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All My Children Update Friday 9/30/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe goes to the falls and is followed by David, who tells her she drove like a madwoman. He suggests that maybe she can see more clearly here that he had to tell JR about her crazy plan. A tearful Babe tells him that if he wants to help her he can give her one of his drugs that causes amnesia so she can forget her life and him and push him over this cliff. David tells her that JR hurt her before and will do it again. Babe tells David he’s the one causing her grief. David asks what if she convinces herself she’s in love with the jerk.

Krystal is in her robe getting ready for bed in Adam’s bedroom. He walks in, also in his robe, and orders her to get out. She says this is her room but he says it’s his room. She says that ever since he trapped her into this marriage she became co-owner of this house. Adam tells her to get out before he throws her out. He puts himself on the bed. She says all he has to do is divorce her and give her half of everything and she’ll get out. She pulls the bed spread, knocking Adam out of the bed.

On the Chandler terrace, Kendall tells JR that she can’t open herself up to someone who will bite her in the butt. JR tells her not to tell him she’s falling for her husband. She says it’s completely insane. There’s no way she could be dumb enough to fall for someone like that. She says they have nothing in common. Zach is responsible for half of the bad things in this town and he’s totally not her type. JR tells her to blow him off. Kendall says he’s right. She asks how can you fall for someone you hate. JR zones out, thinking about himself. He returns his attention to Kendall and says if you feel something for someone you hate, smack it down. “Oh, my God,” Kendall states. “You are falling for Babe again.”

Tad and Zach are at the bank, urging Alfred to give them Dixie’s letter. Zach asks Tad when he realized that Dixie was lying to him. Tad tells Alfred that since they go way back he needs to give him the letter. Alfred comments that Zach is a valued bank customer. He claims that Dixie never gave him a document.

Di goes to Garret’s place and they hug. Julia, who’s locked in the bedroom, is listening at the door. She calls Garret a coward for bringing someone else in to do his dirty work. Di tells Garret to let her take Julia home. Garret ignores her statement and says he’s been expecting her. She looks around the room and comments that things look different but the memories haven’t changed. He found her and brought her here when she was 17 and stupid and showed her the world. She asks if Julia’s in the bedroom. Garret says she’s settling in. Julia tells herself she’ll keep her promise to Noah and begins opening drawers and looking all over the room. Di tells Garret that she believes she can trust him. He says he doesn’t want to hurt Julia or anyone else. Di reminds him that her letter is still out there. From the bedroom, Julia pounds on the door and demands to be let out. Di comments that it doesn’t sound like Julia is settling in. Garret tells her that no one loved her better than him and it’s a shame they have to come to this, where she has to protect herself with a letter. She tells him he taught her well, and he helped her get the life she has now. Garret asks her to tell him about her new life and love, Tad Martin.

Tad and Zach continue to urge Alfred to hand over the letter until Alfred says he can’t take it anymore. He tells Tad he’ll take him to get Dixie’s letter.

JR tells Kendall to chill out. He wasn’t saying anything about Babe. Kendall tells him he was getting weird. She asks if he still hates her and he says more than ever, yuck. She calls Babe a string of names and he says he agrees with her. Kendall says she thinks Babe is after him and wants him back. JR says he’s not interested. But, she says, he must have thought about it. He insists that he doesn’t want Babe. But he can tell her what he does want, and kisses Kendall.

Babe tells David she doesn’t need him to save her from JR. She has her momma. She says her momma thought she was crazy too until she decided to help. David asks if she’s helping by marrying Adam Chandler. Babe wants to know how to get David to go away. David says he’ll never leave her and will do everything in his power to help keep her away from the Chandlers. Babe says if she marries JR, she’ll get to be with her son all the time. David says she would lose her soul in the process. She says she’d go to hell for her son.

Krystal says she’s the lady of the house, but Adam says she’s no lady. She says he’s no gentleman. She says he might as well hand it over, starting with this. She takes a painting off the wall. Adam grabs the painting and asks if they can work this out quietly. Krystal takes off her robe to reveal a sexy nightgown. Adam tells her to cover herself. He’s going to get a nightcap and wants her gone when he returns. She says the second he leaves she’ll lock the door. Adam says come to think of it, he does have an early morning. He gets into bed. Krystal asks what he thinks he’s doing.

Julia is trashing Garret’s bedroom. She turns over a chair and breaks a leg off of it. She carves the leg to a point to use it as a knife. Di tells Garret she doesn’t want to talk about Tad. He says he wants her to be happy and as a final gift he urges her to walk away. Don’t risk her life for a stranger. Garret asks if Tad Martin’s light makes her shine and how would she like it if that light went out.

Alfred takes Tad to a secured cell and Zach is right behind them. Tad thinks he’s going to get the letter but instead Alfred locks both men in the cell. He laughs and says Tad has been had. Finally he has one-upped Tad Martin in the game of life. Zach asks Alfred if he’s sure he wants to include him in this. Alfred says absolutely not, but he’s being a good sport. He tells them the door will open at 8:30 in the morning. He has left some water and snacks for them. Tad orders Alfred to open the gate as lives are at stake. Alfred says that’s exactly what a little bird told him he would say. Zach asks if the little bird is a blue-eyed blonde and Alfred gives him kudos. He says he’s honored to be in on Dixie’s plan. Tad tells him he’ll make him sorrier than he’s ever been in his life, but Alfred leaves them alone.

Di tells Garret she used the letter as bait and no one will see it. She asks if he’s going to allow her to walk away with Julia. Garret says Julia hunted him and she’ll either go to authorities or come after him with a gun. He can’t risk that. Di says she could talk to Julia and convince her to walk away from this and forget him. Garret decides to let Julia come out of the room. Di asks if she can talk to her alone first and he agrees. Garret opens the door and Julia barges out with the pointed stake pointed at him. Garret grabs it from her hand.

Babe tells David she’s out of options. He cannot help her. He wouldn’t tell her Dixie’s secret. David says throwing herself at JR is not the answer. He says he didn’t mean to make things worse for her. He doesn’t want to see her hurt. She says if he costs her her son, he will have killed her.

Kendall gives JR a document which gives him back Chandler Enterprises. She says she talked to Bianca who worked her magic. JR is touched, saying this is his legacy and his son’s legacy. He says she has given him back his name. He says he’ll owe her forever. She says she may take him up on it, maybe sooner than he thinks.

Krystal taunts Adam by writing “Mrs. Adam Chandler” and “Krystal Carey Chandler” on paper. She says she’ll have to get her new stationary. She decides to turn in and gets into the bed with Adam. As he stares at her she states “you wish.” He says he’d rather have a heart attack. As they attempt to sleep, Adam glares at Krystal, who pretends to be asleep. When he’s not looking she slyly smiles.

Tad can’t get a signal on his cell phone. Zach angrily asks Tad where Julia is right now. Is she alive or dead? He calls Tad an idiot who thought love would conquer all. Tad recalls Di admitting to telling lies but declaring her love for him.

Babe tells David to get out of her life. She wants nothing more to do with him. David tells her that Dixie isn’t Dixie. She was born Di Henry, Dixie’s half sister.

Garret puts his arm around Di and says he’ll let the two of them talk. He leaves and Julia asks her who the hell is she. Has she been in on this whole thing? Di tells her to shut up or she’ll get them both killed.

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