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All My Children Update Friday 9/9/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the abandoned cabin where Zach has taken Di, Tad has arrived to rescue Di. Zach urges Di to tell Zach about the letter she wrote revealing who is after Julia. Di tells Tad that Zach is crazy. Zach demands to know what's in teh letter, but Di says it doesn't exist. Zach says the letter contains the name of the top guy in the organization that's after Julia. He tells Tad that Di thought he was one of the men in the organization so she kept talking. Di says she has nothing to say. When Zach continues demanding, Tad points a gun at him. Di insists she doesn't know anything. Tad suggests she consider filing kidnapping charges against him. Di says she just wants to end this and get home to her family. She says if she could help Julia she would. Tad tells Zach he kidnapped Di just to get her to say what he wants to hear. Zach says he wonders what Maria will say when she's grieving over Julia's coffin and Di could have saved Julia's life. Zach walks out and Tad tells Di he'll make sure he never comes near her again.

Julia is in Tad's attic recalling some of the words she heard about Noah when he was killed. She wants to get out of there and puts on a hat to try to disguise herself. Sam comes to check on Julia and notices she's trying to leave. He tells her she has to stay. Julia tells Sam to get away from the door as she needs to get out of here. They talk about the Witness Protection Program. Julia says she had no choices. They tried to have her get rid of all her memories and gave her the barest minimum to survive. They made her into nothing and then expected her to live. She says it destroyed her marriage as Noah couldn't take it anymore. Now it's her turn and she has to go. They hear a noise downstairs.

Tad and Di have just arrived back at Tad's house. Di thanks Tad for saving her and believing her. He asks her about the letter she told Zach about. He says she knows who's after Julia and he has to tell her who it is. Di asks if he thinks she's lying. Tad tells her she knows something and he can help her. Di says there's no letter and she has nothing to say. Sam walks into the room and tells Tad he was helping him pack up that stuff in the attic. He says he'll go back to Brooke's but he first forgot something. Tad asks Di who has her so afraid. Sam goes back to Julia and tells her a woman is downstairs who knows who is after her. Julia goes downstairs and tells Di that if she won't tell Tad she sure as hell better tell her.

Greenlee and Kendall go to the Roadside Bar to relax and unwind. Kendall decides she wants the barbeque special and a vodka martini, telling Greenlee she's indulging herself. Greenlee expresses concern over the scary needle she has to take tomorrow. Kendall reassures her that everything will be OK and they should enjoy themselves. Just then Del walks over and greets Kendall, saying he knew there was a reason he came back to Pine Valley. Kendall hugs Del and says he's a blast from the past. Del tells her she looks spectactular. Kendall says she's older and wiser. Del says he's there visiting her half-sister. He goes to get a drink and says he'll return so they can catch up. After he's gone, Greenlee tells Kendall to get rid of him. Kendall says she was once engaged to him. Del returns and Greenlee tells him this is girl's night out. Del tells Kendall she's more beautiful than ever. Greenlee picks up Kendall's hand to show him her wedding ring and tells Del she's married. Kendall says it's a marriage of convenience. Del says it's his loss. Greenlee asks Del to go get the waitress and when he leaves Greenlee asks Kendall what's wrong with her. She's not supposed to have any sex and she orders her to get rid of him. Kendall says if she does Greenlee will have to do one thing. She whispers it in her ear. "You want me to do what?" Greenlee asks. She says it's not going to happen. Del comes back to catch up. Kendall says she would love to but Greenlee kicks her under the table. Kendall says they're there for a business meeting. Del asks for a raincheck and leaves. Kendall tells Greenlee she did her deed now she has to pay up. Greenlee protests but when Kendall keeps calling her a welcher, Greenlee says fine. She walks to the microphone to sing karaoke, belting out "You're Having My Baby." The bar crowd erupts in cheers.

Ryan and Erin take Jonathan to a hospital in Canada to get some tests. Jonathan tells them he's OK but then hears ticking noises in his head. Jonathan tells them to make the ticking stop and finally it does. However a hospital worker comes in and Jonathan hears the ticking again. Ryan asks the worker to give Jonathan some aspirin for his headache, then Jonathan sees the worker as his father saying "I'll make sure he gets what he needs." He cowers in the corner. Jonathan thinks he sees Ryan, Erin, Kendall and Greenlee watch him while eating popcorn. Jonathan grabs his head and says it's going to explode. Ryan tells him to relax. Jonathan sees his father, Greenlee and Kendall tunting him. Erin goes to get a doctor.

Dani, Simone, Josh and Ethan arrive at Fusion with a plan. Dani is to set up Garret by coming onto him to see how he reacts. Dani says the plan is crazy as she's not even sure he's making moves on her. Josh says he'll hide in the Fusion office and listen and he'll be able to tell Garret's intentions. Just then Mimi and Garret walk in and announce they have big news. Mimi tells Dani that she spoke with her father and they've agreed to a new custody arrangement. She gets to decide where she wants to live. She says the arrangement is thanks to Garret. She says they even got her dad to agree to come to the wedding. Garret says he wants things to be perfect for his two beautiful girls. Simone, Josh and Ethan keep a close watch on Garret. Garret and Mimi leaves and Dani tells her friends she can't go through with this now. Simone says she can't back out. She doesn't want her mother to marry a sleeze. Ethan says this is the only way to reasonably know for sure. Dani says they might as well get this over with. She calls Garret and asks him to come back to Fusion so they can talk. When Garret returns he finds Dani alone. Josh is hiding in the office. Garret mentions that he saw Josh and tells her he's bad news. Dani says she wants to talk about him and her. She's sorry she jumped to conclusions in the dressing room. She wants to start over. Garret says he cares about her and would do anything to protect her. Dani says she's new at this game with men. Garret says he can give her tips so she will know when a man wants her and when he doesn't. Dani says she guesses she took Garret's feelings about her the wrong way. Garret says it's tough being a teenager. He says teens don't appreciate her. They don't care about her feelings but he does. He says he'll be here whenever she needs him.

Kendall goes with Greenlee back to her home. After they enter, they are startled to find Zach there waiting for them in the dark. He says he's looking for Julia and asks Kendall if she turned her into the police again. Kendall says she doesn't know where Julia is. Zach picks up their schedule on the surrogacy plan and says he knows all about it. Kendall calls him a snoop and says there is nothing he can do. Zach says he's going to stop her.

A doctor comes into examine Jonathan, who is on the floor in a panic. He gives him a shot. Ryan tells the doctor Jonathan keeps screaming something is in his head. The doctor says there is something. Ryan asks if Jonathan is insane. The doctor says he's no more insane then he or Ryan.

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