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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Fran

Ryan tells Erin that he never could imagine that Greenlee would end up the way he heard for himself that she has ended up.  He tells her that he always thought that staging his death would set her free, protect her from what could happen if he turned into his father and enable her to find love again.   But he concludes that his death has killed her too and this is not what he wanted.  He asks his sister what he has missed.  Erin tells him he’s missed how much Greenlee loves him. 

Greenlee is in the hospital after finding an old woman with Alzheimer’s disease, and she spots Jonathan.  She yells out to him but he is wheeled around the corner. 

JR and Kendall leave the Fusion launch party to go to the boathouse in order to talk.  He tells her that the maniac who crashed her Fusion party (referring to himself) wants to apologize.  She tells him that the maniac is forgiven.  She understands that he is upset about his mother being gone.  He tells her she must get back to Fusion and not worry about him, but she tells him that it’s just business.  She cares about him because he is her friend and she is there for him.

Julia holds the gun on Garrett and she shoots him.  He falls to the ground and Dixie tells Julia that she must lower the gun and realize that Garrett can no longer hurt them.  She knows how tempted Julia is to murder Garrett.  Julia cries and tells Dixie about how those thugs murdered Noah and wouldn’t even tell her where he was or give him a proper burial.  They just dumped him like a sack of garbage and that she owes this to Noah.  Dixie tells Julia if she kills Garrett, it will make the pain worse, and will make her a killer.  Any chance of getting her life back will be killed right along with him.  Garrett then comes to while on the floor and asks Julia what she plans to do.

JR explains to Kendall that his mother has gone after this crime lord who has tried to kill her before, and he believes he has been such a stupid jerk.  She tells him that friends do not let friends beat up on themselves.  He tells her that his mother asked him for one favor when she came back, and he was so ungrateful that he could not even grant her that.  She asked him to let up on Babe and Jamie.  All she wanted was to get them all back together, but he wanted revenge so much and had to dig his heels in more and more.  JR confides that if his mother dies, he will never forgive himself.  Kendall encourages JR to know that Tad is out there looking for Dixie.  However, he tells her that he doesn’t know anything more about Tad and has pushed him out of his life.

Tad and Zach return to his office and go off again together when Jamie comes by offering to help.  Tad tells his son he must stay behind and he will be in touch.  Right then, Babe comes by.  She tells Jamie that she hates that things ended up the way they did between them, but he must realize that everything she did was for her son.  He tells her that he has not forgotten about how they went on the run together. 

She tells him that she will never forget all they have been through together, but he must realize that he’s never had to steal in order to feed his family or use desperate means for his survival the way she has.  She tells him that sometimes what seems like a slap in the face might turn into a gift.  She asks him to be honest in admitting that although he’s upset by what she did to him, he has to be psyched to have the money and opportunity to be a doctor. She tells him that sometimes lies have to be told and secrets have to be kept.

Ryan asks Erin what he should do.  She suggests that he go back to Greenlee, but he tells her that Greenlee could never recover or forgive him for leaving her and having her believe that he died.  She tells him that now that Greenlee has lost her baby, she’s lost the one last piece of him.  He tells her that he cannot reveal to her what he did.  Erin then tells him perhaps he should go back to Greenlee but just not tell her the rest.

Greenlee asks the hospital attendant what Jonathan Lavery is doing in this hospital.  He is supposed to be dead.  The woman tells her she must calm down and lower her voice or she will call security.  Greenlee tells her she must realize that Jonathan is a murderer and must be stopped.

Ryan asks Erin what kind of story he should tell Greenlee if he goes back and reveals to her that he’s alive.  She suggests that he tell her he washed up on shore, but lost his memory and had no clue as to who he was.  In time, he starts remembering things and remembering her and now wants her back.

Garrett is on the floor unable to hurt the women and tells Julia that she has already won while she holds a gun on him ready to kill him.  Dixie urges her not to kill Garrett because he has no more power over them.  She will only be ruining her life by taking his.  Both Dixie and Garrett ask Julia to put the gun down.  But all she hears is the remembrance of Noah being killed and having her life ruined, and having to have new identities, one after another.  She is so upset she cries and tells them it has to end.  She holds the gun and keeps hearing all of the voices telling her that her life was ruined.  She then hears Noah telling her that he will fight with his life for her and her happiness. 

She looks right into Garrett’s eyes, pulls the trigger, fires, and he is a dead man.

JR tells Kendall that his mother had a dream to get her family back, but he could not get over his grudge for Babe and Jamie.  She tells him that he’s justified to be angry with him.  He tells her that she knows how to forgive people who make her angry like she has just done for him after he’s falsely accused her of working for Krystal and Babe and double-crossing him and his father.  He asks her how she forgave Ryan and Greenlee.

At the Nova Scotia hospital, Greenlee runs after a guy who looks like Jonathan who is in a wheelchair with a bandage over his head.  She discovers that he is not Jonathan; she apologizes and assumes she is seeing things and Jonathan is dead.  What she doesn’t know is that she actually saw Jonathan. 

Ryan tells Erin that if he goes back, he will tell Greenlee the truth, and it will be totally up to Greenlee what she decides to do about it.

Babe tells Jamie that she has to do what she has to do.  Because she could not just sit back and see him sink into that grease pit day after day.  He tells her he knows there is some sort of deep dark secret that she has never told him that’s going on with her right now.

Dixie and Julia look at each other in awe, aware that it is finally over.  No more hiding.  They no longer have to live in fear for their lives and run and watch their backs.  Garrett is good and dead, but they realize they are still locked inside that place.  There is a knock on the door, and it is two guys who Garret instructed to “pick up a package” to dispose of.  They ask where the dragon is and which one of the ladies is supposed to die.

Kendall tells JR that forgiveness is a doozey and she realizes that it has never been her strong suit.  He tells her he knows that she managed to “get there” with Ryan and forgive him, and he asks her how she did it.  She tells him that along the way she saw Greenlee poisoned and almost killed and made insane by Jonathan.  He trapped them in the cave and they were afraid that they would die.  She saw Ryan dealing with his crazy brother’s death and fighting anything that moved, but it wasn’t like she just woke up one day and everything was all happy and lovely.  She just got so exhausted from carrying around this anger.  He admits to her that he knows oh, so well how to hate.  She tells him that she understands that they both know how to focus on revenge and she can understand why he cannot forgive Babe and Jamie.  They stole his son.  He asks if he is going to be hanging onto that for a long time. 

He wonders if he is going to be trying to run them down when he is old and in a wheelchair.  She tells him that she reconciled with Greenlee and if he can find a way to forgive Jamie or Tad or even Babe that would be cool.  He might find something he’s even better at than hating somebody, but she tells him he must do it for himself; not for anybody else.  Not even his mother.  She hugs him, and he then tells her she needs to get back to the Fusion party and he must get back to the search for his mother.

The guys tell Dixie and Julia that they have killed the dragon.  They will dispose of him for them but they will not live long enough to tell anybody about it.  They assume they are soon to die.  Just then, Tad and Zach come to save them.  Julia admits to them that she killed Garrett.  Zach tells her that the cops are on their way and she must not say a word.

The hospital attendant assumes Greenlee might be in need of a doctor herself, but she tells her it’s ok.  She just thought she saw her husband’s brother, but she knows he’s as dead as her husband is.

Ryan tells Erin that he’s very worried about how Greenlee will hate him after finding out what he did.  He concludes that if he goes back, he will tell her the truth and whatever happens after that will be totally up to her.

JR goes to Tad’s and notices Jamie and Babe together.  She tells the two guys she will leave them alone., but JR tells them both that he realizes that Jamie has now satisfied the terms of Phoebe’s will, and if the two of them want to hook back up, he won’t prevent that or be spiteful.  Hearing that, Jamie tells him that’s a “nice” offer, but they did not break up because of him rather, they broke up because of them.  JR tells them that whatever the reason, he will not stand in their way if they want to give whatever they had another shot.  She asks him what he’s trying to pull now.  He tells her he realizes he’s played the revenge game long enough.  He tells Jamie that he’s been really upset about his mother being gone and has taken it out on him.  He apologizes to Jamie for blowing him off and not realizing that Jamie cares about Dixie also.  Jamie asks JR who he is and what he did with JR.  Babe tells JR that she knows why he is acting all nice.  He’s doing it for his momma.  He’s afraid that she is gone and he wants to grant Dixie her one last wish.

The cops come to the place where Dixie and Julia have been held by Garrett and notice him dead and on the ground.  Dixie tells them that Julia had no choice but to shoot this man.  It was self-defense.  One of the policemen tells them he does not buy that for a minute.  Garrett Williams is a pillar of society.  Right then Derek enters and confirms that Garrett Williams is trash and he believes what they say happened.  Julia tells them that Dixie saved her life.  Garrett gave Dixie a chance to save her own skin and abandon her but she did not do it.  She wants them all to know what kind of extraordinary woman Dixie is.  She looks at Tad when she tells Dixie she is so grateful to her for giving her life back.  She hugs Dixie and promises never to leak out her secret to anybody.

Kendall returns to the Fusion office after the party and asks Simone how it went.  Simone tells them that they have generated a lot of sales and profits and probably gotten some more business and publicity.  Simone tells Kendall that now that this launch is over, she wants to know if Kendall is pregnant.  Kendall tells her that she is still afraid that “these chicks” may not make it out of the nest.  Simone tells her if she cannot make the stick blue, she can always try again.  Kendall then confides in Simone that if she is not pregnant right now, this is their last chance for Greenlee to have Ryan’s baby.  The last of his samples defrosted in the blackout.  Hearing that, Simone is shocked and tells Kendall she must take the test right now.

Greenlee is remembering Erin being very offended to hear what she told her about Jonathan and her protesting to Erin that Jonathan was psychotic and she blames him for Ryan’s death.  The hospital attendant sees Greenlee lost in thought and asks her if she is al right.  Greenlee tells her she realizes that Jonathan is dead:  “just as dead as my husband” and she walks away.

Ryan asks Erin what they are going to do about the fact that Jonathan wants to return to Pine Valley.  She tells him that she will stand by any choice he makes.

Kendall looks at the pregnancy stick and does not look happy.

When JR is with Jamie and Babe, he gets a call from his mom.  She tells him that she and Julia are both fine.  They are in New York, and   Tad is there.  She just needs to go to the police station and make a statement and she will be home soon.  He tells her that he and Jamie will be waiting for her.  He tells her he loves her and invites Jamie to come with him to be there when she gets back.  They go off together and Babe looks very baffled.  Dixie informs Tad that JR and Jamie are going to meet them at home together.  She thanks Julia for all she’s done, and then goes with Tad.  Julia is alone with Zach.  He holds his hand out to her and she goes with him.  They observe Garrett covered in the body bag as the paramedic wheel him out.  Julia turns back to look at the apartment and all that is left is a puddle of blood on the floor.

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