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Zach and Julia return home and he takes her to his suite, and she tells him it’s a nice place.  He tells her that the Feds may have identified Garrett’s players, but until they find them, she needs to stay there.  She tells him that at least now, where she goes and what she does will be her choice.

Danielle is alone in the apartment remembering her mother angrily telling her that she cannot say such vicious terrible lies about Garrett, asking her how she can do such a thing and telling her she must take it back.  Right then, Derek and Livia enter.  She can tell that something is up and asks where her mother is.  They assure her that her mother is fine but Garrett Williams has been killed.

JR has invited Jamie to the Chandler house to be there when Dixie returns.  Babe enters and he tells her he does not want her there.  He invited her ex but doesn’t want her there.  Privately, Krystal tells her daughter that she has a real dilemma on her hands about whether to tell everybody the truth or keep them all misled believing that they are being reunited with their beloved DixieDixie died three years ago and this new woman is a fake.  Right then the woman enters.  JR hugs her, and everybody, including JR, Jamie, Tad, Adam and Brooke are happy to see her.  Krystal and Babe are upstairs, and not as happy.  Krystal asks Babe if they should stay upstairs and let them have their reunion or if they should go downstairs and bust it all to hell. 

Jamie hugs “Dixie”, welcomes her home and asks her if she is ok.  Del even plays along and tells her he’s happy to have his sister back.  She tells them that everything is great for her as long as they are all there.  JR suggests that maybe she should get checked out to make sure she is ok.  She tells her “son” that she is fine, and tells the rest of them that she owes them all an apology and should not have worried them.  She admits that she was worried for a while but Tad and Zach Slater found her and Julia and they saved the day.  Tad tells her it is no big deal.  It’s what he does.  But she reminds him that he never gave up on her and she puts her arms around him.

Babe asks Krystal if it’s really cool to be blowing this woman out of the water.  But Krystal reminds her daughter that they did not start that lie.  Di Kirby/Henry did that.  Yes, they were responsible for the lie about Miranda, but Krystal tells Babe that she knows it would break Tad’s heart to know that this woman is a fake.  Babe reminds her mother that Tad only loved the real Dixie, and this woman is a fake.  Krystal tells her daughter that Tad loves her no matter who she is.

Dixie tells everybody that when she was trapped in that apartment with Julia, she had many flashes about her life, and she thought very hard about all the secrets she’s had and how it’s hurt all the people she cares about.  She gets emotional and ready to cry when she says how sorry she is and how she loves them all so much.  JR tells her she must not get upset and must realize everything is ok.  However, she walks off, revealing that there is a secret that nobody knows.

Danielle asks her father and aunt how Garrett could be dead.  They explain that Garrett has been discovered to be a mob lord and held Dixie Martin and Julia Santos hostage and Julia shot him out of self-defense.

At the new place, after hearing Zach tell her that he can help her and give her whatever she wants, Julia tells him that she remembers Noah telling her that he would give her the world if she wanted but he never had the chance.  She also reveals that she feels guilty accepting generosity from him after how she first treated him when they met.  She admits to Zach that she did not shoot Garrett in self-defense.  She could have let him live.

JR asks Winifred to bring up a bottle of the special reserve.  Adam protests that that stuff is very expensive, but he then tells her that she can bring it up and to get lemonade for Dixie and her brother.  JR reminds his father that maybe he should lay off the booze, remembering what happened the last time he “indulged”.  Brooke tells Adam that she knows he did something very stupid, not long ago, which caused him to be married to Krystal.  She asks why he did not ask her to give him away.  He knows she is just being sarcastic, and he tells her she is all torn up because she is still crazy about him.  She tells him that her true feelings are that he has found the wife he really deserves.  He is now Mr. Krystal Carey.

Babe tells her mother that they should not tell JR that his mother is dead and this woman is a fake.  Although she may not have reason to care about JR, she would not do that to him.  It will rip his heart out.

JR tells Tad that he does owe him a debt of gratitude in spite of everything because Tad saved his mother’s life.

Dixie is alone and crying.  Stuart comes out and tells her he was so scared and is now so happy that she is ok.  She asks him if he still “has it.”  He gives her the letter.  He asks her if he got her in trouble when he delivered it to the boathouse.  He tells her that she makes everybody there so happy.  He remarks that JR is completely different when she is around, and he tells her he really hopes that he did not get her in trouble.  Del comes out to join them.  Stuart then tells them he must get back to the gallery and they will talk again soon.  Alone with Del, Dixie tells him that “this is it”.  She tells him that this reveals the truth about Garrett Williams and reveals who she really is, and then she asks him what she should do.  She wonders if she should go in there and tell all those people who she really is or keep it all a secret.

Zach pours a drink for Julia.  She also helps herself to some shrimp.  He tells her that he had them flown in.  She tells him that Garrett was really slick.  It wasn’t enough that he hunted her and Noah down like animals, but he had her believing that he was Noah’s childhood friend.  He wanted to turn her into one of those little girls that he likes to take advantage of, but she was able to cause him to take his last breath.  Hearing that, Zach asks her if she is ok with that.

Derek and Livia reveal to Danielle that they went though Garrett’s secret apartment and his personal belongings and discovered extensive photo albums and his history with many young girls no older than she.  She confirms that Garrett was every bit the perv she suspected him to be.  And Livia tells her brother that Danielle is old enough to know the truth that she was the next intended “conquest” on his list.

Del tells Dixie that she must not be worried about anything.  She’s finally gotten the bad guys off her back and his free.  But she admits she does not feel completely free.  He asks her where she would be if she could go wherever she wanted.  She admits that she would be with Tad as the man she loves, and her two sons, JR and Jamie and her grandson, Little Adam.  That is when he realizes that she wants Dixie’s life.

Brooke tells Tad that she can notice that even though this miracle has happened in his life, that his face reveals that he is not happy.  He tells her that he may never be able to forgive Dixie for all the lies.  She encourages him to try to talk and resolve things with her.  He tells Brooke that he really should have the willpower to tell Dixie that they are done, once and for all.

Dixie tells Del that this letter is “it.”  It’s the last bit of the truth.  It confirms that she is Di Henry and she’s stolen her half sister’s life.  He takes the letter and is ready to burn it in the candle flame.  It starts to burn and she does not stop him from destroying it.

JR brings Little Adam down.  Jamie asks Little Adam if he remembers him.  JR is ready to tell Jamie that his son does not remember or care about him.  But then, JR turns nice and tells Jamie he may hold Little Adam.  At first, Jamie tells JR he does not buy that.  JR must be setting him up and have a camera somewhere to get him charged with child endangerment, but JR hands Little Adam over to Jamie and confirms to him that he is not out to do anything mean to his brother.

Brooke tells Tad that she can see, in Dixie’s eyes, how much she loves him, but he seems upset and not wanting to talk about that.  She apologizes and tells him that maybe she’s said the wrong words.  Tad tells his ex wife that she never says the wrong words.  She always speaks the truth.  Dixie does not.  Brooke tells her ex husband that she knows that Dixie is, nonetheless, the woman he loves.

Dixie and Del stand outside the living room to observe JR and Jamie with Little Adam, treating each other in a civilized manner for the first time in so long.  He tells her that she “did that,” and he tells her that he dares her to now tell him that Dixie is dead.  She cries.

Anita and Sam come to see Julia to welcome her back.  She tells them that they may thank Zach for the fact that she is ok.  Sam does not seem to want to be courteous to Zach but Anita thanks him for saving her sister’s life.  Zach then knows it’s his cue to leave.  As he goes out the door, Anita tells her sister that it’s been so long and she cannot believe that Julia is really back.

Livia tells Danielle that she was right about Garrett.  Danielle tells her aunt that she knew it from the start.  But her mother refused to believe her.  She asks what kind of a parent would do that and believe her boyfriend over her own daughter.  Derek admits to his daughter that he sometimes treats her like a kid, but he now knows that he cannot do that anymore.  She had the courage to risk everything in order to protect Mimi from that pig.  That was the act of a woman, a strong, intelligent and honorable woman.

Dixie comes in to see her “sons” and grandson.  Tad is also there.  Seeing the four of them is too much for her.  She cries when she notices Jamie holding Little Adam and tells JR that she cannot believe that he is being nice to his brother.  He tells her that it was not easy but he had to do it.  When she was missing, he could not get it out of his head, that if she died, he could not live with her always believing that he is just a selfish jerk.  She tells him that she is so proud of him.  More than she could ever image.  She tells him she knows what it’s like to get burned and not be able to trust. 

She thanks all four of them for letting her back into their lives.  Babe and Krystal come down to welcome Dixie back.  Krystal appears courteous to her but there is tension in her voice.  Babe tells Dixie that she and Krystal will leave her alone with JR, Jamie, Little Adam and Tad.  She tells the two of them that she wants to make a fresh start and welcomes them to join her with her family.  Krystal tells her she appreciates that but she and her daughter need to go upstairs. 

Babe tells Krystal that she must be dreaming.  Can she believe that JR would actually let Jamie hold her son? Krystal reveals that that woman is glowing in love for Jamie, JR, Tad and little Adam, and it is real love.  She tells her daughter that that woman downstairs can patch that family back up.  She can give Tad his life back.  Babe agrees that Dixie did all of that, or was it Di or whomever.  It doesn’t really even matter what her name really is, does it?  Krsytal agrees that she doesn’t think it really does matter.

Dixie (Di) goes outside and notices Tad sitting by himself and not looking happy.  She admits to him that she knew that there was love waiting for her.  She could feel it as far away as Garrett’s apartment, but she knows he’s pulling away from her and she knows the reason why.

Zach stands outside Kendall’s door and decides to knock.  She answers and he tells her the bad guys are all gone and he is not dead yet.  She puts her arms around him.

Livia tells Danielle and Derek that she needs to go to New York and help Mimi.  Alone with Danielle, Derek holds his daughter and tells her she mustn’t worry.  He is not going anywhere.

Alone with Anita and Sam, Julia is stunned to hear them call her Julia.  She has almost forgotten people calling her by her real name.  She smiles and thinks about what it will be like to go out in public, shake hands with people and introduce herself as Julia Santos Kiefer.

Dixie tells Tad that she wants things to be different and does not want any more lies or secrets between them.  He then tells her that if she wants no more secrets, does that mean that she is not really Dixie but is her half-sister, Di?

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