AMC Update Thursday 10/6/05

All My Children Update Thursday 10/6/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jamie opens and reads the letter that Amanda’s mother wrote to him.  It is very obvious that she has gotten the idea from “somebody” that Jamie is engaged to her daughter and ready to set a wedding date soon.

Erica goes and confronts Dr. Madden about what she’s just discovered from Kendall and Greenlee.   He tells her that he was helping Greenlee through the grief of losing Ryan and Kendall volunteered to help give her hope with the miracle of a baby she could not have by herself.  She tells him that does not justify what he’s done to Kendall and tells him he shouldn’t try to play God with her daughter’s life.

Zach is in his office and gets a surprise visit from Anita, Sam and Lily.  Anita demands to know where her sister, Julia is.  Sam is ready to deck Zach for his aunt Julia.

Kendall tells Greenlee that now is not such a good time to go to Nova Scotia to see Ryan’s sister, Erin.  They have no clue what to expect, but Greenlee tells her that since there is one Lavery left who can love her baby, she wants her baby to know her aunt.

Kendall says no way, no how, no trip and no Erin.  She suggests that maybe Greenlee go and get herself a pedicure, get involved in the Fusion product launch, go out drinking or whatever.  She tells her that she cannot go to Nova Scotia because she might get the door slammed in her face.  Erin tells Kendall she wants her baby to have a Lavery it can love and who will love her baby back.  Kendall tells Greenlee that that sounds really great but she should consider what will happen if Erin does not love her baby back.

In Jonathan’s hospital room, he is babbling, not completely able to get his words out.  He told his brother and sister that he wants to go back to Pine Valley and see Greenlee.  And he suddenly asks Ryan if Lily is all right.

After observing Sam ready to slug Zach, Lily tells him she learned from her life skills class that hitting is not the way to deal with a problem.  Anita tells her nephew Lily is right but asks Zach what he has done with her sister and where Julia is.

In response to Jamie’s reading the letter from her mother, Amanda attempts to explain by saying that her mother is “Janet from another planet.”  She has mental illness and might be adjusting to new medication, but Jamie does not buy that and knows that she intentionally, willfully told her mother that she and Jamie are getting married otherwise Janet would not have sent ads for wedding dresses. He lays down the law to her that she must not let anybody have the mistaken idea that there will be a Martin-Dillon wedding.

Erica tells Dr. Madden that he is preying upon both Kendall and Greenlee.  He preys upon the poor grieving widow Greenlee, by having her believe he will offer her “hope” at the expense of Kendall.  She tells him she is horrified that so many women rely on him for guidance and help and he uses and exploits them in this manner.  She tells him that she is going to call the cops and the medical board and end his career.  She tells him she doesn’t know how long he’s been toying with women’s’ lives, but she’s going to make it stop now.  He protests to her that he has an honorable medical profession.  He does not just implant women and arrange for surrogacy without giving it all the proper care and planning and making certain that it is in the best interest of everybody.  He tells her that he gave Kendall an extensive psychiatric evaluation that she passed with flying colors.  Hearing that, Erica tells him that now she really knows that he is a quack, because as much as she loves her daughter Kendall, she knows the girl has some real issues.  She tells him that her daughter has been through many traumatic life experiences, which she may not ever get past.  She tells him he may not know it but Kendall is the product of a rape and she had to give her up at birth.  Kendall has gone through hell to work through her demons in order to be able to love and be loved and she still has a long way to go.  She tells him that the next 9 months of Kendall’s life will devastate her.  And when she has to give that baby up, it will shatter her world.  He tells her that Kendall has carefully thought out and decided that her true act of giving is a great benefit to her in her life.  Erica protests that Kendall has already given too much to Greenlee.  Losing Ryan to Greenlee tore her world apart, and now, carrying Ryan’s baby and having to give it up to Greenlee is more than she can take.

Kendall tells Greenlee she must consider that they might be making a trip all the way to Nova Scotia only to have Erin spit in their faces.  Greenlee asks why she thinks that Erin would do that since she loves Ryan as much as they do.  Kendall tells Greenlee she does not mean to be a downer but it may not work to be sneaking up on people who may not want to see them until they know what is what.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she is going crazy waiting.  She doesn’t known what will happen if that stick does not turn blue.  If she does not get to hold Ryan’s baby in her arms, it will be like losing him all over again.  Only this time, she will die with him.  Kendall tells Greenlee she must be positive and realize they did everything right.  Kendal admits that waiting sucks, but the two of them hopping on a plane to Canada is not going to change that.  Greenlee replies maybe not, so she might just go to Nova Scotia by herself.

Jonathan is talking to Ryan and Erin about Lily and her fear of red and bright lights.  He sounds like he’s asking Ryan to write a letter to the people of Pine Valley that he is better now and nobody needs be afraid of him any more.  Ryan tells his brother he cannot write it now, but Erin tells Ryan that he should just do what Jonathan asks.  Jonathan hands Ryan a pen.

Sam and Lily leave Zach’s office to go and attempt to find Julia without his help.  Alone with him, Anita asks Zach why he’s playing this role of helping Julia.  She feels that the only reason can be an attempt to get closer to Maria.  She thought she heard him say that he realized that Maria is on the other end of the country and he’s moved on with his life.  He doesn’t know how to respond to that and tells her he needs to get himself some Scotch and get on with the rest of his day.

Amanda tells Jamie that she had no choice except to tell her mother that she is getting married.  He asks her if she really understands the reality of their relationship means “no strings attached.”  She says she understands that it’s all fun and games and she kisses him.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he has to write in a letter that he is sorry and needs Ryan’s help.  Ryan then composes: “Dear Lily”.  But Jonathan says it must be Greenlee first.  So Ryan writes to Greenlee for him.  Jonathan says he is sorry to have scared her and the bad is out of him now and he will never hurt her again.  Erin says that is good, because   Greenlee needs to know that all the bad stuff is gone and he will not hurt anyone.  Ryan cannot write anymore and tells his brother that it’s not ok for them to see Greenlee, and that they must stay away from her so she can stay safe.  Jonathan asks why, when they are not “bad” any more, Greenlee needs to stay safe.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she knows that, in time, she will bond with Erin and they will help each other.  Kendall tells Greenlee she must realize that she does not know whether Erin has all her marbles together or anything about her.  She must remember that Jonathan seemed like a loyal and sane brother to Ryan while he drugged and almost killed her without anybody knowing.  She tells Greenlee that it’s entirely possible, after losing all three of her brothers that Erin could blame her for their death.  Kendall says that she knows it will devastate Greenlee if Erin were to look her straight in the eye and tell her to go to hell.

Erica tells Dr. Madden if he really wanted to be upfront and use all of his “tools,” he could have picked up the phone and told her about it.  He asks her why she has so many problems understanding the idea of unselfishness.  He asks her how she can judge a woman for having a child when she had a child that she got rid of the moment it was born.  Hearing that, she slaps him really hard.  She asks him if this is just another notch on his baby making belt where he can ruin another woman’s life and look the other way.  He tells her that Kendall is an adult and she must deal with it and pray for her daughter.  She tells him she will deal with it and pray that Kendall is not already pregnant and that Greenlee can find another way to have Ryan’s baby.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she just read about babies that have been left orphaned because of AIDS.  They have nobody to love them or hold them or feed them.  It breaks her heart.  Kendall says that maybe she can go and help them.  Greenlee tells Kendall she’s already set up a fund at Fusion, but when Kendall gave her another chance at motherhood, she realized she must give Erin the same hope.  She needs somebody good for her baby to love and be loved by.  And she knows that that love is waiting for them in Nova Scotia.

Jonathan asks Ryan why he cannot go back, but at that point, Ryan goes out the door and says he cannot do that.  Jonathan asks Erin if Ryan is mad.  She tells him no, but that he just asked Ryan some tough questions.  The important thing for Jonathan to realize, she tells him, is that he’s all better now and he’s always been good.  She goes to talk to Ryan and tells him that she just told Jonathan that he is not the second coming of their father, and that he (Ryan) must realize the same thing.  There would be no harm in him going back to Pine Valley, but Ryan is adamant that it will not happen.  He tells her he does not want to continue this discussion.  She tells him that he sounds pretty mad and she asks if he is thinking of hitting her.  He tells her he is not and she tells him that she knows that, and that he is no danger to his wife, either.

Sam and Lily go out to the road where Julia was last seen and she tells him that she can find the clues about where his aunt is.  He insists to her that he has way more faith in her than he has in Zach Slater.

Zach tells Anita that she does not understand how he could have any motive to help Julia except to win points with Maria, but he tells her that he realizes that he and Maria are done.  He tells her he cares about Julia and does not care if she or anybody believes him or what they think of him.

Jamie tells Amanda she must realize once more that they are in this with no commitments or strings attached.  He tells her that she must either end this fake engagement or he will end their relationship.  He then asks what it’s going to be.

Anita asks Zach if he is worried that Julia is going to die.  She can tell that he is worried and asks where she is.  He admits he does not know, but what it means to him, he tells her, is that there is a woman hanging by a very thin thread and he’s not going to let her fall.  Hearing that, she tells him that she finally gets him.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she understands her need to contact Erin, but maybe they should wait before making a mad dash for the border.  Greenlee remembers that Erin expressed that she might want to see her at some point but needs to wait.  Kendall tells her in that case she got her answer; Erin did not close the door to her but maybe needs time.  She tells Greenlee she realizes she wants to connect to Ryan’s family, but she may need to wait.

Right then, Ryan returns to Erin’s home while his and Greenlee’s love song plays.

Amanda tells Jamie she realizes she better not get the idea in her head that they will ever get serious.  He tells her he needs to leave and help his dad find Dixie.  As soon as he’s gone, Amanda gets on the phone, calls her mother, and tells her she should not have “revealed” to Jamie that she told her they are getting married.  She tells her that the wedding is still on and Dr. and Mrs.  James Martin will be going down the aisle very soon.

Lily notices a clue from a ticket on the ground from a parking valet.  This is right where Garrett picked Julia up when she escaped from the feds.

Anita tells Zach that she knows what his M.O. is.  He is chivalrous, and that’s why he’s concerned about Julia.  Zach tells Anita he really liked her better when she was playing blackjack.  She admits that she never liked him but maybe she was wrong.  He may be a decent guy after all.  He tells her he likes to play the hero but his cape is at the cleaners.

Kendall returns home and calls Zach at his office.  She tells him she’s just checking in to see if he’s dead yet.  He asks her if she’s pregnant yet.  She confirms that that is the million-dollar question.  They agree to keep each other posted and hang up.

Erica tells Dr. Madden that he can kiss his glory days good bye, and from now on, it will be her mission to prevent him from ruining women’s lives the way he’s ruined her daughter’s life.  He tells her again that he has given both Kendall and Greenlee hope, but she tells him he really must think he is God.  She tells him she will find out more about him and she will destroy him.

Meanwhile, Ryan writes a letter to Greenlee, admitting that Jonathan was right in how much he missed her.  He’d give anything to be able to hold her in his arms and get back with her, but he cannot.  He’s still worried that he could be a danger to her.  He loves her too much to put her at risk, so he must let her go.  He will always love her, but it will be best for her to go on believing he is gone so she can get on with her life.  It has to be that way, he tells her.

Greenlee then gets on the phone to book a flight.  At first it sounds like she wants to go somewhere warm to get away from everything.  But she then says she has a change of plans and wants to go to Nova Scotia.

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