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All My Children Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda is horrified over finding Kirsten dead in the alley outside the bar. Aidan is with her, and she asks if he killed her.

Julia is listening from the tunnel in Chandler mansion as Tad tries to persuade Di to reveal what she knows about the operatives after Julia. Tad tells Di that if she wants a future with him they can have it but he has to trust her. He says he'll eo everything he can to keep her safe. Di says she does love him but she could lose it all. Tad notices she is trembling and asks if she is afraid she could be killed. Di says there's a lot more to it than that.

Krystal runs into Adam at a bar in the little town of Crow Hollow. They are there trying to dig up information on the woman who claims to be Dixie. Krystal tells him she could gut him with a pool cue for following her there. Adam says he was there first. She doesn't need to be there, he says, as he fired her. He doesn't need her to dig up dirt on Dixie so she can leave. Krysal says she has as much right as he does to be here investigating her. She is taking care of her grandbaby. Adam says he suspects she's interested more because Dixie is taking care of Tad. Krystal says no one will believe him in his casual get-up and with his accent. Adam says he knows how to handle the locals here. Krystal proposes a toast to them not needing each other.

Stuart is talking with JR at Chandler mansion, trying to help him be happy. He says anyone in his shoes would be confused. JR insists he isn't confused. Stuart says it would be great if they could go back to when everyone in this house was happier. He says there are times he wishes he could go back to when he confronted a fork in the road and take another one. He tells JR he's always free to make another choice. He says that can be done by admitting mistakes and forgiving and forgeting. JR asks what if you can't. Stuart says then you can't expect different results. Stuart asks if what's troubling him has to do with Babe and Little Adam. JR says no, he and Babe are played out and they're both clear on that.

Jamie is with Babe at the Pine Cone motel. He says he's onto what she's doing after watching her with JR at the hospital. He knows she's after more time with her son. Babe asks him why he cares. He says it's stupid and dangerous. He asks her how far is she planning to take this. Is she going to make JR her new best friend, her lover? Babe asks how dumb he thinks she is. Jamie asks if she's dumb enough to marry him. He says it would be suicide. He urges her to give it up or six months from now she'll lose everything. Babe asks why he cares. Is he coming back to her for more? Jamie says they're done, but he doesn't want her to experience JR's dark side. Babe tells him to mind his own business and keep his whacked ideas to himself. Just then she sees JR in the doorway.

Dani is at home alone with Garret. She tells him she has decided not to go to New York with him and her mom after they get married. She likes her life here and she and her mom are better when their apart. Garret says he can understand her and he's proud of her for speaking her mind.

Derek and Mimi are at the bar investigating Kirsten's death. Mimi tells Aidan that Kirstin Woods is dead because he stuck his nose in her business. Aidan says he didn't get her killed, she did. He says the moment Kirstin say Mimi she put her at risk. Mimi went after Kirsten like a tornado in a trailer court. Derek tells Aidan to back off of Mimi. She was just trying to protect Kirsten. Mimi snaps at Derek and they bicker. Amanda interrupts, saying they don't seem to care that a woman has been killed. They're talking about her like she didn't matter. Aidan takes Amanda inside the bar.

Tad asks Di what could be worse than death. Di says if she names names and lead him to the top man it wouldn't take him long to figure out she was the source. She would have to testify in court then would have to go into the witness protection program and have a life like Julia's. She says she just got her life back and isn't going to sacrifice it again.

Krystal tells Adam that no one in Crow Hollow she has quizzed knows anything about a girl from the Hunkle family. Adam says he went to the county clerk and there are no birth records showing Dixie had a half-sister on the Hunkle side. But he says in backwaters like this kids fall through the cracks all the time. A man named Willie walks in and tells the bartender he's buying Krystal's drink. Krystal smiles, gets up and walks with him to a table. They met earlier in the day and arranged to meet here tonight. Krystal tells him she was afraid she got stood up. Willie says he's been waiting for her his whole life. Krystal tells him she's writing a romance novel based on a fictional town like Crow Hollow. She is even going to name a character after Willie. She asks him to spill about all the secrets in the town. She's particularly interested in the oldest family in town, the Hunkles. Willie refers to the Hunkle boys, but Krystal says she's more interested in the girls. She asks what happened to the girl born whose birth was not certified. Willie says she's alive and kicking and leading the most amazing life.

Inside the bar, Amanda talks to Aidan about Kirsten, about how she got fixed up that morning then ended up dying like that. She says she felt like wiping the smeared mascara off her face because she probably wouldn't have wanted to be seen like that. Aidan tells her he's sorry about what she saw. Mimi comes in and asks Aidan if he knows where Tad is. Aidan says Tad is out of town and he doesn't know where. Mimi tells Aidan and Tad to back off or Julia will end up the next victim.

Di tells Tad she won't take the fall for Julia, whom she barely knows. She says she feels for her but he can't ask her to give up herself for her. Tad says there has to be a way to help Julia. He asks Di to give him just a lead that he can work with. He asks if Kevin Sturges has a part. Di says Kevin is not the main man.

Dani gets out of the shower and reaches for a towel when Garret walks into the bathroom and startles her. She drops the towel and Garret stares at her. Dani grabs a towel and tells Garret to stay away. Garret says it was an accident and he's sorry. He hands her her robe and she slams the door. Garret stands on the other side of the door, looking like he is aroused.

JR asks Jamie why he's here with Babe. Jamie tells him to go to hell, both of them and walks out. JR asks Babe what Jamie wanted. She says it was none of his business. He says as executor of Jamie's will it is very much his business. Babe says Jamie came to tell her she was an idiot for treating JR like a human being.

Derek tells Mimi that it looks like a professional takeout on Kirsten. Mimi frets that she let her get away. Derek says this is no way to spend the night before her wedding. He urges her to go home. Mimi says she wants to make sure Julia is all right. Derek says if he comes up with anything he'll call her.

Amanda tells Aidan she might be in danger. She asks if she could stay with him tonight. Aidan says no. She asks if he doesn't care she could get killed. He says she's not the target. Jamie approaches and tells Aidan to back off. He tells Amanda she doesn't need Aidan as she's with him.

Willie tells Krystal that the Hunkle sister is a friend of the president of the United States and has a secret office there and is on a top-secret mission. Krystal tells him he's lying and urges him to tell the truth. Willie says if his stories are exciting she might use them in her book. He says if there was a little girl he never heard about her.

Later, Krystal tells Adam she's trying to dig for more information about Dixie but not having luck. She suggests they give up the idea that she's a Hunkle sibling. Adam says he knows she is and he'll prove it. Their conversation leads to bickering until a bar patron asks them if they want to join the moonshine drinking contest. Krystal says count her in, and Adam agrees as well. They begin drinking shots.

Dani finds her mother outside their condo and asks to talk to her. Mimi says she's had a long day and needs to get some sleep before the wedding. Dani tells her she can't marry Garret. Mimi asks why. Dani tells her he's after her. He wants her.

Amanda tells Jamie this is the worst thing she's ever seen. Jamie asks Aidan why he let Amanda hang out here. Can't he see how weak she is. Aidan tells her she's all his.

Babe tells JR to stop fighting her. She's sick of the yelling and the meanness. JR says he doesn't get her. She says he doesn't have to. She tells him to go. She's had enough for the night.

Tad tells Di if Sturgis is the key he has to go. Di tells him she doesn't want him taking this risk, but Tad leaves. Julia comes out from the tunnel and points a gun at Di, telling her to reveal the name of the man after her or she'll die.

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