AMC Update Friday 9/16/05

All My Children Update Friday 9/16/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan is at the SOS bar when Amanda walks in and sits with him. Aidan asks her what she wants. She says she wants to strip down and get wet. She says she's hot and bothered and mentions there's some sprinklers going across the street. She asks if he wants to play in the sprinklers like they did when they were kids. Aidan tells her to go ahead.

Dani is at home looking through papers when Garret flashes a sparkly necklace in front of her face. He asks her if it's too much. She tells him he's way out of line. Mimi walks in, all giddy about going out with Garret that night. She has bought a new black dress, but Garret says something is missing. He presents her with the necklace and she is thrilled. Dani looks embarrassed for thinking the necklace was for her. Mimi kisses Garret and asks Dani if she won't change her mind and go out with them that evening. Dani says she has too much work to do. Mimi and Garret leave, then Reggie arrives to see Dani.

Kendall is at home looking through a pregnancy book. When she gets to a part about an incision she tosses the book aside and comments that it's too much information. Zach comes to her door with a bottle of champagne. He says he wants to toast to her baby-to-be.

Di is in her bedroom telling JR that she and Tad are free to pursue their own happiness. Babe is listening from the tunnel and Tad is behind her. When Di and JR leave the room Babe walks in and looks around. She opens a drawer and goes through some papers. Julia also is in the tunnel, unbeknownst to Tad.

Del finds Di and tells her that Tad has been all over him to find her. Di says Tad wants what everyone else wants, the truth. Del comments that Dixie would have told the truth. Di says she's not that strong. She would lose everything if she told the truth.

Babe doesn't find the letter that identifies who is after Julia. She looks around the room and sees a framed photo of JR with Little Adam. She picks it up and admires it. JR walks in and asks her what the hell she's doing there.

Amanda proposes a toast to herself and informs Aidan that she's with Jamie Martin now. He's inherited gobs of money and is studying to be a doctor. She says she told him she would take care of herself and she did. Aidan asks why she's here alone. Amanda says she does the study breaks by herself. Aidan sees a woman walk in and leaves Amanda to greet the woman with a kiss. Amanda fumes.

Kendall tells Zach that it's not her baby, it's Greenlee's baby. Besides, he is not crazy about the idea so she doesn't buy what he's saying. Zach admits he was wrong. He knows Kendall gave this serious thought. Kendall takes the bottle of champagne and comments that it looks expensive, maybe $200. Zach says it's from his private stock and is worth $300. She walks outside, tosses the bottle and breaks it. She tells Zach she knows what he's up to and it won't work. Zach asks her what he's up to. She says he'll never accept her decision. He just came to get her drunk so he could change her mind. Zach says he came here to tell her that he's on her side, handing her back the books he tossed across the room. Kendall says this is not his life or child and he has zero say in her life.

Babe tells JR she's there to talk to Dixie. He doesn't believe her and accuses her of looking for something. Babe says she thought Dixie could help her get more time with their son. He says he knows exactly why she's here and what she's looking for.

Reggie tells Dani that he realizes she has a problem and wonders if he could help. Dani, realizing his rejection of her, tells him to go. He insists that he wants to help but she tells him she doesn't know if he could. Just then Josh walks in, angering Reggie, who storms out.

Amanda watches Aidan with this woman, named Kirsten, and finally approaches them. She asks Kirsten where she got her top since few women could pull it off. Or is that Aidan's job, to pull off her top? Mimi and Garret walk into SOS. Kirsten sees Mimi and runs out of the bar. Mimi sees Kirsten and runs after her. Mimi goes into the alley but doesn't see Kirsten. She gets on her phone and calls for unmarked squad cars to patrol the area to pick her up. Aidan comes into the alley and Mimi angrily tells him this is her case and orders him not to screw it up. Aidan says he doesn't know what she's talking about. She says she's talking about Julia Santos Kieffer.

Di tells Del that if she's not Dixie she might as well be dead. She laments about her past life, commenting that she was 17 when she left her aunt's house and went to New York. She met a man who treated her like a queen and claimed to love her. Del asks her if she's talking about Kevin but she says no and won't tell him who it is. She says she never knew real love until she came to Pine Valley.

JR tells Babe she's looking for dirt on his mother. He says she's coming with him and grabs her by the arm and walks her out of the room. Tad enters the room from the tunnel and looks through the drawer. He removes the drawer's contents, pulls it out and turns it upside down. He sees an envelope taped to the bottom with a sentence reading not to open this unless Di has disappeared or died. Tad opens the letter and reads it. In it, Di declares her love for Tad but says she let him down again.

Zach tells Kendall that this marriage is not what he expected. His feelings for her have changed. He say he likes her more than when they first agreed to get married. Then, he thought she was ditzy. Kendall says she thought he was all about himself and screw everybody else. She says she's onto him. That master of the dark side persona is a fraud. She sees he does have a heart. She says she thinks he protested the baby because he was thinking of her. Zach says he won't let it happen again. Kendall asks why he becomes soft but then turns hard again. She says she could kill him. As they bond, she apologizes for throwing the champagne. He walks into her kitchen and grabs a bottle of cheap wine, saying this will do. He feels like making a toast. Kendall asks if he's really OK with her carrying Greenlee's baby. He says he's OK with it.

Dani tells Josh that she and Reggie are not back together. But she's still dealing with her stepfather. Josh says he's not her stepfather yet. She says she made a complete fool of herself when he dangled the necklace in front of her. She almost went off on him until realizing it was for her mom. She says if she can get through the wedding day tomorrow she'll be out of this mess. She says happiness is hard to find and her mother has found it.

Mimi asks Aidan what he has on Julia. What did he get out of Kirsten? Aidan says he learned that Kirsten likes romantic walks. Mimi threatens that if he or Tad withhold information about Julia she'll put them behind bars. Garret comes out and asks if everything is all right. They have some celebrating to do. Mimi and Garret go back into the bar and Amanda comes out. She asks if the fashion victim had to go. Aidan tells her she's a big pain in the rear.

Del tells Di that he was wrong. He thought she was pulling a scam but he can see that everyone loves her. He tells her he's with her all the way. She's earned this life and he'll help her hold onto it. When Di mentions Julia, Del says that Julia made her own decisions and put herself at risk when leaving the witness protection program.

Di goes back to her room and finds Tad reading her letter. Tad tells her they can still have everything. He asks if she has a terminal illness and when she says no, he says she has to know something. Otherwise she wouldn't have left him a letter telling him to open it only upon her death or disappearance. He says her conscious must be tearing her up. Julia is listening from the tunnel as Tad tells Di that Dixie would not put a person's life at risk. Tad says they can have a future together but she needs to tell him who's after Julia.

Zach proposes a toast, saying Kendall's devotion to Greenlee is beyond anything he's ever seen. Kendall tells him he's sweet for going along with the idea. Zach says he wants to help her any way he can. Kendall asks if he'll go get her pickles in the middle of the night and tell her she's beautiful when she has a large tummy. He says yes. She says she's about to make dinner and asks if he'll stay but he says he has an appointment and leaves.

JR tells Babe that after seeing her smiling at a photo of him with Little Adam and offering to go to CPR classes, he thinks she's gaming him. Babe says she realizes she is stuck with him for being her son's father but she doesn't have to hate him. She also doesn't have to like him.

Garret and Mimi are dancing at SOS. Mimi says she should have heard from someone by now about Kirsten. He tells her he loves her devotion to her job and he can't wait to marry her tomorrow. He announces to the whole bar that he's marrying Mimi tomorrow. She says she loves him and they leave.

Amanda sees Aidan has returned to the bar and tells him she hates him. She walks out and a scream is heard.

Garret and Mimi arrive back home. They're kissing and Mimi suggests continuing this inside. Garret says he plans to stay at the Valley Inn tonight since he believes in tradition. But he shows her a photo of her on his cell phone and says he'll look at that when he misses her. She is touched and goes inside. Garret looks at Mimi's picture, then flips to a picture of Dani on his phone. He smirks.

Aidan goes outside and sees Amanda, who points to Kirsten laying dead on the pavement.

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