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Zach asks Krytal what she knows about her “neighbor” in jail. She bluffs and tells him that she had many neighbors. He shows her a picture of Dixie as a brunette and asks her about this one.

Brooke goes to see Dixie and tells her that she’s heard that congratulations are in order because she’s heard that she and Tad are seeing each other again. But Brooke admits that whether or not she’s ok with it depends upon who she (Dixie) really is.

Tad finds Julia, hugs her, reveals that they are really good friends and that he knows all about the guy she is hiding from.

Ryan tells Erin that she heard for herself that Jonathan wants to get better and is willfully going to check himself into a hospital. But Jonathan has a trick up his sleeve. He acts all nice to them and tells them how much it means to him that they are all going there together as a family.

When Greenlee and Kendall are together planning the pregnancy, Greenlee gets a call from her father. Jack tells her that he wants to plan Ryan’s memorial service. Greenlee admits that she is not ready to do it yet. She’s not ready to have people talking about Ryan’s life and death and saying goodbye to him. But she then figures out how to say goodbye to Ryan. It’s with his baby. She tells Kendall as soon as they know that Kendall is pregnant, that will be the right time for her to say goodbye to Ryan.

Jonathan acts happy and gracious to his brother and sister. But then he regresses to the childlike state, asking them if they are going to “take dad’s side”. Does he really have to go? Ryan tells his brother that their dad is dead and it’s no longer an issue. He tells them if their father is dead, then they need no longer live in fear. Why can’t they just all live somewhere together, live off the land and have their own lives. Ryan tells Jonathan that is not possible. Jonathan asks why it’s not possible. Why is it he who has to go away?

After Lily has revealed to him that she saw Ryan Lavery’s ghost, and realizing she would not lie about that, Sam tells her he has an idea. He takes her somewhere.

Brooke tells Dixie that the Dixie she remembers would have never played the games with Tad that she has done. Dixie admits that she and Tad were married and divorced three times and maybe she does not want to get burned again. Brooke tells Dixie that she is concerned that she is jerking Tad around, flip-flopping between wanting him and not wanting him. But Dixie tells Brooke that she should know her. They practically raised Jamie together. Brooke asks Dixie if Tad is nothing more to her than a “habit” she cannot break. OR does she really care about him?

Tad takes Julia to his house and tells her she cannot be serious in going after Noah’s murderer. He tells her that she just came back and beat incredible odds and he doesn’t want to lose her again. He tells her that maybe she should go back to witness protection and have him help her with his resources. She admits to him that she does not know whom she can trust. He tells her that the cops will not find out from him where she is. He admits to her that Mimi told him that she has been accepting “help” from Zach Slater. And he tells her that trusting that guy will get her killed. The shootout that almost killed them at Wildwind should be enough to convince her of that. He tells her there is nothing wrong with accepting help from a friend. She then tells him she needs to leave and will keep in touch. She tells him she cannot tell him where. HE asks her why Zach can know when he cannot. And he tells her he will help her with anything she wants. But not if she works with Zach Slater.

Ryan tells Jonathan that as much as they’d like him to stay there, they cannot. He must realize that he’s hurt people. Jonathan acknowledges that he’s done bad things. But so have they. Ryan left him, betrayed him and shot him. Ryan admits that he has done bad things. But he has to do this so that Jonathan can get better. Jonathan tells Erin that Ryan does not care about him or anybody else except himself, realizing that was her major concern about Ryan. Ryan tells Jonathan that he did not want to hurt him. Jonathan tells Ryan that he did not want to kill people. But Braden would not get out of the way. And with Edmund Gray and the bodyguard who was looking out for Lily, he had no choice. Erin asks him why he went outside last night. Jonathan tells them he had to get out and breathe something besides dust. Ryan asks if he had to do that all night and asks him where he went.

Lily and Sam go to Greenlee’s and tell her that they’ve concluded that they must tell her what they know. Sam tells her that when his dad died, he’d have done anything to find out he was alive and knows she must feel the same way about Ryan. She thanks him for his condolences and tells him he may attend the memorial service as soon as they set it up. But Sam tells her that there is something they must tell her. Lily tells them that she saw Ryan’s ghost. Remembering overhearing Lily telling that to Zach, Kendall tells Lily that she must realize that she only thought she saw Ryan’s ghost and it was all in her head. But Sam tells them that it’s very possible that Ryan is not dead.

Krystal tells Zach that all she knows about Di Kirby is some unimportant information. He asks her if she has spent enough time in prison to atone for what she did to Miranda. She tells him she needs to get away from him. She then goes and sits by Dell, informing him that she’s very sorry but “that guy over there” is giving her the creeps.

Tad tells Julia that he wants her to stay in his home for a while. At least that way he knows she can be safe. He then gets on his computer and asks what kinds of connections Mr. Slater has. Hearing that, she asks Tad if he’s ever heard of a woman named Di Kirby.

Brooke tells Dixie that she hopes Dixie does not plan on rushing into anything, especially since this is the 4th time out of the gate.

Lily admits to Kendall that when she saw Ryan, he was not like a ghost. He was just like a real person. She could see his face and clearly as she can see all of them. He looked as normal as any living person. He stood right near her. He did not say anything to her but he nodded when she talked to him and told him that Greenlee loved and missed him. Greenlee seems to want to listen to Lily and asks her what she’s trying to tell them. Lily admits that what they are trying to tell them is that Ryan is alive.

Jonathan talks to Ryan about recent memories, involving Greenlee and Kendall and that “freaky, little blond girl” who all got in his way. He appears competent and angry. Right then, Ryan pulls Jonathan’s blankets from his bed and notices explosives attached to his bed. That explains where he went the previous night. He tells them that he must protect himself from daddy. Ryan reminds him that their daddy is dead. But Jonathan then tells Ryan that he is the reason for the explosives. And now they will all go together.

After hearing Lily’s and Sam’s theories about Ryan being alive, Greenlee is upset. She tells them that that would mean that her husband hated her so much that he’d rather be dead than be with her and he wanted her to think he was dead. Lily tells Greenlee that Ryan loved her. Greenlee tells Lily to shut up. Kendall tells Greenlee that perhaps they just thought they saw Ryan. Greenlee goes out the door and Kendall asks the two of them why they could do something so tasteless and cruel. But Lily reveals to Kendall that Zach asked her to keep the secret about Ryan’s ghost and not tell anybody, especially Greenlee. Sam concludes to Kendall, that Slater is so low, he wouldn’t even want Ryan’s wife to know about it. That’s so typical of Slater, isn’t it, he tells her.

When Zach is attempting to “get the goods” from Krystal, Myrtle enters and tells Zach that she can see that he is up to something. He tells her that she must know as well as he does that when he wants to do the right thing, it ends up screwing up somebody’s life.

When Brooke and Dixie are talking, Winifred comes out and informs them that Little Adam woke up and only wants Dixie to give him his juice. Hearing that, Brooke has a little better attitude toward Dixie. Right then, Adam enters and asks Brooke what she is up to. She tells them she will leave Tad and Dixie alone when he does. She asks him why he is still playing the “fraud card”, trying to prove that Dixie is a phony. And she asks him if Krystal is still in on this with him.

Krystal meets Dell and finds out that he is Dixie’s brother and a writer. She also tells him that he mustn’t let this town scare him. Not long ago, she was new, herself and could have used a chivalrous guy like him to look out for her. She tells him he must have a way of protecting a woman like a sister. And she asks him how many sisters he has, as she’d remembered Adam telling her he wonders about. He tells her that what he is pursuing in regard to Dixie is none of her business. But he will tell her all about it when he finds out what he needs to know.

Tad asks Julia where Zach has gotten his information about Ms. Kirby and Kevin Sturgis. He tells her that he’s met Kevin and does not believe that he’s a murderer. She tells him Zach’s theory about how Kevin knew how to cover his tracks. And she tells him that is the reason why she must find Di Kirby. And she asks Tad if he can help her.

Adam calls Krystal and asks her if she’s made any progress. She “conceals” who she is talking to while Dell can hear her. He tells her that all she needs to do is find out if Dell has any sister’s besides Dixie.

After hearing that Zach asked Lily not to reveal what she knows about Ryan’s ghost, Kendall is not certain what to go.

When they discover the explosives, Ryan tells Jonathan that he cannot hurt Erin. She tells Jonathan she trusts him and knows he would not hurt her. But Jonathan tells them that Erin never cared about him. She only sucked up to daddy and let Jonathan get abused. She got the kisses and hugs and dolls while he got the poisonous sandwiches.

Dixie notices that somebody sent her a big wrapped gift. She’s all happy until she opens it and screams.

Sam returns to Tad’s and is shocked to he his aunt Julia with Tad.

Krystal knows how to “play” Dell, by telling him that “that guy over there” (meaning Zach) is giving her the evil eye. And she asks him to walk her out. Kendall then finds Zach and tells him she is married to the biggest liar and that she’s found out that he knows that Ryan is alive.

When it looks like Jonathan is ready to kill both Ryan and Erin, Ryan stands in front of his sister and tells him that wherever Jonathan is going, he is going with him and he will never leave him alone again. He then puts his arms around his brother.

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