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All My Children Update Friday 9/2/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Happy to see him, Julia hugs Sam at Tad’s house. Sam says they need to get the cops there to protect her, but Julia says if they come she’s dead. Julia says she’s done playing it safe. The police would put her in a place so deep she’d never see anyone again. She says no one will have control over her life again. Sam agrees not to call the cops and wants to help Julia. Julia declines his help, saying she likes her heroes alive. Tad tells Sam Julia has to lay low so he has to go to Brooke’s. He objects and wants to stay and help. Tad says he’ll do all he can to protect Julia. Sam reluctantly agrees to go to Brooke’s. Tad leaves to take Sam to Brooke’s and tells Julia to lock the door and not open it for anyone. He says he will work on that connection. Julia says Di Kirby has to know Kevin Sturgis’s connection, then she’ll go dragon hunting.

Greenlee is in the woods thinking about what Lily said about Ryan. Babe finds her and tells her she looks like she’s seen a ghost. Babe says there’s a little chapel deeper in the woods. She used to go there when she wanted to be closer to someone she thought she lost. She says she thought she might go there to be closer to Ryan. Greenlee asks her what she knows about Ryan. Babe says she knows she loved him and offers her sympathies. Greenlee asks her if she could ever turn her back on someone she’s loved. Babe says she already has done that.

Kendall is at BJ’s with Zach and accuses him of knowing Ryan has been alive since the day he “died.” Kendall says he did a number on Lily and cut her off when she tried to tell her about Ryan. She tells Zach he saw Ryan too. Zach accuses her of having a desperate need to bring back the one true love of her life. Kendall says she doesn’t want Ryan in her life and isn’t trying to make up a fantasy about him. Zach says there’s no way Ryan could have survived the fall. There’s no way he could have played dead this long and there’s no way he would help him because he hated Ryan.

Ryan, in an effort to get Jonathan not to set off his dynamite, tells him he loves him and will never walk away from him again. He says if he goes out, he’s going out with him. Jonathan says they’ll all be together. Ryan says this is all about him. He let him down and deserves whatever comes to him. Jonathan tells him he doesn’t want to die. Ryan says it’s OK as he’s already dead. Jonathan tells him he’s not dead. Ryan says he killed himself in Pine Valley. Jonathan asks him why. Ryan says he has felt what Jonathan’s been feeling for years. He knows what it’s like to feel panic and desperate. He tells Jonathan he drove off a cliff but by some cosmic joke he survived. But Ryan Lavery is dead to the world. Jonathan tells him he’s a survivor and can’t give up. Ryan says he changed the day he thought he killed the brother he loved.

At Chandler mansion, Di reads the card sent to her in the box of flowers. The writer compliments her on the aqua satin dress she wore yesterday. Del approaches her and says he released the scaly friend that was in the box with the roses into the wild. He asked her who would send her roses with a lizard. Di says it is a private joke. Del says he thinks she’s in some kind of trouble. That trouble paid him a visit. He says two guys paid him a visit in New York about the time she was released from prison. They wanted to know if he had contact with her. When he said no they wanted him to give her a message if he ran into her. They wanted her to know Kevin Sturgis wants to get in touch with her. Di says Kevin is an old boyfriend who wants to get back together with her. She says she rejected him. He asks if the lizard and roses are his way of saying thanks for the memories. She says the lizard wasn’t from Kevin, it was from a cellmate. They called their cell a reptile house. Del says he doesn't buy it. He says the way he writes it in his book will be way sexier. Di tells him he will not write about Kevin Sturgis in his book. He thinks Kevin is more than an ex, he’s a threat. Di says he’s not, he’s just a freak about his privacy. Del asks her to admit she’s afraid of him. Di tells him to leave it alone. Tad arrives and asks what Del did to her now. Del says he’s just giving her a hard time about living in the same house with Adam. Tad tells Di to get her purse. He’ll take her away from this to a private place where they can take care of unfinished business.

Jonathan asks Ryan if he changed because of him. Ryan says when he shot him he realized he was Patrick Lavery. Jonathan tells Ryan he was the good one. Ryan says he had their dad’s rage inside of him and it didn’t come out until he shot him. Jonathan has his finger on the trigger of some dynamite while Ryan tells him that he isn't a bad person. Ryan talks about himself and the bad things he has done and the people he has hurt. He says people who loved him tried to help him but he was beyond help. He says he was hurting those he loved so he killed himself. He says he thought he could save the whole world but he couldn't. He says he needs to be saved as much as Jonathan. Jonathan realizes he's not the only bad one. Ryan tells him he's not bad. He's been hurt. Jonathan says he let Ryan down and his father down. Ryan says no, he let him down. Ryan tells Jonathan he needs him to help him. Jonathan slowly disconnects the bomb and Ryan grabs his tearful brother. Erin watches as tears roll down her face.

Zach asks Kendall why he would help Ryan pretend to be dead. Would he want to watch people suffer? He accuses Kendall of wanting to remind the world how bad he is. Is this payback? He says she's not going to hurt him because, as she knows, he has no feelings. The one she'll hurt is the one who is grieving for Ryan more than her. Kendall says she would never hurt Greenlee, she would die first. Zach asks her how is Greenlee going to live with thinking that Ryan faked his death and walked out on her. An angry Kendall tells him to shut up and walks out. "Damn you, Ryan," Zach says to himself.

Babe tells Greenlee that she gave up someone because he was better off without her. Greenlee tells her she doesn't get to decide what's best. Then, talking to herself, she says if Ryan is still alive it's going to kill her. She tells Babe that if you love someone you don't give up. You don't let someone believe ... She runs off before finishing the sentence.

Di and Tad are at the cabin where Ruth and Opal locked them in the Fourth of July. Tad tells Di if she wants romance, he has candles, flowers and something bubbly, although not alcoholic. After Di realizes that Tad has locked the door, Tad tells her he needs her to bring someone back so he can talk to her. When she asks who, he says Di Kirby. Di says Di Kirby is a name she made up. Tad says he needs more information on her ex-boyfriend Kevin. Di accuses him of being jealous and says she's over Kevin. Tad says she puts up a smokescreen every time he mentions his name. He says they have to go over all her secrets if they stand a chance. Whatever she's holding back, she can trust him. He wants to know what makes Kevin so dangerous. Di tells him to unlock the door and let her out. Tad says her she has to give up her information. It's a matter of life or death.

Julia is at Tad's house and sees someone turning the doorknob. Frightened, she grabs a baseball bat and hides. She nearly hits Sam before she realizes it is him who walked in. Sam says he knew she was there and couldn't leave her alone. He says he wants to be her back, her bodyguard. Since he couldn't save his dad, he needs to stand up for his family. She agrees to let him help and says his dad would be proud of him.

Ryan is preparing to take Jonathan to a hospital. Jonathan sits on the couch holding his head. He says his head hurts. He says as long as it takes he wants to get well. He wants the voices to go away. Ryan promises to get help too. Jonathan asks if he'll take him on his motorcycle. Ryan says he will and will keep every promise he's made to him.

Babe thinks about what Greenlee said. She turns around and sees Jamie.

Kendall goes to see Greenlee. Greenlee asks Kendall to tell her that Ryan would not fake his own death and walk out on her.

Zach calls Erin's house to talk to Ryan. Ryan wants to know why Zach is calling him there. Zach tells him there's a rumor floating around in Pine Valley that he's coming back from the dead.

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