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Right when Krystal is getting settled in the Chandler Mansion, Babe asks her mother if she is sure it was not the moonshine that made her want to marry Adam because she cannot imagine not needing some 200 proof cocktails in order to marry Adam. Krystal tells her daughter that maybe she could realize that she is a genius. Babe tells her mother that being Mrs. Chandler is as crazy for Krystal as it was for her. Krystal tells Babe that if she expects to marry JR and not have him ruin her, she will need her mother’s help. She tells Babe that she knows how to let Adam and JR not know what hit them when they are done with her.

JR asks his father how he can do something like this. Adam admits that most of the details were foggy due to booze. JR asks his father how this could get any worse. Right then, David Hayward enters and demands to know where his daughter is. JR tells David she’s right upstairs and he can take her. JR says he’s had enough of her. David is ready to physically attack JR and tells him he’s a slimeball for what he heard he’s done to Babe.

Garrett takes Julia to a place where she can stay. It seems like a decent place. He tells her this is a very special place. Nobody knows about it except the people he wants to know about it.

Mimi tells Dixie that she needs to know who this man is who is threatening Julia’s life. Dixie tells her she doesn’t know anything. Mimi tells Dixie not according to Zach Slater. Dixie tells Mimi that Zach Slater is a liar.

Tad goes to see Zach in his jail cell and tells him that every time he opens his mouth or does anything, he gets in trouble. Outside, Kendall asks Derek why he is holding her husband. He tells her that Zach knows something and is going to be in custody until he reveals it. Greenlee, who has accompanied Kendall, tells her this is it. This is where Kendall gets rid of Zach for good.

JR tells David he does not know what has happened to him and that he must be taking his own meds. David tells JR that he knows that he is taking advantage of his daughter. Adam tells David that he must take that piece of trash daughter of his and her gold digger mother and get them out of there. JR tells his father that maybe he better not mess with Krystal. They first need to talk to a lawyer. David asks them what is going on. Adam tells David that his daughter’s mother is insane. And if he does not get both of those pieces of trailer trash out of his home, he will call a priest and get them exorcised.

Babe asks her mother how she could have consummated the marriage with Adam, and Krystal tells her maybe she doesn’t want to hear the details after she’s eaten. Krystal tells her daughter that she got Adam drunk and even though he is rich, he is still a man. He fell for her ploy. She got a reverend to make it legal and a videotape that proved what Adam did. Babe asks if they went to the hotel and passed out. Krystal doesn’t know how to answer that and wants to change the subject.

Derek tells Kendall that she and her husband have some explaining to do. Greenlee tells Kendall that the cops think she is involved in a murder. Kendall says she’s not worried about what Zach will do and she cannot be forced to testify against him because of spousal privilege. When Kendall comes to see Zach in the slammer, he tells her she needs to go home. Derek tells them that either somebody talks or Zach stays in the slammer. Zach tells Derek he has nothing to say. Derek then reminds Kendall that he brought her in there in order to shed some light on this mystery. And he reminds her that Tad told him that she saw something that only Zach and Julia know about.

Garrett assures Julia that he has top security for her in this new place. He reveals that he has many secrets that the fire department and city zoning know nothing about. She asks him why he needs a place like this. He tells her he was burned once by corporate spies so he needs this place. He asks her who this mysterious guy is and what he is called. She tells him he’s called the dragon. She expresses amazement that Garrett that he did not exactly come from privileged upbringings, but now he has all this. He tells her that he really appreciated Noah. He tells her there is only one bedroom. She can sleep there. And he will sleep on the couch. He asks her what she will do when she finally finds out who this man is, and what she plans to do.

Dixie tells Mimi, at the station, that she has no answer, and that Mimi is wasting her time. There is nothing she knows. Mimi tells her a few corpses would disagree and she asks Dixie who she is protecting.

Kendall asks Derek where the proof is that her husband broke the law. Derek says he just needs to get some answers from Zach. Greenlee suggests calling Jack to represent Zach while he gets questioned. Derek then tells them he has something to do, and that he will be right back and he expects information when he returns. Tad tells Kendall that she better get a lawyer for herself and Zach like Greenlee suggested. Zach tells her she must not get involved in this and must keep her mouth shut. It’s the only way she will not be in danger.

Julia tells Garrett that she used to dream for a long time that the dragon organization would disappear and she and Noah would have their lives back. But she’s long since given up on dreaming about anything. She tells him that for a long time, she has wanted to come face-to-face with the man who got her husband killed. He then tells her that breakfast is ready.

Krystal tells Babe that Adam was raring to go and that old coot still has some spark. Babe tells her mother she is ready to throw up hearing about it. But Krystal tells her that she knows that if Adam can do what he did, she knows how to make him putty in her hands. Babe asks Krystal if she still has feelings for Tad. Krystal tells her that she has given up on Tad long ago. She’s not going to wait around for him like a sap. She knows what she wants and what she needs to do.

JR tells his father that he has completely lost it. Adam tells his son he better stop treating him like a senile old man. JR tells him then he’d better stop acting like one. David hears their argument, demands to know what they are talking about, as he has no idea what happened.

Krystal tells Babe that she has leverage to get money from Adam and will use it to her benefit. Babe tells her mother she has a lot of savvy, but does she really want to see Adam day-in and day-out? Krystal tells her she can do it just like Babe can handle being around JR.

They go downstairs and hear David asking the two idiots what they are talking about. JR tells his father that he has stooped low enough to take “Hayward’s leftovers”. Adam yells that he wants her out of his house. Krystal then enters and says, “You wouldn’t do that, candy pants.” David asks what is going on. She tells him that she is now Mrs. Adam Chandler. He tells her she must drop this and realize that she hates him as much as he hates her. She tells them all that she married Adam. They are all grossed out to hear it. Babe tells JR that she tried to talk to her mother but she would not listen. And she tells him she intends to talk her mother out of this craziness. He tells her he does not trust her. She tells him believe it or not, she is on his side.

When Mimi is trying unsuccessfully to find out the truth from Dixie, Derek enters and she leaves. He tells her she has some friends she needs to talk to.

Greenlee tells Kendall, outside of Zach’s jail cell, that she needs to protect herself from what could happen. Derek enters and asks if anybody here has come to a meeting of the minds. Zach tells him he won’t hear anything different, unless Ms. Cooney wants to tell him differently. Kendall tells Derek that Zach and Julia killed this Jimmy guy in self-defense and Zach saved Julia’s life. She tells him she will swear to it under oath. Derek then concludes that maybe Zach and all the others should be released. They will help them a lot more out there than in here, and they might lead the cops to Julia Santos.

Julia tells Garrett that she had to drop out of nursing school. She really misses helping sick people, and she mainly misses people calling her by her real name, having coffee with friends at the mall, all the things the rest of the world takes for granted. He seems to understand what “this guy” took from her. Right then she accidentally spills some hot coffee on his shirt. But when he takes it off, she notices the DRAGON tattoo on his back. She stares at it and remembers that Jimmy told her that the tough guy who ordered Noah’s death is the dragon. He changes his shirt and notices that she is stunned. She tells him that she hopes she can count on him to help her find the man who got Noah killed. He promises her that she will “be there until the very end”.

David tells babe that he knows what she is up to. Krystal tells JR that he needs to talk some sense into his daddy. She tells Adam if he gives her half the cash and royalties, she will be out of this hacienda real fast. Right then Tad and Dixie enter and she asks them to congratulate her since she is the new Mrs. Adam Chandler. Tad asks if she is serious, and then asks Krystal if they can talk for a second. He tells Dixie he has a couple things to discuss with her also. Dixie asks if somebody would like to clue her in. JR tells her it’s a long sick story, and that he will clue her in later. She asks David what he’s doing there. He tells her she looks worried. Outside, Tad asks Krystal if she’s really thought about this. She tells him she knows what she’s doing. He tells her he really cares about her and cannot let her get herself mixed up in this. She tells him that he need not worry about her. He can go off with Dixie and she will be fine. He tells her if there is ever anything she needs or anything he can do to call him and she promises she will holler.

When Greenlee, Kendall and Zach go home, Greenlee tells Kendall that Derek could easily nail her for being an accessory. Zach asks Kendall why she wanted to save his hide. Does she really care about him? She tells him of course she does. Whether he likes it or not, he is her husband and business partner. If he goes to jail, they both lose the casinos and gaming rights and she will lose a ton of money. He confirms that it’s only business. She asks Greenlee to leave them alone and she tells him that she knows he’s going to keep this up and keep putting his life on the line for Julia. But he tells her he does not plan on dying, and that he has too much to live for.

At the Chandler Mansion, Tad tells Dixie he’d like to talk to her alone. Babe then tells David he needs to leave. She tells her father that he must know that she’s disowned him many times. But he tells her that he will not let her go through with this. She can come with him and he will be there for her. She tells him he must stay out of her business. She is not going to change her plans for anybody, including him.

Zach tells Kendall that he should go and he thanks her for looking out for him. He then asks her if she still plans to go through with this surrogacy thing. She tells him no. He walks away knowing she is lying if she says she has decided against it. She stops him, smiles and tells him she’s already gone through with it and might be pregnant right now. He looks at her in shock and she asks him what is going on.

When David is convinced that his daughter will not listen to him, he informs JR that Babe plans to marry him again.

Dixie then tells Tad that he can have all of her evidence so he can nail the dragon to the wall.

Garrett tells Julia he’s going to go and take a shower and she can help herself to more coffee. Right then, she hustles to get out of there and he pulls a gun on her.

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