pictures she has on the wall are not really them.  He tells her that it was the only truth to her but not reality.  He admits that he was angry and had all this rage.  He tells her he wanted her to be safe from him.  So he got on his bike and took off and got as far away as he could and went off the cliff.  She tells him that he survived and that was a miracle.  He tells her that although he was alive, he believed she would never be safe with him alive, and that was when he decided he had to lie.

Di tells everybody that this family is so precious to her.  For a long time, she thought it was ok for this to be kept quiet, because she thought that what she had with this family was bigger than any lie.  She tells them, now, she must come clean.

Zach confesses to Kendall that he found Ryan at the bottom of the cliff.  She asks him why he helped Ryan lie about being dead.  He tells her that he believed that Ryan made the right choice to stay dead.  He raised his hand to Greenlee.  He was afraid he could not be anywhere near her or anybody else.  He believes he also made the right choice by keeping Ryan’s secrecy.

Ryan admits to Greenlee that he chose not to come back to her.

Di tells everybody that she wanted to be there for all of them and contribute to them after what they have done for her.  JR and Jamie both tell her that she has already done for them all they could ask for and indicate they have no clue what she is about to say.  Babe interjects and tells her that she has done something incredible for many people and they shouldn’t hold the lie against her.  Knowing that Babe knows her secret, Di faces them all and tells them that she hopes that that alone, can make a difference regardless of what she is about to tell them.  She then spills the beans that she is not Dixie, but that she is her half-sister.  Hearing that, Adam tells her he knew it from the start.  She is no more Dixie than he is, he concludes.  She’s just a lying, gold-digging phony.  Krystal tells Adam that maybe he needs to take this outside.  Jamie tells her this cannot be.  JR steps forward and asks her why she is doing this.  She cries and tells him she had to because everything has changed.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he believed he could never bring her joy or peace again.  He could not let her have the life that she deserved.  So he got out.  She remembers that she thought it was an accident.  She thought he died, but he’s there.  He admits to her that he went over the cliff on purpose, and he did it to save her.

Kendall tells Zach that she remembers hearing Ryan saying that he would go over a cliff and kill himself if he ever hurt Greenlee.  She knows how alone he felt that night.  When she shot Ryan, she went into the water and was ready to end her life because that feeling of despair makes you feel like you have no choice.  Ryan loved Greenlee and had to save her.  Hearing that, Zach tells Kendall that he had no choice either, when he staged his death.  She demands to know why he lied to her.  He tells her it was to save her.

Di tells them that she knows she was lying.  She fell in love with Dixie’s family and with all of them.  She tells them that she needed to be part of this family, and she knows they needed her too.  They needed a niece and a mother and a wife.  She wanted to be all of that.  Whatever they wanted her to be.  JR tells her that they already have proof that she is the real Dixie.  He then turns to his father and tells him he must have done this.  He demands to know if Adam blackmailed or threatened her.  Di protests to JR that his father had nothing to do with this.  Adam protests that the woman is willfully admitting that she is a fake.  Krystal tells Adam that he is really gloating about that.  Babe tells Adam that it does not matter what this woman has done for his son and his grandson, all he wants to do is hurt her and break everybody’s heart.  Joe admits that it’s true that a sibling could be a genetic match.  She tells them that she has Dixie’s genes and blood and DNA.  Del then comes in and tells her that he’s now worried that she is not his full sister but his half sister.  He asks her what she is running from and tells her she is home now.  She tells him that Crow Hollow is her home.  She explains that her aunt, Mrs.  Kirby raised her.  She was all Di had until she met Del.

Kendall tells Zach that she is not ok with his lying to her.  He asks her what it meant to her about Ryan’s fear that he could hurt Greenlee.  She protests that Greenlee was going to help him realize that he was not the monster he thought he was.  Zach tells her that it was Ryan’s own decision to believe he was a danger to Greenlee and Ryan’s decision to leave and have everybody believe he was dead.

Jamie confirms, after hearing Di’s story, that Dixie did not make it and she is dead.  Di apologizes and cries.

Kendall tells Zach that he watched Greenlee grieve.  She asks him how it felt to know that he could take all her pain away but chose not to.  He protest that Greenlee was suffering believing that Ryan was alive and knowing how he felt about her having a baby.  He still believes that Ryan had no right to be around Greenlee or her child.  She asks him how he feels about the child she’s carrying right now.

Ryan tells Greenlee that when he came out of the water he thought he had the answer.  He would give her back her own life by taking him out of her life and having her believe that his life had ended.  He hated the pain he caused her but believed the pain would stop.  She’d be able to go on living without him and know she’d be better off without him.  He believed that the child she was carrying and the love she had for it was not a part of him.  She reminds him that she lost their child.  He tells her he knows.  In Nova Scotia, he was hiding in Erin’s home and heard everything she told her.  Hearing that, Greenlee appears upset that Ryan was right there, and knew she was there and did not come out and let her know he was alive.

Tad admits to everybody that he already knows the truth about Di.  He found out in a letter she wrote about what would happen if she died.  Brooke then concludes that the only reason she even considered coming clean was when she thought she’d die and it wouldn’t matter if she wouldn’t have to live to face it.  Di protests that she did not intend for it to be a lie and, again, she tells them that she wanted to love all of them and do what only Dixie could do.  She wanted to make peace between JR and Jamie.  She wanted Little Adam to have the moon and stars.  Right then, Opal hauls off and slaps her.

Kendall tells Zach that he had plenty of time to stop the hurt she was feeling for Greenlee losing Ryan and then losing the only hope she had with the baby, but let her keep suffering.  She asks how he hid Ryan.  Did he lock him in a shed and shove food under the door? Zach explains that Ryan has been living in Nova Scotia with his sister, Erin.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he came back because he realized she needed him.  She then remembers that that night when he found out she was pregnant, he wanted to hit her.  She then asks what he did when he believed it was over.  Did he cry?  She demands that he tell her.  He admits that he could not accept living with the baby she was carrying.  She tells him that Dr. Madden told her she could never carry a baby to term.  He tells her he’s sorry and knows what that baby meant to her, but she seems to know that he’s happy that she cannot get pregnant and probably feels relieved in assuming they will never have a baby.  She screams at him that the baby is dead and she begins to tear down the pictures on the wall and destroy everything until he grabs her and holds her.  She fights him and tells him he must never touch her again.  He tells her that he has to tell her how he changed and decided to come back.  He reminds her that she told him that there was nothing wrong with his genes, and he found that out in Canada.  Hearing that, she emotionally asks him how he could keep having her suffer when he believed that.  She tells him that he took her choice from her again.  He tells her again that it was for her own good.  She tells him he ripped her heart out by thinking that he can play God and decide what is right.  How dare he, she tells him.

Brooke tells Di that she will never forgive her and she can blow this whole story sky high in her magazine.  Palmer joins in about how this woman could steal Dixie’s life.  Opal agrees that she’s played them all for fools.  JR demands that they all shut up and stop hurting his mother.  Jamie protests that she came there to scam everybody.  JR again tells them that she is his mother.  He cries when he tells her that she had the necklace and knew the song to sing to Little Adam.  Joe tells JR that she is family, but she’s not Dixie.  JR does not want to believe it.  Tad tells JR he must listen to the truth.  JR tells them all they must shut up, and he goes out the door.  Tad follows JR and tells him that nobody loved Dixie as much as he did.  Nobody grieved the loss of her as much as he did.  He tells JR that everybody believed she was Dixie, not because they were stupid or fools but because they desperately needed Dixie.  He tells JR that his mother would never do what she did.  It was a lie, a beautiful lie.  It gave everybody warmth and hope, but he will not let any more lies go on.  Tad admits that he lied to JR once before and will not do it again.  JR cries and asks Tad when he did not lie to him.  He tells Tad that he must be lying about her being a fake because he could not have her.  She came back for him and Tad does not want him to be happy.  Tad apologizes to JR and holds him while he cries.

Ryan tells Greenlee he’s sorry and admits he was wrong.

Zach tells Kendall that he was not wrong.  She tells him he has a lot of brass.  She is pregnant with Ryan and Greenlee’s baby.  He reminds her that he told her not to do it.  She reminds him that Ryan is alive.  He knew it all along.  And she is pregnant.  He obviously didn’t try hard enough.  He tells her that it was too late.  He tried to stop her but realized he could not so he decided to support her the same way she supported Greenlee when she was pregnant.  He asks her what she would have done if he’d told her that Ryan was alive and chose a life alone over a life with Greenlee.  Obviously, Kendall would have told Greenlee, and Greenlee would have tried to find him and probably would have tracked him down.  She would not have realized that alive or dead, the man she loved no longer exists.  He asks her what the value is in trying to find a man who does not want to be found.  She asks him if that is the way he intends to stand by her, and she reminds him of all the pain and misery and grief that she went through all this time.  Was that what he wanted to offer her and Greenlee?

Ryan protests to Greenlee that he knew if he stayed in her life, she’d never let go, and she’d be dragged down.  He believed if she thought he was dead, she could have hope that she could not have if he lived.  When he heard her telling Erin that she could not go on without him, he then realized he had to go back and make it up to her in any way he could if she would let him.  He would give her back her choices, tell her the truth, and let her decide what would happen next.

Zach tells Kendall he wants to stand by her and support her in her choices if she will let him make it up to her.

Ryan asks Greenlee to let him make it up to her.

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