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All My Children Update Thursday 9/8/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

While Babe is waiting for the social worker to arrive so she can see her son, it looks as though Little Adam has disappeared. She goes looking for him and then she screams as though he’s put himself in harm’s way.

Danielle meets with Simone at BJ’s to discuss her suspicions of Garrett.

At the police station, Garrett tells Mimi that he’s noticed that Danielle is kind of nervous about the “big day”.

Krystal comes to meet Adam at SOS. She reminds him that he owes her for her efforts to prove that his son’s mother is a fake.

Zach takes Dixie/Di to a cabin. She seems afraid that he will hurt her. He tells her he will not. He wants her to tell him what she knows.

Babe goes to rescue Little Adam. JR calls the EMTs. Her hair is wet and it looks like she’s pulled him from drowning.

Krystal tells Adam that all she knows about Dixie’s siblings is that her half brother Dell knows how to protect his sources. She tells him that he looks like a lady’s man at Pigeon Hollow and all around.

Dixie tells Zach that she did time for his “friend” and never said a word to the cops or the feds or anybody. She tells him that he may call his “boss” if he does not believe her. He tells her maybe she is out of the loop. He was sent to do a job.

Danielle asks Simone what she’d do in a similar situation, in regard to her mother marrying a guy who would hit on her, whom she thought would hit on her, or whom she may have falsely accused of hitting on her. Simone tells Danielle that since Dani’s mom is a cop, she can take care of herself and know if her husband to be is putting moves on her daughter. Right then, Josh arrives and looks to have something to tell them.

Derek tells Garrett that he wants to know more about the man who’s going to be around his daughter. Garrett appears friendly, inviting Derek and Livia to his wedding. He then gives Derek some money. Derek assumes it’s a bribe. Garrett tells him it’s only a friendly contribution to a worthy cause for the police programs. Right then, Mimi appears and shows Derek some written material, which she says she hopes will prevent him from making an even bigger fool of himself.

After Babe and JR attempt to save Little Adam, Tad and Dell appear. JR is ready to cry as it looks like his son was at risk for dying.

Dixie tells Zach that if he wants her alive, she can keep her mouth shut about the secret information. But if she dies, it will all be exposed. She also tells him that if his “boss” goes to prison and she dies, he will take it out on Zach. He asks her what she is doing in Pine Valley. She tells him that as long as she keeps her mouth shut, it shouldn’t matter. He asks her why Dixie Cooney Martin would be brought back from the dead after having everybody believe she died, and then do time. She asks why he’s concerned about that. He tells her that Maria Santos is his friend and he will stop at nothing to protect her and her family.

The EMTs come and take Little Adam away. JR tells them they are not taking his son anywhere without him. Tad tells Dell he is not done with him until he can tell him where Dixie is.

Danielle confronts Josh about how he “appears nice” when he finally finds out that she is a minor and her parents are cops and can get him in trouble. He knows that her future stepfather, Garrett Williams has suspicions about him and he asks Dani what has her so wound up. Ethan comes to meet Simone and she asks him if he has any “insights” about how Garrett might be thinking and feeling in regard to Danielle.

Garrett tells Derek that he is not questioning his judgment in parenting his daughter. But he wants to just leave the option open for Danielle to move to New York with him and Mimi. He again tells Derek that he’d like for him and Livia to come to his wedding and that is the least he can do for Danielle.

Tad tells Dell that he is very worried about where Dixie has gone. Dell tells Tad that she will get back when she gets back. Tad tells Dell that he does not trust him and knows he has some secret regarding Dixie and where she went.

Dixie tells Zach that if Julia Santos is in trouble, she does not have any way to help her. He tells her that he needs to find out how to get Julia off of Kevin Sturgis’ hit list. She tells him that maybe, if they both like to get up the next morning and don’t want to die a million slow deaths, maybe they need to depart and end this conversation. She tells him she just wants to live and be able to see her grandson graduate from Harvard.

Babe and JR are in the hospital with their son. JR tells the nurse that his kid has such excellent brain function knowing that he would be held liable if there is permanent damage to his son. Babe asks what could have happened in the time he stopped breathing. The nurse assures them that Little Adam did not stop breathing for long enough to cause permanent brain damage and they need not worry about that. She tells them, however, that their son has suffered a major trauma and they need to let him rest. She tells Babe that this time she was his mother and guardian angel. Alone with Babe, JR tells her that he wouldn’t put it past her to have some “plan” in order to make herself look like a hero. She tells him that there is no plan and she cries. He seems to almost realize that she is sincere. He then gives her a blanket, knowing that she is still wet. He asks her how she knew CPR and seems surprised that she knew how to save him. He also asks if she’s going to get him in trouble for child endangerment. She reminds him that he let their child wander out of their home, and into an open pool and he almost drowned.

Krystal tells Adam that although she has not yet had a chance to get Dell alone and find out about his family tree, she will find a way to do that. Adam then tells her that her services are no longer needed because he does not believe she can effectively get the goods for him. Right then, she causes a seen by having people hear that she his carrying his child and he will not give her any money. She tells them that he took marriage vows to have and hold her but won’t hold her and wants to abandon and cheat on her.

Dixie keeps telling Zach that she does not have the information he wants and needs.

Ethan talks to Josh about how “they” as men, have a responsibility to wipe out all the pervs and skeeves. Josh asks how someone could tell them from the other kind. Danielle sounds as though she must be silly and falsely accusing Garrett. Josh tells them that the problem they have at this point is in getting real proof. And he thinks he knows how to get it.

Babe reminds JR that she was with Miranda in the park not long ago and got distracted for only seconds tying a little boy’s shoes. And she almost got taken. And JR saved her. And she knows that he set it up to get the baby taken so that he could make her look like an unfit mother. And she reminds him that he was negligent in what happened to their son. He let him wander off. He then admits to her that if she wants more time with little A, this is her shot. He realizes that she could get many people to testify on her behalf. She tells him that he did not see their son after he almost died. All she could think of was the life-and-death emergency to save their son. Not in putting him in his place and blaming him for his negligence. Hearing that, he asks her if she can teach him CPR. She tells him she is not certified to teach but she could go to the classes with him. The nurse then brings Little Adam back and puts him in his hospital bed. Babe thanks her. As soon as she is with her son, he stops crying. But nasty JR has to remind her, at a time like this, that her “visiting hours” are over. Hearing that she tells him he wouldn’t. She tells her son his mommy loves him and she departs. Hearing that, JR asks her to wait. He tells her maybe she should stay because the doctors might have some questions that only she can answers.

Ethan tells Danielle that this is her decision and asks her what she thinks. She tells himt that she hopes they are all wrong about her mother’s fiancé because if they are not, she doesn’t know what to do.

After Krystal has publicly “exposed” Adam at SOS, the crowd takes him away. Krystal then calls to book a flight from Pine Valley to Crow Hollow, WV. Outside, Adam asks for a flight there also.

Tad goes to find Dixie and rescue her from Zach. Zach asks her who wants Julia dead. Tad tells him that Dixie does not know the information that will save Julia. Zach tells Tad that everything Dixie told him was the truth and everything she told Tad was a lie. Having no clue what was said in their private meeting, Tad doesn’t know that Dixie did not reveal any information to Zach. And Zach might have convinced him that Dixie lied to him.

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