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All My Children Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Fran

JR wonders where Tad and Dixie are.   Opal tells him she assumes that they are going to remarry and Tad is proposing right now, and they are experiencing love.   They have no idea what tad and Dixie are discussing.

 Tad tells Dixie that it’s possible that Stuart read the letter and knows she’s lying.   He admits that Stuart might be a better man than he is.   Stuart forgives lies.   He tells her that he knows that the revelation that Garrett Williams is the dragon is not the only lie that she’s concealed.

In Nova Scotia, Ryan is wondering about how to take care of Jonathan when he gets out of the hospital.   Erin tells him that he should think about going back to Greenlee and what he’s going to tell her.   The phone rings and somebody informs her that Jonathan escaped from the hospital and they cannot find him.

Palmer enters the Chandler Mansion and kisses Krystal.   Everybody wonders what is up.

Tad tells Dixie (Di) that he now knows that she was right in telling him that that letter will kill them, because anything they could have ever had is now dead.   She tells him that she never intended “something.”  He tells her he knows she never intended to get caught, but she has.   She tells him she got too caught up in “it.”  He asks her what “it” is.   Pretending to be Dixie? Pretending to be his ex-wife? He tells her that she was very impressive in getting all of the details so perfectly.   She knew all about his and JR’s favorite foods and colors and everything.   She must have done a lot of research.   He asks her what her scam would be.   Did she want a free ride from JR or from him? She protests that she did not want that.   He admits that throughout this whole time, they all wanted Dixie back so badly that they were willing to believe anything, including that Dixie would have staged her death.   He tells her that she is one heartless bitch, and the one thing that she could not duplicate in playing Dixie was that Dixie had a heart.

Palmer tells Krystal and Adam that he heard all about their unplanned wedding and how they went to Crow Hollow and all.   Krystal acknowledges that Adam gave her the greatest gift; half of a major corporation.   Palmer reminds them that so far, Brooke was the only person who managed to get the better of Adam.   JR tells them all that they are supposed to be celebrating the fact that his mother made it home safe.   Not doing this.   Still, nobody there knows the truth about Dixie.

Tad tells Dixie that Garrett Williams was a “pussy cat” compared to her.   He just murdered people, and it was clean and simple.   He tells her that what she did to all of the people that loved Dixie is beyond what even he could do.   She cries and protests that she loves them all as much as Dixie ever did.   He tells her that he will forget that she said that.   He will tear her apart piece by piece, but he will not do it privately.   He will do it in front of everybody and let them all know the truth and let her find out what they have to say and what they will do about it.   He asks her who put her up to playing Dixie.   Was it Hayward? Was it Garrett? He tells her that everybody was taken for a fool, but that he is not anymore.

Kendall asks Zach to tell her about his adventure where he and Tad saved Julia and Dixie from the dragon.   He tells her that it was pretty simple.   The two women are safe, the dragon is gone and the empire is no more.   He asks her why she has this “glow” about her.   Is it because of him or because she is pregnant with Greenlee’s baby?

Ryan and Erin go to the hospital and ask the attendant what she knows about Jonathan.   She tells them that he was saying something about somebody named Greenlee.   Alone, Ryan and Erin wonder what would be on Jonathan’s mind about Greenlee and if she might have been in the hospital and spotted him.

Tad asks Di if she had anything to do with Dixie’s death.   She emotionally protests that she would not.   Dixie was her half sister.   Why would he even suspect that? He tells her that since she’s dealt with Garrett and Kevin Sturgess and many other dirty characters, he wouldn’t put it past her.   He asks her about her involvement with David.   She tells him that David loved Dixie.   He tells her that David cannot love anybody.   He must have helped her scam them all, and that Del did, also.   He also tells her that Dixie never told him anything about her.   Dixie must not have been very proud of her “half sister”.   He also asks her about Del.   She tells him that Del tracked her down.   He asks her what Del wanted from her.   Did he want to use her for a kidney like he did Dixie?  He knows that she handed her kidney over to Del and she tells him she talked to Dixie in Switzerland about that once right before she died.   He concludes that she and Del are a real team that giving him one of her kidney’s really “cemented” the relationship.   He tells her that he knows that Hayward needed a Dixie, and she was close enough to the situation to pull it off.   He tells her she really attracts the dregs, and she tells him she did the best she could.   He asks her if this is the part where she talks about her lousy childhood where she got yanked around and mistreated.   Tad tells her that if she thinks this gives her the right to do what she did, then he’d like her to go in and tell her “new family” all about it.

Ryan and Erin find Jonathan.   He tells them that he found Greenlee.   Ryan assumes he’s delusional and must have just thought he saw her, and that Greenlee is in Pine Valley.   Erin reminds Ryan that Greenlee was just there not long ago, and Jonathan might very well have seen her.

Greenlee returns home and informs Kendall and Zach that she went to see Erin Lavery.   Kendall tells Greenlee that she thought they had an agreement that going to Nova Scotia to see Ryan’s sister was not on the itinerary.   Zach reveals that he has a real “problem” with Greenlee going to Nova Scotia to see Erin.   Hearing that, both Kendall and Greenlee wonder why it would affect Zach, and they ask him if there is something he knows that he doesn’t want to tell anybody.   They have no idea what he knows.  He explains to them that Ryan’s sister is the “unknown.”   Greenlee says that she did see something weird in Erin, and then she thought she saw Jonathan in a hospital even though she knows that’s impossible because he got blown up in an explosion.

Ryan tells Jonathan he needs to get some rest and stop obsessing over Greenlee.   Erin informs Ryan that somebody who matched the description of Greenlee was seen in the hospital informing the staff that she thought she saw Jonathan Lavery and that he is a murderer.

Opal tells Del that he is a lot bigger and stronger than the last time she saw him and she asks him to give her a hand in finding her some of those fish eggs.   She wants to go and have a private conversation with him.   Adam goes to talk to Brooke, but she tells him that they have nothing to say to each other.   Babe asks JR why he is so worried.   He tells her that things are pretty good now and he’s afraid that Tad will screw things up.   She asks why that would happen now that Tad is reunited with Dixie.   He tells her he does not know exactly how it would happen, but he cannot shake off these bad vibes he’s having.

Di tells Tad that JR and Jamie are her nephews and she loves them whether he believes it or not.   For the first time in so long, they are not at each other’s throats.   Little Adam is happy and he has his family back.   He tells her if there is a kinder, gentler JR, it’s because of his mother; not because of her.   She just wanted to find a family to suit her needs.   He tells her that she stole Dixie’s identity and used them so that Garrett and Kevin Sturgess could not be able to catch her, and she risked Julia’s life in order to play her game with Garrett.   He tells her that Dixie is still dead and she did everything to rob her grave.   She is crying hysterically through all of this.   Right then, JR comes out and asks who robbed whose grave.   Noticing his mother crying, JR asks Tad what is wrong with him.   Dixie tells him that it’s ok.   She has not been truthful with him or Tad.   JR protests that his mother loves them.   So what if she held a few things back?  Why can’t Tad forgive and overlook it?  Tad admits that he does not think it’s possible.   JR tells Tad that he’s been thinking about Little Adam’s christening and doing that over again, and if Tad is still interested in being his godfather, he’d be willing to have them both there as they’d previously planned.

He goes inside and Tad asks Dixie how she could do this.   He tells her that she set them all up for a fall that they will never recover from.   She handed them a miracle that was nothing more than a shameless lie.   She cries and tells Tad that she loves him more than anybody.   And her love for JR and Jamie is as real and as true as the moon and the stars.   He tells her that JR will never forgive her.   She tells him that they need not tell him, that he need not know.

Adam tells Brooke that he can see that she is offering Krystal help.   She tells him he is ridiculous.   He went to attempt to prove that Dixie was a fake, got drunk and got hitched with Krystal.   He tells her to think he loved her once.   She tells him that he is the Adam Chandler she divorced.   If he ever runs into that guy she once loved, please tell him “hi,” because she truly always loved him and still does.

After finding out that Greenlee talked to Erin, Kendall asked her what happened.   Greenlee tells Kendall and Zach that Erin seemed to be hiding something.   She said something that really baffled her.   She said: “What would it be like if Ryan were alive?”  And Greenlee did not understand why she would say something like that.   Hearing that, Kendall tells Greenlee that Erin would have to be very stupid to say something like that to her brother’s widow.   Greenlee says that’s what she thought at first, but it sounds like Erin knows something.   Zach agrees that that is “pretty callous.”   Kendall tells Greenlee she needs never go there or worry about Erin again.   She has all the family she needs with Jack and Reggie and Lily and herself and Bianca.   But Greenlee tells Kendall that regardless of that, Erin could answer many questions.   Kendall tells Greenlee they no longer need to worry about Erin.   They have Ryan.   He’s living on, right inside of her.   Greenlee is very happy to know that Kendall is pregnant, and she tells her she can start planning the memorial service now.

At this same time, Ryan tells Erin that he is ready to go back to Pine Valley and face Greenlee.

Tad tells Di that he would lay down his life to protect Dixie, but he would not protect her from anything.   She is not JR’s mother or Little Adam’s grandmother.   She is nothing to any of them.   She tells him that he may hate her forever, but they have one thing in common.   They both want to protect all those people from a world of pain.   She asks Tad if he wants JR to be a better person.  She tells him that she will leave or go somewhere or have some excuse for why she cannot see him if need be.   He tells her he cannot and will not lie for her to JR.   She tells him that he lied to JR about his son, and had him believing that his baby boy was dead.   What good did that do?  If he goes in there and announces to everybody that she is the devil, whom is that going to save?  She tells him that she knows that he saw Dixie in her, and asks if he wants her to keep Dixie alive.  What would she want?  Would she want anything so detrimental to happen to this family?  He tells her she must never assume to know what Dixie would want.   She never knew her.   She tells him she knew Dixie and she wants to make Dixie proud of her, but it’s all up to Tad whether or not she can accomplish that.

Jonathan tells his brother and sister that Greenlee needs to know the rumor.   Ryan tells Jonathan that he may explain everything to Greenlee.   He tells him he’s going to Pine Valley to reveal what really happened to Greenlee, and Jonathan can follow him when he gets out of the hospital.

Greenlee concludes that her family and Kendall’s family and their baby is all the family they need.   Right then Zach returns and gives them a little gift to congratulate them for the baby.

Opal arranges to go somewhere with Del.   Palmer tells them all if anybody sees Dixie, they may tell her that he will see her tomorrow.   Krystal then gets up and says she will hit the hay.   Adam says he will hit the cognac in the library.

Outside, Tad is left with the big decision of whether to reveal to everybody what he knows about the fake Dixie.

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