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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/20/05 


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Kendall and Simone are at Fusion. Simone is angry that some company has shut down on production and uses the excuse of the power outage. Greenlee then enters and asks Kendall how she is. Kendall says she’s fine. Greenlee tells her she cannot be fine because she almost got herself killed.

While Ryan and Erin are waiting for Jonathan in surgery, she asks him what will happen if it’s too late. Right then the doctor comes out of surgery and they ask him what the verdict is.

Danielle is ready to tell her mother the unsavory truth about Garrett. She tells Mimi that it’s been going on for a long time. Mimi asks her daughter what has been going on for a long time. Dani replies that he’s been coming on to her. Mimi tells her daughter that this cannot be and she is going to marry him, but Danielle insists that it is the truth.

Julia holds a gun on Dixie/Di and demands to know who the person is who killed her husband and who is causing her to live in fear.

Tad is going through some private files when the power goes out, so he gets a flashlight. But right then, he runs into Zach Slater. He tells Zach that he does not remember inviting him to turn his house into a mosh pit. Zach tells Tad he did not do it. Tad says he knows his goons are involved and he will call the cops. Zach tells Tad that they might want to know about his “female house guest” and shows him the shirt he bought for Julia that is in Tad’s living room.

Di/Dixie and Julia struggle on the ground. Di/Dixie grabs the gun but Julia takes it again and holds it on her. She reminds her that Tad is not there to protect her so if she wants to live she must tell her the Dragon’s name. Di/Dixie tells her it’s too dangerous. Julia asks if it’s too dangerous to reveal the man who killed her husband and caused her to live in a hole for 9 years. She tells Di/Dixie that no matter what she is afraid of, she had better reveal who the Dragon is.

After hearing what Dani has revealed about Garrett, Mimi asks her daughter what happened. She tells her mother that the way Garrett has talked to her makes her uncomfortable. He’s been subtle about it but indicates that he has ulterior motives. Mimi asks if that is not a bit of a stretch to assume something like that. She asks if he’s touched her or anything. Dani tells her that he walked into her room when she was sleeping, acting as though he was afraid somebody would come in her room, knowing that it’s a third floor apartment and only Spiderman could climb through the window. One other time, he came out of nowhere to zip her dress. The way he did it, made her feel like she was naked. She tells her mother that Garrett barged into the bathroom when she got out of the shower and he saw her naked and looked at her in a way that was creepy, horrible, and not ok.

The doctor tells Ryan and Erin that their brother has a long road ahead of him, but he should be ok in time. He tells them that he will need recovery time, but that he will recover. Erin hugs Ryan and the doctor and thanks him for saving her brother’s life.

Kendall tells Greenlee that nothing terrible happened. She just had a fender bender while driving. A guy rear-ended her, and that it was no big deal. Greenlee asks if Kendall was wearing a seatbelt. Kendall jokingly tells her she does not wear seatbelts because they ruin her clothes. Greenlee tells her no more driving for 9 months. NO bicycle riding. No high heels. Kendall tells her she is overacting. The eggs have not even been implanted. She tells Greenlee she must go home and rest because she is too stressed. Greenlee tells Kendall she needs to go home and get to bed by 10 every night. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she agreed to carry her baby, not have her life dominated and controlled for 9 months, and if this is the way Greenlee is going to behave, then the surrogacy is off. Greenlee reminds Kendall that even if she was not hurt in the minor fender bender, she’s lucky. Next time she could wind up in a hospital or go off a cliff. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she mustn’t be afraid she will die like Ryan did. Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that she needs to go somewhere alone. Simone offers to go with her, but she tells them she just wants to be left alone.

Erin tells Ryan that this is great news, fantastic news. There will be no more tumors. Jonathan will be safe and happy and be able to get his life back. But Ryan is lost in thought remembering the night he got shot and had no clue who shot him or that it could have been Jonathan. He remembered sitting in the hospital not knowing if he was going to live. He then relives having Greenlee by his side when he recovered and telling her that he wanted them to have a baby.

Right then, Greenlee is alone telling Ryan that she’s going to do it. She’s going to make a miracle happen by having his baby. She wishes that she could have two miracles—the baby and for him to come back to her.

Mimi asks Dani if she confronted Garrett. Dani says she tried but Garrett denied it all and wanted to make it look like it was all in her head. Mimi tells her daughter that these are very serious charges. Dani tells her mother that Garrett is very subtle and only does it when they are alone. Mimi asks her why she’d wait until the night before their wedding to say anything.  Dani replies that she just didn’t want to ruin anything and thought she should just let them get married, have their dream wedding and go off to New York without any hassles. But now, it has gotten to be too much. Right then, the power goes off and Garrett enters. He looks at Dani and at Mimi knowing that something has been going on.

Ryan tells Erin that he is having a premonition about Greenlee. He knows that something went really wrong that he needs to go back and change things.

Right then, Greenlee is alone, telling Ryan she needs him to come back so she can be with him. Kendall comes out and asks her what’s going on. She asks Kendall to help her because she is afraid.

Tad tells Zach that he believes he is just pretending to help Julia in order to “score points” with Maria. He asks if Zach has seen her. Zach tells Tad that Julia probably will not return to his home now that she knows he cares more about Dixie than he does about her. He also informs Tad that he’s lied for Dixie about the Dragon. Tad tells Zach that she just did it because Zach kidnapped her and she needed to protect herself from him. But Zach knows about the letter Dixie wrote to be opened in the event of her death or disappearance.

Dixie tells Julia, while Julia is holding the gun on her, that this dude is not to be messed with. He is too powerful. Julia tells Dixie that she is not making a request. She is telling Dixie that it cannot be too difficult to simply give a name. Dixie still will not tell her the name and tells Julia that she may go ahead and shoot her.

Kendall tells Greenlee she does not have to be afraid. Greenlee cries and says this is it. This is her life. Without Ryan it will always be like this. She tells her she feels lost and sometimes she just wants to close her eyes and give in. Kendall tells Greenlee she will not let her give up and hugs her. But Greenlee tells Kendall that she is afraid this will never go away. She will miss Ryan every day of her life. Simone then comes in and joins them, and she informs Greenlee that she there is a call from Ryan’s sister, Erin Lavery.

Zach tells Tad that he must realize that there is a secret about the Dragon. He knows about the letter. And he asks Tad why they cannot work together. He asks if it’s because Tad is blindly in love with Dixie and asks him why he is protecting this woman, whatever her name is. She made him believe she was dead for 3 years. He was crying over an empty grave while she was out playing with the bad guys, then went to prison, and has now come back to Pine Valley with her secrets. Tad tells Zach that Dixie is just as much a victim as Julia and he wants to protect both of them. He tells Zach it’s obvious that Zach will sell Dixie to the devil in order to protect Julia in a “New York minute.”

Julia is then ready to shoot Dixie/Di and tells her she’s a coward who deserves to die. But she hesitates and puts the gun down. Di/Dixie reminds her that she knows she is not evil and cannot actually use the gun. She tells Julia that now she can get what she wants and does not have to get all “vigilante”. She tells her she has a plan. Julia does not have to go to the cops but that she can help her and she will.

Garrett tells Mimi and Danielle that the two of them are pulling some pretty strange faces considering it’s the night before their wedding day. Mimi tells her fiancé that she and Dani were having a discussion and she spits it out to him that Dani told her that he was coming on to her. Hearing this, Garrett tells them that he was “hoping it would not get to this”. He tells Mimi that it started when he found Dani with Josh. She revealed to him that she had a crush on him. Danielle tells them that this is absolutely not true. He goes on to tell Mimi that he had to “decline” what Dani wanted with him. Mimi asks Garrett why he did not tell her sooner about Dani’s “crush” on him. He tells her he did not want to stir things up. Dani protests that Garrett has been making subtle, sleazy come-ons to her for a long time. Mimi asks Garrett why he barged in on her daughter when she got out of the shower. He tells them it was an accident and that when he entered, Dani dropped her towel and told him this was his “bachelor party”.

Erin calls and asks for Greenlee Lavery and she tells Greenlee that she “heard about her brother” and realizes it must take a while to deal with the fact that he’s gone. Greenlee asks if she also knows that Jonathan and Braden are gone also. Erin tells her that she does not remember much about Ryan or Braden while growing up because they were gone when she was very young. Greenlee tells Erin that Ryan told her all about what a beautiful little girl Erin was when they were growing up and she tells Erin she’d love to meet her some time.  She asks if she can get to Pine Valley some time, but Erin says that she does not know what to say so she says goodbye to Greenlee. Ryan listens to the whole conversation. Greenlee asks Erin for her number. But Erin puts down the phone knowing she cannot give her that.

Di/Dixie asks Julia when the last time was that she got to sleep. Julia says it’s been a while. Dixie tells her she needs to rest and invites her to stay at the Chandler house where there are comfortable beds, feather pillows, and a secret tunnel, and it might be a lot better than Tad’s attic. Julia asks her why she’d offer her that. Dixie tells her that they are fighting the same thing and need to help each other.

Dani tells Garrett he is a sick liar to say these things about her. She is angry, but he is very calm in telling her he realizes that she is having trouble with there being another man in her mother’s life. She looks at her mother and notices that she does not believe her. Mimi asks her daughter how she could tell such “terrible lies.” She tells her that she must realize that Garrett loves them and that she must take it back. Dani tells her mother she will not take it back because she is not the liar, but that Garrett is. Mimi asks her daughter how she could do this before their wedding. Dani tells her mother she does not intend to hurt her. She loves her and she needs to realize that marrying him is a big mistake. Mimi believes that maybe her daughter is hurt because she abandoned her. Perhaps she is a little jealous of her relationship with Garrett. She promises Dani that if she takes it back and apologizes, she will forgive and forget and so will Garrett. Dani tells her mother that she is telling the truth and the reason Garrett has not made it obvious enough for her mother to know about it is because he did not want her to catch on and maybe she did not want to see it. Hearing that, Mimi tells Dani she needs to get out and go live with her father. Dani protests that Garrett is the one who needs to be kicked out. Mimi tells Dani she must go. She leaves and her mother closes the door behind her. Mimi then apologizes to Garrett and cries, but seems to believe what he tells her. Dani stands outside the door and cries.

After talking to Erin, Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that she wanted to possibly meet her some time. But maybe it was too soon. She says she is glad that there is another Lavery who will love the baby--its aunt--Ryan’s little sister.

After Erin gets done talking to Greenlee, Ryan is lost in thought and spooked.

Tad tells Zach that if he gets to the secret, there’s a good chance that Dixie will wind up dead. If that happens, he tells Zach, he will kill him.

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