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JR informs Dixie that he will cancel Little Adam’s christening. She tells him that she will not let him do that to Tad.

Tad is with Aiden, obsessed about doing everything in their power to find out Dixie’s secrets. Aiden reveals that maybe Tad should stop obsessing over this case, remembering that he already went to Thailand and back, just to find out that he falsely suspected a guy of trying to kill her. Tad doesn’t seem to listen and tells Aiden that they need somebody to “tail” her who knows her and whom she could trust. Aiden suggests what about Tad himself? She already knows the story with him. Tad says that is true and that’s just what he may have in mind.

Krystal and David are both working, but getting frustrated over what to do in order to save their daughter.

Amanda walks into a room where Josh has candles and champagne. She knows that he has “plans” with Babe and tells him she doubts he will be able to accomplish what he wants with her. He tells her she is a negative force and he doesn’t want her interfering in his plan.

Meanwhile, Jamie is in the apartment lighting candles. And of course, Babe is a little uncomfortable to find out that he’s planned a romantic dinner, make love and fall asleep in each other’s arms. She asks him how she can “do this”. He asks her what she means. Do what? She asks how she can walk out on him after he’s gone through all this trouble. He tells her she cannot. They are inside for tonight. He then calls her employer and tells them she will not be in. She hears that she already cancelled work without telling him. He tells her he knows she is working some plan that he knows nothing about. He asks if it’s a plan to get more time with Little Adam. He asks her to tell him what is going on, telling her she must know that she is not alone in this.

Amanda is pounding on the door and demanding that Josh lets her in. He lets her in and tells her she must stop trashing Babe and that they are not “doing this” for fun. She tells him that Babe is amazing, in making the sacrifice of giving up her marriage in order to push Jamie from the garage to the operating room. She tells him he must lighten up because in a little while, they will both get what they want and have Babe and Jamie right where they want them. But she reminds him that she, unlike him, will have her clothes on.

Babe tells Jamie she must go “somewhere”. He tells her that is ok. and when she comes back they can still make love an fall asleep in each other’s arms. She kisses him and goes out the door.

Krystal tells David that Babe has made some mistakes in her life, but loving Jamie is not one of them. She tells him that Babe has to enable him to get to go to med school. He reminds her that that is JR’s and Phoebe Wallingford’s fault. Not theirs’ or their daughter’s. And he indicates that he believes that one good thing in all of this will be that his daughter will dump that Martin punk. But Krystal tells David it is not as simple as that. JR will not release the benefits for Jamie unless he dumps her. She tells David that he has to help her by finding out Dixie’s secret. If there is a way she can help their daughter and, in turn, help them stick it to JR, then it’s a win-win situation. She asks David to divulge Dixie’s secret.

Dixie tells JR that his canceling the christening is not ok. He tells her he just wants to protect Little Adam. She tells him that he is behaving just like Adam to want to be so spiteful to Tad and Jamie. JR reminds her that she went all the way to Europe to get away from Tad. So he asks her why she wants to help him ruin his (JR’s) life. She does not answer. And JR tells her if she will not tell him the reason for that, then they are through.

Tad tells Aiden that they cannot wait until the “hit” goes down before catching the guy who is out to kill Dixie. Aiden tells Tad that there is no proof that anybody is out to kill her. But Tad reminds him that too many things have happened in order to be a mere coincidence. Aiden asks Tad what he will do when he is done with this obsession. Tad says he’s not worried about what will happen when it’s over. Aiden tells Tad that when he’s assured that Dixie is safe, then he (Tad) will have to come to the realization that he is still in love with Dixie and wants her back.

Krystal tells David that he can work on Dixie so that Jamie can be a doctor without having to break up with Babe. He tells her he would be fine with his daughter breaking up with Jamie. She reminds him that Jamie would be ok without their daughter. He’ll be able to get out of the garage and the worthless apartment and be a rich, successful, hotshot doctor. She also reminds David that there are ways for Jamie to have his medical license before David gets his medical license back.

Tad tells Aiden that he has to be concerned for Dixie. Because if she is in danger, so is Little Adam. He tells her he does not want to bury his ex-wife all over again. Aiden asks him if he is serious about being over her. Tad tells Aiden that he and Dixie are through. He reminds him that every time he stares at her face, all he can wonder is how they put her back together again. He knows she’s been completely made over. And he does not like it. But, as a professional, he must protect her. He tells Aiden that this is professional. Not personal.

JR tells Dixie that he cannot let Tad wreck her life again. She tells him that she is no longer affected by Tad. They have both moved on. But he tells her that history has always had a nasty way of repeating itself. He tells her she can “fall in love” with anybody on this earth for all he cares. But not Tad. He does not want Tad back in his life. But she asks him what if she wants Tad back.

Tad asks Aiden if he really believes that he (Tad) is so desperate and in need of “female attention” that he would create a case. He tells him that he cannot just sit by while some Wall St. fanatic lets her die in order to get his hands in the till. He admits to Aiden that he has been through too much with Dixie in his life to turn his back on her now.

Dixie tells JR that she does not want Tad back. But she tells him that nobody, not even him, is going to control whether or not she is interested in having him back. She tells him that her personal life is none of his business. Just like she realizes that it is none of her business that he has nothing going on in his life. She reminds him that in a few more years, Adam will die and carry on his “torch” to JR. And JR will be able to have nothing more to pass on to his son than the hate and bitterness. She and he and Little Adam will be together. But there won’t be anything else in their lives.

Krystal tells David that Babe would give her life for her son and for Jamie, the same way they both would for Babe. She urges him to realize that since Babe does not have her son, that he must help her be able to hold onto the one only other person whom she treasures more than her own life.

Right then, while Babe is gone, Amanda is “right on cue”. She goes to see Jamie knowing he is alone. He tells her Babe is gone and lies that she is visiting her mom. Amanda tells him in that case, maybe she can keep him company. He asks her if there is any reason why. She tells him in order to show him that she is really and truly his friend.

Right then, Babe stands outside the door of Josh’s room hesitating to come in. She sees the flowers and candles and uncomfortably tells him he did not have to do all this. He, then concludes that she has decided she cannot go through with this. She tells him that this is the way things would be if it was “real”. He reminds her that she needs for Jamie to believe that it is. Hearing that, she tells him that it is now time for somebody to “get lucky”.

Amanda notices the flowers and candles he’s arranged for babe. He demands to know the reason why she is there and what is going on. She replies by telling him that she is upset to know that he’s put together this great evening for Babe. And she did “this”. She then informs him that Babe lied to him about being with her mother. She is with another guy.

Babe and Josh lie in his bed together. She admits to him that this is the place where she and Jamie slept their first night together. And she realizes that the night she was there with Jamie she was cheating on him with someone else. And now, so ironically, she is cheating on Jamie, with him.

Krystal tells David that there is something wrong with the fact that their daughter is wrecking her own life. And he would protect Dixie before his own child. But he keeps telling her that it will be perfectly ok with him if Babe “dumps the chump”.

Dixie tells JR that she will not leave him the way she did the last time. He asks her if she will “find a new way”. She tells him that he keeps being so obsessed about making everybody’s life so miserable and drowning in his own misery. He asks her why he should let Babe and Jamie off. She tells him he must let himself off. She says to him if he is as powerful as he thinks he is, why doesn’t he save himself? But he does not listen and walks away.

After hearing the startling revelation from Amanda, Jamie is silent. He asks if JR is behind this, maybe setting Amanda up to make Jamie think Babe is messing around on him. But she tells him, truthfully, that JR has nothing to do with Babe’s choice to go and be with Josh. Hearing that, he asks if she means Josh Madden. Right then Amanda “pretends” to feel bad and uncomfortable. She tells him she needs to leave and not screw things up any more.

Babe and Josh are wondering if they should go through with this. He admits to her that maybe she has chosen the wrong guy for the job. He tells her there is a name for guys who have sex with women who don’t want it. And that is not him. She tells him it is for that very reason that he is the right person for the job. Also, she reminds him, she is “forcing” him. But he tells her that sex has to be fun. And he can clearly tell that it is not for her. And he tells her that she will have to do what no woman has ever before done with him; fake it.

Krystal urges David to know that their daughter’s life will be ruined if she must choose between having Jamie and letting him have a chance to be a doctor. He tells her again, that he will not betray Dixie. She give up and tells him she will not let him get away with that. He departs. Right then, some guys come and David collapses. Adam, then enters and reveals that he and Krystal have planned this.

Tad concludes, to Dixie, that he realizes she wants him out of her life. So if she chooses to be in the Chandler mansion and siding with JR, then he and she are done for good.

After David has passed out, Adam remind her that they are still not yet "out of the woods" since they know nothing about Dixie.

Tad and Dixie argue and tell each other they never want to see each other again. But right then, they start kissing.

JR is sitting alone in the living room, drinking, not assuming that anyting exciting has happened. And right then, Amanda comes by, tells him that she has just "delivered" for him. So he must pay her what he's promised.

Josh and Babe are having fun in bed, although they have not had sex and don't want to. But right then, Jamie enters the room to see them and has good reason to think they are going at it.

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