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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Babe runs into Jamie and discovers he’s on a little “outing” with Amanda.

Dixie tells Tad that she’s already told him everything he needs to know and he needs to unlock the door to the place where he’s taken her in order to have their little “talk”. He tells her he’s worried about Kevin and his friends. He’s concerned that Kevin is involved in some very nasty deeds. He tells her she must have some secret in regard to the deal he cut with the grand jury. And if something happens to Julia Santos, it will be on her hands.

Julia tells Sam that she has not talked to him in a long time and they have a lot of catching up to do. She asks him why he is “on the run” from their family.

Zach calls Ryan and tells him that he will not let him hurt not only Greenlee but Kendall as well. He informs Ryan that they might be onto his little “stunt” and find out he is not really dead.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she is wondering if Ryan really is still alive. And she then concludes that they cannot go through with this. Kendall cannot have Ryan’s baby. Kendall asks her who got her so “wound up” like this. She asks her if Lily was the source. She reminds her that Lily is a sweet girl but may not be a reliable source about whether Ryan is alive. Due to what they know about Lily, her perceptions are a little off. Greenlee reminds Kendall that Lily said she really saw Ryan standing right in front of her. She knows Lily never lies. She’s not delusional nor sees ghosts. But Kendall tells Greenlee that maybe Zach had some secret with Lily and got her to “say something” that unfortunately back-fired and made Greenlee afraid of something. She assures Greenlee that Ryan would never stage his own death and hurt her the way this would hurt her.

On the phone Ryan asks Zach how Greenlee is. Zach tells him he doesn’t get to be concerned about her after what he’s done to her. Ryan tells Zach that he is not a self-centered jerk like Zach is. He did not stage his own death without a good reason. When Zach gets off his phone he runs into Mimi.

Julia tells Sam that he cannot abandon his family just because he’s angry with his mom. He tells her it didn’t take much for his mom to abandon his dad. But she tells him about the history of Edmund and Maria and how they loved each other. Hearing that, Sam concludes that it’s too bad that Maria did not love Edmund as much as he loved her. Julia tells him she did love him as much as he loved her. But she assures him that his parents had real love and that will never die.

Tad informs Dixie that Julia just dropped out of the witness protection program and is a target for Kevin and his buddies. She tells him that this is hard to believe. He tells her that whether she wants to believe it or not, Kevin is more than just some money-grubbing corporate raider. He might be after blood. And the blood might be that of Julia. Dixie admits to Tad that she doesn’t know everything that Kevin might be into. He reminds her that since she just admitted she doesn’t know everything about Kevin and the fact that at one moment, she says she doesn’t care about Kevin, the next she defends him, is indication that she is lying about something.

After being seen with Amanda by Babe, Jamie tells Babe that there is “something she should know”. She tells him that he’s made it pretty clear that he’s choosing to be with Amanda. He tells her that he and Amanda understand one another. She tells him that he must have it all figured out. She looks very discontent, not the way she would react if she really did intend to dump him for another guy. And she tells him she will leave them alone and leaves. Right then Amanda returns to Jamie, wants to touch him and sounds so happy that he’s finally “over” Babe. But after seeing her, he’s not ok. And he tells Amanda that if she pulls “this crap” again, they are done. She asks him what she’s done wrong, reminding him that he chose to break it off with Babe and be with her. But he tells her he could clearly see that she had to rub Babe’s nose in that. She asks him what he really wants. He reveals that he is not entirely certain.

Ryan gets off the phone with Zach and is ready to help Jonathan with his headaches. Erin reminds Ryan that maybe that should be for her to do, knowing that “dead men” cannot be out in public taking their brothers to the hospital.

Greenlee reminds Kendall that Lily does not lie and Zach confirmed what she saw. Kendall tells Greenlee that Lily may not mean to lie but may not have known what she saw and it doesn’t seem likely that if Zach knew that Ryan was alive, that he would keep a secret for him. They’re not exactly buddies, she reminds her. Greenlee tells Kendall that if Ryan is really still alive, she cannot go on. But Kendall reminds her that nothing has to change. She can still have her baby and do everything she’d previously planned to do.

Tad tells Dixie he cannot just back off when Julia’s life is on the line. She tells him she’d like to help him. She does not want to put Julia’s life on the line. She is also concerned about the lives of JR and Little Adam. But there is nothing she can do because there are many things she does not know. He asks her if that guy just scared her into keeping his secret for him.

Julia tells Sam that sometimes relationships that once seemed perfect can change. And you can tell that something is missing. He asks her if that is what happened to her. She admits that it was. She tells him that she and Noah fell in love in a different life. Then all the stress got to them. They drifted apart. He asks her what happens to cause such a change. She says she does not believe it matters what causes it. And she tells him with his mom and his dad, it doesn’t matter what went wrong. All that matters was that they loved each other.

Mimi tells Zach that she’d like to talk to him and knows that he is hiding something or somebody. She tells him that she knows his men crashed into a PVPD car in an attempt to get away, which cost the taxpayers millions. He tells her that he does not wish to talk to her and the only way she’s going to find out anything is by taking him down to the station. Right then, Babe walks in. Zach asks her if she has a minute. She asks him what is up. He tells her he needs some “advice” or information about Di Kirby.

Tad tells Dixie that Julia spent 9 years giving up her life for everything. And she must understand what it would be like to have to do that in order to do the “right thing”. She must understand what it would be like to lose everything. So he urges her to tell him everything she knows about Kevin Sturgis.

Erin tells Ryan she can take Jonathan to the hospital and get him admitted while Ryan waits outside. She tells him she wants to do this in a way that is safe for both of them. She owes them that much. He tells her that he walked away from both her and Jonathan. And they are now all he has left. They are his family and he will not abandon them again.

Greenlee “runs down” all the requirements she has for Kendall to carry a pregnancy for her. She lists no alcohol or caffeine, eating not just for herself, a new exercise problem just for her and the baby. Kendall makes a comment about how Greenlee might as well have her caged and stuck in a corner. Greenlee responds by saying she would if she could. And she tells Kendall one last important thing; in order to have this baby, she must get a divorce. Greenlee tells Kendall that her husband is untrustworthy and her child does not need his negative influence. Zach is out dodging bullets for Julia Santos and she won’t let her baby be a part of that. But Kendall tells Greenlee she refuses to divorce Zach.

Zach asks Babe how well she knew Di. Babe tells Zach she never said she knew her. But she tells him that she knows about a “secret” involving the woman who has been her son’s nanny and claims to be JR’s mother. And when he tells her what that secret is, she can help him find “Di”.

Dixie assures Zach that she would not “play games” with Julia’s life, any more than she’d risk JR’s or Little Adam’s lives. He tells her that he just wants to know the secrets about Kevin. She tells him that she wishes he could trust her. He tells her he wants to believe her.

Sam tells Julia that as far as he is concerned, his family is Tad and Ruth and Joe. And he asks her what is wrong with that. She tells him that the Martin’s are his relatives. But his real family is in California. She tellshim that she knows his father, being a journalist would encourage him to explore everything and she bets that Maria did not fight him on his decision to stay there with Tad’s family. He confirms that. She also tells him that when people are in love they don’t have any hesitations. They just go for that. She and Noah did. His parents did. And she tells him she knows that Maria would never do anything to hurt him or his father. Their relationship may not have been “happy ever after”. But it was real. Hearing that, he asks her if she can tell him more about his mom and dad.

Zach is able to convince Babe to find out what he wants to know. She tells him they can go somewhere together and they leave.

Greenlee also goes so far as to tell Kendall that when she’s divorced, she must not explore sex with anybody else. She remind her that since her “bun” is in Kendall’s oven, she can make those decisions. Kendall tells Greenlee that she intends to stay married to Zach. Greenlee then concludes that Kendall needs something big and heavy enough to knock some sense into her because she can see that Kendall cares about Zach Slater.

Right when Tad and Dixie believe they are alone, kissing, Babe and Zach can see them. Babe announces to Zach that this is the woman konwn as Dixie Cooney Martin.

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