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Written By Jenn
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Erica goes to the restaurant Alfred Vanderpool, from the bank, tells her that he watches her show all the time and is so impressed. She then goes to find Dr. Madden and tells him that she needs to talk to him and wants him to cut through the b.s. She tells him that if he does not come clean and tell her the “secret” everybody is keeping from her about Greenlee’s and Ryan’s baby, she is going to expose him on her show.

Zach tells Kendall and Greenlee that he does have a problem with their surrogacy plan. They demand to know what is up with him when he previously told them he was on board with them.

David tells JR that Babe is plotting a plan to marry JR. Krystal knows she must “call his bluff” and tells David he mustn’t say something like that about his daughter and there’s no way that will happen. He explains to all of them that he knows about Babe’s plan. He heard it from Jamie. He knows Jamie has been watching Babe and knows what is going on with her. JR then asks Babe if that is true.

Dixie asks Tad why he has a problem with the fact that she’s finally decided to come clean and reveal the secrets about the guy who’s after Julia. She only wants to do it indirectly, however, by having him “connect the dot” in the letter she left. He tells her that he doesn’t have time to play riddles and wishes she would just reveal the name of the guy who is endangering Julia.

When Garrett holds a gun on Julia, she admits that she now knows who he is. She tells him that she thought he’d be the one to die today, but instead she is. He tells her she doesn’t have to die. She tells him it’s very clear and they both know that if he doesn’t kill her, she will kill him. He confirms that it’s because Noah meant the world to her. Now he’s gone and Zach cannot think that she will let him get away with that. He then assures her that he is not as bad as all that, and he gives her his gun. She pulls out the chamber and notices that there are no bullets in it, and she realizes that he loves playing power trips and scaring people. He tells her that he hates violence. He tells her that he has spared her life and has known all about her as he’s been tracking her every move for 9 years.

Tad tells Dixie he doesn’t care how she reveals the name of the guy who is the Dragon. She can give him a social security number or address or anything for all he cares. She tells him that it’s not that simple. She’s known that if she reveals the identity of the guy, that she will not be able to face him (Tad). He asks her how it would not only affect Julia, but affect them as well. She tells him that she’s tried to get through to him not to endanger Julia and convince him that neither she nor Julia are a threat to him. Tad gets frustrated and tells her that it is very obvious to the guy that they both (she and Julia) can be very dangerous to him. When one gives their word to a murderer, all promises can be null and void. This guy murdered Julia’s husband, and shot up Wildwind. She has no reason to consider him or have trust issues with him or anything. She must reveal this jackass once and for all.

Dr. Madden tells Erica that he understands her concern for Greenlee. But he is sworn by doctor/patient confidentiality laws. He already told her about the “treatment” he’s discussed with Greenlee. But she tells him she knows that Greenlee and Kendall have some sort of secret that they are keeping from her. He tells her that it will be up to both of her daughters to tell her of their own accord. She then goes with the Alfred to her table, where she meets Opal and Myrtle. Dr. Madden notices Erica greeting her friends and eyes them coldly.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she has to see that Zach cannot handle having his wife carrying another man’s baby. He tells her he’s not concerned about that. Kendall asks Zach if he thinks she would bail on her best friend after giving Greenlee her word. Zach tells them that he does not question Kendall’s loyalty and integrity. Greenlee, again, tells Kendall that she needs to get rid of Zach. But neither Kendall nor Zach responds to her saying that.

Krystal confronts David for exposing Babe’s secret. She tells him he’s a no good piece of dirt, and asks him how many times is he going to trash that girl’s life?  She tells him that she ought to drop-kick him. Hearing that, Adam tells her he wishes he had a video camera.

JR asks Babe what is up with her. She tells him that she’s too tired to fight. He tells her he realizes that but after what her father said; it’s a little too hard to forget. So he asks her if she’s playing him because he believes she is.

David tells Krystal that they both know what Babe is up to and if she cares about their daughter she will not let JR use her as target practice. Adam then tells them he has to videotape them. They ignore him and keep arguing until Adam “accidentally” knocks David out by hitting him with the video camera.

JR tells Babe if she thinks she’s going to follow in her mother’s footsteps and “wrangle” another Chandler to the altar, she’s got another think coming. She asks him what he’s afraid of. She tells him she knows that he’s terrified that she might be able to win him back.

Erica interacts with Myrtle, Opal and Palmer after she’s gotten her award. She tells them that Jack and the kids couldn’t make it but she’s so happy she has her extended family. Dr. Madden tells her that she should be happy for Greenlee even if she doesn’t know everything about what she’s doing. Erica tells him it’s not just her own worry. She understands and is ok with Greenlee having Ryan’s baby. But she’s concerned about her husband. Jack is very worried about what his daughter is getting herself into and also what exactly is Kendall’s role in all of this.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she hears her, but now is not the time for her to divorce Zach. It may not be good for the baby. Greenlee tells her she does not understand how a marriage that is nothing more than a “business deal” cannot be ended when she’s pregnant. They end business deals all the time at Fusion. But Kendall admits that while she will be hormonal throughout the next 9 months, she might need somebody to “help” her. Kendall and Zach imply to Greenlee that they might have feelings for each other beyond a mere business deal. Greenlee does not seem amused and asks Zach if he plans to divulge their secret to Erica.

Dr. Madden tells Erica that he intends to “help” her with her husband to the best of his ability. But he will not give her any confidential information. He admits that he does not understand Jack’s attitude. Why does he have so much intolerance and no love toward what will be his grandchild? He tells her that all babies are miracles and asks if she agrees.

JR tells Babe that he’s not about to get sucked into marriage with her. Having it happen to him once in his life was enough torture for one life. He tells her that he does not care for Jamie but knows he would not lie about something like that. Jamie must know what he’s talking about when he says that she’s plotting a plan to remarry JR. Babe tells JR he only knows the “old Jamie”. The one she knows would not hesitate to tell a lie like that to David for the sole purpose of preventing her and JR from getting back together.

Julia tells Garrett he must have thought he was really special when he played both Noah and her. He tells her that he did everything he could to keep her safe but when she decided to take her life into her own hands, he had to make his move. She asks him why, if he wants to kill her, he did not do it long ago. Why is she still breathing? He tells her it’s because he’s not through with her. He wants them to get to know each other.

Tad asks Dixie why she believes that seeing what she wrote in the letter about the guy could cause “trust issues” between them. He tells her that after all they have been through for the entire time they’ve known each other, he doubts there’s very much that he could not handle. She admits to him that she’s kept many secrets from him. But she assures him that she really and truly loves him. He tells her she is once again acting like everything will be over as soon as he opens the stupid letter. She tells him it could.

Zach tells Kendall that she can stay in the VIP suite if she needs a place to stay while he’s gone. She tells him thank you but she’s cool staying in her apartment when he’s gone. He leaves and she tells Greenlee that they may not have to worry about him any more. Greenlee tells Kendall that she was freaking because she was thinking that Kendall might actually be falling for that guy. Kendall laughs and gives Greenlee a “hypothetical” about “what if” she was falling for the guy. Why would Greenlee care? Greenlee asks Kendall why she’d even think such a thing. Kendall tells Greenlee that she must remember a very similar situation where many people wanted her to break up with Ryan. Greenlee tells Kendall that Zach has a terribly bad track record and doesn’t exactly have what it takes for a stable marriage. He’s putting his life in danger to protect Maria’s sister and he killed a guy at Wildwind so Kendall must realize he’s not exactly “husband material”.

Julia tells Garrett that he actually must think he can get her. She tells him he is totally and utterly demented and he does not have a chance in hell. She runs into the bedroom and falls on the bed. He stares after her with more lust than venom.

Dixie tells Tad that she’s done so many selfish things and cannot, many times, even look at herself in the mirror. He tells her he does not care. He does not expect her to be perfect. He is the farthest thing from perfect on this earth. And all that matters is that God gave them a chance to be together again. She then tells him she must go and say good night to Little Adam and whatever is going to happen with them will happen. She tells him that Alfred had the letter. She asked him to hide it and does not know exactly where Alfred has hidden it. He kisses her and leaves, and Dixie is stunned as she watches him leave.

JR tells Babe that he remembers Brooke busting them both for doing something behind her back when they were teenagers. He wanted to think up a good story to get them out of trouble. But Jamie told JR they must tell the truth because he could not betray the trust of somebody he loved. Realizing that he knows that Jamie is correct in his assessment that she wants to marry JR, she tells him what she wants him to believe is the “real story” about why she wants to remarry him. She tells him that when she broke up with Jamie, she was devastated, so she went to her father for a hug. He offered her no support, and she then wondered what it would be like if Little Adam’s parents could be together. Recognizing JR’s attitude, she now knows it could never happen. After telling JR this, she walks out, and David supposedly passed out on the ground. Krystal and Adam tell her that David got what he deserved. Babe obviously assumes her father is faking “unconsciousness”. She hits him over the head and tells him he must wake up.

Myrtle tells Opal and Palmer that she knows the secret that Erica is not able to unravel involving Greenlee’s baby. Remember, she heard it from Zach.

Erica keeps working on Dr. Madden to give her some clue or revelation about Greenlee’s plan. Right then they notice Zach Slater enter and announce that he is there to see Erica. He tells her that congratulations are in order. She asks him for what exactly.

Alone, JR reflects and remembers Babe telling him that she considered the possibility of Little Adam’s parents getting back together, but then gave up on trying to reconnect with him. Right before he can give it another thought, however, Kendall appears.

Zach tells Erica that he wanted to pay his respects to her because he’s all about “new beginnings.”

When David awakens, Babe tells her father he must come with her somewhere where there are not any witnesses.

Tad goes to find Alfred and asks about the “letter” that Dixie wrote and handed over to him. Alfred asks him why everybody is so interested in this “letter”. Tad asks who else is interested in the letter. Alfred replies that Tad is and so is Zach Slater.

Garrett has Julia locked in the room and he gets a call. He tells Dixie over the phone that he was expecting her and that he wanted her to hurry up to join him in his special pad.

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