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Krystal tells Babe that she cannot believe that she’d consider marrying JR. Babe protests to her mother that she is not crazy. But Krystal tells her she is. She tells her mother that she is going to marry JR in order to get her baby back.

At the Chandler house, Dixie’s brother, Dell enters and sees JR. They don’t recognize or trust each other. When Dell discovers that JR is his nephew he asks him for directions to the guest room.

Zach tells Kendall she is a betraying bitch to have sold Julia out to the cops. Greenlee asks him why he is hiding Julia in the first place. He tells her that Kendall needs to come with him. But Greenlee appears protective of Kendall as if she’s afraid that Zach will hurt her. Zach reminds Greenlee that she needs to stay out of their business and realize that her own marriage wasn’t exactly squeaky clean.

Ryan tells Erin that Jonathan needs professional help. He needs to be institutionalized. She tells him she cannot let that happen to their brother because if he goes to an institution, they will find out what he did and put him in prison for the rest of his life. She goes to the closet and unlocks the door where they keep Jonathan. He appears like a little boy, saying: “Mom, Dad, can I come out?”

Greenlee, Simone and Ethan appear very protective of Kendall. She then tells them they may call off the dogs. She can go and talk to Zach about what is going on. Greenlee asks what kind of a world lets Ryan die while Zach lives.

Jonathan plays the little boy, promising to be good and lying on the floor drawing with his crayons. Ryan privately tells Erin that crayons are not the answer. He also addresses her concerns about Jonathan being found out for his crimes and tells her he can find him fake IDs or anything necessary to protect his identity. She tells him she knows that there are ways for Jonathan to be found out.

Tad takes Dixie to dinner and surprises her with chicken fingers. She reminds him that if they are going to be seeing each other again, they cannot do things the same way as they did in the past. He reminds her that if they do not find out what it’s like to be together, they will miss out on possibilities and asks her if she sees it differently. She admits that she does not want to miss out on finding out what it’s like for them to be together again. He tells her that he is concerned about Jamie after his break up with Babe.

Babe tells her mother that JR has all the judges in his pocket. She tells her that “this” is the fastest way to get her baby back. Krystal tells her daughter that be that as it may, the very thought of it makes her stomach turn. Babe agrees that it’s not desirable to her either. But she must realize that all she has is pictures of her son. He’s growing and she is not able to be with him. He must know Winifred better than he knows her. The time she spends working and doing community service just drains her and enables JR to use it against her. The only way to be with her boy is to be married to his daddy.

JR tells Dell that he knows that he took his mother’s kidney and tells him if he wants another one, they are fresh out. Dell tells JR about his plans. And Adam overhears their conversation. JR tells Dell he cannot stay with them. But when Adam hears that Dell might be able to get Dixie out of their house, he asks JR to hold on there and not be so hasty.

Dixie tells Tad about all the memories they still have. She tells him that when she was at the hospital in Oak haven, he saved her and he should have let her fend for herself.

At the Chandler house, Adam gets friendly with Dell, talking about the old days in the country and offers him a drink. JR asks his father what he is doing being courteous to that guy. Adam tells his son that although he’s had his differences with JR’s mother, he wants to be courteous to her brother. Adam asks Dell if he’s been in touch with the rest of the family, back home, and asks how they all are.

At the restaurant, Opal enters to see Tad and Dixie and admits that she is very happy that her son is “back” with his woman. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is there to help the “old coot” with his business deals. Palmer appears and they start arguing and Tad pantomimes shooting himself.

Ryan tells Erin that she is making the same mistake with Jonathan that he previously made in refusing to see how dangerous he is. But she tells him he must see how happy Jonathan is now. However, when you notice what Jonathan is drawing, it looks like a person with blood on their face. Ryan asks Erin what would happen if he left her alone with him. He could hurt her. She tells him he is not dangerous anymore. He’s on medication. But Ryan tells her that their brother is in a state of psychosis that could cause a violent rage at any moment. He reminds her that he has already killed people. She tells him he cannot do any harm from a locked room and believes he would never hurt her. He tells her he used to believe that and he learned the hard way.

Zach and Kendall go on the roof and he asks if she tried to have him killed also or just Julia. Kendall tells Zach that maybe if she had gone to the cops earlier, the “dragon” might not have attempted to kill them. He tells her she needs to stay out of his business and asks why it would be a problem for her if he got killed. She’d be able to inherit the casino, have more money and have more freedom. She tells him she wants him alive. He asks her why. She admits the reason is because she cares about him.

Babe tells Krystal that she believes she might get JR “interested” in her. He might want to do it just in order to “one up” on his brother. Krystal reminds her daughter that JR hates her just like a politician hates the truth. Babe says she knows and she hates him too. But she tells her that she has noticed that JR has revealed that he might be “getting off” on hearing her saying that Jamie was nothing more than a consolation prize for the man she really loves. Krystal says she knows it’s all to pump up his ego. Babe says she knows and that is the hot button she’s going to push.

Adam talks to Dell about what he remembers about Dell’s and Dixie’s mutual family splitting them up. He admits to Dell that he learned about Dixie’s family but doesn’t know all that much about “the other side of the mountain” and asks Dell if he grew up alone, who he’d have grown up with and if he had a sister. Right then, Dixie and Tad enter to hear their conversation. She tells Dell that she assumed he’d be gone and asks if he’s come to say goodbye. Tad reveals that he wants Dell gone. Adam asks Tad if he must be so rude to their guest. Dell tells them that he’s going to write a book about Dixie Cooney Martin and her loving brother. He hugs her and tells her where nobody else can hear, that he can expose the truth. Tad tells Dell he needs to back off and get out of their lives.

Babe tells Krystal that it’s obvious that JR went through with a wedding and a christening with her for the sole purpose of having custody rights to their son, when he secretly hated her guts. So she must do the same thing with him. Krystal asks her daughter just what marrying JR will do to Jamie, the guy whom Babe really does love.

Greenlee tells Simone that she should not have told Ethan about her’s and Kendall’s secret. Simone promises not to tell anybody else from now on.

Zach asks Kendall why she would say that she cares about him. She says she cares enough about flowers and ants not to step on them and she looks terrible in black. He tells her that it’s time for them to discuss the boundaries of their relationship. She says she knows that he thought it was his business that she planned to do the surrogacy for Greenlee. He tells her he was concerned about her need to have Ryan “living on” by having the baby. She says she wanted to help Greenlee. He tells her he did not have a problem with that. She asks him why he would offer loyalty and help to a woman who has never done anything for him. He tells her he needs her out of his business.

Right when Erin and Ryan are talking, Jonathan is reliving Erin telling their daddy that she did not do the “bad thing”. It was Jonathan. And Jonathan remembers daddy confirming that she is a good girl and he is trash. Daddy then tells Erin will buy her a doll and then “take care” of Jonathan. And he hears his brother and sister talking about how sick he was and is. He then tells Erin as “mommy” that he is sleepy and needs to go to bed. She then asks Ryan if he can see the same person that she can see. She shows him a picture that Jonathan drew of a person with flowers and tells him that this is the “real Jonathan”. Ryan tells her that that is a very nice picture for a 6 year old. And it’s not ok that their brother is regressing, turning into a child and calling them mom and dad. He tells her again that their brother needs professional help. But she tells him she will not listen to him and is going to bed. He tells her he’s staying in her house and will sleep on her couch. She doesn’t try to prevent him from staying.

Ethan admits to Simone that he wishes he could get over his anger toward his father. He admits that when he heard that Zach might be dead, he realized that he never really knew who he was. He tells her that he came to Pine Valley in order to find out whom he really was. But he did not expect to find Zach Slater. She reminds him that just because he found Zach does not mean he needs to keep him.

Babe tells her mother that although she knows that Dixie is not her biggest fan and that it was futile to ask her father to help expose her, she believes that if that woman is not really Dixie, it will really make her life a lot easier.

Tad reveals to Adam and to JR that Dell is no good and Dixie must remember that he was going to attempt to sell some “wild story” that she was a fake. Hearing that, Adam asks what he just heard and tells them that he thinks it’s a great idea to get to know his former half-brother-in-law a little better. Dixie goes off privately with Dell and tells the others that she will show him to his room. Adam gets on the phone and tells his contact that Dell might be his perfect source for finding out the truth about Dixie.

Babe finally is able to convince her mother that drastic measures might be needed and Krystal agrees to give Babe away at her wedding if it's the only way to accomplish what they want.

When Ryan and Erin are sleeping, Jonathan sneaks out of his room and out the door of the house.

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