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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR is at the bank angrily demanding Alfred turn over his mother’s account information so he can find her. Alfred stubbornly refuses, saying it is against bank policy. Babe is listening from the other side of the lobby and interrupts. She tells Alfred that Dixie is indeed missing. Alfred believes Babe, which angers JR because he had told Alfred that Dixie was missing. Babe politely asks for a minute of Alfred’s time. Alfred, who has called for a security guard, tells the guard he can leave but says he still won’t be able to turn over Dixie’s account information. Babe asks him if his own mother were missing, wouldn’t he do anything to find her, including go through her bank records. Alfred says he would do that and agrees that he will pull up Dixie’s information on the computer in his office and will then leave. Babe kindly thanks Alfred for his help. JR begrudgingly thanks Babe. Josh walks in and sees Babe with JR.

Zach is in his office when an employee brings him a file on Di Kirby. He states to himself that Di Kirby certainly gets around.

At the private investigation office, Aidan is giving Tad a report on his investigation of Dixie. He tells her that Dixie was talking with Garret at the yacht club after Garret and Mimi’s wedding. Tad shows Aidan the valet parking voucher from the yacht club the day of the wedding that was found and says he too saw Dixie talking with Garret at the police station. Zach walks in and shows them a newspaper photo of Di with her ex-boyfriend Kevin and Garret.

Di is at Garrett’s secret hideaway looking through a photo album containing pictures of Mimi’s family. She takes one of the pictures out and puts it in her purse. Julia walks into the room with what she thinks is a container of bleach. She tells Di she wants to spike Garret’s food or drink with the bleach. Di says Garret is too smart for that but Julia insists she needs to bring him down. Garret walks in and asks if it’s laundry day. Julia promptly splashes the bottle of liquid in Garret’s face.

Ryan is at Erin’s house sleeping on the couch when he is awakened by a knock on the door. Thinking it’s Erin arriving home, he gets up to answer the door. Just before he opens it, he hears Erin’s car pull up. He peaks out the window and notices Greenlee is standing on the front step. Erin walks to the door and recognizes Greenlee. She tells Greenlee she needs space to discover how she feels. Greenlee says that’s why she came. Erin asks if she could come back in a few weeks, but Greenlee says she wants for them to talk. Erin says she’s not sure it will help. Greenlee says it would make her feel closer to Ryan. Erin reluctantly opens the door and invites Greenlee in. She looks around and sees that Ryan is not visible. Ryan is hiding in the next room, listening at the door.

Adam is at home looking at a document. “JR, what have you done?” he asks. Krystal walks in and Adam politely offers her some orange juice. She declines, saying she’s afraid he’s trying to knock her flat on her back. He asks her to sit down and says he hasn’t been fair with her. He says he has been thinking about everything that has happened and he realizes he was wrong to try to prove Dixie is a fake. He also says that no matter how it happened, she is his wife and he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He calls her a good woman who deserves his respect. He says he will negotiate a fair divorce settlement. He says he’s sorry for everything. She feels his face to see if he has a fever. She says she’ll call his doctor and have him meet them at the hospital. Adam barks that there’s nothing wrong with him and he won’t allow her to manipulate him to get his fortune. He tells her she’s not getting one red cent. Krystal tells him he’s cured and she’s going to bleed him dry.

Garret informs Julia that the bottle she threw at him contained water. He put it there as a test for her and she failed. Julia talks back, saying she has fought too hard to give if up to this sick bastard. She says he will have to kill her. He tells her to be careful what she asks for. Julia goes into the bedroom and Garret tells Di to give up on Julia as her little chats with her aren’t working. Di says Julia was a friend of Dixie’s and will be a friend of her’s as well. He asks what kind of a friend she is if she gets her in the end. Di tells Garret he would not kill her. The letter is still out there and he would be found out. Garret demands she give him the letter but she says she won’t.

Greenlee tells Erin she brought some possessions of Ryan that she wants to show her. She hopes they will give Erin a better idea of what Ryan was like. Erin says she’s not sure if she can do this, but Greenlee says she needs to do this. Greenlee pulls Ryan’s sunglasses out of her purse and talks about how Ryan used to look while wearing them. She shows Erin some Dynamite Kiddo comic books and Erin has a laugh over them, remembering how Ryan used to love them as a kid. Greenlee turns sad and talks about how she lost her lifetime partner. Erin asks if Ryan told her about his father. Greenlee says she knows Ryan had a horrible childhood. Erin asks if Erin was like his father. Greenlee asks where that question came from. Erin says it is natural that when you grow up with a father like there’s, you’re bound to be affected. Erin asks if Ryan was abusive like their father. Greenlee gets angry and snaps “this was a big mistake.” She stands up to leave but Erin pleads with her to stay. Greenlee warns Erin not to accuse Ryan of killing Jonathan. Greenlee asks if her father held himself back from hitting them. When Erin says he never did, Greenlee says Ryan stopped himself from hurting her. He went over the cliff so he wouldn’t hurt her.

Babe finds Alfred and thanks him. He whispers and asks if they found out what they’re looking for. JR says his mother hasn’t used her ATM or credit cards since she left, so they came up empty. Babe tells JR his mother is tough and she’ll be fine. JR says something happened to her. Babe says a ton of people are looking for her and they’ll find her. She encourages him to get some rest and he agrees and goes home. After JR leaves, Josh approaches Babe and asks if she’s out of her mind.

Tad, Aidan and Zach go to the police station to see Mimi. Zach shows her the photo from the newspaper. Mimi says Garret is on half the charity boards in New York and he has his picture taken with strangers all the time. Tad tells her that Dixie was talking to Garret at the same time she was supposed to be talking to the person in charge of the crime organization. Tad says they need to talk to Garret. Mimi says she will not let them interrogate Garret. This is crazy. Garret is an honest businessman who does wonderful things for his community. Tad shows her the valet parking ticket and suggests she dust it for prints. Zach says he knows about the dragon. Mimi says so what if Garret has a dragon tattoo. Tad says the man who is after Julia is known as the dragon. Mimi accuses them of trying to undermine her investigation. Zach say that Noah told Julia the head man is untouchable. By marrying the head of the task force he could not be more untouchable.

Garret gets his handgun and tells Julia to come out of the room. When he does, he points the gun at her. He tells Di that her friend’s fate is up to her. Give up the letter or she’s dead. Di agrees to give up the letter. She says she’ll call the person who has it and get it. Garret gives her his phone. Di calls someone and asks that the letter be dropped off behind the barrel at the boathouse as she wants to put it someplace else. She hangs up and tells Garret the letter will be there within the hour. Garret asks for his phone back. Di first erases the number she just called. Garret says he’s not interested in her middle man. He says it’s better when they all get along. He kisses Di and leaves. Julia asks Di if she really called the person holding the letter. Di says yes, she had to. Julia says when Garret gets that letter they are both dead. Di says it bought them some time. Julia says they have no choice but to kill Garret and they have to do it together. Julia says she knows some moves they can use when he comes back. Di has reservations but agrees and tells Julia that they’ll take him down together.

Josh tells Babe that he could have sworn he saw her show some genuine TLC to JR. JR is a first-rate jerk and now suddenly he’s Babe’s best friend? Babe says she would do anything for her child. Josh says she can’t let Little Adam become the golden child. He says that’s what he was when he was a kid. He was his parents’ little prince and every decision they made revolved around him. They continually made him realize how many sacrifices they made and he hated it. He just wanted to be a regular kid. He urges Babe not to give up everything for her son. Babe says she knows what she’s doing with JR. Josh says he doesn’t get her. She says she doesn’t care if he doesn’t get her. Josh says whatever she’s pulling he hopes it doesn’t blow up all over her kid.

Greenlee looks at Erin and says she can see Ryan in her eyes. Erin asks what made Ryan so angry that night he went over the cliff. Greenlee says she told Ryan she was pregnant. Erin asks when she’s due. Greenlee says she lost the baby. Erin says she’s sorry. Greenlee says when she lost the baby she felt like she lost everything. Erin says when she lost her brothers she was a mess but grew stronger every day. Greenlee says she’ll never get over Ryan. A part of her died with him and she’ll never be the same.

Krystal tells Adam that she has a good divorce lawyer and when he’s ready to give up his possessions she’ll give him a divorce. She walks out of the room and JR arrives home. Adam asks him if he knows what he’s done. JR says he should be happy that Chandler Enterprises is back with the Chandlers. Adam says he got it back while he’s still married to that hellcat. He just gave half of Chandler Enterprises to Krystal Carey. Krystal, who has just walked in, says it looks like Christmas came early.

Tad tells Mimi that they go way back and this is not a grudge. He urges her to put aside her personal feelings and question her husband. Just then Garret walks in and says he needs to speak to his wife.

Erin tells Greenlee she’ll move on. Greenlee says she and Ryan were going to grow old together. He made her heart feel bigger. Erin hugs a tearful Greenlee. Ryan, still listening, is getting teary-eyed. He stands up and reaches for the door to come out from hiding.

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