AMC Update Monday 9/12/05

All My Children Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR and Babe go into their son's hospital room to check on him and see someone wearing a white lab coat. It is Jamie, who also has a stethoscope around his neck and Little Adam's chart in his hand. JR asks him what he's doing there. Jamie says thanks to Babe, he sees a happy, healthy little boy rather than a child in a coffin. Jamie asks how stupid can JR be, leaving Little Adam alone by a pool. Babe tells Jamie it was an accident and it won't happen again. Jamie can't understand why Babe is defending JR. Babe says she doesn't want to fight anymore and tells Jamie to let it go. Jamie says he has to leave to work. Babe congratulates him for working at the hospital. Jamie says he's observing his grandfather and it feels good. But he says it probably would feel a lot better if he hadn't run into her. Jamie walks out and JR asks her why she doesn't go after him. Babe says he's busy, and he wouldn't want to hear what she had to say anyway. She says she'd rather be here with her son. She tells JR she's sorry for telling him his son was dead. She says she can't say she's sorry enough.

At Fusion, Danielle asks Garret what he's doing. He asks her what she thinks he's doing. She says she thinks he's trying to kiss her. He asks if she wants him to kiss her. She says if he's going to marry her mom he can't kiss her. Garret leans over and kisses her forehead. He reassures Dani and says he and her mom are offering her a room at their house in New York with her own entrance. He says she's not a little girl anymore, she's grown up and ready to make her own decisions. Garret offers to take her home but she says she still has work to do. He leaves, telling her she's in charge of where they're going. Josh comes out of hiding. Dani asks him to tell her she was wrong about Garret, but he says she was dead right. That guy is definitely after her. Dani says he didn't do anything. Josh says he did plenty. He's laying the groundwork and if she would have indicated interest he would have been all over her. Dani realizes this really is real. Josh tells her to trust her instincts and stay away from Garret and tell her mother. Dani asks how she can tell her mother. Josh says she should at least tell her mother how she feels about him. Just then Mimi walks in followed by Derek. Josh leaves. Derek says he's going to her mother's wedding and he hopes Danielle will be his date. Derek says Garret is an OK guy and he wishes Mimi well. Dani asks what if she wishes her mother not get married. Mimi asks her not to start in on Garret again. Dani tells them to forget it. She's just stressed out by work.

Julia tells Di her hair is different but she recognizes her face from her mug shot. She asks which of her friends wants her dead and who had her husband killed. Di says she can't help her as she doesn't know anything. Julia tells Tad to take a walk around the block. She'll get the truth out of her. She asks again, who is after her. Tad tells Julia to stop her pressure. He tells her that Di is really Dixie. Julia stares at her, then turns to Tad and accuses him of betraying her. She says he knew all along where Di Kirby was and didn't tell her. Tad says he couldn't. She would have went out looking for her. He thought it would be safer if he brought Dixie to her. Julia tells Di she remembers her as a goodie two shoes. Now a couple years after leaving Pine Valley she's hanging around with the Dragon. Di says she doesn't know who the Dragon is and can't help her. Julia says she doesn't believe her and walks out. Di angrily asks Tad why he didn't tell her he had Julia stashed here. Tad says he wants to trust the woman he's falling in love with all over again. Di says she's falling in love with him too. Tad asks if that's why she's keeping silent, to protect him? He urges her to tell him everything. Di says Zach almost got himself killed because of Julia and she doesn't want him to be next. Tad tells her to keep quiet about Julia, which angers Di. She asks if he thinks she's going to call the guys who are after Julia. He says no, he's talking about the police or Zach. Di is still angry and leaves, telling him she's not in any hurry to see him again.

Kendall tells Zach he can't stop her from having Greenlee's baby. Greenlee tells Zach to leave and mind his own business. Zach says this is his business as Kendall is his wife. Kendall dares him to try and stop her and asks him how he thinks he could stop her. Zach says a little common sense will do the trick. He tells Kendall she's not emotionally ready for this. Kendall says he has some nerve busting in here and making demands. She says he has no say over what she can do with her body. Ryan is dead, so why can't they let him rest in peace, he asks. Greenlee tells him not to judge her for honoring her husband's memory. Kendall says this is her gift to Greenlee and is the most unselfish thing she's ever done. Zach tells her she has no idea what she's getting herself into. He accuses her of doing this because of ongoing devotion to Ryan. Kendall says if she didn't know any better, she would say he is jealous. Zach says he's not jealous, he's just extremely concerned. Greenlee says Kendall will be fine and her baby will be fine too. Zach says with Ryan's genes it will be a disaster. Greenlee says Ryan's genes are not tainted. Zach tells her she's stealing her best friend's life. Greenlee says it was Kendall's idea. And Greenlee jumped on the idea because it's all about what Greenlee wants, he says. He asks if she hasn't caused enough damage in her race to motherhood already. Wasn't Ryan's death enough? Kendall tells him if he says one more word they're finished. Zach says he wants to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Kendall says if he lifts one finger to cause trouble she will have divorce papers drafted before he can blink. Zach leaves and Greenlee asks Kendall if she has taken advantage of her. Kendall says Zach hates it if the world doesn't revolve around him.

Zach goes to the hospital and thinks about what Kendall said.

Ryan tells a doctor at a Canadian hospital that Jonathan is completely disconnected from reality. How can he say he's not psychotic? Erin says Jonathan is complaining about a bomb going off inside his head. The doctor says there is a bomb in his head and if it explodes it will kill him. The doctor says there is a large tumor pressing on Jonathan's brain that's been growing for years. It is the cause of his erratic behavior. Ryan realizes that none of what has happened is Jonathan's fault. The doctor says he is stunned that the tumor wasn't detected earlier and says a malpractice suit would be in order against a doctor in New Jersey who gave him anti-psychotic pills. Those drugs could make him psychotic, he says. Ryan says all this time he thought it was family genes which were causing Jonathan's behavior. The doctor says the tumor could be the result of severe head trauma. Erin says Jonathan was abused, and one time their father hit him so hard he didn't wake up for a day. They didn't take him to the hospital. Ryan says he didn't know that. Erin says it happened after he left. The doctor says that could be to blame. Ryan says he should never have left the family. Erin tells him it's not his fault. The doctor says brain surgery would be tricky. It could leave him blind, he could lose his speech, or he could die. If they don't do anything, Jonathan will stay like this and decline until it kills him. He says it will do major damage at a rapid rate. He gives them time to consider the surgery. Ryan tells Erin he wishes he would have taken Jonathan to a neurologist earlier. He was just certain this was due to his genes. He just realizes that Greenlee was right. He has flashbacks of Greenlee assuring him that he doesn't have evil genes. Erin asks him what he meant by Greenlee being right. Ryan says it doesn't matter, he let Jonathan down. Erin says he could not have predicted this. They agree the surgery is the best option. Erin says if there's hope for Jonathan there's hope for all of them.

Babe is sleeping in a rocking chair in the hospital room while JR watches Little Adam. Babe wakes up suddenly, jumps up and asks if Little Adam is still breathing. JR reassures her that he's breathing and tells her to sleep while he watches the baby. Outside the door, Joe asks Jamie about the baby and Jamie says he's fine. Joe says it must be hard for Jamie to see Babe here. They watch JR and Babe through the window and Joe suggests they go get something to eat. Joe leaves and Jamie continues to watch JR and Babe.

Tad goes to the attic and finds Julia missing.

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