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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall arrives home to find Greenlee inside her condo. Greenlee is there to make sure Kendall takes care of herself before her appointment in the morning to be inseminated with Greenlee’s embryo. Greenlee tells her she’s scared, nervous and excited. Kendall informs Greenlee that she already did it. She may already be pregnant with Greenlee’s baby.

Greg is in an examining room at his fertility clinic when Erica pops in. She wants to thank him for the beautiful floral display he sent for her New Beginnings launch. She says after their last collision she was surprised he didn’t send her dead roses. She says she was out of line when she saw the syringe and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Greg says it’s all forgotten. Erica asks if he thinks it’s possible for Greenlee to have her baby. Greg says he can’t discuss his patients. She says she hopes there’s a success because she knows how much Greenlee wants Ryan’s baby. Greg says he’s doing all he can to make it happen. Greg says his late wife couldn’t have a baby either but then came along Josh, who he called their miracle boy. He laments that he’s not as close to Josh as he would like. He says he would like to fix their relationship but he doesn’t know how. Erica promises to help. She finds Kendall’s wallet in the room and asks Greg what it’s doing there. He says she must have left it when she came with Greenlee to her appointment. Erica asks him if he’s had a chance to make friends since coming to Pine Valley. He says with work he really hasn’t. She tells him he needs a personalized new beginning and with her help he’ll have his calendar booked by the holidays.

Dani goes to New Beginnings to see Josh. She wants to see if he’ll help her get dirt on Garret. Josh just happens to already be doing a background check on Garret and finds nothing but glowing reports on him about charitable giving and other good things. Dani says she was hoping he could find something to use against him. Josh apologizes to Dani, saying Garret didn’t come out of no where, he set her up. He left her alone when Garret found her at the beach shack. Dani says she made him leave. He was in no way responsible.

Julia is in a jail cell being questioned by Derek. He says she needs to spill what she knows so they can stop the body count. She won’t say a word. Tad arrives and ask Derek to trade places with him. Derek complies. Tad looks at the jail cell and tells Julia he’s done his fair share of time here. He asks her how she’s doing. She says there is no Julia. Julia Santos Kieffer is dead. Tad tells her to hang tight, but all she can think about is her life in the witness protection program.

Di is at the police station when Garret walks in. She tells him they need to talk, but not here. He says they can talk here and they move around a corner. He says he’s there to see his wife. Di asks him if he’s here to kill Julia. She urges Garret to let Julia out of this alive. She says Julia is no threat and neither is she. She says if she wanted to she could incriminate him but she won’t. He tells her she can’t touch him, no one can. He tells her to forget Julia’s life and consider her own. He could shred her new life as Dixie. She can’t destroy his, but he can destroy her’s.

Kendall tells Greenlee that since the power was out for a long time she became concerned that the embryos wouldn’t survive, so she went to the clinic to check it out. While she was there she decided to go ahead and do the implantation. Greenlee says she should have know she couldn’t trust her. Kendall says she thought it was best to get it over with. Greenlee says she wanted to be there and she stole that from her. Kendall apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Greenlee says the truth is that she’s jealous of her. Kendall is surprised that Greenlee is jealous of her. Greenlee says she’s sick with envy. She’s tried to shake it, but she wants the baby to be truly her’s. Kendall says the baby will be her’s as she’s just renting space. She says Greenlee will cut the umbilical cord and will be the first one to hold the baby.

Derek returns to the jail cell, telling Tad he got a call from the feds and he needs to leave. He says the feds will hold her until she cooperates. Tad says keeping her in that cell will kill her, but Derek says it will help keep her alive.

Julia lies on the bed in her cell and has a dream. The walls are closing in on her and a voice repeats that she no longer exists. She screams and wakes up.

Di tells Garret that maybe she’s thinking about giving up her new life to save Julia. Garret says she doesn’t want to go there. He says Dixie’s life isn’t the only thing he can take away. Tad approaches and asks what’s going on. Di mentions Garret’s marriage to Mimi and introduces Tad to him. After some pleasantries, Garret walks away. Di asks how Julia is. Tad asks her how she thinks. She’s in lockdown. Di says she’s sorry. Tad says being sorry doesn’t help her. He tells Di she’s Julia’s only hope.

Mimi enters Julia’s cell with two FBI agents, who are there to take her into federal custody. As they escort her through the station, Tad tells Di he can’t have a future with someone who would stand by and let Julia be hurt. Di becomes tearful and tells Tad she’ll give him the name that he wants. A relieved Tad kisses her and tells her he’ll do everything he can to protect her. She seems ready to spill when she sees Garret walk by. Di tells Tad that she went to meet Kevin. Tad says that’s impossible as Kevin is dead.

Derek goes to New Beginnings and finds Danielle. He says they need to talk about her and Garret. Dani says if he thinks she came onto him they have nothing to talk about. Derek says he believes her all the way. Garret will pay for what he’s done to her, he declares. A relieved Dani hugs her father. Derek apologizes for not being there for Dani. He says he’s spent too much time at work when he should have been around for her. He says he ran a background check on Garret but found nothing. Dani says Josh did the same and also didn’t come up with anything. Derek is skeptical about Josh but Dani says he’s her friend. Derek thanks Josh and shakes his hand. Derek says the fact Garret doesn’t have a criminal record doesn’t mean he’s clean. He says there must be skeletons in his closet.

The FBI agents are stalled with car problems. One of them is looking under the hood when Julia appears that she can’t get her breath. The other agent takes her out of the car and she manages to knock him out, steal his gun and run away.

Garret goes into the jail cell where Mimi is sitting. She tells him the feds took Julia out of here. She says all she wants to do is go on a honeymoon, but with this investigation she can’t leave. They’ll have to put their honeymoon on hold. Garret says he has business in New York anyway.

Kendall tells Greenlee she was implanted with four embryos so she could have more than one baby. Greenlee makes her sit down, gets her a blanket and says she’ll get her some milk and fruit. After all, she may be eating for five. Erica has just walked in and asks what Greenlee means by eating for five. Greenlee covers by saying she’s planning a dinner party for five. Erica seems surprised, commenting that Greenlee doesn’t cook. They explain it’s a tasting party. Erica asks why Greenlee is treating Kendall like an invalid. Kendall says they take turns helping each other relax since the product launch has worn them both out. Erica gives Kendall her wallet, saying she found it in the examining room while she was there with Greenlee. Kendall says she was there for moral support. Erica tells them to let her know how the dinner party goes and walks out. Outside, her facial expression indicates she doesn’t believe them. Greenlee asks Kendall if they should have told Erica. Kendall says they can’t tell until she knows for sure. She wants to delay the inevitable. She doesn’t think Erica has a clue.

Greg has a flashback to his younger days when his wife was yearning for a baby. Greg tells her that he’ll find a way to give her a child.

Tad tells Di that time is running out. Di suddenly worries that Julia is going to be killed.

Julia is hitchhiking. A car stops and she gets in. She says she’s headed to Philly. The driver, Garret, says he’s happy for the company.

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