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All My Children Update Thursday 9/15/05


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During the intermission of Erica’s premiere show, Reggie comes to see her and he explains that he’s sorry he’s late because but that the game went into overtime. She tells him it’s ok because he will be able to be there for the second half, which she knows will be of special interest to him since she’s going to visit all the sports teams in New York.

Erin tells Ryan that Jonathan should be allowed to start his life over and that he could go back to Greenlee to tell her she is right in that there’s nothing genetically wrong with him.

Zach tells Kendall and Greenlee that Greenlee needs to get a surrogate from an agency to carry the baby. They tell him that they are doing this for the right reason. He reminds Kendall again that she will be carrying Ryan Lavery’s baby only to give it up to Greenleee. Hearing that, Greenlee tells Kendall it’s ok because she understands. Kendall then admits that she knows what she’s going to do.

Erin tells Ryan that he is not Patrick Lavery. He is the same man Greenlee believed he was. He just got caught up in all this “family” stuff and self-destructed. He tells her that may be the case but he can’t just go back to Pine Valley and apologize for letting everybody believe he was dead and start over. When Greenlee told him she was raising his child, he had to die.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they must go and harvest those Grade A eggs. And they leave together to go to the clinic. Alone, Zach concludes that this is what they consider to be a new beginning.

Erica is seen on her show, filming her visit to Yankee Stadium and talking to a player.  She asks if she can throw out the ball, and he’s surprised that she can do it in high heels. She also talks about how former Mayor David Dinkins is another sports aficionado. She then visits the New York Mets and the New York Giants where she and the players talk about the Children’s Miracle Network.  They talk about a little girl named Jade with muscular dystrophy who got to know a player and his family.

At Dr. Madden’s clinic, Greenlee asks if they should have some sort of harvest celebration. Kendall tells her they are celebrating right now and that they are ready to start the procedure. Greenlee is a little nervous about being jabbed with a needle, but she lies down on the table and Dr. Madden and Hazel are ready to extract her eggs for Kendall.

Erin tells Ryan that she does not miss any of the old memories of her childhood. He tells her that in knowing what she wants and does not want, she is very much ahead of most people. But right then, a guy walks in and recognizes Ryan Lavery and asks Ryan why the whole world thinks he’s dead.

Erica then shows her audience how she can call 311 just in case she loses her agenda. She then meets with former Mayor Koch and they go to China Town. Once there, they talk about how she, like many other people, came to New York, because, just like Frank Sinatra’s song, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” She remarks that Mayor Koch is an older New York City native.  She then goes to a hospital maternity ward to visit some brand new, young New York City natives. She talks with a woman and her new-born baby. A doctor tells her about a class in ballroom dancing for children. Erica stops by the class to meet the kids, and talks with a family from the Dominican Republic who talks about dancing the Meringues which they teach Erica. Erica, then, gets a call from Elizabeth from the 311 call center, informing her that they’ve found her date book. She is very happy and relieved and is reassured to know that they always come through.

It looks like Greenlee’s eggs have been extracted. They bring her back out of her twilight sleep and announce that they have successfully gathered a dozen of them.

Zach meets Myrtle Fargate and tells her he needs to talk to her because she’s the only honest woman in this town and he knows she can keep a secret. He tells her that Kendall is planning on carrying Greenlee’s and Ryan’s baby. Hearing that, Myrtle clarifies that it involves Greenlee’s egg, Ryan’s sperm and Kendall’s womb and she appears very surprised.

The guy who remembers Ryan and his family tells him that he plans to expose Ryan’s scam about being dead. He tells them that he will call the cops and the press and maybe even put out a billboard that says: “Ryan Lavery lives.” Ryan tries to prevent him from leaving and explains that he’s gotten it all wrong, but the guy says he knows he’s right. Erin tries to “appeal” to the guy by telling him that they have a relative in surgery that might not live, however, the guy says he doesn’t care and knows he can make tons of money by going public and exposing Ryan’s scam. He asks Ryan if Greenlee falsified his death in order to cash in on life insurance. Ryan points his finger at the guy and demands that he leave her out of this. They guy then asks if Ryan’s wife actually believes that she is a widow and doesn’t realize he’s lying about his death.

After Kendall and Greenlee are done and return home, Greenlee says it’s amazing that very soon her birds will meet with Ryan’s bees. But right then, the phone rings. Kendall answers it, reveals that it’s Mary Smythe and tells Mary that her daughter does not wish to talk to her and she needs to go away. But Greenlee takes the phone and greets her mother positively.

When Erica is done with her show, she gathers with her family and all of her office staff and they confirm that her show is a hit. Reggie goes out to get a soda, and Danielle appears, which dampens his spirits. He tells her she can find Josh out by the set and she tells him she wants to talk to him.

Zach tells Myrtle that Ryan Lavery was a sick man. But she tells him Ryan was always a good and honorable man until his brother came to town and caused chaos. And she asks him why he is so against this baby being born.

Ryan remembers the guy’s name as Hensen. He asks if he is still using that name and that he knows he’s a con. He notices that he’s still rich and has got it going on. Hensen tells Ryan that the only thing that is going on is that he’s going to turn him in. Ryan and Erin ask what he’s doing in the hospital and he pulls out a paper from his briefcase about how he commits medical fraud. He sells health insurance to patients for cash and gives them false information. He preys upon the sick and the poor. Ryan reminds the guy that the cops and the press love this kind of thing and asks Erin to go and call them. Ryan is able to motivate him to leave them alone by telling him that if he doesn’t, he will be thrown in prison. Erin is impressed, but Ryan tells her that “disarming” this guy was very easy since he’s an idiot. He says that  they might have more difficult situations come up if and when they run into more people who know about him, and maybe their problems have just begun.

Kendall asks Greenlee why she offered any courtesy to her worthless mother. Greenlee tells her that whenever she talks to her mother, she’s angry with her and she wanted to offer her something else. She is finally putting herself in her mother’s shoes thinking what it feels like to have your child never forgive you. Kendall tells Greenlee that Mary Smythe deserves it. Greenlee admits that her mother has zero parenting skills but that she means well. Her life has not been happy. She married Roger and got nothing from that. Greenlee admits that she, at least, got to be happy for a short while her mother didn’t get to be. And she tells Kendall she has a confession to make, which she hopes does not change anything.

Noticing Danielle coming to see Reggie, Lily asks him what was said and noticed that Danni looked so sad. He tells her it doesn’t matter and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells him she noticed that his facial expression indicated that he was happy when he saw Danni. She knows these things from her Life Skills class. He still likes Danielle and he tells Lily that she doesn’t know what he thinks and feels. She tells him she notices how much less time he takes to get ready in the morning and how he’s changed his life now that Danielle is out of it, and that she can tell that there is emptiness in his life without Danielle.

Greenlee tells Kendall that when she married Ryan, she loved him. Although she told everybody that it was only a business arrangement in order to get the Cambias stock, but she was lying. She has always loved him. She tells Kendall that she hopes this will not change how she feels about their agreement. Kendall tells her she has always known that Greenlee loves Ryan. And neither of them needs to worry about what anybody else thinks or how anybody else feels about it. Kendall tells Greenlee that she still wishes that Zach was not so totally against having this baby. Greenlee asks her why she cares so much.

Zach tells Myrtle that he has a reason why he’s against Kendall’s and Greenlee’s plan, but he is afraid to tell them. She tells him if he cares about them, he should either stand by them or tell them the truth. He tells her he cannot leave things the way they are, and then thanks her for talking to him and departs.

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