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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

When Adam finally returns from his “unexpected wedding”, JR asks his father where he has been. Adam is not proud to tell his son what just happened. JR asks him why he took the jet and looks so tired. Adam cannot answer that.

At the hospital, David notices Jamie wearing his doctor’s coat and looking very sure of himself. Jamie observes David and laughs that he’s pushing a mop and no longer a doctor. David asks Jamie if it was really worth dumping his (David’s) daughter for all of this.

Babe goes to the Chandler house and asks JR where Adam is. He wonders why she is concerned. They both seem to know that Adam and Krystal have been gone for the same amount of time and it might mean something that they don’t want to consider but which they can both figure out.

Danielle and Josh are having lunch together. She tells him she really appreciated him for accompanying her to her mom’s wedding, and that she would not have been able to face it without him. He tells her that “that guy” (Garrett) is as much a part of his life as he is of her life. He tells her it was well worth a few bruises to put him in his place. Right then, Amanda enters and demands to know what Josh is doing with this other woman. Danielle appears to be as protective toward Josh as he’s been toward her when she hears Amanda trashing him.

Krystal comes downstairs and announces to Babe and JR that she’s married Adam and JR can now call her his stepmother. Neither Babe nor JR knows what to think or say.

Tad urges Dixie to stop protecting this guy whose identity she knows but will not reveal. She again tells him she has nothing to say. He reminds her that this guy turned her boyfriend into sushi and will kill Julia if something is not done. Dixie tells Tad that Julia will at least be safe where the cops and the feds are taking her. But Zach is not happy and is determined to stop at nothing until Dixie reveals the identity of this guy.

When Julia is riding in the car with Garrett, she seems to have no clue who he is. She tells him she’s going to Philadelphia and appreciates the ride.

JR and Babe are both stunned and cannot believe either of their respective parents could have been “possessed” to marry the other. Krysal confirms that it’s all true. She goes into all the details of how, while drunk, Adam got down on his knees and asked her to marry him.

Amanda tells Josh that she and Jamie have a thing going on. He tells her she is fooling herself to think that she has a future with Jamie. She needs to realize he is not over Babe. She suggests that he consider Babe romantically. He tells her he’s not about to do that because he knows she is still in love with Jamie.

At the police station, Zach is urging Dixie to talk in order to save Julia from the Dragon and blaming Tad for the fact that she’s refusing. When Zach finds out that Julia is being taken to a federal facility, he cannot accept that. But Dixie and Tad both tell him that one thing he can be grateful for is that she will not get killed, the way she might if she keeps running. He questions if Julia really is safe where she is now, and he has a point, there doesn’t he?  Mimi then comes in and announces that she’s just found out that Julia escaped.

While riding with Garrett, Julia is momentarily uneasy when she notices he is not driving in the direction of Philly. He is able, however, to get her to trust him and tells her a story about his friendship with her husband. She believes him when he tells her that he and Noah were old childhood buddies. Although she has never met this man and doesn’t know who he really is, she doesn’t question his story. He tells her that when Noah was in witness protection, he was the first person Noah contacted. Having no clue whether that was true, she believes it. He tells her that her husband looked him up because he had money and influence and knew that Garrett could help him nail the guy who forced them both into witness protection. She asks him why he doesn’t just walk away now that he has a safe and easy life. He tells her he cannot do that until he finds the person who took away the best friend he’s ever had. Hearing that, she believes they are definitely on the same page.

Mimi, Tad, Zach and Dixie all argue about what it will mean for Julia to be on the run and who is responsible for it.

Garrett knows how to work on Julia, telling her that he has to ask her for something very difficult. He has to ask her to trust him. Although she cannot trust him to get her to Philly, she must know he is on a mission. He tells her he was not able to save Noah, so she must let him save her instead.

When David and Jamie are arguing about Babe and Tad and JR, Jamie reveals to David that Babe is in for a world of trouble. Jamie tells David that if he loves his daughter, he must stop her. David asks Jamie what he is talking about. Jamie informs him that Babe plans to marry JR again.

JR and Adam try to find a way for Krystal to get a divorce and get out of their lives. Babe sounds like she wants that too. Krystal tells them that she will divorce Adam and get out of his life only after he gives her half of everything he owns.

Tad tells Mimi that if she’s out looking for dirt, she can go to Wildwind where she will find a dead body. He knows that Zach is responsible for that, and Kendall can confirm it.

Garrett explains to Julia that he knew how to find her. He tells her that Noah asked him to seek her out and he knew where and when he could meet her and save her. She tells him if he wants to help her, he should know the one clue Noah’s friend gave her about the Dragon. She informs him that Jimmy turned on them. Zach shot him in self-defense and Jimmy’s dying words were that the dragon murdered Noah. She inquires of Garrett how she can trust him not to end up being another Jimmy. He admits that she cannot, but that all she can do is trust him. And he tells her he will understand if she wants to get out at the next exit and part company. She does not. Later in their conversation, he tells her he needs to stop. He gives her some money and asks her to go inside a store and get them some food while he gets more gas. She goes inside and leaves him alone to take a call from Dixie.

Amanda tells Josh that she still believes she can bring Jamie around to want her and get over Babe. He tells her she’s foolish to consider that and be on the rebound for him. He will not do that with Babe. He knows she’s just after Jamie’s money and she deserves whatever she gets or does not get from Jamie.

David tells Jamie that he does not believe for a minute that Babe wants to marry JR or believes he’d consider marrying her because they hate each other. Jamie explains that what she wants is for the ring to be on her finger so that she can get full time with Little Adam. And he warns David what he already knows of the danger that Babe is putting herself by believing she can pull that off with JR.

Adam and JR attempt to negotiate with Krystal, but she tells them she has a very simple answer as to her price; a 50-50 division of assets. Adam tells her she won’t see a nickel from him and she’s nothing more than a fortune hunter. Hearing that, JR reminds his father that thanks to him she now has a fortune to hunt.

On the phone with Di, while waiting for Julia in his car, Garrett assures her she has nothing to worry about. She tells him that she doesn’t know whether to assume he killed Kevin. She asks him if Julia will be next. He tells her that he might very well spare and even save Julia, just as he did with her (Di) all those years ago. Hearing that and knowing he might be playing with her, she tells him that if anything happens to Julia, she could still give his name to the authorities. He reminds her that she wouldn’t dare do that. Julia then returns to his car, and noticing he’s hanging up from a call, she asks if that was his “contact.”  Of course he will not tell her anything truthful about the call.

Danielle tells Josh that he is not “obligated” to be with her. If he wants to contact Babe, he should do it. He tells her that he likes Babe and likes his friends but is not pursuing “love” with anybody. She tells him he mustn’t rule out that possibility or doubt that it could happen.

Krystal tells Adam that he is stuck with her, and she and Babe will move into his house and make themselves comfortable. Babe comes with her apprehensively. Adam gets really frustrated and reaches for a drink. Noticing what happened the last time Adam drank, JR tells his father he will never let him take another drink again.

David still has difficulty believing that his daughter would marry JR again. Jamie tells him he can believe what he wants. But JR will really hurt her. David asks Jamie why he’d care what happens to Babe. Jamie tells him if he wants to be a father to her, he must do something about it and talk some sense into her before it’s too late.

JR tells Adam that there is no way Krystal can hold him to this. But Adam tells his son that unfortunately, she can. They did consummate their marriage. She has a video camera and tape and many other things to prove that they got married. Hearing that, JR asks his father to pour him a double.

Babe and Krystal have a similar conversation. Babe asks her mother if she really got herself too drunk to know what she was doing. Krystal then reveals to her daughter that she never thought she’d see the day when she could fool her. She tells her that she knew, all the while, what she was doing. This is the only way that she and Babe can combat both the Chandler men. Babe tells Krystal that Adam could find a way to kick her out of the house. Krystal tells her daughter she’s got everything under control and knows she can outsmart him.

Mimi returns from Wildwind and tells Zach he’s going to spend the night in the slammer. Tad tells Zach he’s becoming a regular, and that he should get a lease, do some decorating with houseplants and throw rugs and all. Mimi then tells Tad that he is responsible for obstruction of justice, for not telling the cops about the dead body at Wildwind and will be joining his “friend” in the slammer.

Garrett tells Julia that his call was about how he’s going to find “their man” in New York. She tells him that she cannot believe she will actually come face to face with the man who killed her husband. He confirms that she certainly will.

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