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Krystal and Adam are startled to find the marriage certificate that got processed last night when they were too drunk to know what they did. They each blame the other.

Tad leaves his office with his gun. He hears somebody outside and assumes he might be in danger. He discovers Amanda.

After the end of the wedding, Mimi is on the phone asking her contact to call her with any new information. Zach then appears and asks her where she plans to honeymoon. She tells him she’s in no mood for that and just wants to know where to find Julia Santos.

Dell enters Dixie’s room and is surprised to see Julia. She confirms with him that nobody knows she is there.

After the end of the wedding when Garrett is alone, Di comes. She tells him that she needs a favor from him. She needs him to let Julia Santos go. He tells her he’s been wondering if she would come back to him and that he’s missed her, and he kisses her, right after marrying another woman.

Tad asks Amanda why she broke into his office. She says she was looking for Aiden and she is completely freaked out by seeing that dead body in the alley the other day. She tells him she’s never seen one before. He tells her to stick around because this may not be her last.

Garret tells Di that she is almost as beautiful as she was when she was 17. She reminds him that he’s had a history of believing young girls need him as a mentor. That’s what he was to her. He admits she was one of his best “students,” She knows all too well that as soon as a “girl” becomes a woman, he shows her the door, and that is why he “sent her off” to Kevin. He tells her that there are many young girls who want and need him in their lives

Reggie is telling Danielle that he cares about her and wants to talk about what happened. She asks him if he really cares about the cheap tramp that slept with Josh. He tells her he believes her and always knew that something was not right about Garrett and knows that she wouldn’t lie. Doesn’t he think she’s an idiot to ruin her mother’s wedding, she asks him? If her own mother does not believe her, why should he? He tells her that he still loves her and has never stopped.

Zach comes to talk to Mimi and asks why they should not investigate what is going on by going to the top. Why harass Julia? Mimi tells him that she will do that but in the meantime; she needs to talk to Julia because she might have some information that they need.

Julia asks Dell how he got in. He tells her that he was worried when Dixie went out. She informs him that Dixie asked her to stay until she gets back and he tells her she can trust Dixie. She asks Dell if, after all this time, she can still trust him. He asks her what Dixie is doing to help her.

Di tells Garrett that he’s helped so many “girls” in New York. She asks him if he’s taking time off from that. He confirms that she could accurately say that. She asks about his wedding and realizes that he married Mimi, solely so that nobody can “get to him” and he can stay one step ahead of the feds. She tells him that now he can let Julia Santos live because she can no longer be a threat to him. She doesn’t even know who he is any longer. But he tells her that Julia Santos Kiefer is going to be joining her husband and it will be all her fault.

Adam tells Krystal that he’s going home. She tells him that the two of them are not going anywhere until they get this whole thing straightened out. He tells her there is nothing to straighten out. They behaved like drunken fools and this is nothing more than a poster moment for an alcoholic fool.  He then says goodbye and goes to the door and finds a big group of people at the door ready to give them presents and wish them well. They have a “wedding picture” taken of them. A guy tells them that he and his group are ready for the trip. He then informs them that Adam promised everybody a trip to New York and other royalties. He shuts the door and Krystal tells him he need not worry because she does not plan on “standing by her man”. The guy informs them that he is the reverend who married them. Adam tells him he’s going to be sick. The guy comes up with a remedy for a hangover, however, Krystal tells him they need to stick to the matter at hand. Adam tells they guy that it’s all lies. But he tells them that if they do not believe him, they may look at the videotape.

Mimi tells Zach that if he doesn’t have anything better to do, he needs to get out of there. She tells him that he has obstructed her and gotten in her way with Julia and if he interferes in her investigation, she will make him sorry. He tells her that he is saving a woman’s life. She tells him that the cops have been trying to get Kevin Sturgess extradited for a long time and informs him that the police in Thailand have found Kevin dead today.

Dell asks Julia where Di went. She tells him she does not know but not to worry because Di/Dixie is a very resourceful woman.

Garrett tells Di that it was “very classy” of her not to rat out Kevin and that he heard all about “Dixie’s return from the dead”. She tells him that has nothing to do with him. He tells her that he was surprised and wonders how she could assume the life and the identity of Dixie Cooney Martin. She tells him that Dixie was her half sister and she needed to have her life. Again she urges him to let Julia live, just as he has let her and Kevin live.

Amanda tells Tad that she believes he must hate her because her mother killed Dixie’s brother. He tells her he realizes she is not her mother. She tells him that it really got to her when she saw that girl dead. He tells her he does not think she’s crazy but that he needs to get some work done. She asks him if Jamie would reject her because of her mom.

The guy who is the reverend tells Adam and Krystal that they are welcome to look at the videotape and see that there was no “coercion” on the part of Krystal to Adam. He asks when they are going to go on their trip together. Adam tells them they will hear from his lawyer soon.

Dell tells Julia that she must be hungry so he will get them something to eat. He tells her that he wants what Dixie wants, which he knows, is to help her. Julia tells him that he does not seem to be the Dell she knew before. He tells her that that previous liar is long gone. And he goes to get some sandwiches.

Zach tells Mimi that somebody else has died. And she is spending all her time looking for an innocent woman. She tells him that he and Tad have stuck their noses in the investigation a little too much. He tells her that he is not working with Tad. She tells him that she needs him and Tad and every “novice crime fighter” in this town to back off and let her do her job. She then gets a call and tells somebody that something has finally happened and she will be right there.

Reggie tells Danielle that she shouldn’t have to go through this alone. She tells him that she has friends. She tells him that her mom has abandoned her for that pervert. He tells her that she and her mother will eventually work things out and she will realize what a creep Garrett is. She then tells him nobody really knows what Garrett is all about except for Josh. Everybody thinks Garrett is a totally cool guy. And she tells him she can see that there is something very creepy about him but she does not know what it is.

Garrett asks Dixie why this woman, Julia, means so much to her. She tells him because Julia has been living in hell for so long just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He asks her if her “family” knows that she is there. She tells him of course not. She has her family here. And she knows that Julia has been through enough having her family taken from her. She asks him to just do this one thing for he--just let Julia go. He then asks her about the letter she wrote with his name in it.

Tad is asked Amanda why she plans on getting serious with Jamie, Zach comes in and interrupts them. He informs Tad that Kevin Sturgess, Dixie’s ex-boyfriend, has been killed. Zach tells Tad that if Kevin got killed because of his carelessness, he’s not going to let the same thing happen to Julia. Tad tells Zach that that is not going to happen.

Garrett asks Julia why she believes she would need insurance or protection from him. She tells him that she learned the tricks of the trade from the master and knows that she must protect herself. He asks her if she wants to keep “playing this game”. She tells him that she knows she has as much to lose as he does.  She knows that if she “tells” on him, he will tell on her. He reminds her that he can tell everybody that she is not Dixie Martin. She’s her half sister that Garrett found on the streets of New York. She tells Garrett that they both have lives now and she urges him to let Julia go.

Julia has a daydream of being dressed formally, entering an elegant restaurant, running into her friends who ask her to join them and telling them no because she is having dinner with her family.

Danielle tells Reggie that Garrett is supposed to be her family and she asks him if she comes off like she is stupid. He tells her this has nothing to do with her. She asks why Garrett believes he could do this and get away with it. He’s not stupid. Reggie says no. Garrett is sick. She asks why he didn’t “pick on” some other girl. He tells her that she mustn’t blame herself. But she tells him that she is afraid that she looks like a total loser now. He tells her not to him. She thanks him and tells him it means a lot to know that he’s got her back. He tells her he believes her about this and about everything. She tells him that she feels helpless to fix this or anything else. He tells her that he will be there for her. She tells him that she’s been beaten up pretty badly in the emotions department and knows that she’s really hurt him. He tells her that that is not important now. She tells him that she thinks she needs to deal with this alone. He tells her he understands but she may call him if she needs him. She tells him that’s the best help he could give her.

Garrett tells Di/Dixie that if he’d do a “favor” for anybody, it would be for her.  Besides, this is his wedding day, he tells her and he’s feeling generous so he will think about it. He then tells her that he meant what he said when he said that she looks beautiful.  Mimi enters and says hi to Dixie who congratulates Mimi on her wedding and leaves. Alone with Mimi, Garrett tells her he can tell that something is up and she says yes.

Adam tells Krystal that this “marriage” will have to be annulled and nobody must ever know about it. She reminds him that in order for an annulment to occur, the marriage must not have been consummated. She then tells him that she might not “want” a divorce. He tells her she wouldn’t dare. She tells him he must never dare her to do anything. He looks worried. She then laughs and admits that she’s called his bluff. He tells her enough joking they need to just go and get this “divorce” in the works. She tells him she will do that if he signs over half of everything he owns to her.

Garrett gets on the phone to “do something” in regard to Julia Santos.

Right then, Dixie returns home to see Julia struggling while Mimi and Derek put her in handcuffs and get ready to take her away. She can only assume that Dixie has sold her out.

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