AMC Update Monday 8/22/05

All My Children Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the Pine Cone Motel, Jamie orders JR, Amanda and especially Josh out of the room so he can talk to Babe. Josh says a gentleman doesn't abandon his date. Babe tells Josh it's OK and apologizes for this. They kiss. Amanda asks Babe why she apologizes to her lover and not Jamie. Josh and Amanda walk out, leaving JR behind. JR tells Jamie to do what he's got to do and leaves. Jamie accuses Babe of setting this up so they would have to decide their future. So he wants them to decide it.

Brooke is playing pinball at Tad's investigator's office and is visibly angry. Tad walks in and talks to her. Brooke is angry about Babe and Jamie's wedding date and says it's a mistake. They're far too young. Tad says he won't ask their son to postpone the wedding or break up with Babe. Jamie wants Babe and there's no stopping true love. Brooke, realizing Tad is now talking about himself, says she can see he's back with Dixie.

At Chandler mansion, Del demands to know why Di is pretending to be Dixie. Di says their half sister is dead. She had half her genes, now she has her whole life.

Kendall has just answered the phone at Greenlee's place when someone comes to the door. She lets Zach in and listens as the caller informs her that Ryan Lavery is still alive. Kendall demands to know who this is. Ryan grabs the phone from Erin and listens as Kendall continues to demand who's calling. Kendall rants about how sick it is to call the widow and tell her that her husband is alive. Zach grabs the phone from Kendall but by that time Ryan has hung up. Kendall tells Zach what the woman said and from his unsurprised reaction, wonders if Zach knows something about this.

At her Canadian cabin, Erin tells Ryan that if he's going to blow up her life, she'll blow up what's left of his. Ryan asks what part of her life he would be blowing up.

Outside the Pine Cone, Amanda, JR and Josh are waiting. JR and Josh argue. Josh warns JR about using this against Babe, then leaves. Amanda tells JR he should pay up now that she has succeeded in breaking up Jamie and Babe. JR balks at her demand and warns her to stay away from his brother.

Jamie reminds Babe that he chose her over Aunt Phoebe's money and medical school. He loves her. He knows if they had each other the rest would fall into place, but she would not leave it alone. Babe says that is not true. Jamie wants her to tell him what is true. Babe says it was over a long time ago. They just didn't see it. She says they didn't have what they thought they had. Jamie says that's the first true thing she's said. He adds that it's a nice touch that she came to the same motel with Josh where they had their first night together. He calls Amanda and JR back into the room and says he is done with Babe forever. JR tells Babe this is her cue to cry. Babe snaps that he and Jamie are brothers once more. She calls them self-righteous jerks who can kiss her's and go to hell.

Tad tells Brooke that he and Dixie did kiss, but he plays down any notion of them being back together. Brooke says it's inevitable. He is hooked. He always has been and always will be. She says everyone thought they would get together but he continued to insist it would not happen. She tells him to consider the situation. Could he stand to risk trying again and again not having it work? Would he recover? Tad admits that it would be hard for him to lose Dixie again. Brooke says she can see that every cell in his body is screaming to give it another shot.

Di tells Del that when Dixie died it tore her family apart. She is giving Dixie back to them in a way she can. Del questions how they are buying her as Dixie. Di says they bought her explanation about the plastic surgery and her voice box reconstruction. When Adam pushed for the DNA test she crossed her fingers and prayed it would work since she and Dixie both had Seabone as their father. She tells Del she doesn't expect him to understand, but it's working. They want her. Del says they want Dixie. Di says this feels like home to her. It's a miracle and she deserves it. Del tells her to get her own life as his sister's life isn't her's to take. Di says he owes her more than he owes Dixie.

Zach tells Kendall he doesn't know who would call to report such a thing. Ryan is dead, he says. He knows Kendall wants to help Greenlee and she needs to prove it by not helping Greenlee have Ryan's baby. She asks how he knows about this. He says he had her followed when she and Greenlee went to the fertility clinic. Kendall says he had no right to follow her. She says if she wants to help Greenlee she will and Greenlee can make any decision she chooses.

Erin and Ryan argue until she blurts out that she lied to him. Ryan tells Erin she can trust him. Erin tells him that she was very close to a psychological breakdown after Jonathan died. She is seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist and has been prescribed the anti-psychotic medication. She says without the pills she sees their father's face everywhere. She tells Ryan that if he doesn't want her to go psycho he needs to go away and stay dead. Ryan says he can help her if she gives him a chance. He says he'll find a place to live close by. Erin says he can't control her like he controlled Jonathan. He can't do this to either of them. Ryan asks her what she means. That can't be, he says.

Di reminds Del that she gave him her kidney when he rejected Dixie's kidney. Del asks if that's supposed to make him shut up. He tells her every second she's here is a lie. Di says the feelings are real. Del asks if her kiss with Tad was real too. Di says she cares about Tad and he cares about her. She says this is her life now and no one is going to take it from her, including him.

Zach tells Kendall that if Greenlee has Ryan's child she will suffer. Kendall says she can see he's keeping a secret and wants to know what it is. Zach says he has hundreds of secrets and no where in their vows does it say he has to share any of them. Kendall says if Greenlee wants a baby she can help her. She'll give her quints if she can. Zach asks her what she means by her giving her a baby. Is she going to have a baby for Greenlee? Kendall asks him if he's joking. Her and babies? That's crazy. Zach gets near to her, touches her chin and asks her to tell him the truth. Kendall says the key to a successful marriage is not to lose your mystery. She says she'll hang onto her secrets and he can hang onto his. She tells him to get his boys off her tail. Zach warns her that if she helps Greenlee have Ryan's baby, it will be the worst mistake of her life.

Ryan looks around the house. Erin threatens to call the cops but he tells her to go ahead. He goes into the closet and Erin says she has nothing to hide. Ryan goes into the closet and Erin grabs a fireplace iron and raises it up to hit him.

Jamie tells JR to crack open the trust and give him his money. He walks out. Amanda asks Babe if she's happy now and walks out. JR asks Babe what was this. Did she set this up so Jamie would dump her? Babe, sitting on the bed wrapped in a blanket, suggestively tells JR to come over to her and she'll give him an answer. She says it's been so long. What is he waiting for? JR tells her to stop playing games. Babe says games are what she's about. She approaches him, touches his face and says she's that same slut he met on the pier in San Diego. He tells her to back off. Babe says she's a liar and a cheat and now she's out of Jamie's life. She tells him to give Jamie his life back and leave him the hell alone, just like she will. JR tells her she set this whole thing up. She let Jamie spit on her because she loves him that much. Babe says all he should care about is how much she loves her son. She orders him out. JR walks out, pondering outside the door that Babe did set this up.

Jamie is at home angrily throwing his possessions in a box. Amanda arrives and tells him how sorry she is. She knows how much he loved her. She tells him he can do this later and suggests they go out for a drink. He tells her to leave. She asks him to let her do this. He loudly yells for her to get out. Amanda leaves, saying he can call her anytime he needs her. Jamie picks up the box and tosses it against the wall.

At the Pine Cone, Babe is alone lying on the bed. She's crying and tells herself it can't hurt like this forever.

Di asks Del to keep this quiet. Del recalls that while Di was in the hospital to give him her kidney, she quizzed him about details on Dixie's life. She wanted dates, places and information about the clothes she wore. He asks her if she planned this. Di says she didn't plan this. How could she when she was in prison? She says when friends and family of Dixie came to the prison they were close enough to touch. Del says their sister would tear her up if she had the chance. Di says she would never hurt anyone who loved Dixie. She says because of her JR is finding his way back. Del asks her what she's doing to Tad. Di says Dixie would want her family whole. Del walks out and Di yells to him that he'll see how happy they are.

JR goes home and sees Di. She can tell he's disturbed by something and asks him what's the matter. JR says he was sure he was right but what if he was wrong. She asks him what he means. JR tells her she and Little Adam are the only ones who won't throw curves at him. He hugs her.

Tad tells Brooke that no one will tear Jamie away from Babe. Brooke leaves, saying this is a huge mistake. Tad plays pinball until someone comes to his door. He opens the door and finds Del.

Ryan notices Erin is ready to hit him and grabs her, knocking the iron from her hand. She yells at him that she hates him and he can't do this. Ryan opens the secret door in the closet and stares in disbelief. "Oh my God," he says.

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