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Erica’s show “New Beginnings” starts. Kendall and Greenlee are in the audience. Erica tells the audience that this episode is to celebrate the risk takers. Greenlee privately tells Kendall that she should be noted as a risk taker. But they know that they will only tell Erica if and when they choose and are not yet ready for her to know about their plan. Right then, however, a terrible thing happens. Zach enters, uninvited, onto Erica’s show and lets, not only Erica, but the entire viewing public know what Kendall and Greenlee are doing. Fortunately, this is just a nightmare that Kendall is having.  She awakens on Greenlee’s couch and tells Greenlee that somebody has to stop Zach.

Tad tells Aiden that he did not tell Julia that the woman who might have the means to save her life is his ex wife.

Babe is sleeping in her son’s room and JR is there, also. Right then, Dixie enters to see Little Adam and praises Babe for saving Little Adam’s life, while she appears less friendly to her son, JR. He does not look happy. Babe leaves the room so Dixie can be with her grandson, but then, Zach appears.  He tells Babe that she has some “business” to finish.

Erica is ready to launch the first episode of New Beginnings.

Standing by Jonathan’s hospital bed, while he sleeps, Ryan asks Erin how he can face his brother and tell him that he is not crazy. He wonders how he can tell Jonathan that it was a big mistake to suggest he take anti-psychotic drugs. He asks Erin how he can look his brother in the eye and tell him that surgery can save him if it does not kill him. Jonathan awakens and tells them they have to go. They are not safe there. He tells them they must go before he kills them. He relives Edmund’s funeral where he set a bomb on the casket and almost killed the entire town. He tells Ryan he must go and save Greenlee.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs her caffeine fix. Greenlee tells her that maybe she shouldn’t be doing this before the egg harvest. Kendall tells her there may not even be an egg harvest if Zach gets his way. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she just had a bad dream. Zach is not the “pregnancy police” and cannot stop them from doing what they plan to do. But Kendall tells her that they have to go and find Zach and stop him.

Zach grabs Babe by her arm and tells her he needs her to do a “job” for him. She tells him he better let go of her. She has more important worries on her mind, like her baby who almost died. He tells her that he knows she might have had a lot more time with her son, were it not for JR’s “mom”. She tells him that those things are none of his business. But he tells her that she has as much interest in exposing Dixie as he does.

In Little Adam’s room, Dixie tells JR that she thinks she would die if she had to let either of them go. Unbeknown to him, she has other worries than what it would mean to lose them or what could cause her to lose them. He tells her that everybody is safe. She reminds him that Babe saved her grandson’s life and she will never forget that.

Zach tells Babe that she might be able to find a letter in the Chandler Mansion that Dixie wrote and has stashed somewhere. She reminds him that there are tons of square feet in the Chandler Mansion. Considering that you would have to divide that by the three hours of visitation she has in that place to see her son, he should realize that she does not have the means to find the letter. He tells her that she had the means to keep Miranda from Bianca for almost a year, so she might know how to find a way to do anything she puts her mind to. She reminds him that Miranda is really important to him only because she’s a blood relation. But she knows that biology does not matter. She loves her son and that’s all she’s concerned about right now.

Before shooting her show for the first time, Erica shares with Jack that she is nervous and afraid that something will go wrong. He tells her that she can count on her loving and loyal husband. And he tells her he has another visitor for her. Lily appears with what looks to be a bag of goodies. She tells Erica that this is her “New Beginnings Survival Kit.” She first pulls out a purple blanket, which Erica can use for her power naps. Reggie has earplugs for Erica in case the applause is too loud. And Jack has his own gift for her. Kendall and Greenlee come to see her. Kendall gives Erica a Super Host doll and a poem from Bianca. Greenlee gives Erica flowers from herself and Ryan. And she tells Erica that Ryan would have been there to kiss her on the cheek and cheer her on. Right then, Erica gets a call from Josh. When Kendall and Greenlee are alone, Kendall says they must keep their eyes peeled for Zach before her nightmare comes true.

In Jonathan’s bed, he relives his father ready to hurt him. He pleads for his father not to hurt him. He tells his brother and sister he wants the ticking time bomb to stop. Ryan grabs hold of his brother and tells him that he knows why there is a ticking time bomb. He tells Jonathan he is not crazy and that he will make all the nightmares, delusions, and fears stop.

JR and Dixie come out of Little Adam’s room and ask Babe what Zach Slater wanted with her. She doesn’t tell them that it is a secret she wants to expose about Dixie. Dixie admits that Zach is concerned about “Di Kirby”. But she no longer cares. Di Kirby no longer exists. She is Dixie Cooney Martin.

Tad tells Aiden that he does not believe Zach’s word over Dixie’s. Aiden tells Tad that he is not arguing with him. He speaks about Dixie in past tense as being a loyal person with a good heart. Tad asks him why he is speaking of her in past tense as if she were dead. Aiden tells him that he must realize that people do change.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he is not sick or evil. He has a brain tumor, that might have been caused by their dad beating him. Jonathan then plays the role of their father and threatens Ryan as if he were their father. But Ryan grabs hold of him and tells him that he must realize that everything is ok. He’s not like their dad and must go back to a place where there was no fear, no ill will, and everything was good and he knew that he was good.

Erica wonders why Kendall and Greenlee have to leave and cannot stay for the launch of her new show. They tell her they have a new product promotion at Fusion. Right then, Zach comes by and gives Erica a gift to start her new show. It’s a gold pin that says New Beginnings. Erica seems to have no cause for suspicion and tells Zach it’s very thoughtful and wonders why Kendall and Greenlee appear to be in such a panic. Zach then tells the three of them that they must realize that there are “some new beginnings that should not be celebrated”. Hearing that, Kendall is very afraid of what he’s about to say next and impulsively tells him he better not or she will tell her mother right away before he gets a chance. Hearing that, Erica asks her daughter if there is “something” she wants to say. Greenlee tells Erica there’s nothing she needs to know. Erica then gets called away. Greenlee asks Zach why he is there and says that his “little stunt” did not work last night. Noticing both women are kind of panicked, he asks them what they are afraid of if this is such a good idea. Greenlee asks him what he is afraid of. He tells them that he’s afraid that this child will bring back some bad things that they do not want and that the child does not want. He tells Greenlee she is very selfish.

Jack tells Erica that he remembers her ambition when she was a teenager. She tells him that that Erica is grown up and gone and she has made peace with her past. He tells her that she is there now in order to help people and enable them to have a fresh start and a new future. She acknowledges to him that not long ago, she believed she had no hope and no future. But now that’s changed. And she believes that all people deserve a second chance.

Greenlee tells Zach that this child will be loved and be a quality person. He asks if she plans for the child to be like its daddy, Ryan, or like its Uncle Jonathan.

Jonathan is getting prepared to have surgery. Ryan and Erin encourage him to think positive thoughts. Again, Ryan warns him that there is a possibility that he might die.

Tad tells Aiden that he could see in Dixie’s eyes that she wanted to be able to help Julia. He knows that she is not lying when she said she did not know anything that could help Julia. And he asks Aiden if they are done.

Meanwhile, Babe, JR and Dixie are with Little Adam, the nurse comes and asks JR to sign a release form so he can take his son home. Babe reminds him that she will not be able to see her son for a whole week. He tells her that those are the rules. Hearing that, Dixie tells her son he must bend and realize Babe saved the baby’s life. He still insists that “rules are rules” and Babe has already had 6 more hours with her son than she was supposed to have.

Dixie returns to her room at the Chandler house with JR. He tells her that it’s so nice to have their son home. She tells him that she wishes Babe could be there to see her son. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk or care about Babe. She tells him that they all have a reason to be grateful. But she’s learned that you cannot keep somebody “safe” by locking them up, as his father tried to do. She tells him that many people have hurt him including herself and Tad and Babe. He tells her that he’s done with Babe. She concludes that she is done with Tad, but he tells her that although he does not approve of her seeing Tad, he wants whatever is best for her. She tells him that things might not work out for her and Tad “this time,” because they are not the same people. Hearing that, he asks her what Tad has “pulled” this time.

Erica again asks Kendall what it was she wanted to tell her. Kendall tells her mother that it’s about babies and Ryan and a way to keep his memory alive. Zach joins in and tells her that there’s a plan for the Miranda Center to have a tribute to Ryan. Hearing that, Erica asks why Kendall was afraid to tell her that and that she thinks it’s a great idea to have a memorial tribute for Ryan at the Miranda Center.

In the hospital, Jonathan cries and tells his brother and sister that he wants to get rid of all the hate and all that has happened. And he agrees to have the surgery done.

Jack tells Erica that he can notice that the “scared” look she previously had is no longer in her eyes. They smile and she tells him the world can “bring it on” because she is ready.

Greenlee excuses herself, telling Zach that she is in hormone hell and needs to get something to eat. Alone with Zach, Kendall asks him why he did not spill the beans. He acknowledges to her that it’s her body and her choice. But he asks her if she can go through with this. He asks her if he can give this baby up the baby as her mother did to her.

Jonathan gets wheeled in for surgery. He freaks and yells and has delusions.

Right when JR and Dixie are talking and assuming they are alone, Babe manages to get into the house unseen through the private tunnel. It also appears that Tad is nearby, and then, Julia appears. Three people unannounced and unseen in the Chandler House.

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