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All My Children Update Monday 10/17/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Chandler mansion, Di can’t believe Tad wants her to tell the family the truth about her identity, yet Tad insists. She asks how can she? He says she should look them in the eye and tell them the truth. Di can’t see how she could do that. JR lost his mother again. How can she watch him go through that? Tad says she may not have a chance to watch it. Di insists she loves this family. Tad says if she loves them she has to tell the truth. If she’s to ever dance at Little Adam’s funeral, it will be as his great aunt, not as Dixie. Di asks if this can wait. Tad says nothing is going to change. If she doesn’t tell the truth every time he talks to them he’ll be keeping her lie. He says she can’t live the rest of her life in this charade. He says with luck, maybe JR can forgive her. Di asks if he can forgive her. He says if his boys can get past this, he won’t try to turn them against her. Di says she doesn’t know if she can tell them. Tad says if she doesn’t, he will. She says she can’t do it. How can she do it? He tells her to tell them she was in danger, scared and took a chance to be someone else. Now she feels like she has to tell the truth. Di says she can’t do it. She might as well have died in Garret’s apartment. Tad says she’s a thief and a liar who stole Dixie’s life. He says she will make it right whether she feels like it or not. Di begs Tad not to make her tell, but Tad says if she doesn’t he will.

In the next room, JR and Jamie seem to be bonding over a plate of chocolate chip cookies. JR says they bring back memories. “You, me and a plate of crumbs,” Jamie says. They talk about old times, and then JR asks Jamie why he and Babe split up. Jamie wants to know why JR cares. JR says he wants to make sure Jamie doesn’t lose the money from Aunt Phoebe’s will. Jamie says there’s more to it than that. JR was trying to break him and Babe up long before the will surfaced. He asks JR if he still has a thing for Babe. JR laughs it of and says he’s giving Babe too much credit. Jamie asks, then, why did he come down on them so hard. JR says he told him his son was dead. Isn’t that enough to want payback? He says at least Babe made an attempt to apologize. That’s more than he’s done. JR says he’ll never forgive him. Jamie says he had his reasons for taking Little Adam. JR calms down and says he’s over it. Jamie asks him if he’s going to stop the payback for real? He says if he brings back the old JR he’ll be glad to say he’s sorry. JR says they can’t go back as a lot has happened. He asks Jamie if he thinks Tad and Dixie will try again. Jamie says why not, if they’re happy. JR agrees.

Jamie comments that they just agreed on something. Jamie goes outside to tell his dad it’s time to go to Ryan’s memorial service. Before he leaves, Tad tells Di that if she doesn’t tell JR when he’s gone, he will when he gets back. Di says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. This will destroy them and her. Tad says this will be good material for her memoirs. She says she thought he loved her. Tad says he loved Dixie and she’s dead.

At New Beginnings, Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that Greg Madden took advantage of them and should not be allowed to prey on other women. Kendall says this was her choice, and if she rejects her choice she rejects her. Kendall tells her mother to get on board or get out of her life. Erica says Greg took advantage of both of them. They were grieving and he played on that grief. Greenlee says they would have done this with or without Dr. Madden. Kendall says it’s not a mistake. She did this for her friend because she loves her and deserves this baby. Erica says they had other options. There were other surrogates. Kendall says her body is her own and she makes her own decisions. Erica says even though she’s angry at Greg Madden, she will support Kendall and will be there whenever she needs her. But she can’t say they did the right thing. Erica suggests they stop talking about this and focus on Ryan’s memorial service. Greenlee tells Erica if she can’t be happy for them, she doesn’t want her at the service. Erica says she has reservations about Kendall carrying this baby but this is nothing against Ryan. Kendall says maybe it would be better if Erica doesn’t go as she’s upset Greenlee enough. Erica tells them she will not go after Greg. Greenlee suggests that if she wants to honor Ryan, she tell them they’re doing the right thing. Erica says she can’t do that, as she doesn’t feel that way. Greenlee tells her, then, not to come to the service. She wants to celebrate Ryan’s life and if she were there it would make her sick. Greenlee and Kendall leave. Erica calls for Val to come into her office. She asks Val if Tad Martin called regarding the Madden investigation. Val says Tad has not called but he is investigating Madden as she asked. Erica tells him to continue his work but to keep it quiet. Kendall and Greenlee cannot know anything about it.

Lily is at home using her laptop. Reggie asks her what she’s doing. She says she’s working on her speech for Ryan’s service. She asks Reggie what he’s going to say. He says he’ll leave the speaking to her. Jack enters the room and says they have to get ready to go to the service. Lily asks him why he’s glad that Ryan is dead. Jack says he’s not glad Ryan is dead; why would Lily think such a thing? Lily says she once heard him say he was glad Greenlee got rid of Ryan. She got rid of him after he died, so that must mean he’s glad he’s dead. Jack says he had issues with Ryan because he made Greenlee feel bad. Lily says they loved each other. Jack says, though, Ryan was troubled. Lily says if Ryan hurt Greenlee, why do her eyes cry. Jack says sometimes a parent sees something that hurts a child when the child doesn’t see it. Lily says Greenlee is grown and is able to make her own choices. Jack says he’ll always do whatever he can to keep his children safe, no matter how old they are. Protecting his children is his number one priority. Lily goes into the next room and Reggie asks Jack what Ryan did to Greenlee and why did he want him away from Greenlee. Jack says he wanted Ryan away from Greenlee but not like this.

Ryan arrives at his Pine Valley home and looks around. He walks into the bedroom and is stunned to see a shrine to him on the wall. It consists of numerous pictures of him and Greenlee and the decoder ring he gave to her. Ryan lies on the bed and sees a picture of the ultrasound Greenlee had when she was pregnant. He puts his head in his hands and cries.

Kendall and Greenlee arrive home. Greenlee looks around and tells Kendall someone has been here. She goes into the bedroom and says “Oh my God.” Kendall follows her in to see what’s wrong and is stunned to see the shrine to Ryan. Greenlee points to the messed up bed. Kendall is more interested in the pictures. Greenlee says it’s the only way she can fall asleep at night. Greenlee says things have been moved. Kendall suggests Greenlee take down some of the Ryan pictures to make room for baby pictures. Greenlee says maybe this is her imagination. Kendall tells her the pictures are not a good way to move on. Greenlee asks move on from what? Kendall suggests someday she’ll meet someone, but Greenlee insists she will remain alone. She says she has the greatest love of all coming with her baby and can’t imagine a fuller life.

Erica arrives home and Jack can see she’s upset. He asks her what’s wrong but she says they can talk about it after the service. Jack says he’s glad the service is taking place, as it will allow a chance to heal. He tells Erica that Kendall has been a champ through this and Greenlee couldn’t ask for a better friend. Erica comments sarcastically that Kendall is such a saint. Jack, Erica and Reggie are ready to leave for the service, but Lily says she needs to stay and finish her speech. She says she’ll meet them at the park. Just after they leave, there’s a knock on the door. Lily is stunned to see Ryan.

Greenlee and Kendall are prepared to leave for the service. Simone arrives and is shocked to see the shrine of Ryan.

Ryan tells Lily he knows this is a shock. Lily asks if he’s a ghost. He says he’s real. She says everyone thinks he’s dead. He says he’s not. She asks to touch him and he holds out his hand. She touches him and says he is real. She asks him why he was dead.

Di goes inside to see JR. She has a frightened look on her face and JR asks her what’s wrong.

Lily asks Ryan how he could be alive, then dead. Ryan says it’s a long story, but he wants to talk to her dad. Lily says they’ll have to tell Greenlee right now. Ryan says he wants to talk to her dad to see if he’ll help him talk to Greenlee.

People are gathering at the service. Ethan arrives, as do Tad and Jamie, who greet Opal and Joe. Opal comments what a tragedy this is. Greenlee and Kendall arrive and Greenlee asks if it’s too late to call this off. Kendall says she is surrounded by people who love her. Greenlee says she can’t do it. Kendall says she can. Erica, Jack and Reggie arrive and Greenlee tells Erica she was supposed to stay away. She doesn’t want her here. Erica says she’s here for Ryan. Jack asks what’s going on. Greenlee says she’ll tell him, but he’ll hate it so he can take Erica with him when he goes storming out.

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