AMC Update Wednesday 9/14/05

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/14/05 


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Behind the set of New Beginnings, Jack and Lily are waiting for Erica. Lily is confused by the expression “break a leg”. She’s worried about people saying that to Erica as a way to wish her luck.

Kendall asks Zach what his problem is with her arrangement with Greenlee to carry the baby for her. He asks her how she can give up the child. He believes she will love Ryan’s child and won’t want to have to give it up to Greenlee. Then, he tells her that this is a bit of a pattern.

In the hospital waiting room, Ryan and Erin are waiting for Jonathan while he’s in surgery. Ryan tells her that it will take 6 hours but will feel like 6 days. She acknowledges that they still won’t know if they will get their brother back.

Everybody on ABC, and in New York are all congratulating Erica Kane on “New Beginnings.” Erica then appears on her debut show. She comes out to shake hands with audience members and greets everybody, as the announcer lists all the celebrities that will be on her show.

Ryan is fidgeting while in the waiting room. He asks Erin to sit down or go to get something to eat, and notices that she looks worried. She tells him that when she and Jonathan found each other again, she made a lot of decisions about how they’d always be together and be able to take care of each other. She tells him she wants Jonathan to pull through. She wonders what he will be or want and if he will even know who they are. Other questions bothering her are: Where will they go or do and will they even be together? Remembering that Ryan was afraid he’d hurt his wife and that this is the reason he had to “be dead,” Erin asks him to tell her about Greenlee and what she is like.

Kendall tells Zach that she’s had many losses in her life. And they are not all about Ryan. So he doesn’t know everything about her. He tells her that they both agree that she’s suffered enough and doesn’t need to any more. And he tells her that she does not owe Greenlee anything. She protests that this is not about any payback or debt. He tells her that before too long, she will want this baby and see it as her and Ryan’s baby. He asks, “How will you be able to give it up?”

On the set, we see Erica meeting some people on the streets of New York. The Vice President of the NASDAQ stock market introduces Erica Kane as host of New Beginnings and names the official start date of her show as Sept. 14. Erica then goes to meet Mayor Guilliani at his office and tells him that she has the opportunity to go all over New York and he has everything to do with that. From the first day of his administration and after 9-11, he’s had so much courage in leading the great city of New York. He acknowledges that the city owes the rest of the country and the rest of the world for all the support they’ve offered. And in the “New Beginnings” Studio, there is a big screen TV with Erica and Mayor Guilliani.

Erica then tells her story about how, in her younger days, she knew she would not find her new beginning in Pine Valley. So she hopped a train and went to New York. She goes to Time Square and Sax Fifth Avenue and gets a new handbag. The woman she talks to tells her the story about how she got over post partum depression by designing beaded handbags called MooRoo that she named after her kids. Erica tells her that that is a new beginning for her. Erica then narrates more about her trip through New York. She meets with Author Simon Doonan.

Erin prepares Jonathan’s bed and blankets for him and asks Ryan if they will put him in restraints. Noticing the way that Erin is arranging the sheets, Ryan asks her about that. She tells him that their daddy made him make his bed like they do in the army and Jonathan spent all night trying not to mess up the sheets. And she asks him if it hurts too much to talk about Greenlee. He tells her no. She asks him what it was like. He replies that she must have had “boyfriends” and would probably know about that. But she tells him that she’s never met anybody she’s loved or who has loved her “that way”. He tells her he’s sorry and tells her that he and Greenlee had a great life at first. He never had to worry about them having any failure in understanding each other. Everything seemed so perfect and happy and he never thought about hurting her because he knew that he could not have. Hurting her would have been impossible.

Zach tells Kendall that she is a sensitive and passionate woman. And having a baby will change things for her. He asks her to remember how Bianca and Babe have both grown so attached to their babies. She tells him this is different because she realizes it won’t really be her baby. He tells her she must tell Greenlee that she cannot do this for her. She must realize she cannot give it up. And right then, Greenlee comes out from hiding after hearing everything they’ve said and tells them that Zach is right.

Erica is then on the set, traveling through Harlem and talking to the residents and business owners. A guy talks about his new nightclub and he is called the human beat box. He explains that he could hear music while walking without a Walkman. And he has some other guys who are like a rock band for him without instruments.

Greenlee tells Kendall that Zach has a point. Hearing that, Kendall asks if his goons have brainwashed her. She tells Kendall that even total jerks can sometimes be right. Greenlee tells Kendall that she realizes that she is asking a lot. Kendall says she’s ready for things to happen the way they will. Zach tells them that in 9 months all that will change.

Ryan tells Erin that Gillian was his first wife and his first love. But she was killed and he never thought he’d find love again. But he found Greenlee. He tells her that for a long time he had unsuccessfully dated in Pine Valley. She tells him at least he met the right person. He tells her yes, after a short “detour” with Kendall, he did. Greenlee encouraged him to know that he was not a lost cause.

Erica talks to Regis, telling him that he is the master of talk shows. He tells her that his philosophy is to keep one’s mind on the guests. And he wishes her the best of luck. She also invites the women from “The View.” Meredith tells Erica one thing she’s learned is to not spend too much time talking about your husband and daughter without asking them. Elisabeth talks about her pregnancy and birth. Starr talks about the jewelry. And they acknowledge that Erica is their competition for women hosting talk shows. She has Clay Aiken on who talks about the Tsunami relief effort. She then introduces two new Broadway stars from “All Shook Up,” who perform their scene about how they “Follow That Dream” and Erica comes out to congratulate them.

Erin tells Ryan that maybe he made a mistake by having a vasectomy. Maybe there’d be nothing wrong with him fathering children and Greenlee is right.

Greenlee assures Kendall that she is not going to be the way JR is with Babe and that Kendall will be able to see the baby whenever she wants. Zach suggests that maybe she should get a surrogate instead of using Kendall as the birth mother.

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