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All My Children Update Monday 10/3/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

In the bank vault, Zach wonders out loud why Dixie would send Tad on this wild goose chase. He tells Tad that the love of Dixie’s life isn’t him or Kevin Sturges but is behind door number three, the killer himself. He says Dixie gave her heart to the dragon. She’s keeping Tad on a string, he says. She deserted him three years ago, was thrown into prison and worked her way back into his heart. Now she has ditched him again. Tad tells Zach he doesn’t know the first thing about Dixie. He says he thinks she’s out there begging for Julia’s life.

Di is trying to convince Julia to go along with her or they’ll both be murdered. Julia is looking around for a weapon to harm Garret but Di says Garret is a master who won’t be outsmarted. She says there’s only one way to get out of here. They need to convince Garret that they won’t turn him in. Julia doesn’t want to let Garret get away with ruining her life. Di says they don’t have to keep their promise. As soon as they’re free they can go to the cops.

Erica stops over at Kendall’s to talk to her about Greenlee. Erica says she has watched Kendall reach out to Greenlee and Greenlee is lucky to have her. But Erica wonders why she spends all her free time with Greenlee. Kendall says there’s not much else to do. Erica tells her she has a life of her own and she’s giving up herself for Greenlee. Kendall says it’s nice to be needed. She explains her relationship with Greenlee isn’t the way it used to be. They’ve stumbled onto something much deeper. She says it’s all about caring and sharing. Erica asks how close are they. Kendall says she loves Greenlee and Greenlee loves her. She says she would do anything for her. It sure beats falling for Zach. Kendall goes inside.

JR and Babe find that Krystal and Adam slept in the same bed together. Krystal insists nothing conjugal happened, but Adam tells her she wrapped her arms around him after he fell asleep. JR says he’s going to be sick and walks out of the bedroom. Adam says he needs a shower and walks out. Babe, now alone with Krystal, says she got the truth out of David. Dixie is really Di Kirby, Dixie’s half-sister. Krystal is stunned. She checked out Dixie’s family tree and found no half-sister. Babe explains that Di was given away as a baby. Krystal asks how David found that out. Babe says Dixie told David in Switzerland just before she died. Krystal says as much as it galls her, she has to say Adam was right about Dixie. Adam walks back in and asks what she means. Krystal covers, telling Adam he was right about sleeping in the same bedroom. It was hell, she says. Adam says he assumes she’ll be vacating. She says hell no, but watch out tonight as she’ll be kicking back. After Adam leaves again, Krystal says she won’t share this news with Adam and Babe shouldn’t tell JR either. Babe says she wouldn’t say anything as the last time she suggested Dixie wasn’t really his mother made him hate her more. Babe leaves and Krystal calls Tad, leaving a message that she has something to tell him that he’s not going to want to hear.

Zach tells Tad that when they get out of here he’ll take over the investigation into Dixie’s letter. Alfred arrives to let them out of the vault. He opens the door and walks in, then Tad walks out and locks Alfred in the vault.

Julia asks Di how they can play Garret. Di says Garret has to feel like he’s in control. She comments about how well he’s treating them. There’s one reason he’s keeping them alive, it’s to seduce them. Julia says Garret better not lay one hand on her. Di says no offense, but she’s too old for Garret. She says Garret wants their worship. Once he thinks he has beaten them, they’ll beat him.

Erica goes to New Beginnings to see Josh. She interrupts him as he tries to tell her about a new guest, saying she has something he needs to do. She wants him to find out if her daughter is gay. Josh says he thought she already knew Bianca is gay. Erica says she’s talking about Kendall. She says Kendall has had horrible luck with men and now spends all her time with Greenlee. Josh says she’s helping her friend through a tough time. Erica says that’s what she thought at first, but she walked in on them and they were talking about rubbing each other’s feet. She has a feeling something is going on. She says they give each other certain looks and speak in a certain code. Now Kendall professes to love Greenlee.

Kendall leaves her residence but retreats when she sees Zach arriving at his home with an employee. After the employee leaves, Kendall comes out and says if he dies while she’s pregnant she’ll kill him. Zach asks if she’s pregnant, but she says she doesn’t know. She says she doesn’t need the stress of a dead husband if she is. Zach says he’s not going to do anything she asks when she never gives back. She says she wants to. He asks her what she wants to give him. She struggles for what to say. He suggests she whisper it to him and gets close to her. She whispers in his ear that she’s willing to allow him to seek a divorce. She says it had been up to her to seek a divorce but she wants to give him that option since she may be pregnant with another man’s baby. She doesn’t want him to be embarrassed. He says he doesn’t want to divorce her. She agrees there will be no divorce. He compliments her for looking radiant. She says it’s probably because she’s with child. He tells her to keep him in the loop so he can buy cigars.

Erica tells Josh that Greenlee is the most selfish, demanding woman she has ever known and won’t stand by and let her hurt Kendall. Josh says he hardly knows Kendall, but Erica says he’s in a position to get close to her. She says he doesn’t have to take her to bed, but he can make a pass at her to see how she responds. Josh says there’s a slight possibility she may not be into him and that would not mean she’s gay. Erica says every woman with a libido would find him irresistible. Josh agrees to help Erica but says he thinks she’s off on this one.

Babe is in the living room at Chandler mansion, where JR says her attempt to trap him back into marriage isn’t going to work. Babe says she’s sick of marriage, especially the one upstairs. She says if her mother stays marriage to Adam she’s afraid he’ll hurt her. She wants to figure out a way that her mother will let go of this craziness. She asks JR for suggestions. He asks if she’s asking him to team up with her to bust up their parents. Babe says it’s not a bad idea. She says he could work Adam while she works on her mother.

Meanwhile, Adam hands Krystal some cash for a suite at the Valley Inn. Krystal says she’s staying here so he can’t claim she deserted him. Del knocks on Adam’s door and is surprised to see Krystal. He recognizes her from when they met at BJ’s. She introduces herself as the new Mrs. Adam Chandler. Del asks Adam if he has seen Dixie this morning.

Tad walks into Chandler mansion and asks JR if he’s seen Dixie. Del walks in and says Dixie is not here and her bed was not slept in. Tad says he thinks Dixie is in big trouble. He’s afraid she’s trying to make a deal with the dragon. JR says there’s no way his mother would be connected to this crime boss killer. Tad says they need to work on finding Julia. He asks JR if she said anything about a letter to be opened in the event of her death. Adam says he will alert the house to search the grounds for the letter. Adam returns with a maid, who has a note that Di gave her for Tad. Tad reads the letter, in which Di apologizes for telling him Alfred had the letter and having him locked in the vault. She says she had to get away and knew he would follow her. She tells him to stay away so she can do what she needs to do. Tad says Dixie has gone to meet with the dragon and doesn’t expect to come back alive.

Di shows Julia an old picture of herself. She tells her how she was 17 when she came to New York. She was stealing a candy bar when she met Garret. He paid for the candy and took her in, opening up the world to her. She had three incredible years with him until she grew up and began challenging him. Then he set her free. Julia says Dixie was still in Pigeon Hollow when she was 17. How could she possibly have been with Garret? Di says she’s right. Dixie Cooney never knew Garret Williams. Julia asks if she’s not Dixie, who is she. She accuses her of being used by Garret to track her down. Julia grabs Di by the neck and tries to strangle her. Di breaks free and insists that she is on Julia’s side. She explains that she’s not Dixie, but rather Dixie’s half sister. She says she stole the life of a dead woman. Di says she didn’t set out to steal Dixie’s life but stumbled into it. Julia says she’s fooled everyone. Di explains she has stayed quiet about the man after Julia because she would lose Dixie’s life. But she says she could not let Julia die. Julia asks her if she loves Tad. Di says she does with her own heart, not Dixie’s heart. Di tells Julia they have to play Garret’s game. Just then Garret returns and asks how his girls are doing this morning.

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