AMC Update Wednesday 10/5/05

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/5/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In Jonathan’s hospital room, he tells Erin and Ryan that he is afraid. Erin tells him that the MRI is nothing to be afraid of.  The doctor wheels him away in a wheelchair.  When she’s alone with Ryan, Erin asks him if he will be ok.  Ryan says he’s fine and believes that Jonathan will be, also.  She asks him if Greenlee will be okay, and he tells his sister that Greenlee will have a great life.  She reminds him that Greenlee is going to have a child.  Ryan tells Erin that the best thing he can do for that child is to stay away.

Kendall is ready to spill to Erica the big secret that she is carrying Greenlee and Ryan’s baby, but before she can get it out, Greenlee tells Erica it’s too soon.  Erica tells them that Kendall is a Kane and Kane’s do not keep secrets from each other.

When Dr. Madden saw Josh leaving Kendall’s, it appeared to him that Josh had been flirting with Kendall, and he insisted that Josh have nothing romantic to do with her.  Josh asks his father what would be so wrong and why it would be his business.  He asks his father if he assumes that there is something wrong with his interest in a married woman and that Zach Slater is “possessive” of his wife.  Dr. Madden obviously knows something much more serious that is the reason Josh and Kendall cannot have romantic contact.

Jamie goes to the Chandler house and tells Babe and JR that he has some real concerns.

Krystal goes to David’s and tells him that she just found out from Babe that he told Babe that Dixie is a phony and is the real Dixie’s half sister, Di Henry.  She tells him he is trash to have known all along who Dixie really is and not told anybody.  He then tells her she must sit down and shut up and he will tell her the whole story.

Ryan admits to Erin that he would give anything-perhaps his own life- in order to hold Greenlee one more time.

Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that she may have misinterpreted that they have an “alternative lifestyle,” but she knows there is some sort of secret going on that they are keeping from her.  Kendall confesses to her mother that the drugs she found in Greenlee’s home that Dr. Madden was prescribing were not for Greenlee.  They were for her so that she could carry Greenlee and Ryan’s baby.

Krystal tells David that there were three DNA tests.  She and Adam both made trips to Crow Hollow to find out who Dixie really was and all along, David knew the truth about her.  He tells her that he would never pass up an opportunity to watch the Chandlers and Martins go ballistic.  He thought it was great to cause JR to suffer and have Tad fall in love with a total stranger.  He thought it was hilarious.  Assuming that she has already spilled the beans to all of them, he asks her what happened.  He wants to know if all of their heads explode at once.  When she does not answer, he realizes she has not yet told them.  He is happier still, laughing and gloating and tells her that now he gets to have the opportunity to expose the love of Tad’s life and JR’s mommy as a total fraud.  Krystal does not think that is funny, however, and she is very upset with him.  She takes a fireplace poker and raises it toward him.

Babe tells Jamie that she made a choice.  They are over, and he need not be concerned about her life and choices any more.  He tells her he is not there to interfere in her business, but is there for a different reason.

Dr. Madden tells his son that there are reasons that are both professional and personal for why he absolutely cannot consider Kendall Hart, of all the women out there, for a romantic interest.  Josh asks his father if the problem is that since he cannot have “the mother” his son cannot have “the daughter.”

Greenlee tells Erica that Dr. Madden discovered that there is no way she can ever carry a pregnancy.  Finding that out, she believed that her life was over until Kendall offered her hope by volunteering to have her child for her.

Ryan tells Erin that there is no way he can go back now, after Greenlee has started a whole new life.  As he says that, he still appears to be missing Greenlee.

Jamie tells Babe he does not give a damn about her business, and that whatever twisted situation she’s gotten herself into is her own business.  JR asks why, then, he is still there.  He tells them he is there for the sole purpose of finding Dixie.  He cares about her and he cares about his dad, but he has no concerns for either JR or Babe.  He leaves and Babe tells JR what a nasty, hateful person he is.  He has no friends who would be there for him when his mother is missing.

Krystal is ready to assault David with a poker.  She asks him if he wants it in the eyes or somewhere lower.  He tells her that he is amazed that she has not yet told Adam that Dixie is a fraud.  He, also, reminds her that by telling Tad that Dixie is dead, she could have Tad all to herself.  He also tells her that she should relish having JR find out and realize he is an orphan.  He laughs uproariously.  She tells him that it would kill JR and she could not be so cruel, even to him.  She asks him if he is the devil, and wants to know if he has horns.  She asks how the biggest mistake in her life could have created the most beautiful wonderful girl she could have.  She asks him what kinds of communication he has had with Di.  He tells her he is done with their discussion.   He keeps laughing and gloating and tells her he has places to go and people to see.  He’s ready to blow the minds of all the people he does not care for, he tells her.  He also reminds her that he remembers her telling him that the “lies have to stop,” and he tells her he could not agree more with that concept.  He then goes out the door and Adam appears to overhear their conversation.

Erin asks Ryan how he can say that he will never go back to Greenlee. She tells him that Jonathan’s diagnosis should have changed his mind just a little.  He tells her that even if there is nothing necessarily genetic, he remembers what their father did to him, Jonathan, and Braden while his mother got drunk and lived in oblivion and he’s afraid he could not break the cycle.  She admits that she has had problems with intimacy in her life, due to her childhood, but it doesn’t have to be that way for him.  She tells him that she really felt and sensed the love in Greenlee’s voice for him when she spoke to Greenlee on the phone, and it took her breath away.

Greenlee tells Erica she knows Erica thinks she’s selfish and that Erica must believe that she manipulated or coerced Kendall into something she had no right to ask of her.  Kendall interjects to her mother that if she’s going to blame or be angry with somebody for this situation, she can be angry with her and not Greenlee.  It was her idea and her decision; not Greenlee’s.  Erica does not say much but asks them when they had the procedure and if they know for certain that Kendall is pregnant or when or if she will be.  They say they are not entirely certain.  Erica tells them that it’s all very complicated for her to process that Kendall will be the “incubator” for Ryan’s baby.  Kendall says the term they use is “surrogate” and the baby is both Greenlee’s and Ryan’s.  Erica reminds them that they must realize there will be some very “tricky parts” for them to consider.

Josh tells his father that he is different from him.  He knows his father is not happy but it is not his responsibility to “catch” the brass ring for him.  Dr. Madden tells Josh that he does not intend to interfere or judge his life.  He can do whatever he wants.  All he’s saying is that Josh cannot get involved with Kendall Hart. Josh still has no clue why his father is so adamant about his not ever considering being intimate with Kendall.

JR asks Babe how she would feel if she were in Dixie’s position with him, in regard to her own son.  What would she do?  He tells her he’s worried about what might have happened to his mother and if she might have lied to him.

Adam enters David’s to notice that David and Krystal are having some sort of secret discussion and a confrontation is going on.  He tells David that if he knows something, he better tell Adam what it is before he smacks the smirk off David’s face.

Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that as wonderful as it is to bring a new life into this world, there are some very complicated issues they must consider.  This is Greenlee’s and Ryan’s baby, and what kind of role will Kendall play in the baby’s life, if any, once it is born, she asks them.  Greenlee tells Erica that Kendall can see the baby and be in its life as much as she wants.  Erica tells Kendall that she must realize the emotional and physical strain a 9-month pregnancy will put on her body.  She knows that Kendall will have many dreams and visions, from the moment the baby starts kicking inside of her, and she will see its sweet face and possibly fall in love with it.  She asks Kendall if she will be able to just get over that once it’s born.  Kendall says it’s possible and reminds her mother that she did not fall in love with her after giving birth. Hearing that, Erica avoids Kendall’s eye.  She then tells her daughter that she was raped and traumatized and only 14 years old when she was pregnant with her.  She did not know what to do and she blocked it out of her mind.  She says that Kendall must realize it was not her that she did not love.  Kendall tells Erica that she did what she did for her own reasons the same way Erica did. She is choosing to have this baby out of love for the baby and for her friends, Greenlee and Ryan.  Hearing that, Erica sounds emotional and tells her daughter she is strong and heroic, but she reminds them that all pregnancies are a risk.  Kendall tells her mother she knows that and she’s ready for everything.  And Greenlee tells Erica she will be there with Kendall to offer her help and support.  Erica then puts her arms around Kendall and tells her she loves her.  She also tells Greenlee she cares about her.  Then she tells them both that she does not want them to think that she would do anything to sabotage this “adventure” for them.  Hearing that, Greenlee asks Erica not to tell Jack, knowing her father might not be completely on board with this. Erica realizes she is right and promises not to upset Jack.  They leave and Erica reveals that she is worried.

Jonathan comes back to his room after the MRI and Erin fluffs up his pillows.  The doctor says he’s making good progress and this will just take time.  The doctor tells them that Jonathan will soon be in a rehab facility close to his home.  Hearing that, Jonathan says: “No. No home”

When Jamie returns home, he notices that Amanda has sneaked in unexpected.  She is dressed like a sexy homemaker and is cooking.  He doesn’t seem happy to see her, but she wants to seduce him and take the place of Babe.  She tells him that there is something she is terrified of.  He asks her to get some more clothes on and tell him exactly what she is afraid of.

JR tells Babe that he is very worried that his mother might have some secret that could get her killed and is upset that he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to her.  She tells him that mothers love their kids so much that sometimes they put them in a little bubble in order to protect them.  He tells her he does not need protection.  She tells him that whatever Dixie is presently up against might be something he is better off not knowing.  She tells him that he is paranoid and untrusting of everybody, including his momma.  She tells him that maybe if he would trust Dixie and see her differently, she would see him differently, too.

At David’s, Krystal asks Adam if he has nothing better to do than follow her around.  He tells her that since she is his wife, he wants to know some things.  He implies that he thinks she might have “done something” with David.  She tells him there’s no way that would ever happen.  Adam looks carefully at Krystal’s face.  Noticing that, David tells him that he can clearly see that he has feelings for Krystal and she for him.  They both deny to him that they have any interest in each other.  David tells Adam that he must have the “hots” for Krystal, and that she is a “hottie.”  They don’t want to hear it, and Adam leaves.  Alone with Krystal, David encourages her to tell Adam about Di/Dixie.  He tells her that she must realize that if she hands him the “goods” about Dixie, he will pay her everything she asks for, but she still doesn’t want to do that.

Jamie tells Amanda if she is “in danger”, she can crash in his home if she wants.  He tells her he must change his shirt and go to work.  She then goes through his mail.  He grabs a letter from her mom, and he   notices it’s addressed to him.  Knowing that there is something she does not want him to see, she tells him that he must realize that her mother is totally certifiable and delusional and he must take anything she says or does or believes with a grain of salt.

JR tells Babe she needs to stay away from him.

Jonathan tells Erin and Ryan that Pine Valley is their “new home,” but Ryan tells his brother that they cannot go back to Pine Valley.  He tells Ryan if he does not go, then he (Jonathan) will go alone.

When Kendall and Greenlee get home, Greenlee suggests that it went better with Erica than she had expected, but Kendall thinks that her mother appeared too calm.  Greenlee then gets a phone call, hangs up and asks Kendall if she is up for an “adventure.”  She informs her that a P.I found Erin Lavery.  And she asks Kendall how she would feel about visiting Ryan’s little sister.

Erica goes to Dr. Madden and tells him he must get down on his knees and pray that her daughter Kendall is not pregnant.

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