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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Di is surprised to return to her bedroom and find Derek and Mimi have Julia in handcuffs. Di says this is insane. Julia tells Di she had her brother do her duty for her. Di urges them to let her go. Derek says they’re taking her into protective custody. Julia says she won’t go. Tad walks in and urges them to leave Julia alone and run down the whack job that’s trying to kill her.

Garret is on the phone telling someone that Julia is a nuisance and to make it happen. Dani walks in and comments that this isn’t much of a party for a wedding reception. Garret tells her they missed her at the wedding. Dani asks where her mother is. Garret says she was called away on business. Garret offers Dani a glass of champagne and suggests they drink to their new family and growing closer. Dani walks over to the cake, takes the man figurine off of it and steps on it.

Zach finds Greenlee outside Kendall’s condo. She tells him she’s there to find out how big of a lie he told to her best friend. They go inside and Greenlee tells Zach he’s beyond weird for putting himself in danger by hanging out with Julia. She asks why he changed his mind and now supports Kendall being a surrogate. Zach says Kendall cares about her and wants this baby, so he had to get on board. Greenlee says she doesn’t buy it. He asks what she wants him to do. She tells him to divorce Kendall tomorrow. Zach says his wife makes all the decisions. It’s her choice to divorce, not his. Greenlee says for a split nanosecond, she thought he fell for her and would ruin everything. She says tomorrow his wife is going to get pregnant for her and he plays a key part. What he says matters to Kendall. Zach says Kendall doesn’t care about what he thinks. Greenlee tells him to stop being an idiot. Kendall’s past the point of starting to care about him. Zach tells her he’ll give Kendall as much support as she’ll accept and leaves.

Kendall goes to the fertility clinic where Greg sees her and comments that her appointment isn’t until tomorrow. Kendall says with the rolling blackouts, she’s there to see if Greenlee’s dream is still alive. Greg takes Kendall into a clinic room and she asks if Greenlee’s embryos survived. Greg says he doesn’t have that information and they’re still assessing the situation. He says if the embryos aren’t viable he’ll postpone the procedure for a month. Kendall says that isn’t good enough. Ryan’s baby is what Greenlee is living for. Kendall sits down and says she’s not leaving until she knows if little Ryan has survived. She says she’s ready now to be implanted. He tells her to come back in the morning. She says she’s ready right now. He says this is highly irregular but Greenlee is lucky to have her.

Ryan and Erin are with Jonathan in the hospital. Jonathan, who has just gotten out of surgery, opens his eyes. He says their names and Ryan tells him welcome back. Jonathan says the pain in his head is gone. Ryan tells Jonathan to rest and Erin kisses him. Jonathan babbles nonsensically about memories from his childhood. A nurse comes in to take his temperature and asks Ryan and Erin to wait outside. Ryan and Erin see the doctor and tell him Jonathan keeps saying things that make no sense. The doctor says that is a normal response to the surgery he had. He tells them to think of Jonathan’s mind like a computer rebooting and running random programs. His memories are fighting for attention. The doctor says he’s cautiously optimistic about Jonathan and encourages them to stay positive. The nurse tells Ryan and Erin their brother is a real sweetheart.

Garret tells Danielle he’s crushed by her actions. Dani says she’s just getting started. She will make sure her mother knows what a creep she married. Garret tells her to feel free and try. Dani says she never gave him any sign she was interested in her. She doesn’t understand why her mother would believe a liar like him over her. Garret asks Dani to set down and let him explain some things. He promises they’ll reach an understanding. Dani refuses the chair Garret offers and pulls up a chair of her own. Garret asks her if she’s wired for sound. She says she’s not wearing a wire. Garret tells her she’s beautiful, intelligent and charming. She has potential to go as far as she wants to go. He says if she chooses a door he’ll open it for her. He’ll give her the skills to walk into any room and own it. He says he has big dreams for her and can help her with her mother. She say he doesn’t love her mother. He says he gives her what she wants and she gives him what he needs.

Tad asks Mimi and Derek what law Julia has broken. Di says there must be a new law against trying to run your own life. Mimi says Julia is wanted by the feds as a potential witness and is going back into the witness protection program. Tad tells them they’ll only get her killed. He says he has an idea. He asks they leave him alone with Julia for a few minutes so he can talk to her. When they say this is an attempt to sneak her out, he hands Mimi his car keys and says they can wait right outside the door. Mimi says he can have 15 minutes. When they leave the room Tad turns on some music to mask their voices. Julia tells Di she should have shot her while she had a chance. Tad asks Di where she went and who she talked to. Di won’t say, but says she did what she said she would do. Tad says she knows who the dragon is and where he’s at. Julia orders Di to name him. Di says if she got through to him, Julia will be safe. Di leaves the room and Julia says she was a jerk to trust Tad or Dixie. Tad tells her to have faith as she can trust them.

Di confronts Del for turning Julia into the cops. Del admits that he did, saying he’s more concerned for her than Julia. He says Julia is a threat to her being Dixie. The sooner they get rid of her the sooner she can go back to being in love with Tad. Di asks how is she going to live with that. Del says she has no choice.

Kendall tells Greg she is ready for the implantation. Greg and the nurse go into the hallway. The nurse says they both know who Mrs. Slater’s mother is and he’s opening a can of works. She doesn’t understand why he’s doing this. Greg says that’s the very reason he’s going through with this procedure. He is ready to begin.

Dani tells Garret that he had her thinking she was crazy. She knew something was off about him. Yet he had an easy explanation for everything. She says her mind screamed nasty. She thanks him because now when her heart says something, she’s going to trust it. Dani says she’s going to bring him down.

Ryan and Erin return to Jonathan’s room and Ryan tells him that he’s not bad. The things he did was because of his tumor. Jonathan says he hated hurting people. He says he’s happy that he’s not bad. He suddenly has a seizure and Erin runs to get the doctor. The doctor has no explanation for the seizure and they won’t know why it happened until Jonathan wakes up. As they watch over Jonathan, Erin tells Ryan she never thought of him like this, loving and reaching out. Is this the old Ryan or the new Ryan. He says he doesn’t know.

Derek and Mimi take Julia away, with Tad telling her this is just for now. Things will work out. Di asks Tad if he is going to ask her again to give him the name. Tad says what’s the point. She wouldn’t do it. He walks out.

The procedure is over and Kendall has been implanted with Greenlee’s embryo. She thanks the doctor, who leaves her alone and tells her to rest. “I did it,” she says to herself.

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