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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jonathan imagines seeing his father when he looks at Ryan, and reverts to being a young boy who's fearful of getting beaten. Ryan tries to assure Jonathan that he's safe, but every time Ryan tries to approach Jonathan, Jonathan cowers and yells at him to stay away and not hurt him.

Greenlee goes to Fusion, sees Simone and asks her if she knows where Kendall is. Simone is obviously upset about feeling shut out while Kendall and Greenlee were bonding over Greenlee's miscarriage. She says she has no idea where Kendall is. Dani walks in with Garret and Simone warns Greenlee to watch Garret's behavior.

Kendall is at the police station telling Derek and Mimi that she knows where Julia is. However when Derek asks for an address Kendall declines to give it. Derek tells Kendall she is their only link to Julia and the only way they can keep her safe. Derek cracks that Mimi's fed friends allowed her to escape from the Witness Protection Program, prompting some bickering between the former spouses. Kendall says there is special circumstances involved. She asks whether if, hypothetically, a person who helps Julia get away would be in trouble. Mimi says right away she knows she's talking about Zach. Kendall says she made a mistake, apologizes and turns to leave. Derek says he can't let her leave until she spills. Kendall says there's nothing to spill. She made it up. Mimi tells Kendall that Julia could be murdered and it would be on her head. How would it feel to be responsible for Julia's death? Derek threatens Kendall with throwing her in jail for obstruction of justice if she doesn't give them information. Kendall tells Derek that yelling at her will only make her fight back harder. She says she'll reveal her information on two conditions. She wants immunity for the person who is helping Julia and doesn't want them to tell anyone that she's the one who turned Julia in.

At Wildwind, Julia tells Zach not to worry because no one knows she's there except Kendall and the now-deceased Jimmy. Zach asks what if Jimmy was followed. He tells her she needs to pack and leave. Julia says this is her home and no one will force her out of here. The front door of Wildwind slowly opens and someone unknown is seen walking in. Julia says the best days of her life were spent at Wildwind. Zach asks what if Jimmy's pal's come here. Julia says if she's lucky this Dragon person will come after her and she'll have him right where she wants him. Zach says this Dragon person will keep sending people to her until she's dead. Suddenly Zach grabs Julia and pulls her toward him, saying someone is in the house.

Dani introduces Garret to Greenlee and Simone and they have a friendly chat about the cosmetic business. Garret says he's proud Dani has a part in the business. He puts his arm around her shoulder and kisses her on the cheek, telling her he needs to leave. As soon as he's gone, Simone asks Greenlee what her take is on Garret. Dani can't believe Simone told Greenlee about Garret. Simone says she didn't tell her much but just asked her to scope him out. Dani asks Greenlee what her verdict is, but Greenlee remains silent. They continue to stare at Greenlee and follow her around, waiting for her to answer. Greenlee tells them to give her a minute, then asks Dani if Garret acts suggestive when her mother is around. Dani says he's not, but he weirded her out after he came into her room. Greenlee asks if she got these feelings about Garret before or after breaking up with Reggie. Dani says it was after the breakup, but she doesn't see how that's connected. Greenlee suggests that Dani could be imagining her concerns as a way to fill a whole in her life. Greenlee says she thinks Garret is a gentleman and charming. She tells Dani that she should ask Garret directly if he's coming onto her. Simone asks Greenlee if she's kidding. Garret could lie, she said. Dani says there's no way she could do that. Her mom and her are just starting to get along and this would ruin that. Greenlee says nothing will change unless she gets it out in the open. Dani says her mom is so happy. This could ruin her life.

Jonathan is acting like a little boy trying to please his angry father. He bends down and takes Ryan's shoes off and tells him he'll get his slippers. He also offers to pour him a beer just the way he likes it. Ryan tries to tell Jonathan that it's him, not their father. Jonathan crawls around the room looking for his father's slippers. He begs him not to be mad at him. Ryan approaches him but Jonathan pulls back in fear and grabs Erin's knees. Jonathan runs to the couch and lays on it in a fetal position, rocking back and forth. Erin tells Ryan that he did this to Jonathan. He ditched them and left them behind. Erin manages to get Jonathan on his feet and he goes back into his secret room. Then turning to Ryan, Erin acts like she's a little girl talking to her daddy, begging him not to hurt Jonathan. She drops to her feet and cries that this is all Ryan's fault. Why didn't he come back to them? Ryan says he had no idea. Erin says it's too damn late. She says what he wants to do with Jonathan now is as bad as what their dad did to him. Ryan says she can't keep him here locked in a closet. Erin says he almost killed him once and now he wants to do it again. She says she'll take care of him and he doesn't get a say in it. Later when she has calmed down, Erin asks Ryan what he thinks they should do with Jonathan. He says he thought he knew, but as he walks into the secret room and looks at Jonathan lying on the bed, he says he's not sure of anything now.

Zach and Julia look around the house and hear noises. They hide behind a corner as someone's legs are shown then Lily's voice is heard asking Sam if he found the tennis rackets or the rug. Sam comments that his mom loved that rug and got it while she was on vacation. Sam asks Lily why she hasn't talked about the ghost at Wildwind in a long time. Lily wonders why Sam is asking her this. He told her he didn't want her to talk about the ghost now he wants her to. Lily says she hasn't mentioned it because it makes him feel bad. Sam tells her his life is better with her. Lily says she loves her dad and family but it doesn't feel like this. She says with him everything seems to fit. Sam says they fit together pretty well. Lily asks if he's going to look for the tennis rackets, then asks why the word love is used in tennis. Sam says the only love he knows is her. Sam and Lily leave and Zach tells Julia this is another reason she can't be here. Sam and Lily come here all the time. Julia gets teary-eyed and confesses that watching Lily and Sam reminds her of what she had with Noah. She agrees that she needs to leave as it's too dangerous here. She says Noah will be with her wherever she is.

Garret goes to the police station to see Mimi. Kendall has just told Derek where Julia is. Garret asks what's up and Derek snaps that it's classified. Mimi goes into a different room with Derek and asks him where Julia is and who is she with.

David walks into Fusion asking to talk to Greenlee. He tells Greenlee she blows his mind. He asks who's carrying her baby for her. Kendall suddenly walks in and David says "oh my God." This is one mother of a shocker, he says. David tells Greenlee he knows she's taking a drug to increase her egg production and Kendall is the surrogate. He admits that he tested the drug after Erica gave him a sample of it on a tissue. Greenlee warns him not to dare tell Erica this news and David vows he will not. He says this is beyond extreme. After David leaves, Kendall tells Greenlee their secret is safe. Simone walks to them from behind a corner and asks how they could do this.

Mimi and Derek make plans to find Julia and Mimi tells Garret she needs to leave. As they leave Dani walks in and sees Garret. He says she just missed her mother. Dani says she's not there to see her mother, she wants to talk to him. She tells him she has to know if something is going on with him regarding her. He appears shocked.

Zach tells Julia she has to pack. She says she has been packed for the last nine years. He looks out on the lawn and comments that the yard worker is cutting grass that's already been cut. Suddenly there is a hail of bullets coming at them. They dive to the floor and Zach covers Julia with his body.

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