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Kendall tells Greenlee she needs to inject her with a needle if Greenlee wants to have her egg and Ryan’s sperm in Kendall’s womb. But Greenlee will not let Kendall come near hear with a needle

Sam and Lily have breakfast at the Valley Inn, probably assuming that they will be unseen. But unknown to them, Reggie is watching them.

Danielle has some fear of something. Mimi and Garrette ask her what is wrong.

Greenlee tells Kendall she will only let Dr. Madden stick her with a needle. Kendall tells her she is a chicken. Greenlee says she is not. Kendall tells her, in that case, she may stick the needle in her own butt. She tries but cannot do it. Kendall makes chicken sounds. Right then, Erica knocks on Greenlee’s door and asks her to open up.

Julia is on the phone with her contact telling him he must come by because he is her only hope for finding out who killed Noah. He tells her he will be there in ten minutes. Right when she gets off the phone, Zach appears. She tells him she cannot thank him until he finds out who killed her husband. He tells her he needs her to tell him what is going on before he tells her about his solid leads.

Danielle tells her mother and Garrett that she had a nightmare. He tells her that he used to have this recurring nightmare about a guillotine. And once his roommate came up to him and woke him up and he screamed so loud he almost blew out his larynx. Her mother asks her if she wants to join them at the Valley Inn for breakfast. She tells her she wishes she could but she has to work today. She’s going to have a big day at Fusion. Mimi tells her daughter she is really proud of her to be working at a good job and she can see that she and Garrett are developing a relationship. She tells her that she was afraid that Dani would not like Garrett when she brought him home. Dani still makes it clear that there is something going on with her.

Sam tells Lily about how when he was a child, he used to think of grits as a fort and sausage as a cannon. He also tells her that you can compare a sprig of parsley to a pomegranate tree. She tells him that she usually thinks in terms of geometric forms. She tells him she wants to go the buffet again. She gets up and Sam asks Reggie if he’d like to pull up a chair or if he likes to eat standing. Reggie was hoping he would not be seen.

Erica comes to see Kendall and Greenlee. Kendall immediately goes out the door telling Greenlee that she is not up to seeing her mother and having her find out about her secret. Greenlee also wants Erica to leave. Erica tells Greenlee that it is amazing and not “normal” that she was so upset, practically catatonic so recently. And now she seems so miraculously happy. It seems too good to be true and not natural. So she asks Greenlee what is really going on. Greenlee asks Erica if she wants to see her upset forever. Erica tells her she wants her to be happy. But she knows how much Greenlee loved Ryan and how devastated she was to lose him. Then to find out she could not have a baby. She tells Greenlee she knows all about grieving and that it doesn’t end so fast and easily as it appears to be ending with Greenlee. Right then, Dr. Madden answers. Erica is surprised to see him and tells him she did not know that he made house calls.

Julia tells Zach that instead of spending time coming to see her and worrying about her, he could be spending that time out looking for the killer. Right then, Kendall calls Zach and informs him that a guy who wanted to know about both him and Julia came to the house and threatened her. Zach goes out the door and the mysterious man enters to see Julia

Greenlee tells Dr. Madden that she would like to talk to him alone and ask him some “delicate” questions about the miscarriage, in an attempt to get Erica to leave. Erica tells Greenlee she will be waiting and doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

Simone introduces the new products at Fusion and tells everybody about the launch campaign. Right after the meeting, Danielle comes in. She apologizes for missing the presentation. Simone tells her she could have used her help. Dani seems to be in a bad mood. Simone tells her she shouldn’t take that tone with her because she could “persuade” Kendall and Greenlee to fire her. Dani says she may go ahead and fire her. Simone tells Dani that she knows she’s upset and tells her they can talk.

Mimi and Garrett meet Livia for breakfast. Livia reminds Mimi that she is only the sister of Mimi’s ex husband and nothing in their “contract” says she must approve of Mimi’s fiancé. But Garrett tells Livia that he has been following her law career, knows about the cases she’s represented and admires her career. Livia seems to appreciate that.

Sam tells Reggie that he need not worry. Lily’s dad knows they are meeting there. So do his “guardians”. He assures Reggie he would never hurt Lily and suggests that maybe Reggie finds other things to do with his time, like perhaps getting a new girlfriend of his own.

Jimmy comes to see Julia. He was apparently her husband’s best friend. She asks him if he can give her the name of the low life that killed Noah.

Kendall tells Zach that she is in trouble. A guy broke into the house and threatened her. He rushes home and seems to know that she is lying. She is obviously using that as a ploy to stall Zach and keep him from going to Wildwind.

While waiting for Greenlee to finish talking to Dr. Madden and tell her what is going on, Erica looks at a magazine on the coffee table about babies. And she wonders why in the world Greenlee would have that type of reading material in her home. She picks it up and freaks to see a syringe-needle underneath it. Right then Greenlee and Dr. Madden enter the room. Erica offers to walk Dr. Madden out the door. Greenlee doesn’t want to stop her. At least that way, she will get her out of her home. After Greenlee is out of an “ear’s shot” range, Erica reveals that she has concluded, after noticing the needle/syringe, that Dr. Madden is doing some “dirty deal” to enable Greenlee to be so unnaturally happy. She tells him she knows what he is doing and she will not hesitate to cause him to lose his medical license.

Danielle tells Simone that she has become a little “weirded out” by Garrett’s behavior. He kissed her on the cheek and seemed to be watching over her when she was sleeping. Simone tells her that she must discuss that with her mother. But she tells her that she kind of hesitates to do that because she knows how happy her mother is with her new fiancé.

While Lily is present, Sam tells her she must not be angry with Reggie. He’s just concerned for her. Lily asks them if all brothers watch over their sisters on their dates with their boyfriends. Or is it just because she has autism spectrum disorder? She leaves them alone and Sam tells Reggie he really needs to get a life of his own.

Zach tells Kendall that he does not want to leave her alone, but he has something to do. She knows he’s going to see Julia and tells him she’d like him to steer clear of Wildwind and Julia Santos. Because of that woman, she almost got herself killed today and she’s afraid he will get killed. He asks her why she is suddenly behaving like a wife. He asks her how this “guy” got inside. She doesn’t have a good explanation and he tells her he knows she made up the whole story just to keep him from going to Wildwind. He leaves.

Jimmy tells Julia that this whole situation sucks. She tells him in that case they can end it once he tells her who killed Noah. She gives him money and tells him he may pay off whomever he wants. He tells her it’s not about the money. But she asks him why he is holding out on her. He’s either with her or against her. Right then, she knows he wants to kill her. It does not matter if he was once Noah’s best friend. He pulls out a gun. She asks how he has turned. He used to be her friend. He tells her he had no choice but to sell his soul, take somebody’s money and sell out his best friend. She tells him he is not the man that Noah was. He is just a coward. And she then discovers a startling revelation that he had Noah killed. He tells her that it devastated him to be responsible for killing Noah. She tells him in that case, he must make it up to her and tell her the guy’s name who put him up to it. He tells her he’s not going to end his life by ratting them out. Right then, Zach enters and tells Jimmy that that is what he is for. Jimmy asks Zach who he is. Zach tells him that the man at the top, apparently doesn’t trust him. He tells Jimmy he will let him go this one time. But he must never come back.

Erica tells Dr. Madden that she knows about doctors like him. They are all despicable every last one of them. She tells him that she became an addict because of doctors like him. And she will be in recovery for the rest of her life because of it. She also tells him that he must be drugging Greenlee remembering how Greenlee’s behavior has changed so much. She then pulls out the needle and syringe and asks him to explain this. She tells him he better stay away from Greenlee. Right then, Greenlee enters and tells Erica that Dr. Madden has not done anything wrong and is the reason she is still standing.

Zach tells Jimmy he better get out of there. Jimmy tells Zach that he does not kow him and cannot trust him. Zach then tells him that he will go to the boss and tell them he is disobeying direct orders. Zach asks him to wait and asks him to prove that it is not a scam.

Erica tells Greenlee that Dr. Madden’s “making her feel good” is the road to ruin. She urges his stepdaughter to know what she has gone through herself. She tells her she’s been there. It’s dark and scary and ugly. She’s lost so much already and this will ruin her. Greenlee tells Erica she does not know what she is talking about and assuming something that is not happening. Erica asks her to explain the syringe.

Danielle tells Simone that she knows she must be suspicious for no good reason about Garette. But she seems to have an unconscious reason to be suspicious. Simone admits that if Dani went to the cops they wouldn’t be able to do anything with no evidence. Danielle knows that may be true, unless the cop is her father, in which case Garrett will never see the light of day again. She tells her she has a creepy feeling with nothing to go on and must forget about it.

Livia admits to Mimi that at first she did not like Garrett, but he has a way of growing on one. Mimi says what she likes most about him is how he never holds back.

Lily tells Reggie that she is ok and asks him to let her be alone with her date. Sam tells Reggie if he “does anything wrong”, Reggie may break his bones or do whatever he wants. Reggie agrees to leave and tells Lily she may call him if she needs him.

Erica tells Greenlee and Dr. Madden that within 24 hours she can have the contents of the syringe examined. And she will know what’s in it and so will the entire town of Pine Valley. At that point, Greenlee tells Erica that she will tell her what the syringe is for.

Zach and Jimmy wrestle to the ground. Kendall, then enters and tells Zach that she knew that Julia would get him killed.

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