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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/7/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda approaches Jamie in the restaurant and he tells her that he is not in the mood. She apologizes for being pushy and controlling the previous night. She tells him that they can have fun with “no strings” and shows him a bikini hoping he will want to have fun. But right before he can respond, JR comes by and tells her she must leave his brother alone.

Babe tells her mother that if Zach Slater can get to the bottom of the “Dixie” mystery and rock JR’s world, then Zach is her friend.

Zach goes to Tad’s and Aiden’s office and tells them he’d like to retain them to find somebody. He agrees to pay what they ask. Tad then concludes to Zach that he must really want to find this person and asks if “he” has a name. Zach tells him it’s a “she” and the name is Di Kirby.

Dixie or Di goes to find Dell and tells him he cannot call her Di. He must call her Dixie. He tells her she can trust him and she must tell him what she is mixed up in. She reveals to him that there are lots of corporate raiders with suits and briefcases and each one is scarier than the next. And she tells him she is afraid that she is about to lose everything.

Tad asks Zach for Di Kirby’s last known address. Zach tells him it’s the state penitentiary. Tad replies she must be a “naughty girl”. And he asks what she looks like. Zach shows him the picture. And that must BLOW Tad’s MIND. Tad then asks him his reason to find her. Zach replies that he has an offer for Di that she cannot refuse.

Dixie/Di tells Dell that she knows that these people are the kinds who shoot first and ask questions later. And she asks what she should do. Should she look the other way and let a woman die? (meaning Julia). He tells her that a woman could die anyway. Those guys are murderers. She tells him that she has a dilemma because she promised to keep their secrets for them. And she tells him that she has to hang onto “this life” with everything she has. She has bonded with JR and Little Adam. She has their love and she cannot lose that. He tells her, in that case, then there is no point on ratting these guys out. Doing that could risk everybody’s lives.

Krystal tells Babe that she still does not approve of her plan to re-marry JR. It will mean she will be stuck in that place with JR and Adam picking on her. But Babe tells her mother that she will have her son and the “marriage” to JR will not be forever. And it will be worth it in order to have her son. Krystal notices a picture of Babe and Jamie and asks her if this is just another way to get over Jamie. Babe tells her mother no. She has other reasons and she believes that Zach Slater can help her expose Dixie. But Krystal reminds her daughter that JR is not stupid. He might see right through her plan. Babe tells her mother she will find a way. JR has already cost her Jamie. She will not let him cost her her son also.

After JR comes and harasses them, Jamie and Amanda are able to appear to be happy together. JR tells Jamie that as cozy as the two of them look together, Jamie must remember what happened the last time he “picked up” one of JR’s “leftovers”.

Right then, Danielle is getting fitted for a dress that Myrtle found for her. She has trouble with the zipper in the back of her dress and asks if her mom or Myrtle can help her with the zipper. And won’t you know, right then, Garrett comes out of nowhere to zip the back of her dress. He tells her he hopes he did not startle her and she looks gorgeous and all. She tells him that it’s a lot of money to blow on a dress she will only wear once. He tells her that there’s nothing more important than her role in all of this. He then tells her that he’s glad they had their “little talk”. And he promises never to spill the secrets she’s told him. But she tells him that she believes there is one “secret” that her mom should know. It’s about the “feelings” that he has for her.

Di (Dixie) tells Dell that she knows she is different than the real Dixie. But she does believe she’s falling in love with Tad just like the real Dixie did. He then tells her that she must not return to the life she had because she’d be putting Tad as well as JR and Little Adam in danger. He also tells her that he realizes she must protect them and that he will come with her and protect her secret. But she tells him that the longer she keeps the secret, she might be making it worse.

JR tells Jamie that he really wonders why he is throwing his life away, especially now that he has wealth and a career ahead of him, by being with this “trash”. Jamie tells JR that he knows he’s just jealous that he cannot have Amanda. JR tells Jamie this is the last time he saves Jamie’s sorry butt. Jamie plays off the “happy” expression until JR is out the door. He then returns to the grim reality that he’s not over Babe and could never have feelings for Amanda like he had for Babe. And she asks him if this is the part where he writes her off.

Babe goes to visit her son. JR appears and she “makes nice”. He tells Winifred she should not have let Babe in before the social worker arrives. He assumes she will argue but she tells Winifred it’s ok to take Little Adam back and she tells JR she’d like to talk to him.

Jamie reveals that he is not entirely comfortable around Amanda. He asks her if she gets off on putting people down. She tells him no. He tells her he’s not into the types of behaviors she’s into and all he wants with her is a good time with no strings.

Garrett tells Danielle that he thought it was a “blessing” when he met her mother. But now that he also has her in his life, it means more than anything to him. He takes her hand and tells her that he feels really close to her. She tells him that she does not feel all that close to him and that she is not comfortable with the way he looks at her. He then tells her that maybe she should tell her mother what she just told him.

Di (Dixie) goes to see Krystal. Krsytal tells her that it seems like yesterday when the two of them were in jail, playing cards and socializing like two jailbirds. She remembers she told Di everything about her life. But “Di Kirby” or Dixie or whomever she is never told Krystal anything about her life. Di/Dixie asks Krystal if she can trust her. Krystal tells her that depends. She can if she is the same Dixie Cooney Martin that Tad believes she is.

Zach tells Tad that he wants to make certain that the goons who are following Di Kirby around do not endanger Julia Santos. Tad asks how Di Kirby is involved with the goons whom Julia is hiding from. Zach tells Tad that he knows about Di’s ex lover, Kevin Sturgis. Zach tells Tad that he knows just like Tad knows that Di Kirby is right here in Pine Valley. She is Dixie, Tad’s ex-wife.

Di/Dixie reminds Krystal that she should remember that she passed a conclusive DNA test. Krystal tells her she knows that. But a DNA test is one thing. When she looks is Dixie’s/Di’s eyes, she seems something else. She knows that Di/Dixie is hiding a dirty conscience. She tells her that there is no reason for her to be so uncertain about Tad if she is for real. Why is she visiting Krystal to rehash everything, Krsystal asks her? Krsytal tells her that she knows she has no chance with Tad, herself. But she is concerned about Di/Dixie breaking Tad’s heart. And if it’s inevitable that it will happen, it’s better that Di/Dixie does it sooner than later.

Zach tells Tad that he believes that Tad is keeping the secret for his ex. Tad tells Zach he knows nothing about it. Zach tells him that if Julia Santos gets killed, it’s on his head.

Mimi comes and sees Danielle in her dress, with Garrett. Danielle expresses that she wants to talk to her about something that doesn’t “feel right”. Garrett and Mimi sound all happy and the three of them view themselves in the mirror. But Danielle’s expression reveals that she still has some major concerns.

Babe tells JR that she’d like to invest in Little Adam’s education and asks him where they should enroll their son. He tells her it’s none of her business since he has sole custody. He reminds her that the social worker is not there yet so she needs to go. She tells him she will wait. He, again, reminds her that she can go to BJ’s and find Jamie and Amanda getting all hot and heavy. She tells him she no longer cares about Jamie. There is only one man for her.

Jamie tells Amanda that she needs a b.s detector when she tells him a less-than-credible story about why she is in town. She tells him that the reason she does not go back and live with her mother is because she cannot be around her mother’s craziness. She cannot live there. She then asks him if he still believes he needs a b.s. Detector. He does not answer when he hears that. He knows she is for real when she tells him about her mother. She shows him that her mother has left her tons of messages on her cell phone. She tells him that she has to tell here mother every day that she cannot be with her but she really loves her to pieces. Jamie tells Amanda that he can tell, by her voice, that she really does love her mother. Amanda tells Jamie that she realizes that anybody would think it’s crazy to love Janet from another planet. He asks her what is wrong with letting her mother love her back. Amanda says she must deal with the card she was dealt and that she does not plan on ever going back to her mother. She tells him she knows she is more than a “HO” desperate for cash. She is also a terrible daughter and person.

At the Chandler house, Winifred brings Little Adam out and informs JR that the social worker is running late. Babe tells them that she will come back another time. But JR tells her she can stay. He tells her, however he will not let her bring him inside to find his toy.

Krystal tells Dixie that she does not plan on stealing Tad out from under her. All she wants is for Tad to be happy. And if Dixie does anything to hurt Tad, she will answer to Krystal. Krystal then shuts the door in Dixie’s face.

Tad tells Zach that in the time he’s (Zach) been there, he’s left many casualties in his wake. So he cannot blame this situation on Tad. Zach reminds him that Julia Santos’ life is in danger because of Dixie. He tells Tad he must realize that Dixie knows something she is not telling him. And Tad must wake up, pick up his toys and deal with it. He then gets on his cell phone to his “contact”.

Aiden tells Tad that it’s entirely possible that the “danger” that Dixie is into is also related to Julia. But Tad tells him that he knows he can trust Dixie. Aiden tells him that Zach thinks he knows something and he might be right. Tad tells Aiden that he knows that “his Dixie” would not lie to him. Certainly not about something like this.

Right then, Dixie is outside and somebody wearing black gloves comes up behind her and covers her mouth.

Myrtle is able to tell that Danielle needs some privacy and looks a little peaked. She asks her what is on her mind, knowing there’s something she needs to talk to somebody about. Danielle tells her nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect.

Jamie arranges to go and spend the day with Amanda.

JR gets on the phone and tells his contact he needs another social worker. He reveals to Babe that he’s hiding the baby from her. He tells her that Little Adam is missing. She panics and goes looking for him. Dell comes out and asks what is going on. Right then, Babe goes out and screams as if Little Adam has run out in front of a car and is in danger.

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