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All My Children Update Tuesday 8/23/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall goes to Wildwind in search of Julia. It’s dark and she does not appear to be there. But, then, right out of nowhere, Julia approaches her with a knife. She then asks Kendall if she had a death wish as she could have sliced her from ear to ear. Kendall tells her the next time she will knock. Julia asks her why she is there. Kendall tells her she wants to help her.

Babe looks at pictures of her son. Krystal comes to see her and tells her she knows she “did it”. She officially set Jamie free. Babe tells her mother she doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to focus all her energy on getting her son back.

Tad tells Dell that he would prefer he stays away fro Dixie. Dell, then tells Tad that he has some “late, breaking news” for him. He informs Tad that she is not Dixie.

As Ryan opens the door in back of Erin’s closet, he is shocked and horrified to see his previously assumed-to-be-dead brother, Jonathan. Jonathan says hi to his brother, acting like nothing very special has happened. He asks Ryan if he wants a sandwich, but remembers that Ryan might not trust him not to put something in it. Erin then appears and tells the two of them that now they know everything. Jonathan asks Ryan if he’s brought his “happy pills”. Jonathan seems like he’s losing it. He, at first, seems calm. But then he freaks about his fear of Ryan shooting him dead. Erin holds Jonathan and cradles him in her arms, telling him it’s ok. She tells Ryan he must realize what he did to their brother.

Mimi is getting Danielle fitted for her dress to be her maid of honor. She tells her daughter she wants everything to be perfect so Dani may tell her if she doesn’t like the dress. Dani tells her mother that she thinks she looks like a float in the Labor Day parade. Mimi asks her to turn around and admits that she is right. Dani tells her mother that the dress looks like orange and pink sherbet. Right then, Mimi gets a call from Aiden. He informs her that “somebody” might be back in town.

Julia tells Kendall she knows she cannot trust her. Kendall tells Julia that she remembers Julia appearing as Pine Valley’s sweetheart, the dedicated nursing student and all. Julia asks Kendall what she wants. Kendall tells her that she wants Julia to stop endangering her life. Julia tells Kendall she is not doing that. But Kendall reminds Julia that as long as she is involving her husband in her mess, that puts Kendall in danger also. Julia reminds Kendall that she did not ask Zach to do anything. He chose to involve himself in her situation and she asks Kendall if Zach has been able to turn up the temperature on her sub-zero heart.

Krystal tells Babe that she seriously suspects that Dixie is not Dixie.

After Dell tells Tad that Dixie is not the real Dixie, Tad tells him that he knows that she would have to be. Three DNA tests prove that she is. Dell tells Tad that he loves his sister. Tad tells him he does not buy that and he’d better leave Dixie alone. He tells Dell he does not believe that he wants to “do the right thing”. He bets that Dell saw Dixie’s picture and was looking for a hand-out. And maybe when she refused, Dell decided to get even by attempting to get people to believe that she is not the real Dixie. Right then, “Dixie” enters and asks them to stop arguing. Dell, then tells her that she may tell Tad who she really is. Either she tells him or he will.

Erin tells Jonathan that he is safe with her. Ryan tells Jonathan how sorry he is. Jonathan asks Ryan if he is there to “finish the job”. He had a gun pulled on him and intended to kill him. He covers his head and rocks back and forth and behaves like he is delusional. She gives him his meds. And she tells him some of their childhood stories to calm him down. Erin tells Ryan that he is a selfish bastard. He needs to get out of their lives. She asks him how many times he wants to “kill” their brother. Ryan stares at her in awe and tells her she must have saved their brother.

Kendall admits to Julia that her “relationship” with Zach is very complicated. It’s all based upon business. She says they “compensate”. Julia then says she knows that they do not “consummate”. Kendall says that she has a partnership with Zach and if he died, it would really mess her up. So she pulls out an envelope and tells Julia that this is a cash incentive for her to leave Zach alone. She tells Julia she should just take the money and run. But Julia tells her maybe she does not want to. She also sounds like maybe she wants to use the fact that Zach has a thing for Santos women, to her advantage. Implying that she might want to sleep with Zach, Julia asks Kendall how she likes that.

Mimi tells Danielle and Garette that she needs to go and investigate the scene after getting her call. She hates having to leave but a woman’s life may be in danger. It looks like Danielle is getting along with both of them now but she doesn’t seem happy or content.

Kendall tells Julia that she intends to pay her to get on the next bus or train out of Pine Valley. But Julia gets a call. She asks her “contact” to talk to her. It looks like she will have a secret meeting with somebody and form a plan. But she won’t tell Kendall what the call was about. And she warns Kendall that if she tells anybody about this, especially Zach, she will be sorry.

Erin hysterically tells Ryan that she hates him. He killed their brother. He ruined them. But he tells her that Jonathan is alive and he’s happy with that.

Krystal tells Babe that she has tried everything to get David to tell her any secrets he might know about Dixie. She even teamed up with Adam. But nothing has been revealed. Babe tells her mother that she must realize that if Dixie is a fake, it will destroy Tad. She tells her mother she must force the truth out of David. For her sake and for Tad’s.

Tad tells Dell that Dixie already gave him one kidney. And because of that, she lost their baby daughter. And that was when his life fell apart. He reminds Dell that Dixie risked her own life as well as their child’s in order to save his sorry hide. And now he has the gall to come back here and call her a liar?

Babe tells Krystal that after everything JR has been to find Dixie, only to find out she is a fake, it will devastate him. Knowing that the only two soft spots in his life are Dixie and her son, she really believes that if JR loses, they can win. And she shows her mother a picture of Little Adam.

Tad pulls out his checkbook and asks Dell how much it will cost to get him gone. Dell does not accept the offer, gets offended and walks out the door. Dixie goes out with him. Tad asks her why she can’t just let him go. She tells him she cannot. He’s family. She follows Dell out the door and asks him what he’s done now.

After overhearing the secret phone call, Kendall tells Julia that Zach would not appreciate the fact that she has “played” him. Julia tells Kendall if she wants to keep Zach safe, she needs to keep her mouth shut. And she reveals to Kendall that Kendall has a live. Whereas she, on, the other hand, lost her life 9 years ago.

Ryan asks Erin how she managed to save Jonathan’s life when everybody thought he died. She tells him that she discovered that Jonathan managed to escape from the cave. He was cut and bleeding and she got him to a doctor, with a story about a hunting accident and she brought him to her home in Nova Scotia. Ryan tells her that he can see that she has been watching out for Jonathan and keeping him safe. But he asks her who has been watching out for her and keeping her safe. She tells him that she does not believe that Jonathan would ever hurt her. He tells her she does not know what he is capable of.

Garrette comes into Dani’s room and it looks like he’s going to tell her that something is wrong. She him something happened to her mom. He tells her no. She’s still out. But he thought he heard footsteps. She tells him that they are a little high up to be worrying about somebody climbing through a window. He admits he may be a little over protective of her. But knowing she is ok, he leaves. She looks like she is unhappy about something.

Dell tells “Dixie” that he was ready to expose her to Tad. But after the way Tad just talked to him, he doesn’t care if she rips Tad’s heart out. He reminds her that she is not the real Dixie. She returns to Tad and apologizes for her “brother”. She says she does not know what just came over Dell. He tells her it would have to be greed. That’s what he’s all about. She then tells Tad that he was right. Dell contacted her in order to hit her up for money. He confirms that she must not let him back into her life.

Babe tells Krystal that as soon as JR finds out that Dixie was a fraud, he will be so emotionally messed up, that she will be able to get whatever she wants from him. Krystal warns her daughter it might make him madder and meaner. But Babe, then comes up with another plan. Krystal asks her what just popped into her head. She tells her mother she can always “try”. She has a real gleam in her eye. And she tells her mother she might have a way to pay back JR for everything he’s done to her. As well as getting her son back. She tells her mother, the problem is, however, it’s near to impossible. Krystal tells her daughter that the impossible has been made possible before.

Tad asks Dixie if she will go on a “date” with him.

Kendall tells Julia that she will agree to keep her mouth shut. She will even throw in a bonus. When Julia meets with her associate, she will make sure Zach is far away.

Ryan tells Erin that she saved Jonathan’s life. And he tells her with that “heroic act”, she might have saved a part of him. He tells her he has no intention of hurting Jonathan. He then goes into Jonathan’s room. Jonathan is lying on his bed. Ryan touches him and tells both of them that he is “home” now and this is where he wants to stay.

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