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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

ach shields Julia from the hail of bullets at Wildwind. Outside, Derek and Mimi arrive and draw their guns. They go inside, see the damage and Mimi comments that it’s too late. Zach and Julia survived the attack and are running outside. Zach hears Derek’s voice and hides Julia behind a tree when he hears Derek and Mimi nearing.

At Fusion, Simone tells Kendall and Greenlee she is in shock about their surrogacy plan. She says this is a new low. Shame on them. She says Greenlee should have asked her to be the surrogate. Greenlee says she never wanted to be pregnant. Simone says would have turned her down, but at least she could have asked. She says she was completely cut out of the loop. Kendall informs Simone that Greenlee didn't ask her, she volunteered. Simone repeats that her two best friends ignored her. Greenlee says she's taking this the wrong way, but Simone says as of now they are no longer friends. She informs them that she's quitting. There's nothing left for her here. Greenlee and Kendall start rattling off all the things she brings to Fusion and to them. Greenlee tells her she makes her laugh and she's so good for them. Simone asks, then, why she wasn't let in on the surrogacy plan. Greenlee says she didn't want anyone to tell her not to do it. Simone says she would have been supportive. Kendall says she also would have blabbed it. Simone says she can keep a secret. Greenlee tells her that now she'll have the chance, as she's not ready to go public. Simone agrees to keep quiet and says they're friends again. Just then Ethan walks in.

Amanda and Jamie have had sex in Amanda's room at Myrtle's boarding house. Jamie is getting dressed, not looking too happy. Amanda asks if something is wrong. Jamie asks what could be wrong? He has a great future. He's going to medical school. Amanda tells him she can help him forget Babe. Jamie says Babe has no part of this. This is just he and Amanda, no strings, no commitments, only fun. He says the minute she starts looking for anything serious he's gone. He's done with commitment. Amanda says that's fine with her as she’s all about fun. As Jamie picks up the cash he dropped on the floor, he hands it to Amanda. He tells her he knows she’s short of cash and he’s loaded. She says she doesn't take money for sex. He says he doesn’t pay for it. He knows JR paid her to break him and Babe up but Babe did all the work. Amanda realizes that Jamie knows Babe set him up.

Babe is finished with her weekly visit with Little Adam at Chandler mansion and waits to see JR coming. She pretends to be crying. When JR sarcastically comments on her crying and suggests its tears over Jamie, she says why would she cry over Jamie. Speaking about herself, she says once a slut always a slut. JR tells her that Jamie was right. The incident with Madden at the Pine Cone was a setup so Jamie would cut her loose because she loved him that much. Babe admits that it was a setup, but she didn't do it because she loved his brother. She says she realized he wanted revenge and built a prison around her and Jamie. She says Jamie couldn’t be her cellmate forever. She says she was sick of JR hating her. JR says she didn't blow off Jamie because he hated her. He tells Babe to admit that she loves Jamie. Babe says Jamie loved her and thought she was a goddess. She says she loved Jamie but plays down the importance of it. She says she needed something after he smashed her heart. JR says she never loved him. Babe tells JR he's always right. He was never the Prince Charming who rescued her. He's nothing to her. She leaves. JR sits and ponders his conversation with her.

Danielle asks Garret what’s going on with him about her. Garret says he thought they were getting along and were building a solid relationship. Danielle asks what kind of a relationship he means. Does he like her more than a potential step-daughter and more like a girlfriend? Garret asks Danielle how long has this been going on. He says he remembers his first crush. Danielle says she's talking about his crush on her, not the other way around. Garret says he does care about her. She's very special. He says he thought she trusted him after the incident with Josh and Reggie. She says she did. Garret tells Danielle he's grateful she has accepted him and her mom and he wants a relationship of mutual respect with her. Danielle says she hopes he isn't offended. She just had a feeling. Garret says he's in her corner and he's glad they straightened this out. Dani says it was stupid and she wishes she hadn't brought it up. Garret reaches to hug her but she turns away. He says he doesn't want to do anything she's uncomfortable with she says it's OK and allows him to hug her. Garret says she's on the brink of adulthood and is now discovering her sexuality. Livia approaches the two and says she and Tom want to have them over for dinner. Garret leaves and Dani asks Livia what she really thinks of Garret. Livia says she tried not to like Garret, but she thinks he's a solid man. She encourages Dani to give him a chance and Dani agrees she will.

Derek and Mimi are outside Wildwind talking to Zach while Julia hides nearby behind a tree. The two officers want to know where Julia is so they can protect her. Mimi tells Zach that Kendall told them everything. They know that he has known Julia has been in town for weeks. Zach says his wife has an offbeat sense of humor. Derek starts to put handcuffs on Zach when he gets a radio call and leaves the scene, followed by Mimi. Zach pulls Julia from behind a tree and says they need to get out of there. As they run through the woods, Julia tells Zach that she can't put her life in his hands as Kendall will sell her out. Zach tells her to leave Kendall to him. Julia thanks him for helping her.

Ethan tells the Simone, Kendall and Greenlee that he heard on the radio that there's been a shooting at Wildwind. He thought the place was abandoned. Kendall immediately becomes concerned, saying that she thinks Zach was there. She tries calling Zach but can't reach him on his cell phone. She asks what if Zach is dead. Simone asks what the problem would be. Zach has been a jackass to everyone here. She tells Kendall she would be a filthy rich widow. It's not like Zach is Ryan and they all care about him. Greenlee pulls Simone aside and tells her Kendall is upset right now. Simone apologizes but asks Kendall what this business marriage is all about. Kendall says she warned Zach that Julia would be the end of him.

Amanda and Jamie are kissing on the bed when there is a knock on the door. Jamie answers it and finds Myrtle, who is bringing Amanda some clean towels. When Amanda takes the towels and leaves the room, Myrtle asks Jamie if he realizes what kind of a girl Amanda is. Jamie says he and Amanda understand each other. Myrtle asks if this means he and Babe are over. When Jamie indicates that's correct, Myrtle says she could ring Phoebe's neck for putting that in her will. She tells him she's proud of him.

Babe is giddy as she goes to the Pine Cone Motel to talk to her mother. She says she's going to pull this off. Krystal wants to know what Babe is talking about. Babe says she's going to marry JR.

Jamie is alone having flashbacks of happy times with Babe. He recalls Babe telling him that they're going to make it. Amanda returns to the room for more fun with him, pushing him back on the bed.

Greenlee tells Kendall that the chances are Zach is fine. Ethan says they shouldn't plan his funeral yet. Just then Zach walks into Fusion and a relieved Kendall rushes to him and hugs him. He whispers in her ear, "you betraying bitch."

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