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When Ryan and Lily are alone in Jack’s apartment and he’s revealed to her that he is alive, he asks her where he can find Greenlee.  She is distracted in writing her speech, ironically about Ryan’s life and death.  She is also caught up in the fact that she will have to take more time than the estimated time she quoted to Jack, Erica and Reggie, that it would take her to join them at Ryan’s memorial service.

As soon as she sees Erica with Jack and Reggie, Greenlee reminds her stepmother that she told her she is not welcome at Ryan’s funeral.  Kendall, Greenlee and Erica all know that Jack is aware that they are all keeping a secret from him and he wonders what it is.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she is ready to tell everybody about Kendall being pregnant with Ryan’s baby.  Kendall tells her that maybe she shouldn’t spill the beans now, but Greenlee is ready to tell her father now and not be concerned with whether she keeps peace with Jack and Erica or not.

Babe walks in on Di, knowing she is getting ready to tell JR the shattering truth that she is not really his mother. 

Zach tries to get Greenlee not to spill the beans about the baby.  Jack tells Erica that he knows she knows something involving Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan that she has not revealed to him.  She tells him that she will tell him everything, but not until Ryan’s memorial service is over.

Ryan tells Lily that he just needs her to tell him where Greenlee is, and once she does, he will leave her alone so she can finish her speech.  Little does he know what her speech is about.  She tells him that Greenlee is at the memorial park by the fountains; however he doesn’t know why Greenlee is there or what is going on right at that moment.  He then goes to find his wife.

JR can tell that Babe seems to know the secret that his mother is about to tell him although he has no clue what it is.  Right then, Babe knows she needs him gone so she reminds him that he needs to go be with Kendall at Ryan’s memorial service.  He tells her he doesn’t remember appointing her as his social secretary but he leaves his ex- wife alone with his mother, just like Babe wants so that they can talk alone.  Privately, Babe tells Di that she realizes she made a lot of mistakes, but she wants to make it right for her son and for everybody, just like she knows that Di wants to do.  She tells Di that telling JR that she is not his mother will devastate him and not benefit anybody.  Di tells Babe that is none of her business, and she asks Babe just what she knows regarding this “secret” and where she’s heard it. 

Alone in her dad’s apartment, Lily reads her speech about Ryan, and adds that she remembers his life and how he came back to life.  She doesn’t know what to make of what she just saw, but she knows she better get to the funeral and not keep everybody waiting for her, so she departs.

Reggie asks Erica what is up with Greenlee, not knowing if she’s upset about losing Ryan or has some personal issue with Erica.  Erica does not know how to answer that question to her stepson, so she asks Reggie to come with her to sit with Tad.  Tad also asks her what is up with Greenlee.  Again, she does not know how to answer that question.  Both Reggie and Tad want to know what this big secret is among Greenlee, Kendall and Zach.  Erica does not know what to tell them.  Jack then asks what is keeping Lily.  David then appears and asks what the holdup is.  Tad tells David he doesn’t want him anywhere around.  Dr. Joe tells Erica he saw Greenlee very upset and having a private meeting with Kendall and asks what is going on.  David also asks if something has happened to upset Greenlee.  Erica thanks Joe for his concern but tells him not to worry because Kendall is taking care of Greenlee.  Opal asks why Zach is involved in this, and inquires if it was not true that Zach and Ryan could not stand the sight of each other.

Zach and Kendall both tell Greenlee that now is not the time to tell Jack that Kendall is pregnant with Ryan’s baby, but Greenlee tells them that he’s going to find out sooner or later.  She asks what’s wrong with setting him straight right now.  Zach tells Greenlee she is being very selfish to put Kendall through this with what Jack will do when he knows she’s carrying Ryan’s baby.  Greenlee tells him that Kendall does not care what Jack thinks and she will make sure Kendall is in a Jack-and-Erica free zone for the next nine months.  No stress, no lectures, no finger shaking.  She asks why Jack would even be at Ryan’s funeral in the first place, since he hated her husband and probably only came there in order to trash him to all the people who loved him.

In Nova Scotia, Erin relives with Jonathan, their blue and fuzzy friend whom they named Papa Furkel and how they wished he was their real dad when they were children.  Jonathan is still having problems with his speech and processing his thoughts but he remembers all about the problems he had with Greenlee, Kendall and Lily and how he hurt them.  He asks his sister if she believes that Ryan can fix everything now.  He realizes Ryan has enough of his own issues to resolve when he goes back to Pine Valley as it is.  Hearing that, Erin admits that she wishes she had Papa Furkel to make everything all right. 

Greenlee decides not to reveal the truth.  Kendall tells Zach she appreciates his help in getting Greenlee to see reason.  He tells her that he cannot control Greenlee but promised to help her through her pregnancy.  Right then, JR appears and greets Kendall.  She admits to him that this funeral is very complicated and nerve-wracking for her. 

Greenlee then gets up and makes her speech to the guests, telling them that she admits she was unable to say goodbye to Ryan for a long time and how having him in her life changed her life.

Di tells Babe that she is JR’s mother and does not know where Babe got information to the contrary.  Babe admits that David told her that she is Di Henry, Dixie Cooney’s half sister.  Di reminds Babe that David does not have a great track record for honesty and credibility.  Babe admits that she does not believe everything her father says, but he knew the truth about this.  She tells Di that she made a similarly tragic mistake by telling JR that his baby died, so he doesn’t need to believe his mother died.  Di reminds Babe that by telling him Dixie is dead; she will at least be telling JR the truth.  Babe tells Di she realizes that, but it will lead him down a demolition path.  Di protests that the last thing she wants to do is hurt her son.  Babe asks Di why she would want to come clean all of a sudden when everything is going so well with everybody believing she is Dixie.  Hearing that Dixie is ready to admit she is an imposter, Krystal demands that Di stays and talk to her. 

Lily arrives at the funeral and tells her dad that she just saw Ryan.  Hearing that, Jack tells his daughter she cannot talk like that at Ryan’s funeral, but Lily protests that she really did see Ryan about 16 minutes ago.  Jack tells her that that is impossible.  Hearing that, Erica rationalizes that Ryan was so alive to everybody that it’s hard for anybody to believe he is dead and not expect him to call them or walk through the door and be with them.

Right then, Ryan appears and startles Zach.  Nobody else sees him yet.  Zach grabs him and tells him he cannot be there.  Ryan tells Zach that it’s not his call.  Zach asks him why he’s suddenly decided he will no longer stay dead to everybody.  Ryan tells Zach that he did not realize that his memorial service was going on today, but he needs to see Greenlee and make things right, regardless of the consequences he might face and the fact that many people might hate him for what he did.  Zach protests to Ryan that he will destroy Greenlee.  She has finally come to terms with his death and he cannot do this.  He needs to stay dead, but Ryan tells Zach he’s doing it and it’s between him and his wife.  He, also, tells Zach that he does not believe he is concerned for Greenlee, but he is only afraid that if Ryan reveals that he’s not really dead, that he will name Zach as his partner in crime.  So Ryan promises Zach he will not rat him out for hiding him or supplying his fake ID.  Zach tells Ryan what works for him is Ryan staying dead, and he tells Ryan now is not the time for him to rush back into Greenlee arms in slow motion.  As Greenlee introduces her sister Lily and asks her to give her speech, Ryan comes into full view of everybody.  Lily tells her father that that was what she was talking about.  Everybody freaks and believes they are hallucinating or seeing a ghost.  Ryan then announces that he really is there.  Hearing this, Greenlee faints into Ryan’s arms.

In Nova Scotia, Jonathan seems to almost have a psychic awareness that Ryan is right now reuniting with Greenlee in Pine Valley.

Krystal and Babe convince Di that regardless of the fact that she’s lying about her identity, by having JR believing she is his mother, it has been a miracle for that dude in changing his attitude and actually made him into a human being.  She has worked magic in that family, and going honest now will destroy them.  Krystal tells Dixie that it will break Tad’s heart.  Hearing that, Di reveals to Krystal that Tad was the one who was demanding that she tell them the truth.  Krystal then decides that she must go and find Tad and smack some sense into him.

After seeing Ryan appear at his own memorial service, Jamie tells his father that it’s beyond belief and a miracle that first Dixie comes back from the dead and now Ryan.  Hearing that, Tad tells his son that not all resurrections are miracles; although he does not reveal to him the truth about Dixie.  JR notices that Kendall is in shock.  He asks her why she does not appear happy, remembering that Ryan was once the love of her life.  She does not know what to tell him.  Everybody is asking Ryan questions about how he survived going over a cliff and into the river, how he got saved and everything.  He replies that he does not know what to tell them but he will explain it all in time.  Lily then asks if it is the right time to do her speech.  Jack tells her now is not the right time.  She asks why, since it was about Ryan being alive.  Krystal then goes to find Tad and doesn’t even notice or pay attention to the shock of Ryan coming back.  She tells him he must leave Di alone; let her be Dixie, so as not to ruin this miracle that she has been able to work.

In Nova Scotia, after hearing Jonathan seeming to know that Ryan has reunited with Greenlee, Erin informs her brother that Greenlee came to see her.  She tells him that he would have been impressed with the impassioned way that spoke of loving Ryan and never having loved anyone in the way that she loved Ryan.  They both seem to know that their brother and Greenlee were meant to be.

Ryan and Greenlee tell the group at the memorial service in the park that they want to leave and be alone with each other.  They leave the park and return to their apartment.

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