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Amanda goes to the bank and asks for a cash advance.  The banker tells her he cannot give her a cash advance because he knows that she has stolen Jamie Martin’s credit card.  Right then, Babe appears and knows what Amanda is up to.

David goes to see Dixie and informs her that Ryan Lavery has been proven to do something that not even Dixie can do.  He tells her that she might be able to pull off a scam that Dixie could survive going off a cliff if Ryan could.  He knows that it will not work since Tad knows who she really is, but he gloats about how she has no more power and asks her if she needs help packing.

Krystal tells Tad that although he’s caught onto the truth about Dixie, nobody else needs to know it.  He asks her if she’s having a sudden act of compassion.  She tells him she realizes how upset he is because of what Dixie means to him and how he’s been scammed, but for the sake of their children and grandchildren, she urges him not to breath another word to anybody about Di Kirby or Di Henry.

Kendall tells JR that something is not right in the whole situation where everybody believed Ryan died, when he’s been alive the whole while.

Jack tells Erica he now has even more reason not to trust Ryan Lavery.  Now, on top of everything else, he has faked his death when all the while he’s been alive.  Erica tells Jack that he should think positive about this and realize that Ryan loves his daughter, but Jack tells Erica that he still believes he needs to protect his daughter from Ryan.

Ryan and Greenlee go back home and have their love fest.  He then tells her that he needs to tell her the whole story about what happened when he went off the cliff.

Amanda asks Babe what she is doing at the bank, reminding her that she has no money except for change she collects.  Babe tells Amanda that she can call Jamie and inform him that Amanda has stolen his credit card.  The guy at the bank tells them that Babe need not call Mr.  Martin because he will call him himself and knows Amanda is the daughter of Janet from another planet.  Amanda tells Babe that she is wrong to think she is hurting her by catching her this way and Babe must know that Jamie is way into her.  Babe tells Amanda that Jamie is not going to be fooled by her.  Amanda tells Babe that she is a real loser to lose both JR and Jamie, and she tells Babe she is not going to make the same mistakes.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she knows he’s changed.  It’s written all over his face.  He tells her he would not be back if he hadn’t.  She tells him she knows he is not like his father or Jonathon and she was always right to know that about him.  He tells her that he knows he will never even consider raising a hand to her ever again.  She tells him that she has dreamed about this moment so many times and now all that matters is that he is real and that he is back.  They need to talk later, but for now, they just need to be together.  She tells him he is home and she smiles at him.  They hold each other.

Jack asks Erica what will happen if Greenlee says the wrong thing or sets Ryan off.  Erica tells Jack that Ryan will not hurt Greenlee.  He reminds her of the video they saw the night before Ryan disappeared.  They both saw him with his fist aimed at Greenlee, ready to beat her, but Erica tells Jack that nothing like that will ever happen again.  Also, he needs to accept his daughter’s decision.  Otherwise, he will lose her.

Kendall tells JR that they need to work together to get some information about Ryan.  Something about this is just not right, she tells him.  She reminds him that he once promised to do anything she asked of him.  He tells her that he will check into some things and call her.

Erica tells Zach that this is his entire fault.  He knew all along about Kendall’s surrogacy, and who would believe that her own husband, in name only or not, could stand by and let her do something so reckless and self-destructive.  She reminds him that there will not be anything good about Ryan finding out that Kendall is carrying his baby.  Hearing that, he believes she’s right and tells her that he promises to protect Kendall.

Krystal tells Tad that regardless of whom that woman is, he must know of the profoundly positive affect she has had on his family.  He tells her it’s all a lie.  She reminds him that one thing that is not a lie is all the love everybody has with her.

David gloats to Di that she is in big trouble.  Once JR finds out that she is not really his mommy and only an imposter, he would not want to be her.  He reminds her that she told him she did not need his help and abandoned him, and now she is helpless.  The only thing left for her to do is leave town, but she tells him she is not going anywhere.

Tad tells Krystal that she cannot “go there” in justifying the lie and must realize they look at lies a little differently.  She reminds him that not long ago, she believed that he loved her, but she refused his marriage proposal because she knew that he could never love her as much as he loved Dixie.  He tells her that he has no connection with Di Henry.  He only believed he loved her because he believed she was Dixie, but the real Dixie is dead.  Krystal tells Tad that he must realize the connection he has with that woman regardless of circumstances.

David tells Di that she cannot believe that she actually has a shot at being part of this family.  Tad Martin was in love with Dixie Cooney but he will never be able to accept her as a replacement for her.  She admits that she did not know her half sister.  He tells her that is certainly true.  If she did know Dixie, she’d know that she had a beautiful soul and she could never be anything like her.  She is nothing.

Kendall goes to find Lily and asks her what she remembers about the night she thought she saw Ryan but Zach told her that that was Ryan’s ghost.  Lily tells Kendall that she believed all this while what she just saw was Ryan’s ghost as Zach told her.  However, today, Ryan came to her dad’s house and revealed he was alive, so she does not understand why Zach would tell her that she saw Ryan’s ghost when he never died in the first place.  Hearing that, Kendall tells Lily that she appreciates the clarification and that it makes a lot more sense to her now.  Reggie then comes to take Lily home.  Brooke tells Jack that this is a nice day for a miracle, but Jack reveals to Brooke that he is neither happy nor acting like a rejoicing father-in-law.  Jack tells Brooke that he realizes his daughter loves Ryan but he’s still worried about what Ryan could do to her.  Brooke tells Jack that he must have faith that Ryan could change.  Erica finds Kendall and tells her she’s really concerned.  She knows that this whole shock must really devastate her right after she’s started the surrogacy.  Kendall tells her mother she is fine.  She will handle this, but she needs her not to tell anybody about the surrogacy, especially not Jack.  Erica tells her daughter that Jack will find out sooner or later.  Zach then comes and Kendall tells her mother she needs to go with Zach because she has some things to talk about with him.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she remembers the last time they were together, before everything went wrong.  She members his taking her out to the gazebo and their dancing under the stars and it was perfect.

Jamie comes to the bank and confronts Amanda.  She tells him she just needed to borrow a little cash.  He asks her how much.  She replies $500.  He asks the banker to give it to her.  She tells him he rocks.  He tells her any time.  Babe and the banker watch but know that Amanda is skating on thin ice with Jamie.

Krystal tells Tad that she does not see the “wrong” in this.  He tells her that the wrong is that Dixie is dead and needs to be able to rest in peace.  She tells Tad that she fell in love with him because he was wild and passionate, but she knows that there was always something missing.  There was that part of his heart that she could not get to, but Di could.  Di was also able to uncover that non-existent part of JR that actually is a heart and transform him and Jamie and Little Adam.  So, again, she tells Tad that he cannot throw that away.

Di tells David that no matter what she has done wrong, it cannot be compared to what he has done with that sorry excuse of a life he has.  He gloats at her telling her that the difference between the two of them is that he always knows how to land on his feet.  Right then, JR comes and tells David he better leave his mother alone.  David laughs at JR and tells him he knows nothing about his mother.

Erica tells JR that he will be able to see how well Ryan will handle all the challenges ahead of him.  Jack asks her what she means and just what challenges she is talking about.

Kendall and Zach return home.  She tells him that it must be a shock to so many people to be at Ryan’s funeral, hear all the eulogies after believing all this while he was dead, and then he comes back to life.  He asks her what is wrong.  She tells him he knows damn well what is wrong.

Ryan and Greenlee keep having their love fest.  After all he has done wrong, he tells her he will make it up to her and give her the life she’s always wanted.  She tells him that she now has to hold him and feel him and let him tell her the whole story later.  He then carries her into their room to make love.

After hearing Erica talking about the “challenges Ryan is facing”, Jack tells her he wants her to tell him right now what she means by that.  Erica knows she cannot reveal to him that Kendall is pregnant with his baby but tells Jack that there was the problem with Greenlee losing the baby.  He tells her that he knows she knows something and must tell him what that is.  She says that he is wrong.  There is something she knows that he has the right to know.

Zach tells Kendall that he is very concerned about a man who had to fake being dead to everybody because he was ready to beat his own wife after finding out she was pregnant with his child.  He is concerned about what Ryan will do when he finds out she is now pregnant with his child.  He promises her that he will never let Ryan Lavery hurt her.

JR finds Di and informs her that when he went to Ryan’s funeral, the most bizarre thing happened.  Ryan came back from the dead.  He tells her that Kendall was pretty upset and asked him to investigate this because she was not ok with it.  He tells her that he might not want to do that because when somebody comes back from the dead sometimes you should not question a miracle but rather sometimes you should just grab it.  He then steps out for a while and leaves her alone.  She then gets on her phone and calls somebody, telling them that she needs to see them as soon as possible because it’s very important.

Amanda thanks Jamie for the cash advance and talks about how lame Babe is for sticking her nose in their business.  Hearing that, Jamie reveals that he does not appreciate her talking like that and indicates that she has stolen from him and he does not trust her.

Brooke tells Tad that she can tell that he is upset and not in a sentimental mood.  He tells her that he knows what she meant about miracles and how a fantasy hurts like hell when one is foolish enough to believe it is real.

After Jack demands that she spill the secret about Greenlee and Ryan, Erica explains to her husband that Greenlee is still bound and determined to have Ryan’s baby.  Hearing that, Jack tells Erica that his daughter is making a serious mistake and he will not hesitate to interfere whether Greenlee is an adult or not.  Erica tells Jack that he cannot stop Greenlee from making the decision she’s already made, and if he keeps interfering, he will lose his daughter.

In bed with Greenlee, Ryan gives her a cocoon that he found that symbolizes a butterfly coming to life.  And he tells her he’s giving her that because his life has now begun because of a beautiful butterfly.

Kendall asks Zach if he would really “protect” her from Ryan.  He asks her if she would really have to ask that.  He then massages her foot and asks her to lie back and relax.  And she actually seems to be comfortable letting Zach take care of her for a moment.

Tad comes to see Di and she tells him he is just in time.  He comes in to see JR, Jamie, Babe, Krystal, Adam, Brooke and Joe.

Kendall tells Zach that she knows he lied to her.  He knew that Ryan was alive all along.

Greenlee tells Ryan that whatever happened in the accident does not matter, but he tells her that he must explain about what happened before the accident.  She then agrees to let him tell her.

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