AMC Update Tuesday 10/4/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/4/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jonathan Lavery awakens in his hospital bed and struggles to sit up. He still has a bandage on his head, but he attempts to get up to walk and falls on the floor. Right then, Ryan and Erin enter his room.

Kendall tells Dr. Madden that she hopes she is pregnant although she does not yet know that. He asks her if she’s told her mother about that. At his question, she admits she has not by telling him that she and Greenlee are “anti-negativity” and know what would happen if Erica found out. He tells her he really wishes she would tell Erica soon.

Meanwhile, Josh has finished his discussion with Erica and she has gotten him to attempt to investigate whether Kendall and Greenlee are lesbians. Greenlee enters Erica’s office, and Erica asks what she can do for her.

JR and Tad are both worried about Dixie being gone and feel that she is in danger.

Right after Dixie and Julia have been brainstorming on how to outsmart Garrett, he walks in and tells Julia he is a reasonable man, however, whether she lives or dies is all up to her.

JR tells Tad that nothing had better happen to his mother. He just got her back and Tad is responsible for her running away. Adam tells JR he must calm down. Krystal protests to him that Tad loves his momma. Adam asks how odd it is that Dixie suddenly comes back from the dead, worms her way back into her son’s heart, and then she goes and gets herself missing all over again. Tad explains that he needs to find a mysterious letter that Dixie sent him, and once he finds it, he will be able to find Dixie.

Garrett tells Julia that he can tell that she doubts his sincerity. She tells him that she blames him for Noah’s death and will never forgive him. He tells her she blames him for everything. Even the 9 years she spent in witness protection. He’d like to give her a whole new perspective, he tells her. She can focus on violence and death or she can think about 30 or 40 years of having happy, safe quality living.

Greenlee tells Erica that she oversteps in her kids’ lives. Erica asks her what she is talking about. Greenlee tells Erica she must stay out of “their lives”. Erica asks whom she is talking about. Greenlee tells Erica that she and Kendall are very close and she needs to stay out of their “relationship”. Erica tells Greenlee she knows all about the “secret”, meaning she assumes that Kendall is a lesbian and assumes that is what Greenlee is talking about. Greenlee assumes that Erica knows the secret that Kendall is her surrogate. Erica tells Greenlee that a “mother knows” as Erica knew the signs with Bianca. Hearing that, Greenlee assumes she’s talking about knowing her daughter is pregnant when she does not tell her. They talk about how much of a tragedy Ryan’s death was for her. And Erica asks Greenlee if using Kendall and being so selfish will make her loss of Ryan any easier. Again, Greenlee assumes that Erica is angry with her for asking Kendall to carry her pregnancy. Erica assumes that Greenlee is defending having a lesbian affair with Kendall.

Kendall tells Dr. Madden that she and Greenlee have agreed to the terms of the commitment. She tells him she knows it’s scary, but it’s the right thing to do. He then leaves and notices his son knocking on Kendall’s door. Josh comes and asks Kendall if she has a minute. She says sure and asks what is up. His father can see him from out the window of her home. Josh does not know how to tell Kendall exactly why he’s come to talk to her. He talks about new beginnings, changing lifestyles and speaks in generalities. Hearing that, she asks him if he sees her as a “mini focus group”. He asks her if she had to choose between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whom does he think is “hotter?” She doesn’t exactly reveal her sexual orientation to him when she tells him they are both hot, only different sexes. He asks her if she wants to “go out.” She replies that she is married. He doesn’t know how to tell her why he’s asking her for this. He tells her she’s an amazing woman and he is a guy. She tells him unless he wants his “date” to be going to the psyche ward, he better tell her what game he is playing.

The doctor comes to tell Jonathan that after his recovery, his brain needs time to rest and heal. It’s very much like a computer needing to reformat and reboot. He does admit to Ryan and Erin that their brother could have suffered some brain damage during the surgery. But he tells Jonathan that there is no reason he should not be able to regain all of his mental faculties and be as good as new. But Jonathan is still very groggy and they cannot tell what is going on with him. He says something about wanting to go back to Pine Valley. Ryan tells his brother he cannot leave. But Erin tells Ryan that maybe they should take him back to Pine Valley.

Josh asks Kendall if she is “opposed” to dating him. She doesn’t know how to answer that but asks him why he’s bringing that up. Suddenly, he blurts out, “Are you gay?” Hearing that, she asks him what in the name of Rosie O’Donnell is he talking about. He informs her that Erica asked him to find out if she and Greenlee are having an affair.

Meanwhile, Erica tells Greenlee that her “exploitation” of Kendall stops right here. She will not let Greenlee ruin her daughter’s life. Still assuming Erica is talking about the pregnancy and not knowing what she really is assuming, Greenlee tells Erica that it’s too late and the “deed is done”.

Krystal privately asks Babe whether she thinks now is the time to let Tad know that the woman whom he believes is Dixie Cooney is really Di Kirby. Babe asks her mother what she thinks. Neither knows whether Tad should be told or not.

Tad goes to ask Dell what is going on. Dell asks him what he wants. Tad tells Dell he wants to know where his (Dell’s) sister is. Dell says perhaps she is in New York. Tad tells Dell he needs to know of the man whom Kevin Sturgess works for. Dell either does not know or doesn’t want to reveal to Tad the identity of the “man behind the scenes.”

Krystal tells Babe that she believes that Di or Dixie made her own bed and if she has to lie on a bed of nails, she cannot be concerned about that. She cares about Tad but doesn’t owe Di/Dixie anything.

Dixie tells Garrett that she revealed to Julia who he really is. He tells Julia that now she has a very important responsibility on her hands. She now holds Di’s life in her hands. He tells them that they all want the same thing that Julia wants; peace, joy and enough time left to live their lives. He asks Julia whether she wants peace or revenge.

After hearing from Josh what Erica’s “concern” is, Kendall laughs uproariously and tells him she’s going to have a lot of fun with her mother. He is a little concerned that it may be at Erica’s expense. She tells him she will not rat him out. She acts really friendly to him, and  it looks to his father that the two of them might be having a thing. As soon as Kendall departs, Dr. Madden comes out and tells his son he is not to “date Kendall.” He seems to somehow know that there would be something very wrong if that were to happen.

Greenlee tells Erica that she and Kendall have “already done it”. Erica tells Greenlee that she cannot shock her. She knows that Kendall’s “behavior” is a choice. It’s not something natural or meant to be. With Bianca, she knew it from a very young age, but with Kendall it is “all wrong”. Greenlee has no clue what Erica is talking about until Kendall barges in through the door and grabs Greenlee and kisses her in what appears to be a passionate manner.  When Erica is out of an earshot, Kendall tells Greenlee to play along and that Erica believes they are lovers. After finding that out, Greenlee plays along with Kendall to make Erica think that they are both converting themselves out of heterosexual lifestyles.

After hearing Jonathan talking about going back to Pine Valley, Erin asks Ryan why he should not consider going back to Greenlee. He tells her that is not a possibility. But she protests that he is not his father. If he were the type to hurt a woman, he would have knocked her out cold many times throughout their many confrontations. He reminds her that he shot their brother. But she tells him that he had to, and maybe the rage inside him was because of the guilt he felt for killing Jonathan. She told him that when Greenlee told him that he was not like their father, maybe she was right. Erin tells Ryan that he needs to accept the fact that he is a loving man.

Tad tells Krystal that he’s just checked his cell phone messages and got the message from her that she has something to tell him that she could not leave in a message. He asks her what that is. She doesn’t know what to tell him. JR expresses to Babe that he’s very concerned about his mother. She tells him that “we” will find her. He asks her who “we” is. She tells him that she understands how he is feeling and what it would mean to her if her mother were missing. He tells her there is no comparison. Her mother is a scheming trashy slut. Babe protests to JR that his mother is not as “honorable” as he thinks. Hearing that, he asks her just what she means.

Garrett asks Julia if he can trust her. She asks him if he wants to sleep with her. He tells her that perhaps Dixie did not inform her, but he married well; he married Mimi Reed, captain of the police force. He’s very well protected and able to get away with many things. He realizes that as soon as he goes out the door, Julia could very easily get on the phone and rat him out to his wife. He tells her he realizes that trust is mutual, but first, she must get rid of all this anger and hatred. She tells him she wants to but he needs to tell her how. How does she forget that he had her husband killed and not want him dead for that? She knows what Dixie said she must do in order to sound like she needs “guidance” and “mentoring” from Garrett.

JR asks Babe what she believes he “does not know” about his mother. She tells him that she knows that he keeps everybody away from him and has no friends because whenever he talks to anybody he goes off on them. He can just say what he needs to say to her without having to go for the attack. He then impulsively tears through the office telling her that he must find the letter somewhere. He must know what it says and not be kept in the dark about it.

Adam goes to answer his door and Opal rushes in to tell Tad that she just got a tarot hand that tells her that Dixie is in trouble. Tad tells his mother that that is all interesting but he’s kind of “busy” now. Noticing Krystal standing beside Tad, she asks how “this” came slithering back into his life. Krystal reveals to Opal that she is no longer interested in Tad. She married Adam. Opal looks at Adam and he tells her if he hears one word from her, it will be her last. Opal then notices by her tarot cards that Dixie is imprisoned by a “newly wed”. Not knowing the specific circumstances, she assumes that possibly somebody like Adam has her stashed somewhere. He is a newly wed just like Garrett is.

Noticing Kendall and Greenlee looking like they are a “couple” Erica tells her daughter that she must realize that Greenlee is very unstable. She presents a theory to Kendall that Greenlee might use her and dump her. Hearing that, Kendall protests to her mother that she should not assume that Greenlee will be the one to dump her. Why should she assume that Kendall will not dump Greenlee first? Hearing that, Greenlee laughs and they both enjoy playing Erica and pretending they are lesbians. Erica tells them she’s glad that her concerns are so funny to the two of them. Kendall then tells her mother that they apologize for playing her but they could not resist when she just walked into it. Erica then goes out the door and tells them that she may have misinterpreted their secret, but she still knows that there is some secret going on which she knows nothing about, and she will unravel it.

Opal tells Tad, Adam and Krystal that tarot cards never lie. She goes on to interpret all the meanings about a person who is a “newly wed” having Dixie stashed in a tower. JR then gets a call on his phone. He does not answer it and instead gives it to Babe. She tells his contact that she is handling things for her ex-husband. He looks at her almost like he trusts her.

Garrett takes Julia’s hand in his. She tells him she will do what he asks and protect him, but he knows that she still wants to kill him. He tells her he can see it in her eyes, but he tells her he is generous. So generous that he will give her more time to “come around”. Julia and Dixie stand there silently and he goes out the door. Julia cannot restrain herself any longer and she goes to the door yelling that Garrett is a bastard and she wants him dead.

Erin tells Ryan that it would be so great for everybody if he could go back to Greenlee and the baby and he tells her he cannot.

Greenlee admits to Erica that everything she and Kendall told her in the last hour was a total scam except for Kendall saving her life. That is really true. She owes her life to Kendall for what she has done for her. Hearing that, Erica asks if their relationship is from “Beaches,” and that Kendall is  the wind beneath my wings” where the two heterosexual women have a “co-dependent” relationship. She tells Kendall that she must realize how much time and agony they both went through (Erica and Kendall) in order to develop their love and trust of each other. She urges her daughter to please tell her what is going on. Hearing that, Kendall concludes that she will tell her mother the truth.

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