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All My Children Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Boo 

There is a party at Fusion to celebrate the launch of the new Fusion fragrance. Simone and Dani are glowing in their success. Kendall approaches and says the fragrance is all the buzz. She thanks Simone and Dani for an amazing job. Simone asks where Greenlee is. After Kendall instructs Dani to mingle with the guests, she tells Simone that Greenlee is away at a spa. She needs to distress because of all this pregnancy business. Kendall mentions that Erica knows now.

Simone asks how Erica took the news. Kendall says she was surprisingly calm, almost like she’s up to something. Kendall sees a magazine editor named Branden and asks Simone to charm him. After Simone walks away, Kendall comments to herself that she needs Greenlee right now.

Greenlee is with Erin in Nova Scotia, crying that she will never be able to let go of Ryan. Erin tells her that’s how she feels now, but her pain will fade and she will love again. Greenlee says that part of her is dead. Ryan is listening from another room, a tear falling down his face. Erin asks Greenlee how she would feel if Ryan came back to life. Greenlee angrily asks Erin how she could say such a thing. Erin says she didn’t mean it and wasn’t thinking. Greenlee says if Ryan was alive he would come back to her. He wouldn’t leave her like this. She walks out and Erin follows, apologizing. Greenlee says her friend told her that Erin might want to hurt her and may be just like her brother Jonathan. Erin defends Jonathan, saying he wasn’t well. Greenlee says he was sadistic. Greenlee says she has to go. Erin tells her she hopes she can find some peace. Erin goes back inside and calls to Ryan, telling him Greenlee is gone. She apologizes for making the comment to Greenlee about Ryan coming back to life.

At Chandler mansion, Adam is letting JR have it, accusing him of a stupid, short-sighted decision for getting Chandler Enterprises back just in time for Krystal to sink her hands into it. JR says he’s not the one who got drunk and married Krystal, causing this whole problem. While Adam was off getting married he was getting their company back, JR says. Krystal, who is witnessing this argument, intervenes and tells Adam to let up on his son. He may have lost his mother. JR tells Krystal to blow out of here, prompting Krystal to note that both father and son are mean and meaner. She tells JR she’s trying to reach out to him and she only gets snake bit. JR says his mother isn’t dead and isn’t going to die, she’s just missing.

Stuart has just entered the room and is worried to hear that Dixie is missing. He asks to talk to JR but JR says this is not a good time. Stuart says it’s important but JR says he needs to go clean up. Stuart asks to talk to Adam, saying he has a dilemma. Adam tells him it can wait and walks out. Krystal asks if there’s anything she can do to help. Stuart says no but welcomes her to the family.

Di and Julia are in Garret’s apartment in New York plotting against him. Di is wondering how they can take him down. Julia says when it comes time to kill the bastard, Di needs to step away and let her handle it. Julia says she wants to be the one to send him to hell. Di tells her she won’t allow that. Julia says Garret took nine years of her life and has to be stopped by her. Di says she wants Garret’s life spared and suggests they just knock him out. Julia accuses Di of still being Garret’s pet. Di says there’s nothing to love about Garret. He’s evil and deserves to die. But Julia should not be his executioner. She tells Julia if she kills Garret her life will never be the same. Garret will still be in control of her life. She urges Julia not to destroy her own soul.

At the police station in Pine Valley, Mimi kisses Garret and introduces him to Zach, who is there with Tad. Mimi informs Garret that Tad and Zach have pegged him as the monster criminal out to get Julia Santos. Garret says these are serious charges. Tad asks them if he denies it. He asks why Garret was talking to Dixie. Mimi tells Garret to tell Tad and Zach to go to hell. Garret looks at the newspaper photo of him with Di and Kevin and asks if this is the extent of their evidence. Tad says that’s part of it. He says the woman in the photo is Dixie, although he knew her as Di. Zach asks Garret where Julia Santos is. Garret turns to Mimi and says she told him this was a friendly town. However he’s picking up some unfriendly vibes. He suggests they go back to New York He tells Mimi she’s in charge of this investigation so she should be the one asking questions.

Mimi says she has no questions. She knows the man she married. Zach and Tad walk out and consider following Garret back to New York. Garret tells Mimi his business in New York is about wrapped up but he wanted to come back here because he missed his wife. Mimi says when she’s done with her investigation she’ll follow him back to New York. Garret walks out and when Tad and Zach try to follow him, a police officer handcuffs them together. The officer claims that he can’t find his key. After stalling them long enough, he unlocks them.

Ryan asks Erin if she thinks Greenlee meant what she said about being done with love. Erin says she doesn’t know, but does know that Greenlee’s pain is deep and real. “Oh my God, what have I done,” Ryan says. Erin asks him how close he was to coming out of that room. Ryan says that’s all he wanted to do. He thought Greenlee was always so strong, but he defeated her. She had something to hold onto with the child and now she’s lost that to. Erin asks how he feels about that. He says he doesn’t know. He says this is tearing him up.

Greenlee arrives at a Nova Scotia hospital with an elderly woman. She tells a nurse that the woman walked in front of her car. She noticed a hospital bracelet on her wrist and brought her back. The nurse identifies her as an Alzheimer’s patient who walked away. She thanks Greenlee and asks her to wait so she can get her information in case the family wants to thank her. As Greenlee is waiting, she is stunned to see Jonathan being wheeled out of his room.

Adam is on the phone calling for his attorney Barry when Krystal approaches, grabs the phone out of his hands and chastises him. She says all that’s wrong with his family is his fault. All the misery comes straight from him. She says Stuart wanted one moment of his time and JR is all torn up, but all he cares about is his business and his bank account. She says she has half of his company and she’ll use it to stick it to him whenever she can. She says he makes David look like father of the year.

Simone approaches Branden and shows him the new fragrance line. Branden asks for a private demonstration in his hotel room, which will guarantee a good review. Dani, who is nearby listening, interupts them and asks him how he would like a sexual harassment suit. Branden says he always does business in his hotel room. Simone says she picked up the same vibes and calls Branden a slimeball. Kendall walks over and Branden tells her they have misconstrued his intentions. Kendall says she doubts that and orders him out. He tells her she’ll regret it, but she says if he does a smear campaign she’ll go straight to his editor. After Branden walks out, Dani asks Kendall to please not fire her. Kendall says she’ll give her a raise for what she’s done. Dani asks what if she were wrong. Simone tells her was right about Garret and right about this jerk.

Di urges Julia to let the cops deal with Garret. Julia asks her how she could trust the system. Di says they could testify against him, but Julia says he could charm any jury. Plus, he would announce to the world that Di is not Dixie. Di says she knows that, but that’s the way it would have to be.

JR walks into Fusion and angrily confronts Kendall. He asks her to tell him she is not working against him. Is she working with Babe and Krystal to screw him? Kendall asks him what he’s talking about. JR says she timed the return of Chandler Enterprises with a stop watch. Kendall yells at him for barging in and interrupting her party. She orders him to leave. JR calms down and asks her to help him. His mother might be dead.

Tad and Zach arrive back at Tad’s private investigator’s office. He says Garret has Mimi totally snowed. Zach asks if it’s like the way Dixie has him snowed. Tad orders him to stop talking about Dixie. He gets on his computer and Zach asks what they have. Tad tells Zach he’s not part of this investigation. Zach says they’re a team and suggests they go find Julia and Dixie. Just then Stuart walks in and says he needs to talk to Tad. Tad says not now, he’s busy. Stuart insists, raising his voice and yelling “yes.”

Garret arrives back at the New York apartment and sees Di. He asks where the other one is. Di says she’s in the bedroom. They had an argument, she says. Garret tells Di she is a liar. There was no letter at the boathouse. Julia is seen hiding behind the kitchen counter with an object in her hand, ready to hit Garret.

She stands up and sneaks up behind him ready to strike. Garret turns around and grabs the object and hits Julia, knocking her out. He turns to Di and accuses her of betraying him. He pulls out a gun and tells her he’s sorry. Di pleads with him not to kill her. Garret says he’s never killed anyone, why start now. He gets on his phone and tells someone he has one package for pickup. He also asks that the doctor be brought in. He hangs up and tells Di that she won’t like the doctor as he has ways of getting her to open up about the letter. Di nervously asks for a glass of water. Garret steps over Julia, who’s still on the floor, and turns on the faucet. There is a spark and Garret’s hand is burned. He screams and drops the gun. Di tries to get it but Garret pushes her out of the way. Julia manages to get the gun and she and Garret struggle with it. A shot is heard.

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