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All My Children Update Friday 10/14/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is in her office at New Beginnings looking at a picture of Kendall. Josh approaches and tells her that her daughter is super hot and 100 percent plays for the men’s team. Erica says she knows her daughter is not gay and has shifted her focus. Now she wants Josh to help her get all the dirt on his father that he can. Josh tells her to count him out. He wants to stay out of his dad’s life. He comments that he saw him coming onto Kendall and lost it. Erica says she knows why. Kendall is his latest guinea pig. She says he’s using Kendall to become a surrogate for Greenlee’s baby.

Greenlee and Kendall go to Greg’s office and inform him they think Kendall is pregnant. Greg says they’re going to have to find another physician. Kendall is stunned, and asks if he got her pregnant now is dumping her? Greg says Erica accused him of playing God with their lives, that he took advantage of their psychological weaknesses. He says Erica thinks Kendall is a vulnerable child who needs protection. Kendall says Erica will need protection from her when she’s done with her. She says she’s an adult and can make her own decisions.

Di is at Chandler mansion with Little Adam. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. JR walks in and asks her why she could lose him. JR asks if she’s afraid if she moves in with Tad he won’t let her see the baby. Di asks him if that would happen. JR says he hated that Jamie took his son and that Tad watched him grieve. He hated Tad for that. He asks if she knows what it’s like for a parent to lie. He says he’s glad he can always trust her. JR stays if she wants to marry Tad he won’t take it personally. Di thanks him and hugs him. JR asks if she has made any plans with Tad. Di says there’s still a few clouds and Tad isn’t happy with her right now. She tells JR that she hasn’t been telling him the truth. She says she didn’t trust Tad enough to tell him and she denied knowing Garret for weeks. She left her letter with Stuart, not Tad. JR says Tad holds grudges but he’ll get over it. Di says she lied to everyone about who she really is. JR says she doesn’t need to be perfect. He just wants her to be his mom.

Julia is sleeping and dreaming about killing Garret. In her dream she continually fires the gun but Garret just stares at her and comes close to her. Anita walks over to Julia to wake her up and Julia pushes Anita across the room, causing her to fall. She immediately sees what she has done and goes to Anita, asking if she’s all right. Just then Tad walks in and says the nightmare isn’t over yet. Anita leaves and Tad sits down to talk to Julia. He asks if she had a chance to talk to Dixie and if she learned anything interesting. Julia comments that she learned to hotwire a sink, but she doesn’t think that’s what he means. She can tell Tad knows about Di. Tad says he knows she isn’t Dixie. Julia says Di is the reason she’s here. Because of her she got her life back. She says Di was ready to loser her dream to save her, so as far as she’s concerned she can be whoever she wants to be. Tad says she played his family for months. Everything was one big fat lie. Julia says to her love is love and it doesn’t matter what name you go by. She asks Tad if he’s going to keep her secret. Tad says he can’t. He kept another secret and it blew up in his face.

Dani is at home looking at a tabloid story about Garret leading a double life. Mimi approaches her and says the media is having a field day. Dani says you can’t blame them. Mimi says the only person she blames is herself. She says it kills her to think how she treated her. She can’t believe she took Garret’s word over her own daughter’s. Mimi asks Dani if she can ever forgive her. Mimi says if there’s any consolation she got suspended. How could she be so stupid to turn her back on her only child. Dani says she doesn’t know what to say. Mimi says she knows it will take a long time but she hopes she can someday not hate her and give her another chance. Dani says she’s saying all the right words and she thinks she actually means it. But she doesn’t think she knows how deep she cut her. Dani says she doesn’t realize how hard it was for her to tell her this. Mimi says she didn’t have evidence. Dani says her word was all her father needed. Mimi says she’ll never make this mistake again. She says she has talked to her father and they agreed she should stay in Pine Valley. She hopes someday she can be her friend. Dani says she cannot make any guarantees. Mimi says she hopes they can stay in touch. She says goodbye and starts to walk away. Dani asks her to stop and she hugs her. Tears flow and they both state their love for the other.

Greg, after completing a test, informs Kendall she is definitely pregnant. Kendall and Greenlee hug. Greg says now they have a major problem – Erica. He says he has an international reputation and Erica has the press on her side. He says he was willing to work with them until it became a family feud. Kendall says she’ll make sure Erica backs off.

Erica asks Josh if he knows of any trouble his father has been in. Any malpractice cases? She says this can’t be the first time he’s crossed the line. She asks who his insurance carrier is. Josh says he can’t help her. Erica asks if he can’t or he won’t. She says she’ll be able to find something even without his help. She says it’s her obligation to make sure he doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life. Josh says his father may be a pain as his father but he’s a good doctor and she’s on her own.

Jamie arrives at Chandler mansion with a belated birthday gift for Little Adam. JR mentions that the baby is sleeping so he opens the gift. It’s a small foam football. JR says too bad because Little Adam is into soccer. JR says he has a message for that loser of a father. JR calls him a self-righteous jackass. JR and Jamie begin bickering when Di interrupts, saying she has a surprise for them. She returns with a plate of chocolate chip cookies without nuts. Their fighting stops and the two seem to bond somewhat over eating the cookies.

Julia asks Tad if he wants to expose Di. Tad says he’s afraid of what it would do to JR and Jamie. Julia says a year ago his family was falling apart. Now a miracle has happened and is Tad sure he wants to destroy that. Tad says that doesn’t excuse what Di has done. Julia says she saw Di with Garret and even after everything that happened, she looked at him with an eerie respect. She says she understands wanting a life so bad that you give up everything for it. Tad says Di is a fake, a con artist. Julia says even Dixie would want someone who could bring his family together. She asks if he’s doing what’s best for his family together or does he just want to hurt Di. She says it would be a shame if more lives were crushed. She asks if she’s worth loving for who she is. Tad says he doesn’t know who she is.

Erica places a call for Tad to get help investigating Greg when Kendall walks in. Kendall tells her mother she’s pregnant. Erica says that’s wonderful news. Kendall calls her a hypocrite and says she’s had it with her. She tells Erica to back off her doctor or she’ll lose a daughter.

Josh goes to his father’s office and overhears Greg talking to nurse Hazel. Hazel asks what happens when she finds out. She says she told him to stay away from the daughter.

Tad arrives at Chandler mansion and he and Di go outside to talk. He says he’s decided he won’t tell the family about her. She hugs him and thanks him.

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