AMC Update Friday 8/19/05

All My Children Update Friday 8/19/05


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee and Kendall go over information and dates regarding the artificial insemination. Kendall asks if they're crazy to do this. Greenlee jokes that they're not since Kendall passed a psychological test. Greenlee says it would be miracle if part of Ryan could go on. Greenlee massages Kendall's back and tries to massage her feet until Kendall tells her enough. Greenlee says this is a mind-blowing, life-altering thing she is doing for her and she wants to thank her. She'll owe her forever. She says she'll do anything Kendall wants. Kendall grabs a syringe and tells her to bend over. Shel says Greenlee needs these shots to stimulate egg production. Greenlee is squeamish but Kendall says it's just a shot. She demonstrates giving a shot in an orange, but when she pulls out the syringe the needle is bent. Greenlee tells her she's not coming near her. Kendall gets another syringe and Greenlee reluctantly bends over so she can give her the shot. Simone arrives and tries to comfort Greenlee. She tells Greenlee she has been practicing her talk for Ryan's memorial service but Greenlee says she can't do this yet. Simone apologizes and tells her she'll get through this. Simone asks if she's picked a date for the service and picks up Greenlee's calendar. She comments that Greenlee has the entire month booked. Kendall takes the calendar and puts Simone off and Simone leaves. Greenlee says she hates lying to Simone Kendall tells her to get used to it as there will be a lot more lies to tell. She says they agreed no one would know till she's in her third month. Greenlee says she thought a baby would help her get over Ryan but after Simone talked about Ryan she's not sure. Kendall says the baby will give her something to dream about and look forward to.

Erin arrives back at her cabin and is startled to find Ryan inside. She asks what he's doing there. She demands to know what he's looking for. Ryan says he's trying to learn who gave her the bruise on her arm. Erin insists he leave her alone. Ryan says she got a delivery while she was gone. He shows her an envelope containing a bottle of pills. She says they're her allergy pills but he says he knows they're anti-psychotic pills like what Jonathan was taking. He says Jonathan used these pills to poison his wife. He wants to know who they're for. Do they belong to the guy who hurt her? Erin says there is no guy. Ryan says this is no joke. Whoever these pills belong to will need them to keep a hold on reality. Ryan ponders for a minute whether the pills belong to her but she says they don't. She just keeps telling him to get out, but he says he won't leave until he knows who the pills belong to. Erin gets on the phone and makes a call, ignoring Ryan's question of who she's calling. Kendall answers the phone and Erin asks says she has something to tell about Ryan.

Krystal and Adam bring an unconscious David back to his cabin. As they lay him on the couch, Krystal says she's going to get David to cough up what he knows about the new Dixie Martin. Krystal says he knows something about Dixie that he's not revealing. She starts looking for his truth serum. She wants to give him a dose of it and get him to spill the truth. She finds several vials of solution and asks Adam to taste one of them, but he refuses. She says she has no idea what's in it, but if he tosses it back and one word of truth comes out of his mouth she'll know they have it. When he continues to refuse she says she'll pour all the vials down his throat and see what happens. She starts mixing vials together in a glass container. Adam says she has no idea what she's going to make. She could be mixing libidizone and his castration drug, then he'll be full of desire with no way to implement it. The substances begin to bubble and foam and spill out of the container. Adam says if she's not careful she's going to blow something up. Krystal says her daughter's life is going to blow up if she doesn't do anything. She tells Adam to hold David's head while she pours it down his throat. The substance begins crackling and popping, startling Krystal and Adam who start to get out of there. David suddenly wakes up and grabs Krystal by the arm, asking where she's going. He sees Krystal's concoction and asks her what's in this. She says it's whatever is missing from his rack of vials. David panics, asks her if she knows what she's done and runs outside with the container. Krystal and Adam are frightened and duck until David laughs, telling them that he's fooling with them. Krystal begs him to help their daughter. David says there are other ways to help Babe. This secret about Dixie is all he has and he's not going to hand it off. David tells her he doesn't owe her anything. He says Dixie will rock the world of the Chandlers and the Martins and he plans to sit back and watch.

Tad and Di are kissing outside of Chandler Mansion. Afterward they're surprised by what has happened. Di says she guesses some habits are hard to break. Tad says it's more than a habit and kisses her again. Di says she's not sorry this happened. She thought if she had said enough times that she and Tad were over it would be true. She guesses they're not done. Tad says he guesses they're not done either. Tad asks what do they do now but Di says she doesn't have any idea. Suddenly Del, Dixie's half-brother, walks in on the two. Tad recognizes him instantly and isn't very happy to see him. Di seems caught off guard as she greets Del. Tad asks Del if he knows who this is and Del says yes, he knows. Di tells Del that she still has to look in the mirror twice to make sure it's her. Del says he read about Dixie being back from the dead in the paper and when she didn't call, he had to come and see for himself. Di hugs him and whispers in his hear, "please Del, please." Del comments that miracles happen. He asks Tad if he can have some time alone with his sister. Tad protests but Di says it's her brother and she hasn't seen him in a long time. Tad obviously doesn't like Del and suggests Di already gave him her kidney and shouldn't owe him anymore. He says if he steps out of line he'll kick him back to where he came from. Di tells Tad that she's ready to see where this relationship can go if he is. Tad says no one accuses him of being sane. They kiss as Del watches. She takes Del to another room to talk.

JR doesn't believe Amanda when she says Jamie and Babe are in ashes. JR says if this is another plot by Babe to dump Jamie it's not going to work. Amanda says Jamie will be the one to dump Babe. Amanda says Babe is all about loving Jamie until another guy comes along. JR says there's no way Babe would dump Jamie for another guy.

Babe and Josh are in bed together at the Pine Cone Motel and Babe acts surprised to see Jamie standing in the doorway. She asks him what he's doing there and says this isn't what it looks like. Josh says it's too late to cover and tells Jamie this is what it looks like. Jamie asks Babe if that's true. Babe says she didn't mean to hurt him, this just happened. She says the night she met Josh they just clicked. When he helped her get his car back it was a total turn on. Josh tells Jamie they used the back seat of his car the first time. Babe says this is her fault as she could have called it off but just didn't. She says Josh offers her no baggage and no strings but rather just a good time. Jamie asks if what she has with Josh is going anyplace and she says it's not and that's the point. Jamie asks if she doesn't love him anymore. Babe says she loves him like crazy but they can't live on love and grease and he's too mule-headed to do anything about it. Josh, who's sitting silent, asks if he can go but Babe tells him to stay. She says she wanted it to work with Jamie but he won't listen to anything she says. She says Josh made her realize she doesn't have to live like this.

She tells Jamie his big plan was to get married and lock them into a dead-end life. He totally wrecked them. Babe tells him not to make this harder than it's supposed to be. Jamie says this is as phony as when she was caught in bed with Bianca. He tells her she can't play him. Babe insists he's holding her back. With him she'd have no money and no future. She says without him she's a lot better off. Jamie tells her to drop the act. She asks if he wants her to prove this is real. She yanks off the blankets covering her up to reveal her naked body. Just then JR walks in and asks Jamie if he believes it now. Jamie says yes, he believes it. Babe covers herself back up and suggests the two guys go grab a beer and bond over what a skank she is. Amanda walks in and asks Babe what in the world she's doing in bed with Josh. How could she do this to Jamie? JR tells Babe she has the routine down. Amanda tells Jamie she is so sorry, but Jamie still believes this is a stunt. He tells Babe he knows her and he knows she set this up. He says Babe wanted him to find her naked with this jerk so he would get Aunt Phoebe's jackpot. JR says Babe is a slut, user and a liar. Jamie says this is a show for JR so he wouldn't win. Babe counters that she has had it up to here with him so she's moving onto bigger and better things. Jamie asks if she wants him to call him a slut and walk out. She tells him he can do what he wants. JR asks Jamie to leave and kiss her off or would he rather kiss the life he deserves good bye.

Di takes Del into the Chandler library and closes the door. "What the hell are you doing pretending to be Dixie?" he asks.

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