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All My Children Update Thursday 8/25/05


Written By Jenn
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Babe goes to see David. She tells him she has some issues to discuss with him

Tad asks Dixie if she’s thought about what she’d like to do on their date. He kisses her. Right then, JR comes out and tells them they are liars.

After noticing Erica accusing Dr. Madden of drugging Greenlee, Greenlee tells Erica that she has a sick compulsion and must stay out of her business. Dr. Madden protests that he does not and never has gotten a patient addicted to drugs. Erica asks what, then is this syringe for? Greenlee tells Erica it is her only chance of having Ryan’s baby.

Ryan comes back to Erin’s to ask how Jonathan is. She tells him he is tired and that she knows that he feels guilt for being a crummy big brother. But it’s too late to make up for it now. Ryan then walks into Jonathan’s room. He is playing a board game and running toy cars and trucks on the ground. Jonathan sounds just like a child to his brother. He seems really happy in telling Ryan about his birthday toys and reveals that this is his 10th birthday.

Kendall walks into Wildwind right when Jimmy and Zach are wrestling to the ground with the gun. She tells Zach that she knew that Julia would get him killed. Jimmy falls to the floor but it looks like Zach is ok. Julia tells Jimmy that he does not get to die without giving her some answers. Julia tells Jimmy he must talk to her and tell her who ordered him to kill Noah. He tells her that he killed his best friend, Noah. But she tells him he can make it up to Noah by telling her who was the tough guy who ordered his death. Jimmy tells her it was the dragon. And right then, it looks like Jimmy has died and can no longer talk.

JR tells Tad and Dixie that they lied to him by having him believing that they were not getting back together. He tells Tad that he knows he will wreck his mother’s world and he must leave Dixie alone and get out of her life. Tad tells JR that he does not get to control anybody’s life. Jamie then comes out and tells JR that that goes for him also. Jamie announces to Tad and Dixie that he will be able to get into med school. Hearing that, they both assume that the only way for this to happen would be that JR has reconsidered. But Jamie tells them that is not the case. The reason why it is happening is because he has just chosen to dump Babe.

David asks his daughter why she has sacrificed everything in order for that punk to live in the lap of luxury. But she tells her father that she has other reasons for wanting to know the secret on Dixie. She tells him if JR finds out that Dixie is a fraud, he will be devastated. He tells her that it’s fine with him if JR suffers. But what else is there? She tells him that she believes that it will enable her to get full custody of her son. But David tells her that he believes that if JR “loses” his mother, he will be so upset and angry that he will make her life more miserable than he is making it now. He tells her he will not let anything like that happen to his daughter. She asks how she got so “lucky’ to have a father that says he loves her. She means that sarcastically. He tells her that the way she felt when she first held Little Adam in her arms is the same way he felt when he first found out she was his daughter. She tells him that she came to see him in the hopes that they could patch up their differences and reconstruct their relationship. But she now knows that is impossible. And she walks out the door.

Jonathan is regressing back to playing the little boy who is afraid of his daddy. Ryan keeps telling him that daddy is dead and they must never fear him again. But Jonathan tells him that daddy’s car has just pulled into the driveway and Ryan must save him.

Erica tells Greenlee that she thought she heard from Dr. Madden that Greenlee could not carry a baby to term. Dr. Madden confirms that that is what he found out. She asks him, how then, would the hypodermic needle change that? Dr. Madden tells Erica a story about there being some new drug that he is experimenting with that could help Greenlee have a baby. Erica asks why he is using her stepdaughter as a guinea pig. Greenlee tells Erica that she chose to volunteer for the study. Erica asks Dr. Madden why he is experimenting with Greenlee right on the spot in her home and not at the clinic. Greenlee tells Erica that she wants privacy. She knows, for one thing, that her father so disapproves of her attempting to have Ryan’s baby. Erica tells Greenlee that Jack only wants what is best for her. Greenlee tells Erica that she wants to do everything she can in order to have Ryan’s child. Erica tells Dr. Madden that if he has manipulated or taken advantage of her stepdaughter in any way, he will be sorry. Hearing that, Dr. Madden tells Erica that he will not be accused and interrogated. She tells him she apologizes if she has offended him but hopes he would understand that she has concerns as a parent. She tells Greenlee that she wishes her luck with this treatment and tells her that she agrees that it would be a blessing if a part of Ryan could survive. And she goes out the door.

Jonathan talks like a little boy about how he and Erin were afraid of daddy hurting them. And how Erin thought that Ryan had abandoned them. But he says he told her that Ryan would come back. He tells Ryan that he needs him now. Ryan tells “Hockett” that he could not save him before. But he can now and that is a promise.

The probate lawyer comes to the Chandler house and asks JR if he believes that this brother has lived up to the terms set forth for Phoebe Wallingford’s will. Jr says nothing. But Jamie tells him that he has and he now needs JR to live up to his end of the bargain.

Erica goes to ask David if he might know something about Greenlee and Dr. Greg Madden having some “wonder drug” to enable her to have Ryan’s baby. And she gives him the syringe.

Alone with Dr. Madden, Greenlee tells him she apologizes for Erica. He indicates that there might be ways for her to get him in trouble. But she tells him she doesn’t plan to tell anybody about hers’ and Kendall’s plan and tells him that there’s no way anybody could get in him trouble since he has not done anything wrong. He looks at her with a sullen expression. She then asks if he has done something wrong.

Ryan tells Erin that he has been looking around for hospitals for Jonathan. He found a good one. And the best thing is that there is an apartment nearby where he can live and be there for Jonathan. She tells him that hospitals are not the solution. The last one Jonathan was in did not work. Jonathan tells Erin he must go with Ryan to escape from daddy. She tells him he cannot leave because if he goes with Ryan, he will not be safe anymore. Jonathan, then, mysteriously sounds like he is older than the child they just noticed, and tells Erin he knows what she is doing.

Dr. Madden is ready to cancel his deal with Greenlee. But she tells him that if he walks out on her now, then she will lose everything.

After Erica shows David the syringe and asks what kind of drug Dr. madden might be using to get Greenlee pregnant, he tells her that he is not minimizing her concerns, but knows she is very paranoid by remembering her own history with doctors and drug addictions. She tells him that she senses something suspicious about Dr. Madden. David tells her that Dr. Madden is not like he is. He has a spotless reputation that he would not want to ruin by administering addictive drugs or breaking the law. She asks him if that means he will not test the syringe. He tells her he will test it but she mustn’t be surprised if the results come back with nothing.

Tad asks Jamie if he is really certain that he wants to go through with this. Is he really ready to break up with Babe? Jamie tells his father that he has gotten his life back. JR then concludes that he will call the area schools and help Jamie get into med school. Jamie tells JR he will never forgive all the despicable things he has done to him. JR may think he has everything. But he really has control of nothing. If he did not have Little Adam, he would have nothing on this planet. He tells JR he is nothing but a pathetic, lonely loser.

Zach keeps telling Julia that if she doesn’t do things his way he cannot keep his “promises” to keep her safe. Kendall tells Zach that she is his wife. He needs to keep his promises to her, first and foremost and cut Julia loose, as Julia has already asked him to do. He reminds her that she is his wife in name only. It is a business arrangement, which they both agreed to. And he will do what he chooses with Julia or anybody or anything else he wants. And if Kendall does not like that, she can divorce him.

When Jonathan hears Erin telling him that he must stay and not escape with Ryan, he makes her the “bad guy”. He tells her that she is working for daddy, doing whatever he wants. As long as he gives her presents and tells her how pretty she is, she does not care about him. All daddy tells him is that he’s stupid and he’s going to get beaten. And he tells her that Ryan is going to take him somewhere safe. And she cannot stop him. And he tells her she may “have fun” with Dad. He now sounds like he’s older than 10.

Babe comes by to talk to Tad and Dixie. They tell her they know what she has done and they are very grateful for the sacrifice she made for Jamie. IT sounds like they are not ok with what has happened, knowing that it has devastated both her and Jamie. Babe appears happy and interacts with her son. She tells him that his moma will not be marrying Jamie after all. She tells him that she will get herself another husband. And he will never guess who. Right then, JR enters.

David gets on his computer to investigate what this secret is between Greenlee and Dr. Madden. He gets on his computer and looks like he’s uncovered it. And he says: “Greenlee. What are you doing?”

Jonathan hears Erin telling him if he leaves with Ryan, it will be the biggest mistake of his life. Jonathan looks carefully at Ryan and says that he has noticed that his brother really has changed. He’s not the happy healthy person he always saw him to be.

After Kendall has been informed that Zach and Julia will not listen to a word she says, she goes to the police station and tells Mimi (I think she’s the new police captain) that she knows where Julia Santos is and where the police can find her. Oh, are Zach and Julia going to get in big trouble! They think they are unseen while they roll the murdered Jimmy in a rug and that they can dispose of him and never get caught.

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