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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal sleeps in her bed and awakens to see Adam. She tells him he must never sneak in when she is sleeping. He reminds her that the other night, she interrupted his beauty sleep. He gives her a bag that looks like it’s breakfast. She looks inside and sees a wad of cash. She tells him she knows this must be about the phone call the other night and Dixie’s brother. He tells her that if she can dig up the dirt, he will bury Dixie with it.

When Dell is sleeping, Dixie walks into his room, wakes him up and tells him he is trying to ruin her life. He reminds her that it is not her life, it’s the real Dixie’s life.

Sam talks to Tad and to Mimi about Wildwind getting blown with gunfire. Tad assumes that whoever is shooting might be after him. Mimi doubts it has anything to do with Sam and she informs him that her task force is running down his aunt Julia.

Julia is sleeping and hearing gunfire in her dream. She awakens to see Zach standing by her bed.

Ryan wakes up and notices Jonathan is gone and he informs Erin. At first she does not believe it but he lets her see for herself that his room is empty and he must have gotten the door unlocked. Ryan tells her that she might have let him out. She tells him she would never want to let their deeply disturbed brother into the world. Ryan assumes she must know where he is. But she sounds like she is worried that he is out there, in a childlike state, unable to fend for himself and without his meds.

Adam tells Krystal that Dixie and Dell were separated and grew up on different sides of the mountain and she did not even know she had a half brother until he came back into town in search of a kidney. And he tells her that he could see that Dixie was not happy to see her long-lost brother for reasons that are way more serious than the “kidney” issue. He concludes that if Dixie could have a half-brother, she could very easily also have a half sister. He tells her that he attempted to get that out of Dell. But she tells him she knows that Dell did not tell him anything so that’s why he needs her help. He tells her that it’s very possible that a half sister could pass a DNA test that makes everybody assume she is Dixie.

Dixie tells Dell that she has finally found a home where people want and need her. But she tells him she knows he must have some secret in order to hurt her. She reveals that he contacted her in order to get a “back up kidney” because he could not find it from Dixie. He tells her that he does not intend to hurt her. What he wants is a new life, like she has.

Mimi explains to Tad and Sam that some thugs are trying to find Julia. Mimi tells Sam that it’s very important. If Julia contacts him, he must notify the police so that they can protect her and keep her alive. Right then Lily enters and tells Sam exactly how long it took her to eat her cereal. She tells him she heard what happened at Wildwind and asks why so many bad, scary things happen at his house. Tad asks the two of them to go off and when he’s alone with Mimi, he tells her that he knows there’s something she does not want to reveal in Sam’s presence. Mimi reveals that she believes that Zach Slater is hiding Julia.

Zach tells Julia that he’s bought groceries and clothes for her. He suggests they have breakfast. She tells him she does not want to stay in some “rustic hole”. She wants to find the person who killed her husband and tried to kill her and he’d better get out of her way. He then tells her she may go and get herself killed. And she hesitates. He tells her that dying is no way to get her life back. He tells her she mustn’t give the dragon just what he wants. She reminds him that this is her fight. He tells her he knows and she will soon have it back. But she must realize the kind of people they are dealing with. It’s probably somebody at his casino.

Ryan and Erin set out to find Jonathan. But right then he appears at the door. He tells her he knows of a Kevin Sturgis who was a corporate raider, got away with his crime and fled to Thailand. He tells her that that is a lead, which he’d like to see where it takes them. And he shows her a picture of Kevin’s most recent girlfriend. It’s a “mug shot” of the same woman who is known as Dixie, with dark hair when she was in the slammer.

Dell tells Dixie that life gets harder when you are no longer a child who can crawl into a hay loft. He tells her he wrote the great southern novel and the public didn’t welcome his book. She asks him if maybe he should consider that he was not cut out to be a writer. He tells her she has a nasty habit of always assuming the worst about him. She tells him he did the same thing when he first saw her. He tells her he hates that they are picking at each other and distrusting each other when they don’t even know each other. He tells her that he wants to be the brother that she should have had when she was growing up. He wants to be there for her the way she was for him. She saved his life once. He tells her he wants that “fresh start”. That new life. And it won’t be worth anything if he cannot have his “baby sister” in it.

Krystal decides not to take Adam up on his offer. He asks her why she would not want the money, as well as the opportunity to expose Dixie as a fraud. What other motives would she have? She doesn’t tell him exactly what that is. He assumes the reason she doesn’t want to expose Dixie is because of feelings she still has for Tad and she confirms that that is what it is about.

Mimi and Tad talk about how Slater is not a good alli for Julia and that she is lucky she did not get killed in the shoot-out.

Sam informs Lily that his aunt Julia is staying at Wildwind. She’s not a ghost and she is the reason Wildwind got blown up.

Erin tells Jonathan that his disappearing scared her and Ryan to death and he should have told them where he was going. He tells her he left because he knows that Ryan did not come there to save him. He came there to put him away. Ryan tells Jonathan they need to talk. Jonathan says he already knows what Ryan wants. He wants him in a hospital psyche ward. Ryan tells Jonathan he wants him to get the help he needs. Jonathan asks Ryan why he believes he should be in a hospital. Ryan tells his brother that he loves him and realizes that he left behind and could not protect him from daddy. He knows that Daddy messed him up the worst. It filled him up with so much hurt and anger and turmoil. He tells Jonathan that he’s tried and failed to help him. Now Erin is making the same mistake. And Jonathan needs to go some place where he can clear his head and get some help. And he’s found the place where Jonathan can go. And he tells Jonathan he can find some peace.

Lily tells Sam that she knows he does not want to talk about ghosts. So she will change the subject and tells him about school.

Dixie tells Dell that she’s always wanted him to be a real brother to her. But she remembers the last time he came to see her, he took what he wanted and left. He tells her he is sincere. She asks if he promises not to expose her if she bonds with him. He tells her of course. She then asks him never to call her Di. She knows that people will be suspicious.

Right then, Zach informs Julia that the name of the woman in the mug shot picture is Di Kirby. But little do they know that she is the same one whom everybody believes is Dixie Cooney Martin. He goes off telling her he has some investigating to do.

Jonathan tells Ryan and Erin that he knows that they want what is best for him. And he sounds as though he will agree to go to the hospital. They tell him they want him to go willingly, only if that is what he wants. He goes back to his room and Erin tells Ryan that she is “so not ready” to go through with this. He tells her that she is not betraying him by having him go to the hospital. She’ll be helping him. She’ll be protecting her own life. And she might be enabling him to have a life also. And right when Jonathan is alone in his room, he reveals that he’s faking the whole “abused child” thing. It’s just a façade. He tells Ryan he does not need his help. He knows how to take care of himself. He knows how to take care of everybody. And he takes the crayons out of his backpack.

Erin tells Ryan that he should know the law of the Laverys. They are not allowed to have lives. That’s why he gave u his own life. That’s why he wants Jonathan’s life to be ruined. And if she puts Jonathan away, then she will have nothing. He then asks her to go to the mirror and tells her that he sees a beautiful, healthy, awesome young woman. He tells her that he wants her to be happy and go out and have her own life. She tells him she does not know how to do that. He tells her he knows she will figure it out and she does not have to end up like Jonathan. He tells her he knows that when all you feel is pain, happiness can be a very scary place.

Krystal tells Adam that she thinks she understands him better than he realizes. And she goes off to meet Dell.

Mimi tells Tad that she wants to put Zach away. He tells her that maybe Zach cannot be blamed for everything and putting him away may not work. She tells him that Zach will not be able to protect Julia. The killers won’t let him stop them from doing what they are setting out to do.

Julia is having flashbacks of having her life taken from her and having no freedom when she was in the witness protection program. She then remembers that it did not do any good because Noah died. She then hears Zach telling her that no place is safe and she will have to move. Hearing that, she tells the voices they must stop.

Adam tells "Dixie" that Dell is welcome to stay at his home as long as he wants. Right when Dell is at the restaurant having breakfast, Krystal comes to see him and runs into Zach. He tells her he wants to know about one of her "sister inmates", Di Kirby.

Tad goes to his office, notices Julia and appears very surprised.

Lily reveals to Sam that she saw the ghost of Ryan Lavery.

Right then, Jonathan "informs" Ryan, from his room that he's all packed and ready to go to the hospital. But Ryan has no clue what he really plans to do.

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